Making Musical Instruments with Kids

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Everyone can have access to music by creating their instruments!

Building musical instruments allows the child to make more intimate contact with music, intuitively understand certain technical aspects about its operation, also about phenomena such as resonance and sound vibration. On the other hand, it allows to establish a team work, facilitating social interaction.

What I liked most about the book has been the audios it contains because it gave me an idea of the possible result of the instrument to be manufactured, of course it is relative since it depends a lot on the personal ability to build them.

Music is one of the arts that I enjoy the most and I consider it indispensable.  It helps us to express and give meaning to important life experiences, either celebration or loss, helps us understand better who we are, even helps us heal.
For all the above, I consider this book a valuable resource for educators and parents, and create good times to enjoy.

My sincere appreciation to the Publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to review the book
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A book that offers step by step guides for how to build a musical instrument.
 Written  for adults, it comes with instructions just like a recipe. I  liked a lot that has sounds recorded so you can hear how the instruments should sound.
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This book has some lovely ideas and explains the skill level and procedure to make instrument. It is almost laid out like a recipe book. It is quite technical for a novice and is in black and white so not the easiest to read. Not a child friendly book even though the title states making musical instruments with kids. Too wordy and the black and white makes it difficult to follow the lay out.
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