Konohana Kitan Volume. 3

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 Jan 2019

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This is Volume 3 of a really cute series. It follows these fox girls who work at a spirit hotel. They all have unique personalities but are all friends. This volume specifically dealt with what happens when one girl loses her way in a separate dimension of the spirit world. Will she find her way home? The next chapter deals with romance between two of the characters- a fox and wolf. That was a really sweet finish. I like this manga because it has a lot of advice that is actually deep and thoughtful. I recommend this to someone who likes a supernatural flair to their slice of life manga.
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Book Review
Title: Konohana Kitan Volume 3
Author: Sakuya Amano
Genre: Manga
Rating: *****
Review: So after reading volume 1 & 2 I was undecided about this series. I really loved Volume 1, but I had some mixed feelings on Volume 2, so this volume will determine whether or not I continue on with series as there are 2 more volume comes out before August. Again this volume contains 4 sections; A God’s day off, My Doll is a Good Doll, Miracle on New Year’s Eve and Waiting Lovesick.
A God’s day off doesn’t actually refer to the Konohana hotel and spa at all but rather a regular customer there. The God is one of Sakura’s regular customers who comes to see from time to time, as he is a spirit of war he can only come when there are no wars being fought elsewhere. It seems he almost takes on a fatherly role when it comes to the child-like Sakura and it was a very touching start to the volume.
My Doll is a Good Doll was nearly heartbreaking. We have been introduced to Okiku, the cursed doll in previous volumes but this was very different in nature. One day Okiku finds a doll like her thrown away in the rubbish so she rescues the other doll who doesn’t have a name we know of. The doll is broken, cracked and old-looking and Okiku wants to fix her however, along the way the other doll realises that Okiku hates humans and looks so pretty because she was never played with. The old doll teaches Okiku about the role and lifespan of dolls and the purpose they serve to the girls they are given too. The heartbreaking part was Okiku realises that she doesn’t hate humans but rather she is sad and that the old and cracked doll gets to go back to her human who still loves her dearly. 
Miracle on New Year’s Eve about Yuzu and Okami-san. When cleaning out Okami-san’s room Yuzu finds a strange scroll and is told to throw it away but Natsume and Ren tell Yuzu she can find out about the scroll if she takes it to the shrine. When everyone visits the shrine on New Year’s Eve Yuzu gets lost on the Road of the Gods and ends up in another world where the Konohana hotel doesn’t exist. She has to work with the God’s servant documenting the wishes of those who prey at the shrine, but she is told there is no way for her to go home. However, the scroll she brought with her soon begins to glow and it appears someone is wishing Yuzu home and that was Okami-san. I really heart-warming story. 
Waiting Lovesick is about Natsume (who has been confirmed as female) and Ren. Both are childhood friends and harbour some form of romantic feeling towards one another. When Aoi turns up as a guest and immediately takes to Natsume, Ren is extremely jealous. However, Yuzu manages to show Ren a different way of thinking and when it turns out that Aoi is actually a boy Ren realizes she had nothing to be worried about.
Overall, this volume really restored my faith in the series and I loved it. If you haven’t read it then I highly recommend that you pick it up and also check out the anime adaptation.
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