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A great help if you have a goal you want to achieve. I wouldn't start here since there are simpler introductions to this kind of journaling. But if you've done it before and want a new or different format then this will work,
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I loved this simple goal setting guide. I wish I could download this in paper form and hand it out as a goal setting professional development.
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You Goal, Girl is more than a pretty workbook,  it helps you focus on your goals and gives you very attainable ways to do so.  Besides the various tips, you will also find easy to understand examples. The authors help you recognize the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals. 

Thank you to NetGalley, Quarto Publishing Group - Rock Point and Earn Spend Live for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I had a great time reading this book and now I am looking forward to reading more books by the same author. Many many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for granting me access to this eARC.
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Loved this for its get-to-it approach. Definitely better to get as a physical copy because then you can do it on paper and feel it. 

Special thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for this review copy.
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Love the design, the way this is written, the useful information and the fact it's a workbook - ace for twenty-somethings that need a little hand!
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I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. This is a journal that will hlpe you keep track of goals and help you clean out your mind. I liked the por-tips and templates this journal offers. There is a lot of space to write. The brain dump spot kind of made me giggle because I used that a lot when I need to just empty things out when I am working on my own personal writing projects. So this helped in that aspects as well. So this was a good find for me.
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A beautifully written and designed goal planner. Be sure to buy it in print!
Creative advice for making sure you hit your goals and get what you're after.
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You Goal, Girl is more than a pretty workbook,  it helps you focus on your goals and gives you very attainable ways to do so.  I have tried other books, planners, and journals and lose interest halfway through, or find that they don't meet my needs.  I enjoyed the tips and anecdotes that the author provided and find myself referring to them frequently.  The best feature? The fact that it is updated.  This allows you to start any time of the year and you are able to make copies to keep at home or work.

Thank you to the Publisher and NetGalley for providing me the opportunity to read this book.
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As a graphic designer, the first thing that stood out to me was how beautifully this book was designed! Although I was reading it on the computer, I could imagine how great it would look as a physical, printed item, which I think is really important given that the goal of the book is to inspire. With regards to the content of the book, I found it really engaging, well laid out and straight to the point, which I think is great, as similar books can tend to 'waffle' a little, thus lose the message they are trying to impart. Although a lot of the information can be found online (SMART Goals are a fairly universal concept), I appreciated how this book took the ideas and created an easy to follow 'roadmap, which is perfect for someone like myself who can feel overwhelemed by all the information one can find surrounding goal setting and achieving!
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You Goal, Girl, is a fantastic little workbook, that teaches you about setting SMART goals, and then gives you worksheets to start working right away on your goals.

SMART goals are an acronym referring to goals that are: 
I have previously heard about SMART goals on a webinar but is nice to have them easily available in the workbook, to reference back when needed.

I really appreciate that the authors share their advice and past experiences with goal setting. 

Besides the various tips, you will also find easy to understand examples. The authors help you recognize the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals. 

The worksheets also include sections for gratitude logging. Which I didn't expect from a goal-setting book, but is a greatly appreciated section as I practice daily gratitude journaling. And more opportunities to express gratitude is always welcomed. 

The beautiful layout just makes it a joy to look at and of course to use. Working with a pretty book enhances the experience and makes it a bit more fun.

I would also like to note that this book can be used to set personal goals, professional goals, or academic goals.

The structure of this book will easily guide you thru all the steps of goal setting. I highly recommend this book to anyone that needs and easy to follow system to get started setting goals.
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This is a neat little book that will be great to get a print copy of to work in.  The workbook pages help guide you through the goal making process and empower your actions and decision making.  Overall, I enjoyed this book, but because of the workbook style, I won't be able to purchase for my libraries.
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I wish I could have printed this book and have it in that format instead of epub. That's really my only complaint about it. The book itself was useful and have many things that with software and my table I was able to use as a digital planner in some way, shape or form.

The information was not exactly groundbreaking for me but considering how much I read and research topics online, it wasn't a big surprise. Foundation is laid in these pages with directions as to how to do simple tasks. I do consider these things very important because if you know the basics you can scale into bigger and more complex methods.

Challenges are given to the reader and I, for one, I'm glad because most books about Goals are just theories and facts as to how to do certain things to get to a Goal or to create one being SMART about it. Nothing wrong with that but I prefer a more active approach and this book gave me exactly that.

It feels very familiar, like a friend guiding you through the steps and challenging you to move ahead, do the thing and get everything out of your head and into a more structured plan. After all "An idea without a plan is just a dream".

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book provided by Netgalley. The opinions expressed are my own.
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As a self improvement book junkie, this is a wonderful book.  Goal setting sparks excitement and catapults one into a project.  This is a great perspective, I enjoyed this book, and it helped harness my optimistic energy..  part workbook part guide
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC for my honest review.

I was really hoping for something new and innovative, unfortunately it was full of information I already know.  There are some good worksheets.  I also think it would be more useful as a physical copy.
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I was auto-approved for this book but somehow forgot to download it during the appropriate period of time and then it was archived. However, one of my local libraries was kind enough to fetch a digital copy for me and after some time I finally had this book in my hands. I can positively say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a combination of a self-help book and a creative outlet for our ever-working minds.

I absolutely loved the format and the little challenges the author provides us with. The writing style was pleasant and the life messages and quotes were numerous and thought-provoking. I'll definitely keep an eye on the author's future works. 

I think many people will be benefited from this book, especially if they are on the lookout for a self-help textbook but with a literary edge that makes it feels like a mixture of a novel and an artistic canvas. Happy reading, everyone!
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I thought that this book was great! The author is clearly very knowledgeable about goal setting and this workbook is perfect for people who are new to setting goals. I wish I had a physical copy so that I could actually fill it in. I'm definitely debating purchasing the physical copy so that I can review it on my blog.
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Beautifully done little book that will defiantly help you set your goals and find ways to track them and with that stay on them! 
A few of my personal favorite things about his book is how the authors made sure to never actually tell the reader what to do exactly since they themselves say in the book that they don't know the life situation.of the reader, I read why t many books of this type were the author basically gives he reader a daily plan that the easer should follow down to the second in oder to 'help' the reader achieve hier goal. And while that might very well work for some people I'd never did for me. So this. Ok and it's much subtler and softer guidelines where great for me. 
I also loved that it included everything right in the book. You have goal pages, pages to break the. Down into more actionable steps, as the book calls them, pageant dedicated for habits and gratitude and everything in more than one edition so that's it can be used for more than one goal! 
Again not for everyone but I really thought it was a very nice touch since it really helps the reader feel inspired to start right now, right as they read the book to brainstorm and start to really think and work on their goals and amaze them amanageable and with that achieveale! 

It's not really a book that talks about anything new or world changing. Everything has been talked about before, and can be found for free on the internet. Everyone already knows that one big goal at the beginning of the year will still be there at the end of it untouched if it's not broken down, everyone knows habits form our lived, or ATM least I think everyone does? So it's not as if this book breaks open this whole new treasure of never talked about goal cracking ideas! Just sayin'!

But I really enjoyed how the authors put this togehter and how the explain why it will work this way and make it so easily accessible and in many ways achievable. 

I loved this little book and was defiantly inspired to rethink my own goals and start to structure them more as this book Suggests. 

If you want an deady to read and follow book teaching you how to actually be able to follow through with your goals? Give this a try!
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This was a very cute book and has some very helpful sheets for getting organized and potentially getting your life together. Definitely something that would be helpful for people like me who could use a little more focus. Very bright colour scheme.
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You Goal Girl is a beautiful looking workbook aimed at helping you to set and achieve your goals.

I feel like this might be better as a physical book because it's hard to make full use of the worksheets in a digital copy. 

It's full of tips on setting manageable goals and talks you through how to actually achieve them. It's easy to follow and is a great read as it's humorous, relatable and encouraging.
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