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This book fell into my lap at exactly the right time. Because, yes reader, I am currently reviewing my goals and realising that I need more structure in my life. This workbook is definitely a great place to start if you are floundering. If you are an experienced goal achiever then it is probably not the book for you (but it is ever so pretty!). 

This workbook takes you through the process of goal setting and reviewing in a structured and safe way. You will never feel out of your depth but at the same time there is incentive there to challenge you. If you want 2019 to be the year you achieve your goals then be assured that this workbook will help. It will not magically make your goals happen - you do need to be committed. But it will support you through the process. And did I mention? So pretty!

I received a free copy from the publisher through netgalley.
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You Goal, Girl definitely delivers. 
Exactly as in the description you get a workbook where you can write down and break down your goals and concrete steps on how to achieve them. 

Perfect for the new year 2019 and to set some new goals and good habits.
Not just for girls.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an eARC.
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This is a really good gift for anyone especially young adults and teens to help them with setting goals and for personal growth. As we get older often times we are told our goals aren't attainable or if we continue to go after them not many people believe in us which makes it harder for us to believe in ourselves and I think this is a great way for anyone who has lost the spark or passion to get going again. The set up of this book is also really easy to follow yet also can go pretty in depth depending on how the individual uses it.
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Well decent workbook, breaks goal-setting into interesting understandable chunks and has a whole lot of encouragement along the way.
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Thank you, NetGalley for the opportunity to review You Goal, Girl! I love goal setting books, and this is a great one. I love the step by step approach, positive mentoring style, and absolutely beautiful workbook pages. Seriously, this book is gorgeously designed. However, having read several books on achieving goals and dreams, I’d say this one is pretty basic and “beginner level” self-help. It would make the perfect gift for a high school or college graduate!
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"Work-life balance is a myth, not everyone is good at multitasking: it's perfectly fine to focus on making improvements in just one (or two) of these categories at a time!."

I came across this book on my friends's review list and had to have a look, especially now it's a new year and I have to say I loved this book. A gentle reminder that we can only do so much that we should look at our limits. I find that I can only really work on one project at a time and if I get a few going at once I get overwhelmed and then  piles of stuff build up and I can't cope. In recent years this has got worse and things just don't get finished. I basically take on way too much and spread myself thin and then the guilt builds up because I can't finish things. Take for example books. I've tried to get back into reading and started with Harry Potter and then got distracted by the kindle and now have four books on the go. So with some simple advice from this book I'm going back to the one book and I am going to make a to do list for the day to try get jobs done.

What I love most about the book is its worksheets and the best advice it gives is write down something each day your grateful for, something I started last year, oh and to be creative even when you're not, it's good for the soul, plus everyone can draw, you do it on the phone while waiting so when it all gets too much take a break. One thing we rarely do when we try to achieve something or are working is take a break. One thing I kept getting told last year. So if you take anything from this book, always remember to step back and take a break. Don't worry if you have to take a step back and regroup, it isn't failing.
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You Goal Girl is a pretty and handy goal planner that holds your hand and walks you through each stage of planning and achieving your goals. I found the layout simple to use and there is plenty of space to fill each part in. This is a good goal planning tool.
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Thank you Quatro, Rockpoint and Netgalley for an ARC of this book in return for my honest opinion.

This book is short,  colourful and easy to read.  It is perfect for the lead up to the New Year or anytime you would like to refocus on goal setting.
The book sets out really clearly how to set goals and keep them.  The authors acknowledge the information they provide is not new, but they deliver it in a way which is inviting, motivating and easy to understand.

The book is half information on how to set SMART goals and half journal space for creating your own actionable goals.

Thank you for encouraging me to set some more specific goals over the next week.
This would be a great book for list lovers, goal makers and journallers.
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You Goal,Girl is a helpful workbook for setting goals and stick to them. The authors walk you through looking at your goals and choosing what goals to attain. The helpful guides male it easy to set up a way to track your progress and understand what else you might need to complete your goals.
While this is a great resource, remember that you have to do the work or this great guide will go to waste.
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I wish I had had this book when I started college. Full stop. This book is such a great resource when you're first getting the hang out how to set goals and are even in that stage where dreams and goals feel like the same thing. Personally I have picked up a lot of the tips and tricks as I've gone through life but I love the format of this book and highly recommend it if you don't yet have a system in place that works for you. It is very simple and easy to implement. It can serve you alongside a day planner or bujo but it can also really help you if you don't like to use those but still want some way to organize your thoughts and goals.
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The tone of this book is a bit young for me and some of the information was basic concepts. There was also a lot of opinions, which could feel a bit condescending, but there were good points and although I didn’t get a lot of new information from this book, it was definitely approached in a different way and could help younger people narrow down specifics they hope to gain from their goals in order to not be bogged down by them and actually meet them.
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Perception is everything and this book nails it. It takes goals, thoughts and ideas and strips them down to their simpilest definition and then has you really look at the meaning. It was jaw dropping how simple and effective this book is, how overthinking and blowing things out of proportions people have become. Once you feel buried, it is hard to rethink things and pull yourself to a different path. this book is a lifeline.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This book was a great read. The language is modern and young, as it is target to twentysomethings. The read was light and fast, and I really enjoyed it.
I liked that since the beginning the authors didn’t pose as experts in the subject, they were pretty clear that they were writing based on their experience over the years, research and knowledge they gathered from other people. I also liked that they also use more “formal” research and opinion from experts in the areas to base their theory, which adds credibility to their work. I found their tone and writing very relatable, as I’m a 20 something too, and I could agree with a lot of their opinions.
The content is very good, but I found it a little bit basic for someone who already has some knowledge of goal setting. With that being said, I think the book is aimed to people that doesn’t have this knowledge, which I find that it could be very helpful to anyone that it is struggling to set their personal and professional goals. The book being a workbook format is great, as it allows the reader to not only read and understand the concept but also to already put that in practice! I also like that they go through all the steps, to creating the goals to reviewing them midway and reflecting at the end.
Overall, it is a great book for someone who is getting started in creating their goals, or is having some trouble making them happen.
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You Goal, Girl is a book that will help you on setting your goal. I am good at making goals, but to fulfill it, is a one big challenges :D This book perhaps can be a great help for me in this new year that is coming soon.
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This is a really good book to help you mange your goals and realise the difference between a dream and a goal. Aimed at women in there mid to late twenties I'm way past that but still enjoyed it. If your looking for direction and how to organise your goals then this is the book for you.
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I was granted a "wish" on Netgalley to read and review the book, You Goal Girl: A Goal-Setting Workbook by Earn Spend Live. A wish granted is when you are randomly selected to read and review a book on your wishlist. I was super stoked to get the chance to try this book out. I love the design of books like this because it is a great mix of reading and writing. This is the perfect tool for self development. 
I have several favorite features of this workbook. The first being that SMART goals are once again explained and I've taken notes that I want to use for a teaching lesson at work. The workbook breaks down goal categories: Professional Development, Personal Development, Health & Fitness, Hobbies, and Finance. The  reader is encouraged to first, "brain dump," which is to write down anything and everything that comes to mind; then, focus on what is most important, turning those ideas into SMARTgoals. The workbook includes worksheets to create long-term goals, steps to take to achieve those goals, list who will hold you accountable, and what you will do to reward yourself when you reach your goal. I love the idea of allowing others to hold you accountable for your goal progress. The workbook has a plethora of pages to create a gratitude journal and also features a habit tracker. Lastly, the workbook gives the reader a chance to re-evalate their goals, and then complete an end-of-goal evaluation. Evaluating progress is essential because it allows the goal setter to determine what is working, what isn't working, and what adjustments need to be made; this helps to eliminate the tendency to want to give up if something isn't working and encourages adjustments that promotes achievable success. 
This workbook has everything I would use both personally and professionally. I was given a digital copy for free in exchange for my honest feedback. I've added a physical copy to my Amazon cart to purchase when I have the chance because I want to complete this for myself!
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Thank you NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group - Rock Point for granting my wish!

This book has a lot of great advice and concise ways to put that advice into action. 
Plus it has list templates already formed for you!
As an avid list maker and goal setter I found it wonderful how they suggest breaking your goals down into smaller, more attainable goals. Many people set large goals, but don't always have a clear way of getting there set out. If you have the "mini goals" laid out on how to obtain the larger ones there is way less frustration or disappointment since progress will be seen on a regular basis during the journey to accomplishing your larger goals.
I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to make progress on anything. 
The structure here will help you get started on the right path to achieving said progress.
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I could quite happily give this book all the stars. I love goal setting and goal coaching so I was probably onto an easy winner reading this but it really is good. It says at the beginning that it was aimed at millenials but this here Gen-X'er found it just as useful so I think ignore that and have a go at the advice regardless of age. 

It's quite short and quite simple. About half of the book is made up of worksheets to better help you keep track of your goals and progress and the advice is sensible and engaging and doesn't talk down to anyone. It's got a really nice colour scheme to it as well which is something I find interesting when looking at these types of books. 

I've used it to start off my 2019 goals (so a long way to go to see the results yet) and found it very easy to follow and set out what I aim to achieve. A good fun book, highly recommended
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I love "You Goal, Girl!" As a young woman in her twenties, I find it challenging to make goals that are realistic and this book helps with that. It has "Goal Breakdown" sections that help you plan what you need to do to reach a goal, a place to reflect on how that goal will better your life, and even a place to write down how you will reward yourself.  The gratitude log is also a wonderful part of this book. It's so easy to get caught up in negative thoughts when you aren't making progress towards goals, and this helps you reflect on the good in your life.

I think this book would be excellent for any young woman, especially those in college or those who are just starting their career.
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Great advice for those of us that struggle with not only setting, but fulfilling goals.  This was written in a non-judgmental manner and offered many useful tips!
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