Smitten by the Brit

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Oh my, I loved Theo and Bonnie. I haven't read the first book in this series, but I definitely will now. I enjoyed the romance a lot! Fun read!
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4 Star Review Smitten By The Brit (Sometimes in Love #2) by Melanie Johnson

Melonie Johnson is a relatively new author to me and I have to say I really enjoyed this story.
This was an entertaining read and although this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone. However I do feel you might benefit from reading the first book prior to this one, although that is just my opinion as both Bonnie and Theo first appeared in Getting Hot With The Scot. 

Bonnie Blythe has her life all planned out for her so she is rocked and shocked when things do not go to plan. Escaping to England to teach at Cambridge and re group for the Summer, she again meets hunky Brit Theo Wharton and despite her recent past is attracted to him.

Theo ticked the boxes for me, he is kind, caring, compassionate and oozes charisma whilst Bonnie is sweet, honest and a tad naive. The banter between Theo and Bonnie was amusing and had me laughing on occasion.   

The characters were both extremely likeable and easy to relate to and the chemistry and tension was smoking hot as they navigated their relationship. 

I received a copy of this book through the publisher, via NetGalley.
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This second book in the series is a lot faster moving than the first. Bonnie is the introvert of the pack. She gets her heart broken which opens the opportunity for her to pursue her feelings for Theo. Theo is the consummate gentleman with a hero complex. He wants to put everyone’s needs before his own. The author spends enormous time exploring literary references which is great fun. The characters are deep and substantial. Bonnie and Theo have to overcome their insecurities and face their fears before they can find what it is they truly want in life.
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I have a couple of friends who have raved about this series, so I finally caved. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed. 

I liked Bonnie and Theo well enough. They’re both good people who are struggling with their lives. While I did enjoy them getting to know each other, the chemistry seemed to be all tell and no show. However, I loved the support in the female friendships {the popsicle blowjob lesson in the middle of the bridal store, while in their underwear scene had me cackling} and could easily read a book about Theo’s sister, Tabitha. 

Plot wise, it was okay. The concept of time seemed to be an afterthought as I was constantly having to go back and see if anything was referenced. My main hang up was the repetitive use of certain words and phrases {don’t even get me started on how Bonnie constantly uses “down there”.}  Added annoyance: they never said ILY to each other, even at the very very end. Perhaps this is something that will be fixed in the finalized copy. 

Overall, it was a cute concept, but for me, the romance aspect really fizzled out. And yes, I know this review is all over the place. I’ve read it a million times and I don’t know how to make it more articulate without typing 1738218 paragraphs. 

**Huge thanks to St. Martin’s Paperbacks for providing the arc free of charge**
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I received an advanced copy of this book.  This is the second book in this series, the “Sometimes in Love” Series by Melonie Johnson.  In this one, Bonnie thinks that she will be getting married to her long time fiancée, only to come home to find him cheating on her!  With her heart in tatters, she decides to take her dream teaching job in England.  She reunites with the guy she found “hot” while on her dream vacation with her friends.  Will their heads get in the way, or will they let their hearts lead them?  This is a “hot” romance book, and another great one from Melonie Johnson!
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It is the season of warmer climates and summer vacation. What better way to fill your leisurely time than a romance? Smitten by the Brit by Melonie Johnson is just that.

I was first introduced to Melonie Johnson in the first book of thie Sometimes in Love series, Getting Hot with the Scot. There’s a specific scene in that book, and I was smitten with these two. (wink wink) If you remember from my review, I was gushing so much about it. Well friends, Smitten by the Brit is just as enjoyable, if not more.

Bonnie is a Bardolator, Theo is a reluctant Duke. Whenever a main character is a bookworm, I always feels so connected. It’s an easy connection, and because in this case, it was, I was able to relate to Bonnie better. A lot about Bonnie’s life hits the points, and I enjoyed my time getting to know her. Theo. Well, Theo is dashing! He has a good heart and it shows. He shows up, he comforts, and he is an all-around good friend. If two people didn’t deserve better counterparts, then I don’t know what is wrong in this world.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if their romance would compare to Cassie and Logan, but let me tell you, IT WAS AMAZING. There were so many scenes that I were delicious and others that were heartfelt.

Overall Smitten by the Brit was a great read that everyone needs in their libraries!

*Thank you to the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.*
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A cute book. Not substantive, but rather enjoyable, perhaps what is called a beach read for summertime
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This is the second book in the series and I loved it! It's one of those very enjoyable, easy reads. While you know what is going to happen, you are still happy when it does happen! The writing was great and I loved all the literary references. Loved seeing the characters from the first book come in. Overall, really enjoyed it and love the whole series!
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4 1/2 Smitten Stars!

Bonnie met Theo in the first book “Getting Hot with the Scot” and there was instant electricity between them, but she’s engaged to her childhood sweetheart. When Bonnie catches her fiancée cheating on her, she decides to live for today and not worry about tomorrow. She takes a job teaching at Cambridge University in London for the summer. Theo is happy about Bonnie no longer having a fiancée and living close to him, but he can’t let his heart get involved with her, as his mother has other plans for his future. So they agree to a friends with benefits relationship because Theo is to marry some with wealth, so that his family’s legacy can continue.

I loved Theo and Bonnie. Theo is such a gentleman and always trying to do the right thing and please everyone. My heart broke for Bonnie when she walked in on her fiancée in bed with another woman ... what a jerk! This book made me laugh, cry and don’t get me started on the steamy scenes ... needless to say the author sure knows how to write them. I love how the author included the couple from the first book. The banter between the characters made me laugh out loud. I can’t wait for the next book.

I received an early copy courtesy of St. Martin’s Press through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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3.5 stars. Bonnie and Theo are introduced in the first book, but neither acts on their mutual interest because Bonnie is engaged to her childhood sweetheart (and that book is focused on other characters). Theo shows up early in this book, and then Bonnie's engagement ends. After that, they're free to act on their feelings. There's a lot of back and forth, Bonnie not sure if she's ready for something new, and Theo feeling the pressure of his family title. Tons of references to Shakespeare, Austen, and other writers. There were a lot of sweet moments, but it took a long time to get there. This book has enough background to work as a standalone if you haven't read the first one, and I did like this one better.
I received a ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is book 2 in the Sometimes in Love series by Melonie Johnson. This book is about Bonnie Blythe and Theo Wharton.

I was not too thrilled with this book and was looking forward to reading this book after reading the first book Getting Hot with the Scot. I felt like this book was rushed and the events happening were unrealistic. I am American so understanding how being a peer in Britain works but it felt made up or something I would expect from a few decades ago not modern times especially since Prince Henry married an American (which was mentioned in the book several times).

Overall I would give this book 2 stars

I felt that more details into the characters and more character development would have made the story more believable. The story felt just to flat and the characters didn’t really make any growth in their traits. All the characters even the ones from the first books seemed really flat. If my best friend acted like she didn’t care about me the way Cassie did in the book, I would not have a best friend.
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We Met Bonnie and Theo in the first book, GETTING HOT WITH THE SCOT, when Bonnie and her friends were traveling through Europe on a dream vacation. Bonnie's friend Cassie met and fell in love with Theo's best mate Logan, and we get to see what happens with their wedding in this book! I knew right from the beginning these two were meant to be together but Bonnie was engaged to her first boyfriend, heck her first everything who was back home working on his doctorate while she was traveling. I had a not so good feeling about him but that doesn't matter, Bonnie never wavered even though she was definitely Smitten by the Brit.

Friends with Benefits? We've all heard the term before but can it truly stay that way or will someone get hurt in the end? Is it inevitable that feelings will get involved? What if you already feel something for the other person but are denying it even to yourself? This fun and sexy read shows us just how things can get a bit complicated at times but hopefully everything works out in the end.

Theo has responsibilities to his family but will he go with his mothers wishes or will Bonnie win his heart? Only one way to find out, grab your own copy today and get reading, lol, this has been a fun series to read so far and I look forward to seeing each of these women find their own HEAs.

SMITTEN BY THE BRIT is the second book in the SOMETIMES IN LOVE Series, each book can be read as a standalone but since they are based on a group of friends that are in each of the books I would strongly recommend you read them in order.

Happy Reading!!!
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Smitten by the Brit is a contemporary story that has a fun and lighthearted romance between two darling characters. Bonnie and Theo had an instant attraction when they first met in the prequel, Getting Hot with the Scot, but it was a fleeting thought for Bonnie because she was in a long-term relationship with her childhood sweetheart. Theo, for his part, knew that nothing could happen with Bonnie because he was a titled heir and it was expected that he would make a smart match. Which, for his family who were barely holding onto their estates, meant that he would need to make a match that would be a boon to their financial situation. For their own personal reasons, they both had squashed their mutual attraction and instead had a sort-of friendship.

Unfortunately, things changed drastically for Bonnie after she returned home from her vacation and, after a while, she found herself taking a short-term job in England to get away from it all and pursue a life interest as well. Although she had run into Theo when he was visiting Chicago and they had some heated moments, she wasn’t sure if she was going to contact him while in England. She had learned that he was a Duke and although she didn’t realize what that truly meant for him, she just didn’t know how she felt about it all. Theo for his part didn’t care a fig for what his being a Duke meant, he wanted to spend time with Bonnie and when he found where she was staying, he quickly pursued her. That scene was too cute!

Bonnie was not sure what she wanted and she certainly wasn’t ready for a relationship but she undoubtedly couldn’t deny that she wanted to be on more intimate terms with Theo. Theo knew that he couldn’t have a serious relationship with Bonnie for his own reasons, so they came up with a plan that would keep things casual and yet give them the opportunity to explore their most intimate desires. Which was not the smartest choice for either of those characters because they already were attracted to each other for personal reasons, there was no way that intimacy and spending time together was going to make their connection one that they could walk away from. Despite being perfect for each other, there were major obstacles between them that were going to take nerves of steel to overcome.

I liked the friendships that were exhibited between the characters in this story and I definitely loved the positive female relationships between Bonnie and her pals. They had me cracking up and getting all misty eyed at different intervals. For his part, Theo was a true gentleman and that is definitely swoony for the readers that find that quality attractive, not so much my taste, but he certainly had charm. Without a doubt, I felt for Bonnie’s situation in this story but I liked that she was able to move on from her pain and allow herself an opportunity at happiness. There were ups and downs between Bonnie and Theo and what was truly developing between the characters did take a while to get to, which was also not to my taste, but it was a fun romance to read and I felt that both characters got exactly what they deserved in Smitten by the Brit!

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from NetGalley. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.
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I was super excited to read this after LOVING Hot for the Scot.  It was quirky and sweet and we met Theo and Bonnie there, and their chemistry was sparking. So, I was excited to see what happened between these two. 

Bonnie is the loyal best friend and the girlfriend that has been patiently waiting for her long time fiance to set a date for the wedding.  So, once her best friend Cassie and Logan start getting ready for their wedding it sets Bonnie off a bit.   

Now add Logan's best friend Theo in the mix whom she has a crush on but can't act on it because she's engaged to her first love.  

Once her dreams come crashing down Bonnie takes a leap of faith and job in England which makes her come nearer to Theo and all bets are off when she's over there.  

Theo is a dedicated son and he will do anything to help his family even live in misery, but loving Bonnie is different and now he's torn.  

I adore this series especially the relationship with all the friends and I can't wait for more from this author and series

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Sweet (maybe a little too sugary sweet?) cute and fast read. I enjoyed it very much. Will go back and read the first in the series. Thank you publisher and netgalley for this arc in exchange of an honest review.
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First introduced to Bonnie in the first book of the series, she is engaged to Gabe, and having her own second thoughts. Of course, her girls are all behind her (they see that Gabe is a twit and she can do better) and what’s better than the Duke of Emberton?  Theo is wonderfully chivalric, polite, attentive and wholly into Bonnie – all the things that Gabe really isn’t. She is, however, trying to do the right thing and ignore the butterflies.  

Much like the first book there was more ‘set up’ for the romance with associated dramas, necessary and not, to make it more difficult for them to find their way together. But, Theo was adorable, and unfortunately, his familial obligations and financial difficulties are going to be a major part of their new life – so perhaps Bonnie taking her time and thinking and deciding about a relationship, rather than it just happening, was a good thing.  Very timid and a bit of a doormat, Theo gives her the space to grow and decide for herself – and that was nice to see that she had some growth in there. 

The real problem here was the pacing – the relationship was off and on, with little focus or seeing them together UNTIL near the end of the book – and it felt rushed and simply sketched out, not quite complete and full, even though it was obvious that they are well-matched and meant for one another. It’s a solidly written and characterized story with the exception of the pacing, but the light and sweet relationship between two people who are meant to be together – one that accepts Bonnie’s rather shy and timid nature with Theo’s quiet and polite manners worked well. It’s a solid beach read – distracting and light, perfect for when you just want a taste of the sweetness without a great deal of investment. 

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
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Smitten by the Brit is book two in Melonie Johnson’s Sometimes in Love Series. I like this book more than the first. Everything clicked in this book for me; the characters, their views and their ethics; “two wrongs, don’t make a right” approach to events. However, I certainly enjoyed the thought of the Blythe Brigade showing up at one sadly sorry character’s apartment. It is not that all that wasn’t in the first, it just worked for me in this book.

Smartly written, delightful sassy dialogue, sizzling attraction this is a pleasure to read. At times I still felt as if it might be for a younger crowd than say Bonnie’s parents, who age I am closer to than Bonnie but not often. Bonnie thinks a friend with benefits relationship is what she wants with Theo but I knew early on this is not how either of them is made. Remember that sadly sorry character I mentioned earlier she had dated him for years, knew him since she was six,; not the actions of a serial one nighter. All served to make this a fun read from beginning to end.
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This installment from a new series follows Theo and Bonnie, who were obviously going to get their own story. I liked Theo ever since Getting Hot with the Scot, and I continued to like him here. There were a few stereotypes I feel Americans give Brits, but they were minimal and didn't take away his likeability. Bonnie I was already on the fence about since they'd first met. I thought she was rude and didn't get why Theo wanted her apart from the physical. She seemed immature and if it hadn't been for the event that starts off this book, I felt like she would never have given into what was between them, no matter how unhappy she was before. I enjoyed Theo's sisters, but his mom seemed like another stereotype of some upper-crusty British aristocrat. The solution to Theo's family estate problems seemed kind of rushed and also had me going...'um, why wouldn't anyone have thought of that sooner?' 

So this was another lighthearted (for the most part) read. The stars are for Theo, the negatives are for Bonnie and a rushed conclusion, but I'm still looking forward to Sadie's story. Especially curious because we have no clue who her guy is yet.
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This was the first book I have read in this series, perfectly fine as a stand alone. Bonnie, is a teacher who is engaged to be married. Though it seems her best friend will walk down the aisle before her. While planning her friends wedding, her engagement comes to a halt. 

Finding herself single, she bumps into Theo who she met the previous summer. Lots of chemistry they can't seem to ignore leads them into a "friends with benefits" relationship. There was a lot of back and forth and a rebound feel at times. I liked their relationship and how it grew but at times a little too much too soon.
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Bonnie Blythe sees her self as Anne of Green Gables, or Marianne from Sense and Sensibility. Her friend Cassie is her bosom buddy and her fiancé Gabe is her Gilbert. Until Gilbert is caught sleeping with someone else and turns Bonnies world and what she thought her life would be upside down. Deciding to make a fresh start she gets asked to do a teaching stint at Cambridge in England. There she fills her time with scones, tea, and quaint stationary and also Theo, a duke. Theo and Bonnie met through their friends Logan and Cassie and there has always been a spark between the two but Bonnie was committed to her fiancé. Now the two are seeing where their feelings take them but obligation and duty can make things difficult. 
     A cute romantic story with setting in England and Chicago make this a light and fluffy read. Overall I enjoyed the romance and dialogue was good among the characters. Did notice some grammatical errors. Only critique I can offer is that the story seemed a little drawn out. Overall I did enjoy this book and would be willing to read Cassie and Logans story.
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