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What a cool idea! I love that they've combined Look and Find with educational facts. I usually dislike buying image searching books because once you find everything there's no point to them. Yet books with a bunch of facts are also usually unreadable and not fun for kids. What a great way to keep kids engaged and make learning fun. Even I learned new things reading this book. I will definitely look for more titles in this series.
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I never thought learning about the history of Egypt would be this fun. As mentioned in the Blurb, the book is filled with 'Search-and-Find' adventure activities, wherein the kids make use of the illustrations to spot the prescribed persons or objects. These Illustrations depict various key aspects of Egypt. From constructing Pyramids to making mummies, this book has got it all covered. I also love the way the content was structured. In the very first page, the author furnishes the procedure to be followed while reading the book. It is then followed by the illustrations which constitute for the majority of the pages. Then comes a brief description of "Hieroglyphics", the formal writing system employed by ancient Egypt. The Hieroglyphic equivalent of the alphabets is also provided which the children can use to communicate secretly with each other. Apart from the bonus 'Search and Find' activity and the Glossary, a timeline of Egypt is also provided at the end, which highlights the major events that took place between the years 6000 B.C and 1922.

Overall, I love the core concept of the book and also the Illustrations which were immaculate, cute and colorful.
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This was so much fun and if I were still a kid it would instantly become my favourite book! 

This style of tiny tiny drawings and tiny tiny humans doings all sort of activities is my favourite and you never get bored looking at these pages - plus you learn so much about Egypt.

Great book for the little ones and a fun way to teach them about Egypt.
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This book is adorable!  This fun book combines history and an interactive search and find.  My son and I enjoyed the book together.
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This book is a literal treasure trove of knowledge. There is SO much information that it can be a bit overwhelming. The pages are jam packed with tidbits and facts, so much so you can reread this book and find new things to learn and see each revisit. There is information about Egypt (duh) and about key Egyptians throughout history. There are depictions of everyday Egyptians and what mischief they possibly are up to alongside captions about Pharoahs, their Life and Afterlife. There are scribes and tomb raiders and the Great Sphinx...oh my!! There is so much detail you can't help but feel like you're part of the action. The illustrations are quite detailed and the information is just astounding. My 8 year old daughter was awed by this book. She is constantly seeking any and all information on Egypt largely because her grandfather is from Cairo and he is her hero. After reaching the end of the book she loved going back and finding all of the hidden objects and people populating the pages Where's Waldo Style. This book was an instant success in our household! What a great way to make learning fun!!

*** I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ***
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“Turn the page and soak up the action before your eyes… Each time you revisit a scene, you’ll see something new! Read the text and find out what’s happening. Which Egyptians are misbehaving at the family wedding? Can you spot the pharaoh in the grand procession? Can you see the embalmer putting the mummy in the sarcophagus?”

I would have LOVED this book as a kid. Kind of Where’s Wally and Richard Scarry and the Usborne See Inside books. I’m still very attached to the war-torn (dare I say “scarred”) Scarry books. There is so much liveliness and humour that it’s easy to imagine these are real people. When children begin to read text books without illustrations, they will already have some idea of what ancient Egypt was like.

I have always said the point of education is to keep curiosity alive and to teach kids how to find the answers. This is just that sort of book, the kind that made me want to know more.

Apparently this comes with a magnifying glass to help readers spot the tiny details that each page suggests you find. At the end of the book is another lot of detailed pictures, but you have to figure out which page it might have come from.

My Goodreads review includes a screen shot captioned: This is a corner of first page which shows 4 of the things to spot listed at the top. 

Too easy? Try the whole page.

My Goodreads review includes a screen shot of the full page captioned: Growing crops and building houses

I can’t think offhand of anything they’ve overlooked. We see slaves building the Great Pyramid, sculptors and scribes, the lighthouse and great library of Alexandria, tombs, even tomb raiders! Everything for life and preparations for the afterlife.

My Goodreads review includes a screen shot captioned: People embalming bodies and putting one into a sarcophagus

They put the innards into jars when they embalmed the bodies, and if any intestines were damaged or went missing, they replaced them with rope. Note the dog between the two lights at the bottom of the picture, running away with someone chasing him. Can you see why? 
My Goodreads review includes a hidden "spoiler' pointing out a dog running away with intestines!

There are the kings, the gods, Cleopatra and, of course, the Sphinx.

My Goodreads review includes a screen shot captioned: The Sphinx and pictures of many famous ancient Egyptians

King Tutankhamen, hieroglyphics, more pictures to find, an answer page (in case you can’t find the 10 things to spot on each page), a glossary, and a timeline. What more could you want? This is on the page about King Tut’s tomb, and it should whet a few young appetites.

“The first ancient Egyptians lived 5,000 years ago, so it’s amazing that we know anything about them at all. We’re discovering new things all the time thanks to archaeology. Archaeologists study history by excavating (digging up) historical sites and examining the things that are found. Many sites in Egypt have been excavated but there are probably hundreds more waiting to be discovered.”

This is accessible history – the kind of picture book with enough information to make you feel as if you know something about Egypt and are now curious to find out more. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing’s Wide Eyed Editions for the preview copy from which I selected quotations and pictures.
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When I was a kid I loved going to our local museum and visiting the exhibit on Ancient Egypt. I saw a mummy and I also remember some painting on bricks. When I grew up I was able to visit the Temple of Dendur and a much bigger exhibit than my childhood one. I think that lots of kids and adults are like me and are fascinated by ancient Egypt. This book will be welcomed by them.

The set up of this book is clever. Each two page spread has a topic; examples include the Sphinx, Cleopatra, Tutankhamun's Tomb, Death and Mummies, etc. Each section is elaborately illustrated in a Where's Waldo way. The reader is given ten objects to find on each topic; information for each object is given as is additional information in the larger drawing. At the end of the book, there are the solutions, another chance to look for the objects, a timeline and more.

This book should really appeal to those who enjoy learning about ancient Egypt and would like to have some fun while doing so. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this fun book.
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This is the Richard Scarey book for Ancient Egypt. 

No, not really, but it is veyr much like the Busy Town books that Scarey used to put out, where there is so much going on, and every where you look you see something, but for Ancient Egype, and there is so much to see and learn out, it makes for a very fun book.

You learn about Tutankahamun's tomb, as well as the great pyramids. And, at the end of the book, it asks you to find all the little people that have populated the pages.

A good interactive, learning tool, to teach about Ancient Egypt, in a fun way.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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At first glance, "Egypt Magnified" looks too busy a book to read or to learn anything about Egypt. Thousands of little people and objects on each spread, a little too overwhelming. 

But then the fun slowly begins.

It's a look-and-find activity book and it's challenging to look for the 10 hidden objects on each spread. That's fun #1. Finding the objects is one thing, but learning about what the objects are about is another perk. Short descriptions are provided next to the "things to spot." A fun way to learn the history without excessive reading. That's fun #2.

The organization of the book is simply wonderful. There are 17 main topics about Egypt are being introduced. To name a few, the pyramids, the mummies, the Egyptian gods, the writing system and so forth. Each topic has two spreads with 10 things/people to find with few sentences to explain their significance to the topic. In another words, each major topic has 10 bullet points to illustrate the essence of the subject matter. What an awesome way to introduce the ancient civilization to young children which parents and children could engage together. The bottom line, if young readers love books about searching for objects, "Egypt Magnified" would be a great activity book on learning history.

And I am quite convinced adults would equally be mesmerized by flipping through the pages of "Egypt Magnified." It's simply a wonderful book for all ages. Love it.
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This highlighted Egyptian life in a very unique and challenging way. One each topic page there were 10 different pictures to discover in the main picture by using a and then seeing how much you remember at the end of the book, I love the concept of this book and how they add an element of fun to following along with each topic. My oldest son loved Ancient Egypt when we covered it, and he would have loved this book! I highly recommend it!
Thank you to Quarto and NetGalley for this fun e-copy,
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Egypt Magnified is a a masterful collaboration between author David Long and illustrator Harry Bloom. The subtitle is "See History Up Close on this Search-and-Find Adventure."  The cover itself hints at the visual adventures awaiting the reader inside.

Each double page spread offers a birds eye view of a particular aspect of Egyptian life such as growing crops, building a house, a wedding, or building pyramids. Famous rulers are also included such as Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Imhotep, Cleopatra. Famous landmarks such as the Great Pyramid and the Library at Alexandria are also featured.

Readers can read an introduction to the topic covered on each double page spread. This offers a great overview of the page. In addition, there are 10 items to find within the scene. Each of the ten items also includes a bit more information on that aspect of the overall illustration. The wonderful thing is that the information is provided in small, kid-size pieces so that a great deal of learning takes place in a very painless fashion!  

The book includes a magnifying glass to help with locating the items on each page. This is definitely a volume you will want to own in a physical form (digital will not do it justice).  I was very impressed with the breadth of information covered in such a palatable way--no dry, dusty history here!

At the end of the book, there is a thumbnail sketch of various scenes to test a child's memory. I liked the bit of humor in that children are reassured that they won't be mummified if they cannot recall the correct locations.  I like that the book includes information about hieroglyphics so children can experiment writing messages like the Ancient Egyptians.

The book closes out with a timeline and a glossary.  My only criticism of the book has to do with the timeline page. The  dates and pertinent information are written in rows from left to right but they have inserted arrows that make it look like you go back and forth to read (which would not be in chronological order).  I wish the arrows had just been left off the page as the dates are sufficient to show the order in which events occurred.  

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of Egypt Magnified from NetGalley for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.
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This is a wonderful story for teachers, parents, and students alike. This book can be incorporated into homeschooling and class projects. I like that it is just plain fun and helps kids understand Egypt and it’s vast and complex history.
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Explore ancient Egypt from the Nile to the pyramids, and learn what life was like for Pharaohs, slaves and scribes in this fascinating search-and-find adventure. Use the magnifying glass to spot over 200 things in each eye boggling Illustration and discover what happened in the market, temple, school and palace with authentic detail and cutaway scenes.
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Combining the fun of a search-and-find book with the informational blurbs of a nonfiction title, this book will have wide appeal for younger and older children and is a good pick for libraries and families with children of different ages.
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One of the reasons I check out children's book from time to time is because they are fun to read, and this book definitely is one of them! I love doing Search and Find, so I immediately check this book when I saw that it contains that type of game. There are at least 16 pages that readers will enjoy solving and reading the corresponding facts about the specific topic will also teach anyone about the early Egyptian civilization.

According to the product dimensions available in Amazon, the physical copy of this is 10.5" x 11.5" so I believe that it is not hard to find the items in the pages. I did not have any problem checking this out in its digital format but if ever I find a copy of this in a local bookstore, I would not hesitate to purchase this right away!
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This is Where's Wally (or Waldo for US readers)  for Ancient Egypt.

As a huge fan of all things Egypt and as a lover of this publisher's other illustrated guides (The Atlas series is amazing), I was so pleased to be granted a copy of this book for review.

The facts presented in the book are interesting and it covers topics such as The Nile (with interesting facts about its length and why it was so important to ancient Egyptians), the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, Cleopatra, Tutankhamen and the Gods.

This book would get 5 stars I'm sure in the print version because I can completely see what it's going for and the illustrations by Harry Bloom look fabulous. As for searching for the various objects/statues/people in the ebook, even when zooming in on the images, the quality of the image wasn't high res enough to clearly see what was being searched for - the image was a bit fuzzy here. Additionally, the ebook version I'm reading doesn't at present have page numbers, which makes navigation tricky when you're after a particular section. There were also some sentences cut off in this version, and the hieroglyphics section I was so excited to read didn't have any of the images it was supposed to have inside the circles.

I would buy this book in hard copy for anyone 5+ (in fact, I will be doing so for Christmas) and it would make a great gift with the magnifying glass that comes with it!

UPDATE: I have bought this for a friend’s son for Christmas and the issues I raised above are dealt with in the hard copy version so I have upgraded the star rating accordingly.. A really lovely, informative book. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, Quarto Publishing Group - Wide Eyes Editions and David Long for a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Very detailed drawings of ancient Egyptian life fill pages, and it’s up to the reader to find ten small things on each page. Apparently printed books include a magnifying glass, but I doubt digital ones will.
I’ve seen plenty of books like this one, as well as apps for both kids and grownups, where the point is to find what’s hidden in the artwork. This one goes further in that the drawings are much more intricate, and the details not everyday familiar, which makes it more challenging.
The most important takeaway here is that it’s wonderful when a children’s book can be both educational and fun simultaneously.
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Egypt Magnified
by David Long, Harry Bloom (Illustrations)
This is a book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary. 
I found this book very fascinating and informative kids book and I like the fact they use a magnifying glass to hunt for things. I think kids will love that. There is tons of information given and given in a investigational way that is fun! An icon is given, with info, then the hunt is on! Great illustrations too! Makes history less "dull".
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Egypt Magnified by David Long is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early December.

It's really fun to read this book, even in ebook format on a tablet where you can zoom in and out. The art style is wayyyyy familiar to that of a Where’s Waldo book, but with more learning opportunities and random things to look for.
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Technically this is Ancient Egypt Magnified, but I'll let that slide! I have no idea how much work it took to create this picture book for children (and even a few adults, I'll be bound!), but I will testify from my own experience that it had to be a heck of a lot.

The patience involved in this kind of detailed work is stunning. In a small way, it's reminiscent of the Where's Waldo books, but other than a superficial resemblance, it's a very different book. It does involve some spotting of people among a crowd of similar-looking people, but the underlying power of this book is educational, and in that as well as in visual appeal, it runs like an Egyptian Mau (which in case you don't know, is a very sleek and fast domestic cat and a descendent of African wild cats).

Each double-page covers an aspect of ancient life or history in a country which is replete with historical depth. The pages show hundreds of ancient Egyptians living, moving and having their being, involved in all kinds of activities from farming, to pyramid construction, to parades, to mining, and on and on. I don't think there's anything that isn't covered.

Note that this is designed as a print book so even on a tablet computer, the text is very small. You'll need to stretch it to read it, or buy the print version. It's not designed to be an ebook, unless you own one of those television-sized super pad devices, but the ebook is the only version I had access to for this review.

Note also that the author encourages the use of a magnifying glass (hence the title!) to spy-out the 'search' items on each page, which sounds like fun for a young kid.  On a tablet, you really don't need one, since you can splay your fingers and enlarge the image, but if your kid isn't up to that, a magnifying glass would work too.  The images in the ebook version were a bit blurry when enlarged.  I assume that's because the images were low-resololution to keep the file size down, and that the print version will be sharper, but this is only a guess on my part.

Each page contains a couple of short, but information-packed paragraphs about life, as well as a key to ten things or people you can find in the picture, and what those particular things and people represent. There's also a quiz at the end to see if you recall where you saw certain images. On top of that's a primer on hieroglyphics, a glossary of terms, and a timeline of Egyptian history, highlighting the highlights! In short, it's perfect.

I had to do some research on Egyptian ancient history for a section of my novel Tears in Time and also for the more recently released Cleoprankster so I know without even having to look anything up that this author knows what he's talking about.

There are some areas of Egyptian history that are obscure - such as exactly how those huge stones were hauled up those even huger pyramids. I can pretty much promise you it wasn't up a long straight ramp like the one depicted in the fanciful movie 10,000 BC! Such a ramp would require hauling more material than the pyramid itself! Whether it was by an encircling ramp as is depicted here or some other method, such as levering the stones up the stepped outside of the pyramid, or by my personal favorite of maneuvering them up an internal ramp (at least in the later, larger pyramids) is hard to say without further research or discovery.

There's no de-Nile - everything a kid could ever want to know about ancient Egypt is most certainly here for their enjoyment, from ankh to Zoser (okay, Djoser, gimme a break!), and from mummy (which is a bit graphic be warned!) to sun worship, and everything in between. I commend this as a fun and education read for children of all ages.
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