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I recommend it for someone who wants to learn how SMART goals works, wants to get fancy and functional workseets and is just starting setting goals.

I was expecting so much more from this workbook. The start was promising, but soon enough I discovered that the book is just filled with a bunch of worksheets (which look really nice and have the right amount of space to write in) and there is not much theory or support in the book. 

It is good for a really basic start to goal setting, but there is not much real advice once you have already set out your goals. I found the book lacking strategies to keep on track and to rewards yourself midway.
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Goals are my jam, and so are planners so when I saw this I wanted it. However, goal planning is easier said than done. I like the concept but there is far too much work to upkeep it that it becomes a chore in itself.
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You Goal, Girl is a goal setting work book to help you plan out and achieve your goals. The book explains that goals are the steps you take to make your dreams a reality. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T - that is, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.  This is something that I struggle with - but I am trying to make things that are more measurable - that way it is easier to track your progress and know what you need to do to continue to get there and achieve it.

At the end of Chapter 1 you are encouraged to "Brain Dump", that is write down all the goals you have whether they be specific or not - throughout the rest of the chapters in the book you prioritize sort them into categories, figure out what you need to do in order to achieve them, create a gratitude log, track your progress, create a focus for what needs to be done each month and each week of the month, re-evaluate everything when you are at the half-way point to your goals, and reflecting on the goal once you make it to the end.

I think right now my goals are in the "brain dump" portion of this book. I know what I want to do (scrapbook all the things!) but need to break them down more so that it is less overwhelming so I don't just look at a pile of things to scrap and decide to nap instead because I don't know where to begin.  I've also started making monthly to do lists with things broken down in different areas of my life and I try to get all (or most) done by the end of each month.  This has led to me budgeting my time out a bit better and actually accomplishing things rather than realizing I have some free time and then just not knowing where to begin.  I think if I use the work pages in this book along with some of the changes I have been trying to make for myself, I will find that by the end of the year I am achieving many more of my goals than I had been in the past.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated. This book was released on December 11, 2018 from Quarto Publishing Group - Rock Point.
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The publisher, Quarto Publishing Group - Rock Point, provided me with an ARC of this nonfiction book, You Goal, Girl: A Goal-Setting Workbook, in exchange of an honest review.

Nowadays, most people multi-task constantly. They have a long lists of tasks they need to perform and goals to meet. I'm no different. I'm a full-time student, avid reader, critique partner, and I'm also either writing my own books or editing them. I was so glad the publisher granted my wish on NetGalley and approved my request to read this book.

Based on the title and description, I was expecting a book that guides us on how to make doable goals and how to actually meet them. Most of us believe we're Superwoman and we can do everything in record time. Sadly, we're not. This book helps readers understand what a realistic goal is, see how we can achieve them, and find a way to hold ourselves accountable. Last but not least, it also offers worksheets that are beautiful, effective, and easy to use. And don't worry; it has many examples of the sheets so you have a lot of space to strategize over your goals and set the steps needed to achieve them.

I found it delightful and light-hearted. The authors create a friendly and easy-going atmosphere throughout the book, maintaining a perfect balance of "doing the work" without making it feel like a chore. It makes goal-setting fun and optimistic while providing the information readers need to achieve their goals no matter what and how complicated they are. The only reason why I'm not giving it 5 stars is that there was no ground-breaking moment or advice. Maybe, there isn't any out there, or maybe, I'm too organized and goal-oriented myself. This doesn't mean, however, that I didn't learn anything new or that it didn't help me.

All in all, You Goal, Girl: A Goal-Setting Workbook is delightful and immensely helpful! I strongly recommend it if you wish to be more effective and productive in your daily life or if you juggle a lot of tasks/jobs at the same time and need help with prioritizing and setting manageable goals.

4 stars - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author: Earn Spend Live
Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group - Rock Point
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Mostly filled with information I already know, but a quite little workbook to get you started on your goals!
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There are some great tips on setting goals, including S.M.A.R.T. goals which is something I always struggle with. 
I was surprised at how many pages were workbook pages, though if I owned a hard copy I'd probably use it and write in it. I liked the habit checks the best: write the new habit you want to form and check off each day you accomplish it.
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I really liked it. There were really great tips. It was easy to follow. I loved the gratitude log and habit tracker parts. I think i need this book and definitely check it out.
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You Goal, Girl is a practical guide for the contemporary woman who may need a gentle shove when they don't quite feel like adulting.  Goal-focused with easy to use worksheets and easy to read instruction and explanations.  It blends humour and viability and encouragement with ease leaving you with the impression that you just had a kick-butt friend in the room with a whiteboard brainstorming session with clear results to implement. Simple and easy to use with eye-pleasing graphic design.

I received a copy of this title via NetGalley courtesy of the publisher and/or author(s).  All opinions expressed are my own.
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I think this book is great for setting both small and large goals in your life; it's detailed on how to make and approach goals and what would be considered realistic vs. unrealistic as a goal. There are so many worksheets included to create your goals, develop good habits, write about what makes you happy and what you are thankful for. This book is really helpful for making sure you follow through on the goals you set for yourself and encourages a happier and healthier mindset and way of life.
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What an awesome book.  As the authors say themselves - whether you love a goal or don't see the point in setting one, either way this book is for you.  The advice they give is super accessible and shared in such a warm and approachable way.  None of it is mould-breaking or complex, but that is what makes it so good.  The workbook pages are fun but also really practical, and the whole package is really gorgeous.  I love the colours, the layout and how it is broken down into easy-to-follow sections.  This is my new guide to life!
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Well, this is a bit of a frustrating review to write. The concept behind You Goal, Girl is incredible, with easy-to-follow steps and awesome planning sheets to help you get yer butt organized. Unfortunately, the reality is not as impressive.

I read a digital review copy of this book while I was away on vacation over the Christmas break. I liked it so much that I ordered a paper copy so that I could use the fantastic worksheets provided in the book to get myself on track for meeting some goals I want to accomplish this year.  I thought I'd wait to do my review after I got my paper copy so that I could include gushing about how organized I felt after using the book. 

Here's the thing: I'm a bit of a perfectionist. One of my biggest stumbling blocks to getting started with anything is that I'm afraid I'll begin "wrong". I end up spending so much time planning that I never actually get the thing I wanted to do done. The idea of writing directly in the book is terrifying to me. My fear of screwing up a page in this book and then having to look at that all year prevented me from getting started properly. 

Beyond my fear of writing in the book is the fact that I don't think the book itself is sturdy enough to be used for a full year on a daily or even weekly basis. Part of the process requires daily tracking of habits and gratitude -- that's a lot of handling of a book, and I don't think this book will survive that. 

I also don't think the book is well laid out. There are a lot of extra copies of those planning sheets -- really, the bulk of the pages in this book are just blank worksheets (in some cases literally just lined paper with a title along the side of the page). There are even extra copies at the back of the book with a note that mentions there there for people who "messed up a page and hate the way correction tape looks", but since there's no way to remove or rearrange the pages in the book, this is just going to make things even harder to keep organized.  

The inside of the back cover has a pocket (to store exactly what I'm not sure), and there's a strip of elastic to wrap around the book, but neither of those features are as helpful as they could be (though I suppose the elastic will help when the book starts to fall apart...). It feels like this started out being a much  more elaborate planner but most of the cool features got ditched somewhere in the publishing process.

This book would have been so much more useful if it had been a small binder that came with laminated examples of the worksheets sheets, some fun page marker stickers, and a link to a website where you could register your book and download the worksheets as you need them. Most crafting books work that way for patterns these days, so it's not something that's terribly groundbreaking. 

As it stands, I've made my own binder and am using some of worksheets as samples to build my own goal workbook, while also using a much better-designed planner I purchased (that came with way more cool stuff and a much lower price tag!) to actually plan tasks for those goals. 

Unfortunately, my perception of the digital book was 5 solid stars, but when I tried to use the book in real life, it was so frustrating that I can't give it more than 2 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group - Rock Point for providing me with a DRC of this book.
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I found this to be really interesting book. Not date specific, so you could start this when you want. I don't really do a gratitude log - where this does have a few pages because it can work for others. So this is a basic book that you fill out on your own. The physical book does have a band to wrap it up.
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This book offers useful tips on setting and achieving goals, adopting new and healthy habits and ways to succeed at anything. Using examples, the authors outline the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals and shows the reader how to prioritize and achieve their goals. You Goal, Girl also includes worksheets to help you get started. Overall a fun and enjoyable read. Definitely recommend!
Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group - Rock Point and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The workbook that you need to crush your goals in 2019! It reads like a book but it also includes customisable worksheets on how to set goals and actually achieve them.
It is written by Meleah Bowles and Elise Williams, creators of Earn Spend Live, a lifestyle website for young women. It is structured in 8 chapters that include: How to set our goals / how to prioritise them after dividing them in five main categories (professional development, health and fitness, hobbies, personal development, finances) / how to actually achieve them (!) / how to track our progress. 
It is written in a workbook format in an easy, funky and sometimes humorous writing style. 
Every chapter starts with a little overview and specific guidelines on how to complete the worksheets. For example, on the goal setting chapter, the authors advise us that for every yearly goal (a step we take to make one of our dreams reality) we choose, we have to divide it in actionable steps for each month / week / day. What follows are worksheets for daily tracking for every goal.
If you have trouble defining your goals or you have too many, the authors suggest that you think which goals would be the easiest to achieve / are the most important / will improve your life the most / are, of course, realistic.
The book includes also advice on how to evaluate your progress and a whole chapter devoted on gratitude even when you have a setback.
Perfect for people who like lists and enjoy the satisfaction of completing a job well done!
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You Goal, Girl is a really great motivational and inspirational workbook. Set out as a resource to (potentially) last a year, You Goal, Girl, encourages readers to define goals, set plans, maintain your progress, and re-evaluate. What sets this book aside from others of the self-help market is the engaging and approachable way in which the book is written.

The approachability of the book can be seen through the way in which readers are prompted to think about goals, that is they are encouraged and told that no one is the same and you might not be able to define to the amount or degree specified in the book. Everyone’s journey is different and there may be things in your life that you can’t control.

You Goal, Girl is also very forgiving. All throughout the workbook there are reminders that things can happen, you may lose focus, you may go through a rough patch, and you might struggle to meet your goals. There are two sections that provide a space for readers to take a break, re-evaluate, and think of why they want to continue. These sections are Chapter Four: Gratitude Log and Chapter 6: Midway Check-in.

The Gratitude Log prompts you to list things that make you grateful and is a powerful tool for readers to maintain the energy to accomplish their goals. I loved section of the workbook, the open acknowledgement that ‘hey sometimes stuff things get hard but don’t feel bogged down because look at all these good things to keep you going!’ It’s nice for a self help book to so openly acknowledge that sometimes you need space to keep you going and pages and tools to re-evaluate your goals.

Recommendations: The target demographic of You Goal, Girl isn’t everyone. The books feels like the first book you would get someone when they wanted to start hitting goals or take more control of their life.

You Goal, Girl is well thought out, provides enough room to fill in the prompts, and the explanations and affirmations are great at kick starting ideas. I would really recommended this for anyone looking for a simple, easy, and friendly goal setting workbook! Also the book also looks great, so win-win.

Please note: I received a copy of You Goal, Girl from NetGalley.
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If setting goals and keeping them are high on your priority this year then this book is for you. This year is the year I plan to get myself together and not just set goals but actually achieve them as well. This book really helped me put them into perspective and now I have all the right tools to meet and surpass them. So if you need an extra boost then I highly recommend this book.
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Usually I am not a big fan of workbooks and I do not understand why they are on NetGalley. But all this changes when I read this one because it finds the perfect balance between a short and on point self-help book and a workbook!

This book is perfect to use in order to set your resolutions! The information is concise and easy to follow, this book is full of great advice and encouragement, and it gives you a structure for setting, following and completing your goals!
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You might have read my struggles with being organized and how hard I have been working to make this year and myself better organized. I am glad that Netgalley granted my request to read You Goal, Girl. 

The book is marketed as a workbook, and is rightly so. The writing is definitely motivating and the book itself is very colorful. I finished reading the book itself in less than an hour, but it is the worksheets that will need more than a cursory reading. 

Work-life balance is a myth, not everyone is good at multitasking: it’s perfectly fine to focus on making improvements in just one (or two) of these categories at a time! #YouGoalGirl

The principles are fairly well known and pretty basic, and the book puts them in a clear perspective, thus makes working on them easier.

If you have a goal setting spreadsheet or a planner, incorporating these ideas into them will be easy. Or you can use these sheets for working them directly, if you have a physical print. 

Final thought: Basic goal planner that works if you want it to

Recommended to: Those who are beginners to goal setting and planning
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"Totally approachable" is completely right — with its everyday language and gorgeous pastel backdrops, this book is very accessible no matter how old you are or how much you know about productivity, goal-setting, et cetera. The tips are simple, but the worksheets are detailed enough to be helpful (and generic enough to be widely reusable). Personally I'm more of a bullet journal kind of person myself, but if you want/need everything laid out so you can just fill in blanks and focus your energy on actively working towards your goals, this is a good resource.
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Thank you NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group for providing me a copy of this book for an honest revivew.  What a great book for people looking to be better at planning, setting goals and achieving them.   It is set up for people to easily set and then achieve the goals.   I would recommend this book.
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