Hearts of Emerald Bay

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I would like to thank the author and the Netgalley website for this partnership.

I was immediately attracted to the cover of this book: you see two redheads almost in each other's arms and the city of Emerald Bay at the bottom of the cover.

We find the author Dana Lawson writing love stories, except that when she wants to write her own, she totally blocks it.

Wanting to take a break from her life, she escapes to Emerald Bay and during an evening in a bar, she meets a redhead and it will be love at first sight between them.

The story takes place in Nova Scotia with Dana, Mac and Ellie Mac's niece as the main characters.

This is the very first book of this author who has an addictive pen and she tells us about two women who need to find each other by being together.

An addictive story, full of suspense and twists and turns with endearing characters.
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This book, Hearts of Emerald Bay by D,G, Barnes just wasn't it for me. It was really dry, and I was expecting more then we got from it. I had high hopes for this one.
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CW: ableist slurs, homomisia

I wanted to love this book so much but it wasn't happening. It felt dry and I struggled so hard to read it.

I like Mac and Dana as characters and I like Ellie too. But the story is just meh at best and I hate that I felt this way coz I wanted to love this so much. 

But ah well!
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DNF @ 25%

I was looking forward to this book, but it failed to fully grasp my attention. Mac is not someone I'd want to date, ever, regardless of attractiveness, because her attitude spells out abusive behavior for me -- even if only emotional. It felt too much like a will-they-or-won't-they situation, and I didn't want to stick around for partial build-ups and full let-downs.

Overall, it feels lacking.
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This was a fun, little romance that was impactful and sweet. Both female main characters were well written and had a deep and interesting backstory. The plot was strong and there were only a couple of points that annoyed me ever so slightly. The power dynamic between all the characters were well explained and made sense in relation to the plot.
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Hearts of Emerald Bay was a good dramatic romance. I enjoyed the characters and plot. The only thing that drive me crazy was the bad editing.
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Hearts of Emerald Bay by D.G. Barnes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Copy rec'd from NetGalley for review.
Debut book from the author.
A quick read that's enjoyable with leads Dana and Mac. There is romance, angst and sex along with a good plot. Could've benefitted from better editing, never the less I look forward to more from Ms. Barnes.
3 stars.

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I did enjoy this  book  despite  not having read books of this nature.  The  two main characters were interesting and believable. The setting was good and the place had good description.  You could  picture the house and beach by the description.
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This is a fast pace romance novel.  The main characters are a lesbian couple and their niece.  The story sets in Emerald Bay Nova Scotia.  The romance story of Mac and Dana was great but the love scenes seemed lacking not steamy.  I loved Joe the way he called everyone lass it was endearing way he said it to everyone it just made you love the old man.  I liked that the story was about an author who falls in love with a bar owner.  The electricity felt between Mac and Dana when they first met can happen between people when they first meet.  Most people call them sparks because it shocks you instantly knowing something good is going to happen with the person who made you feel that way.  I like that D.B. added this to the story.  The idea that Mac drove a Jeep is a common mode of transportation for lesbian this is typical.  There was drama and a break-up then they get back together to live happily ever after.  Ellie was a great addition to the story her desire to be a writer and she was a big fan of Dana's work.  Ellie was my favorite character in the book the young love knowing early on in life what she desired.  
I want to thank NetGalley and D.G. Barnes for allowing me to read for an honest review.
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This is a well-written, well-structured romance with developed characters, namely Mac and Ellie. It had defined plot and dialogue compared to most vague, fantasy based romances.
But while Mac's character was complex and intriguing, the main character Dana came across as one-dimensional, more like the narrator Nick in The Great Gatsby. She seems like a seasoned woman like the author Elizabeth Gilbert. The relationship appears more as a fling than long term, and Mac doesn't deserve her.

 It has relatable themes like a writing career, custody battles with child services, and overcoming heartbreak. But Dana's conflict was contradictory; she said she was heartbroken then would turn around and chase Mac. 

The ending was a romantic surprise.
Thank you for the ARC.
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Hearts of Emerald Bay was a cute little romance and a quick read. While there’s really nothing that makes it stand out amongst all the other offerings in the lesbian romance genre, it’s well written with very few grammatical issues. After reading a book littered with them, it was a nice change of pace. 

After being dumped by her girlfriend for another woman, Dana takes the advice of her best friend, Jenny, and agrees to take a vacation. While discussing different places she could go, Dana accepts Jenny’s offer of her summer home in Emerald Bay. 

Mac (Taylor Mackenzie) is a fiery redhead who owns and manages a local tavern in Emerald Bay. She is also guardian to her 14 year old niece. With these responsibilities, Mac tends to indulge in one night stands rather than even thinking of a relationship, something that would certainly be a distraction from the two most important things in her life; her niece and her business. 

These two meet fairly early on and sparks fly from the go. Barnes does a really good job building the tension between his two MCs. Unfortunately, the love scenes themselves are a little flat. Most are FTB and the ones that are a bit more detailed are rather lackluster. I guess with the ramp up between these two, I just expected a little more passion and fire. That may be my personal issue, though, and have little to do with the author’s ability. Barnes can obviously write.

While this isn’t going on a favorites or re-read shelf, it was still a decent way to spend a few hours. I would definitely give Barnes' books a go in the future if he writes more. Along with a dash more passion, I think a few less common pitfalls of the romance genre (the break-up at 80%, miscommunication, and a semi-case of insta-love) would have improved my overall feelings about this book. Available on KU and recommended to pure romance fans. 

3.5*, but rounding down because it was just missing that extra ‘something’ needed to tip the scales in the other direction. I liked it, but wasn’t left missing my time with the characters when I was done with it.
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Loved the relationship between Dana and mac and the backstory of the two. Would buy more from this author
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The characters in the book have their own set of realistic faults to add a little realism to the romance. I loved reading it, in the first couple of chapters I wasn't one hundred percent sure that I would take the the heroine of the novel but I did and I really rooted for her. 

The author has a lovely writing style, characters you can love and a great way of turning things around for the happily ever after we all want to read.
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I ARC received via NetGalley and in exchange for an honest review. 

This was a cute little romance with a bit of angst.  

Dana and Mac meet when Dana decide to go on a vacation in Emerald city she also a writer they become friends after she twist her ankle at the bar Mac own and soon a romance begin as they get to know each other. Mac is raising her niece Ellie after her brother and sister in-law died four years earlier as she tries to be a good parent to her neice who is also is really interesting in writing herself and ask Dana for pointers.

There is some drama with Ellie grandmother on her mother side who doesn't like Mac because of who she is and starts to cause trouble by going to court to get custody of Ellie which prompt Mac to break it off with Dana because she fears of losing her niece which in my opinion was bit stupid when the grandmother didn't really have anything against her to stake a claim.

Overall this was a good read just make sure proofread and edit your story because there were errors but I'm looking forward to the next book.
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A sweet little f/f romance that left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Although I did find the writing a bit too simple at times, but still a good read and it didn't stop me from being totally invested in the story and it's characters.
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I got a copy from the author for my honest opinion. I really enjoyed this book. The chemistry between Dana and Mac was there from the first moment. the presence of Ellie was for me the highlight of the book, her présence made the book not just a romance that you read 10 in a dozen but gave it just a bite more.
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I enjoyed reading this book, the writing was good and the characters well-written. I think the author could have made more of the B story (nasty nana trying to get custody of her grandchild), the grandmother was a good villain who could have caused more chaos to up the angst a bit. The court scene was a bit too neatly packaged and needed a bit more conflict rather than a quick conclusion. I'd read more by this author.
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I enjoyed this book. Ok, it’s a little corny with a rushed relationship but it’s also sweet and fluffy and endearing at times. 
Some typos and errors which could have been improved with more / better editing. 
I liked the characters and pulled for Dana and Mac. Storyline is good and it kept my attention well. 
An enjoyable read. 
3.5 stars.
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I wanted to get into this but I just couldn’t. The writing didn’t seem genuine and the characters were boring to me. 
I don’t mind this genre but this one wasn’t for me.
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First of all, I want to say that I very much enjoyed the story in this book. I needed to know what happened to the characters- all of the characters- and I would love to read a sequel. However, I don't want to submit a review to a website because I would have to point out some issues. I don't want to take away from this diamond that just needs to be polished.

There are many, many typos. I almost gave up on the book about halfway in because I had to decipher the incorrect words that are sprinkled everywhere. But the characters called me back to the story, and I'm glad I finished it. I personally didn't care for some things Mac did towards the end of the story, but that's personal preference. Also, the internal dialogue would occasionally sound different than the character.

If this book had some editing and proofreading work done, I would totally recommend it to others!
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