Dump Cake Magic

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This was a very well written cookbook. I found the layout to flow well and the recipes were easy to understand and follow along to. I look forward to trying some of them out for my family.
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There is a color photograph of every recipe, which is certainly helpful, and the recipes are written simply so that they can be understood and followed by every baker – whether experienced or novice. The cakes included are cakes that people will really want to make and eat. Cranberry Delight is a quick and easy cake to serve over the holidays  but good at any time. My family loved the Lemon Blueberry and perfect if you need a quick dessert to take somewhere or a potluck. Read this nook and discover some great new recipes that are easy to make
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I had collected several different dump dessert recipes from magazines and boxes that I can happily replace with this book.  As quick and easy as these recipes are, you do not have to have the same cake over and over...unless it's your favorite.  The recipes use pantry staples that most households keep on hand.  No special pans or tools needed, even a new cook has these on hand.  This is one cookbook that you can use the same day you get it.  Start upping your dessert game today!
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Very simple and easy desserts that can be put together in a flash. The Apple Pie Snickerdoodle Bars look amazing! I liked that there are pictures for every recipe.
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This book has lots of interesting recipes that look delicious. I like the concept of a dump cake, and I didn't think there could be such a variety of recipes! A big plus for the book is the photographs. Each recipe has a photograph, so you know what it should look like, and it does make you want to make all the cakes!
I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 4 as it really is targeted towards an American readership and some things I'm not sure where to find in the UK. So, if you're in the US, perfect, this book will be great for you. If you're outside of the US, keep in mind that not everything is going to work for you.
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Yummy and easy recipes!
Thanks to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Dump Cake Magic by Anne Schaeffer! 
Magnificently easy, quick and delicious dessert recipes for taste buds of every kind. Each recipe is followed by a photograph of the completed dessert. A must-have cookbook for dessert connoisseurs, 5 stars!
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I was never particularly fond of the term "dump cake," and I'm still not. While I understand the word refers to the act of being able to easily combine ingredients together, the word "dump" itself, has way too many distasteful connotations. Having said that, these recipes are GREAT!  I like the author's suggestion of using homemade cake mixes for those who prefer food that is less processed and fresher tasting. My favorites include "Cranberry Lemon Crumble," "Pumpkin Pie Crunch," "Sweet Potato Cake," and "Black Forest Brownies." Highly recommended!
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Take this already simple thing (a pre-mixed cake mix) and make it slightly simpler (by using the dump cake method of not mixing it but instead just dumping the ingredients all in the baking dish together), but then add enough steps to make it a little more difficult than the original simple thing (all of the recipes in this book).  I will admit that if these work out as well as they look like they would, then you are still saving time and energy by simplifying the first two steps.  I would absolutely try to make several of the things from this cookbook, and they all looked great and sounded great.  Just feel like if someone is looking for the simplicity this dump cake method involves, they aren't really going to want the extra steps afterward.  I could be wrong.
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Okay, so I was sent this baking recipe book for free to review right? "The No-Bowl, No-Mess Method of Fuss-Free Baking"
You know what, I can get behind this method. It sounds like something I need more of in my life.
I KID YOU NOT: here are some tips ive learned so far
"Mix the cake up in the pan"
I'm sorry..WHAT? You are telling me I never needed to mix everything up in a separate bowl, just to pour it into the pan and then bake it!? (You know, minus the fancy smancy baking crap)
"Stick cubed butter and the cake mix your food processor and blend"
You are telling me, I never needed to spend an hour 'building my muscles' creaming butter for banana bread??? I could have just blended it???

My mind is blown. I need this kind of life hack for cooking, better yet, my life. 😂

I love that this cookbook has photos for every recipe. I've never had a cookbook like that. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. This is a real gem for us looking to learning more about baking, but never had a grandmother who taught you how to make everything from scratch and the difference between folding and mixing your batter. This is very helpful for nonpros who want to create easy and delishous desserts. There are lots of added bonus tips. I love that it shows you how to spice up simple box cake recipes, but also how to make your own simple cake mix at home! Amazing and very helpful. My new favorite baking book!

*note the ebook format seems a tad glitchy. But is still readable! No one else seemed to note this fact. Things and pictures were out of order every once and a while*
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If you love making easy desserts, this is a great book to own!  [If are into gluten-free, sugar-free, low calorie food, don't bother!]  Each recipe contains easy directions and only limited ingredients (often a cake mix or other mix), along with pictures of each step of the process.  The opposite page is a full-color photo of the finished dessert.  Many of these are not cakes (as the title might imply to some) but bar-type desserts or cobblers.  And every single ones looks so appetizing, I could almost eat the page!  I'm buying 2 copies of this book for my Mom (who's 86, loves to bake, but doesn't like complex recipes) and for me.  I can't wait to try some of the recipes!
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I am loving this wonderful cookbook. It features a collection of over sixty easy recipes that are easy, fun and no mess. Perfect for when you short on time, have limited ingredients, are simply craving a treat and/or cooking with your children. Offering easy to follow instructions and beautiful pictures this book has lots of appeal. This book does offer much more than just cake; as you will also find recipes for bars, pies, brownies, tarts, cookies, other sweet treats and fruit based desserts such as, betty, crumble and cobbler. A terrific cookbook for practically anyone!
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I don't do a lot of baking, but at the parties, I host at the holidays, there are certain members of my family who expect dessert after dinner( and as a 'gracious host', who am I to say no). Dump Cake Magic had many easy recipes that looked good, tasted good, and had guests asking for seconds(no easy feat after a large meal, IMHO). Some recipes use store bought cake mixes, while others allow you to make your own( my personal preference & you could always substitute one for the other), but I have a father who just prefers devils food cake mix, instant pudding and really anything that comes out of a box(as long as someone else makes the dessert).
This was was perfect since the recipes are straightforward, easy to follow, require very little prep time, and at least at my house were crowd pleasers. I can't remember the last cookbook I read that had so many pictures! I've gotten used to the fact that there won't be a picture for every recipe, but that wasn't the case with Dump Cake Magic. Seeing the final product is a real plus for me since I don't do much baking and the clear directions ensured my desserts looked just like the author's pictures. I made the Orange Dreamsicle Cake, the Strawberry Cake, and the Black Forest Brownies to serve after Christmas dinner and my father was quite happy to take home the few(very few) leftovers. I have no doubt that I will refer to this cookbook again and the baking part of party planning will be stress-free.
I received a DRC from Fox Chapel Publishing through NetGalley.
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I really enjoyed this cookbook! The recipes look so delicious and easy! The author even included how to pictures along the way! I'm typically happy if they at least just include pictures of each recipe, but this was even greater!  I can't wait to use this cookbook to make lots of delicious cake! 

The only thing I wish they would have that they don't is nutritional facts for each recipe. It wouldn't be that hard to calculate, especially since cake mix is a main ingredient. 

All in all, a great cake cookbook!! I am very satisfied with it and will be keeping my eyes open for my recipe books from this author.
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Oh my goodness! This cookbook of easy recipes that look anything but is amazing! I love how it does not use too many ingredients and is easy to find. Everything sounds wonderful, the pictures are gorgeous, and the recipes I tried are delicious! I cannot wait to include this in my rotation and library. Thank you to the creative author, publisher, and Netgalley for the advance reading copy in return for my honest review.
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Fox Chapel Publishing and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Dump Cake Magic: The No-Bowl, No-Mess Method of Fuss-Free Baking.  I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

I was definitely curious about this cookbook, as I am an experienced baker.  The author impressed me right off the bat with great homemade recipes for the different cake bases, complete with instructions on how to store the cake mixes until you need them.  This provides bakers with the ability to customize where they see fit, like substituting a different flour or using sugar that is not commonly found in a commercial cake mix.  With tips and hints scattered throughout, bakers of all skill levels will be able to produce successful desserts.

The step-by-step photographs, as well as written details, are extremely helpful in showing bakers exactly what to do.  The accompanying photographs of the finished dishes are so inspiring that readers will want to jump right in with their favorite recipe.

From delicious offerings such as Cranberry Lemon Crumble (pp. 16-17) to Almond Snack Cake (pp. 70-71), and Peanut Butter Bars (pp. 90-91) to S'mores Cake (pp. 120-121), bakers will be able to find many recipes to satisfy those with the most discriminating tastes.  The author uses a variety of ingredients to build delicious flavor profiles, without complicated instructions that might have turned away beginners.  I highly recommend Dump Cake Magic and I look forward to more by this cookbook author in the future.
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Anne Schaeffer certainly has it together and understands how busy people are today. She has streamlined dessert so that everyone has a fabulous dessert or two that they can make on the spur of the moment. Her excellent cookbook, Dump Cake Magic: The No-Bowl, No-Mess Method of Fuss-Free Baking. Over 60 Easy Stir-and-Bake Recipes, Full-Color Photos, & Simple Instructions Make Desserts a Piece of Cake includes easy dump cakes made from convenience products as well as easy dump cakes made from scratch. 

There is a color photograph of every recipe, which is certainly helpful, and the recipes are written simply so that they can be understood and followed by every baker – whether experienced or novice. The cakes included are cakes that people will really want to make and eat. Cranberry Delight is a quick and easy cake to serve over the holidays – it has minimal ingredients and everything is simply layered in a glass baking dish. It’s easy, and is very good. There is a French Pear Tart that takes only minutes to put together; the crust is frozen puff pastry and the pears are cooked in a cast iron skillet with a few other ingredients before topping with the pastry and baking in the oven – easy and beautiful. Other tempting recipes include: Peach Cobbler (cake mix), Almond Snack Cake (Yum!), Fudgy Skillet Brownies, Orange Dreamsicle Cake, and Very Berry Crumble to name a few.

Schaeffer also includes recipes for homemade cake mixes that can be stored and ready when baking becomes a priority; they call for simple ingredients that most bakers already have on their pantry shelves. Recipes calling for these homemade cake mixes give instructions for substituting commercial mixes as well.

All told, anyone who likes to bake, but is busy, should have this excellent and fun cookbook on the shelf. It has dozens of great ideas for quicker desserts that actually taste good.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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Loved this sweet little recipe book and ideas for a variety of dump cakes which are my favorite go to way of doctoring up cake mixes.
Thanks for letting me to read and review this book
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Anne Schaeffer’s Dump Cake Magic is a great collection of simple and easy dessert recipes that can be whipped up in a snap.  

While the name is off-putting, dump cakes are a fun and fuss-free method of baking. You simply mix your ingredients in the baking dish that you’ll be popping into the oven. Dump cakes are great for beginners, the busy baker or anyone who wants a quick and yummy dessert without a lot of hard work and expensive ingredients. 

Dump Cake Magic is filled with easy-to-follow recipes for cakes, pies, tarts and cookies. There are fun desserts like sopapilla cheesecake breakfast, raspberry fizz, and apple pie snickerdoodle bars. The layout is cute and bright and I love all the pictures! I particularly like that each recipe features pictures of the prep stages of making the dessert and there is also a full-page picture of the finished product. I also like the helpful tips that Schaeffer provides to make the baking process easier and to make the desserts even yummier. 

Many of the recipes rely on pre-packaged items like boxed mixes, canned fruit and pie filling. This may be disappointing for bakers who dislike processed foods or who want their desserts to be more homemade. However, the book also provides homemade cake mix recipes for those who don’t want to put packaged cake mix in their dump cakes. I love that Schaeffer provides these options which makes the book approachable to many different types of bakers. 

Dump Cake Magic features a variety of simple and quick dessert recipes that even the most amateur baker will find easy to prepare. I haven’t tried anything from the book yet but I can’t wait to start baking and eating!
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I love a good cookbook with step by step photographs to following along with as I'm cooking! The recipes in this cookbook are simple and quick, just as one would expect when preparing a dump cake.
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This is one book this cook will be sure to own!
Thoroughly explains how to make delicious desserts either from a mix or from scratch. So many unique combinations that a cook will find at least a few to add to their repertoire. Plus since they’re made right in the pan, there’s less clean up! Thankful that the author included desserts that can be baked in a skillet or a 9” pan (as opposed to the usual 9x13”). 
No matter what time of the year, you’re bound to find a recipe that’ll fit the occasion.
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