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This HUMOROUS LOVE STORY about a   Country man Chase McKnight and how he  will do MOST anything to keep his family's  homestead and ranch by marrying a complete stranger named Emily from the other side of the US in BOSTON! They have exactly  1 year to convince Chase's parents they are COMPLETELY HAPPY or risk losing the ranch. So where are Chase and Emily's issues? They begin even before they say I DO! With a VEILED bride who holds MANY secrets of her own that come with her this made for one deliciously FUN and entertaining read that I have read over and over again!
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It was nice to return to Haywire, Texas and see an accidental marriage happen almost as soon as the story opens. As THE COWBOY MEETS HIS MATCH, the second book in THE HAYWIRE BRIDES series, unfolds, one has to wonder—is it really an accidental marriage or a marriage that was meant to be? The book is set in the late 1800’s, one of my favorite periods in history.

Emily is running away from her past in Boston after her uncle did unscrupulous financial deals and ended up in jail. She has no home, family, or even friends as a result and agrees to be a mail-order bride. When she arrives in Texas to meet the groom and get married, she’s not sure what to think.

Stampeding cattle, rustlers, a lost girl, and a marriage in-name-only are only part of this charming story. Chase has his family ranch to run, but in order to keep it in the family he has to beat his stepbrother to the altar. What ensues is funny at times and other times moving. Emily and Chase have trouble communicating—and not just because of where they’re from and how they speak so differently. She has secrets, but Chase does too.  Their lack of communicating leads to many unexpected results!

The descriptions of the land and characters enriched the story. I liked seeing how Emily slowly became enamored of it all but was sad she didn’t know what she should really feel. She and Chase definitely went back and forth in their relationship. There’s also a mystery to be solved due to the rustling of the cattle. The story ends nicely. I look forward to reading more in this series and returning to Haywire, Texas over and over again.

This is only the third book that I’ve read by Ms. Brownley, but it won’t be my last. I like her take on small town life in the settling of the West, especially how her brides always get their men.
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In this second book in the Haywire Brides series, a marriage similar to mail-order bride goes completely wrong. Emily Fields has run away from Boston and was following through and planning to marry a man in Texas. This gives her a chance to get away from a scandal that is chasing her. However, when she looks into the angry eyes of Chase McKnight, she wonders if she has made the biggest mistake of her life.

Chase McNight is furious about what he has to do. His family ranch could be lost due to a stipulation by his father that whoever married first - Chase or his brother - the ranch would go to them. So, Chase agrees to marry a widow, which would end up helping her too, as she is also a mother. In a rushed ceremony confusion reigns and before they realize it, Chase and Emily are now husband and wife.

The two are very poorly suited, but now they have to try and make it work, because the ranch means everything to Chase. His new wife is in no way suitable for ranch wife. So, Chase does his best to teach her, no matter how frustrating it is, and eventually, feelings begin to stir within the couple. But, what of the ones they were supposed to marry in that rushed wedding? What about the true reason Emily fled in the first place? Well, in this wonderful story, these questions are answered.

In this delightful story, readers are presented a couple who find that they could indeed find love, and along the way, resolve difficult situations and creating a wonderful future together.

Many thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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Oh, this was such a delight! I love the enemies to lovers setup going on here, and there was some really A+ pining towards the end especially.
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Yeehaw! This novel was awesome! It’s been sometime since I read a Margaret Brownley novel and boy, let me tell ya. I’m so glad I grabbed this one up. It was like finding my way home again. From start to finish, I was chuckling up a storm and falling in love with Chase and Emily.

I love a great mail order bride style story and this fits that bill perfectly. I loved the interaction that Emily had with Chase. Watching them together, and seeing the wit and charm that Brownley used for them was a breath of fresh air for me. Their characters were wonderfully chiseled and really made a home in my soul to stay.

The details to history that Brownley used was awesome. I truly felt like I was transported back in time to Haywire, Texas and all the sights and sounds came to life for me. The style of dresses, the horses, all of it jumped from the pages and kept me hooked.

Bronwley is a truly amazing author! Her writing style never ceases to leave me in awe. I loved the way she made the sparks sizzle between the characters, creating that long, slow burn of attraction and leaving me antsy to see what happens. This is book 2 in the Haywire Brides series but I wasn’t overly confused so it’s easily a stand alone read. Definitely worthy of 4 stars and two thumbs! Can’t wait to read book 1 and any future additions to the series.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Sourcebooks, NetGalley and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.*
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Chase McKnight will do anything to secure his family's ranch—but marriage to a complete stranger? That's a hard pill to swallow. Yet the will is clear: Chase needs a wife by his side if he wants to keep his home, so he meets his veiled lady at the courthouse steps and reluctantly says "I do". Too bad he married the wrong bride. When Boston runaway Emily Fields agreed to marry a Texas stranger to escape her family's scandal, she wasn't prepared to get hitched to the wrong cowboy! Stuck in a secret compromise, she has one year to learn the ways of the ranch and convince Chase's family they're happily married. But when the lie becomes true, the past catches up to them and they must save the love they never expected.
This was a sweet story with two great main characters. I really liked it and it didn’t take long to get through. I recommend. 
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Pluck and determination are what drives Emily Fields to run from scandal in Boston for life as a pharmacist’s mail-order bride, only to find herself in an almost shotgun wedding with the wrong groom. A reluctant groom at that.

Mail-order bride meets mistaken identity meets marriage of convenience with plenty of humor, as so much seems to go wrong in Haywire, Texas. Emily’s fish-out-of-Boston-Harbor storyline is quite fun and even the forced-to-marry-to-inherit plot line is enlivened as Chase McKnight not only has to contend with his reluctant, accidental bride but with other bits of drama both in the town of Haywire and on his family ranch.

Margaret Brownley excels in bringing together two seemingly unlikely characters and mixing in secondary characters full of personality to tell a tale that is humorous, spirited, and ultimately heartwarming. The Cowboy Meets His Match is thoroughly enjoyable both as it’s own story and as a sequel to the delightful Cowboy Charm School. 

For those who enjoy rich Eastern miss meets Texas rancher, mail-order bride, marriage of convenience, or historical romance set in 1880’s America, then this is quite likely to be your cup of tea. Recommended.

This review refers to a digital galley I voluntarily read through NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.
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A book full of sweet bluster and the anticipation of when two people realize that they are in love.
Emily Rose came to Texas to marry a pharmacy but in the confusion of a stampede she ended up marrying a rancher named Chase McKnight.  Chase was intending to marry a widow to help save his ranch and what he ended up getting was well...Emily.
They weren't to sure what to make of one another but as time passed the one thing that neither one of them intended happened.
It's an incredible read that Margaret Bownley gives you with this book.
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A handsome cowboy, a beautiful girl, and a story that will have you sighing by the end... The Cowboy Meets His Match is the perfect story for those who love good, clean romance. Chase must marry to save his ranch, Emily must marry to save he family, but no one said they would fall in love in the process. With a witty cast and some surprises along the way, this is a perfect story for fans of Hallmark. 

** thank you to the publisher for the ARC**
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I’m a sucker for stories set in Texas and the historical western romance “The Cowboy Meets His Match” just added another notch on the many reasons why.

Set during the era of mail order brides, “The Cowboy Meets His Match” puts a twist on the trope by marrying the wrong bride and groom! Chase McKnight was expecting to marry a woman used to ranch life while former Boston socialite Emily Fields was expecting to marry a meek druggist.

To Gen Z’s who grew up digital and pictures are easily exchanged via texting, this scenario would be hard to believe. Everyone just must remember that even just 150 years ago, photos and photographers are few and far between. Plus, they could be very expensive!

So, Emily Fields not even having seen a photo of her would be groom was the norm in 1886. And for those who are familiar with Picture Brides, that phenomenon did not happen until the 1900s when photographs had become a little more commonplace and affordable.

In “The Cowboy Meets His Match,” two people were willing to go into a loveless match due to dire circumstances. 133 years later, people are still doing the same thing, demonstrating once again that historical romance novelists write relatable characters.

Short, sweet and an easy read, “The Cowboy Meets His Match” is a comedy-drama. First, it’s a comedy of errors with the wrong bride and groom getting married. And then, its drama as Chase McKnight and Emily Fields find a common ground. 

“The Cowboy Meets His Match” is Rated T for Teens.
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Emily Fields ran from Boston hoping to escape the scandal of her uncle's criminal ways.  She answered the ad for a mail-order bride.  She had been corresponding with a man from a small town in Texas.  When she arrived, she found herself being married, at "gunpoint".  Once the wedding was done, she realized she had married the wrong man.  Instead of the pharmacist, she married the wealthy rancher, Chase McKnight.  

Chase is in a battle for his family's ranch.  His father's will stipulates that he has to marry first and have a real marriage for a year in order to keep the ranch from his conniving stepbrother.  He had agreed to marry a widow with small children to help each other out.  She was a hard worker and could help him on the ranch, even though there was only friendship between them.  When he lifted the veil of his bride, he realized his mistake.  This was a woman who was used to privilege and servants, not someone who was a hard worker and could help him on the ranch.  What was he going to do now?

This was a sweet and clean story of how love can develop and grow and when their secrets get out, they have to work together to save their ranch.

I was given an arc copy of this book and I willingly offer my honest review.
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❤️❤️❤️ out of 5 
I’ve definitely been noticing a lot more cowboy romances recently both modern and historical and I’m totally jumping on the bandwagon. This one is a historical cowboy western mail order bride book so it had me straight from the start. 
Our heroine is running from her past and responds to an ad for a mail order bride in Texas. However, due to confusion she marries the WRONG MAN and now she’s a rancher’s wife. Our hero also can’t believe he married the wrong woman but due to conditions of a will he needs to remain married for 12 months so they need to make it work.
The thing that let me down however was the slow burn that finally culminated in.... nothing, not even fade to black but flash bang to black and after the build up I needed more than that 🤷🏻‍♀️.
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I always love cowboy stories. So when I saw ‘Cowboy Meets His Match’ on Netgalley I knew this was a book I wanted to read. So when I got an email saying that I was approved to read this one I was super excited and started reading as fast as I could.

In ‘Cowboy Meets His Match’ we meet Emily Fields. Emily has fled to Texas to marry a stranger and to hide from her secrets and get a new start. But what she didn’t expect is to marry the wrong stranger.

Chase is trying to save his family’s ranch from falling into the wrong hands. And to achieve that goal he has to get married. But due to unforeseen circumstances, Chase accidentally marries Emily, a woman who definitely isn’t used to life in the country.

Although ‘Cowboy Meets His Match’ is the second book in the Haywire Brides series, it can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read the first book, and I never felt like I was missing stuff. This book is definitely a sweet and fun story that kept me hooked. Both the main characters Emily and Chase are fun to get to know. They are both from very different worlds, and that made for some fun conversations.

The romance between Emily and Chase was very mild and definitely took some time. But it was fun. I loved how they slowly grew closer and closer. And although I don’t think it’s possible to marry someone accidentally, not even back in the day, I still enjoyed this read. It was a nice and easy read that was perfect to read after a very busy day.

The one thing I didn’t really like about this book, was the way some things felt very rushed. In only a very small amount of time one of the characters was missing, than someone got shot, and if that wasn’t enough a young girl went missing too. This just was a little too much for my taste. Especially since these three things weren’t connected.

Overall, ‘Cowboy Meets His Match’ was a nice and easy read perfect for when you need something relaxing to read that’s not to complicated.
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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this title given to me through NetGalley. This book was just absolutely wonderful. It was just so easy to get lost in and I just couldn’t put it down. This is the second book in the Haywire Brides series and even though I hadn’t read the previous book I was just so lost within this story that I didn’t even care that I hadn’t read the previous books. I most definitely will read more by this author.
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What a great book.  Well written plot, great characters and a touch of humor.  I highly recommend this book.  This is my unbiased review.
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Emily was not having a good day when she ended up at the courthouse to get married and is caught up in the craziness of a stampede through the small town and finds herself married to the wrong man!  Needless to say, no one was extremely happy about the turn of events.  But sometimes, fate has other things in mind for you than what you had planned and perhaps everything will be ok after all.

Emily and Chase are a couple to love.  They found themselves in predicaments that they could never have imagined and coming together, even by accident, solved their immediate problems.  They still had issues to work out which they do over the course of months.  It is interesting how quickly Emily takes to dressing like a rancher's wife with split skirts and cowboy boots.  Emily also has to find her place on the ranch and she manages to make inroads with the ranch hands and a precocious little girl named Ginny.

I enjoyed the love story and the tension between Chase and his brother Royce.  It added just enough friction to the story.  I was a little surprised to find out who was stealing the cattle but it made sense once it was laid out for the reader.  I was also glad to see that the situation didn't always run smoothly for Chase and Emily.  It added more depth to the story and their unconventional marriage.

I was happy to make the journey back to Haywire and can't wait to see what happens next in this sleepy little Texas town.  We give this 5 paws up.
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THE COWBOY MEETS HIS MATCH continues The Haywire Brides series by Margaret Brownley with a fun, charming and slightly danger-filled romance between two strangers who marry for their own reasons – except – they married the wrong person. I love the mail-order bride trope, no matter the time period, but this one just made me chuckle throughout with two characters who would eventually make a loving couple if they survive each other to get to that point!

Emily is a city girl to the core, but she has agreed to a one-year marriage with Chase, now all they have to do is convince his family that they are over-the-top in love — and that she knows what the heck to do around a ranch. Chase was prepared to marry a stranger in order to keep his ranch, but this stranger comes with baggage that he doesn’t even know about on their wedding day, not to mention that Emily was not his intended mail-order bride. He has his work cut out for him between faking a loving relationship with his wife in front of his family and friends, plus trying to teach this city girl how to work the ranch. There will be misunderstandings, really bad communication, trouble arising from the past and two stubborn people learning that love happens no matter what stands in the way.

I liked Chase and Emily both individually and as a couple. Yes, things between them got off to a rockier than usual start for their situation but I enjoyed their banter and that spark they had for each other. If you love a good Western Historical Romance with believable characters, a bit of danger, some sparks that sizzle, intriguing secondary characters and a couple to fall in love with then you’d enjoy THE COWBOY MEETS HIS MATCH.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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An intriguing, sweet humorous western romance story. Delightful strong characters. A well-written page-turner book, I enjoyed reading, it's a pleasure to review. I received an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book, am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Every now and then I like to read a mail order bride book. This light and easy read takes us to dusty Texas more than a Century ago. I imagine a hard life for women, the property of men if they want to survive. This was a marriage of convenience, actually by accident. These characters are chalk and cheese, hilarious to see them adjust. I enjoyed the setting and the mystery of the rustlers. Great story, I loved it.
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It's been a while since I've read a historical romance (this one taking place in 1882 Texas) and I don't know why it's been so long - but I LOVED every bit of  The Cowboy Meets His Match.

Chase McKnight is marrying a stranger in order to save his family ranch. Emily Fields is marrying a complete stranger to run away from the shame her family has left in her hometown of Boston... The only thing is that when these two strangers marry - they marry the wrong people!

Although Chase and Emily were meant to marry others they decide to come to an agreement of staying together for a year. Emily was born and raised in Boston, so she definitely doesn't make the perfect ranchers wife that Chase was looking for. But as time passes, Emily grows to love the ranch and Chase.

Chase is the brooding Ranch whose patience runs thin at times but Emily tries and for that Chase is thankful. He has enough to worry about with his stepbrother and the everyday workings of the ranch.

I loved Emily too. She is sweet and kind and adjusts to the ranch in her own special way.

The story mixed with a little suspense is the perfect read to escape into for a sweet romance. Definitely will be adding more to my TBR!
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