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I waited to read/review this book simply because I did not want the Harlow Brothers Series to be over. It is a three book series so full of love and devotion to family. This book like the two books before showcase one of the brothers but also we get a glimpse of course of Marietta and the Harlow family life. Judd is a pilot who is going to fly Savannah and Wyatt to Chicago for his surgery. I read this book once then sat it aside. Then a week later I started Book 1 in this series  Tanner's  Promise, then moved into what just might be a movie soon, Luke's Gift, then I re-read Judd's Vow. Why you ask? So I could enjoy the gift of the Harlow brothers and the love they have given not only to their step-sister Maddie but to the loves they have found along the way and to the people of Marietta, Montana. And yes to us the readers.
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The author did such a great job developing the characters, that I feel like I really know them, and not just the major two characters, but the minor ones too. 

I loved everything about it - the characters, the plot, the emotion, the writing, and the ability that the author had to tell me a story that had me wanting this book to go on and on. 

I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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JUDD"S VOW by Kaylie Newell.  This was my first read by this author.  It was a pleasant read that went quick.  I enjoyed the characters - Savannah and Judd.  It was a bit of a slow burn, although it did happen first.  Each had their own hangups.   I would have liked a bit more emotion/drama involved with Wyatt's surgery.  Ms. Newell wrote the story with many jump scenes - I truly wanted to see the in betweens and what  happened though as sometimes I felt like I was left hanging.  Overall, it was enjoyable and I will certainly try another tale by Kaylie Newell.  (received ARC for honest review).
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A very sweet story! The little boy Wyatt made the story for me! This was a great weekend read. If you love stories of strong men who take care of others this is a good choice for you! 

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.
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The third Harlow Brothers book is an emotionally gripping and inspiring romance. Judd and Savannah are both strong, compelling characters that easily capture readers’ attention with their sizzling chemistry but vulnerable and emotionally stunted lives. Due to their pasts both have sort of accepted that the whole happily ever after thing is not for them but they are pulled together not only by their attraction to each other but 2 adorable kids and readers can’t help but get caught up in all the emotional turmoil plaguing this couple but the suspense of whether or not they can let go of the past and grab on to their future with both hands. 

The suspense of this couple’s romance builds throughout the book as Savannah past comes calling and throughout the present circumstances surrounding each of the characters’ lives. The children add a soft and adorable touch the story and while the Harlow Brothers stories have been told, hopefully the sister gets her story told too. The author balanced the characters emotional vulnerabilities with strength of characters that readers can’t help but admire and following along as Judd and Savannah’s hearts are opened up is quite heartwarming and inspiring ensuring that readers have to read every last word.
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We met Savannah and her son in a previous book, although this works as a stand alone as well. Savannah's young son has to go to Chicago for surgery. After the fundraiser that was held for them they are all ready to go meet the doctor. Savannah is all set to drive until a local pilot offers to fly them to Chicago for free. When she meets Judd for the first time at the hanger he seems larger than life. When he helps her through her fear of flying she feels a connection to him.  The way he connects with her son is enough to make any woman fall for him. Neither one of them is looking for a relationship. She is a single mother who has been hurt by her son's father. Judd doesn't have time now that he is back helping to raise his much younger half sister. Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected places when you least expect it. Fun and very touching read.
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Judd is a pilot that was volunteered to fly Savannah and her son for his surgery.  He was not expecting to like her or to want to spend more time with her. 
Savannah is a single mother she moved away from her family to be able to have control over how she raises her son. 
She was not expecting Judd's sister to want to babysit or to even put the two of them in each other's sight.  

I was sucked in and only wanted the best for these two families. I loved every minute of this book.

** I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review**
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Judd’s Vow is a very well written romance.  I enjoyed the plot, setting and the author’s writing.  I look forward to reading more books by this author.  I highly recommend this book.
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There's just nothing like a tortured hero for me. And Judd tries very hard to live up to that. He just doesn't quite make it. That's because while I know Judd is tortured, it's just not on the page enough and with the depth that I need. It's more like I get glimpses of it and it just doesn't satisfy. There's no question Judd is deeply affected by his childhood and he does his best with what he has left emotionally. 

Savannah is cute and sweet and loving and the perfect single mom. While she stands in stark contrast to Judd's mom, she's a bit too perfect. I would have liked to have seen her make a mistake here or there. But no, she continued to be absolutely perfect the whole way through.

Judd and Savannah are cute together, very loving and also very loving toward Wyatt. Wyatt is Savannah's son and he is so sweet and cute! I loved Wyatt and his sweetness. His hero worship of Judd just melted my heart.

In the end, this was a feel-good story that was just a smidge too saccharine for me. That's ok though, it's supposed to be sweet.
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Judd’s Vow is a touching story about a lone pilot and a love hurt woman who find a certain something in each other that cannot be denied, even with long held personal beliefs about themselves in the way.
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Book 3 in the Harlow Brothers series, Judd’s Vow is an exceptional read. Judd’s Vow is well written with remarkable characters and memorable storyline that touches the heart. I loved this story and this series and will definitely be recommending to others
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JUDD’S VOW is the third story in Kaylie Newell’s The Harlow Brothers series – and although this one is probably the last, I do hope one day to read Maddie’s story, she deserves one as well. For now, she’s content in the love and security of her big brothers’ devoted love and support — but one day she’ll fly, and I hope we get to see that too.

Judd, as the eldest brother, has felt the responsibilities placed on his young shoulders for far too long. With no choice, he did what was necessary for his family, for his brothers, and now for his little half-sister – but Judd doesn’t believe in happy endings for himself. Sure, his brothers Tanner and Luke each found their perfect woman, but he’s not looking. This gruff, silent, good-hearted man is about to meet his future family – he just doesn’t realize that fact yet, but he will.

To Savannah and her son, Wyatt, this silent man is the answer to her prayers as he has agreed to fly them to Chicago for life-changing surgery for Wyatt. While she’s certainly attracted to Judd, Savannah doesn’t have the time or energy for romance, she has a son to care for and that is her focus now. Yet one man’s special connection to his sister, to her son, to her will prove that what she thinks she doesn’t want might just be another answer to what she really needs – a good man at her side forever.

JUDD’S VOW is an emotional, tender romance that will grab your heart and not let go until the final page. Family comes in different ways and this couple proves that it’s not the blood relations that truly matter, it’s what the heart feels and knows. I had such an enjoyable experience with Savannah and Judd, I’m going to miss this series but I’m certainly glad that I got to know some amazing new neighbors in Marietta, Montana. I’d not hesitate to recommend this story or this entire series to any Romance reader that enjoys a good story, relatable characters, some issues to overcome and a satisfying happy ever after.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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The Harlow brothers and little sister quickly stole my heart, with no hope of ever letting it go when I read the first book of the series, Tanner’s Promise. With each brother’s story after that, the ties around my heart became even stronger so it was bittersweet to see Judd’s story released, knowing he was the third and last brother. In Judd’s Vow, Kaylie Newell saved the oldest brother, the one most affected by his parents’ lack of parenting skills for last. He would be the one most wary of “happily-ever-afters” in life.

Savannah Casteele is a vibrant personality who hasn’t let the hardships in life keep her down. The center of her world is her young son, who has a health issue. The way that this character stays positive and kind is inspiring. She and her son, Wyatt were supporting characters in the second book, Luke’s Gift. The clues were there that more could be in store for them. Wonderfully tied together in this book. My only wish would have been for more on the ex and his relationship with Wyatt, he just disappeared again by the end.

Each brother’s story is self-contained so it really isn’t necessary to read these books in order. I will say I haven’t enjoyed a series as much as this one in many years. I can only hope that Maddie grows up to receive her story. She is a young old soul who deserves the very best, I would love to see the hoops her true love would need to jump to receive her three big brothers’ approval. Better yet, a long lost or unknown brother suddenly makes an appearance would make a great story. Hey, that worked for NCIS, New Orleans, so why not the Harlow brothers? As you can see I really want more stories of this family. 

Highly recommend.
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Judd’s Vow by Kaylie Newell
His heart has been grounded for so long. But she’s about to give it wings…
Captain Judd Harlow is happiest in the air. It’s only when he’s flying that he can leave his childhood memories behind. But when he and his brothers find themselves the guardians of their 12-year-old half-sister, he knows moving back to the small Montana town where he grew up is the right thing.
When Savannah Casteele learns that a local pilot has agreed to fly her and her little boy to Chicago for a long-awaited surgery, she’s overcome with gratitude. A young, single mother, her first priority has always been raising her son the best way she knows how. But when she sees Judd for the first time, she’s unprepared for the affect he has on her heart: He’s stoic, guarded, and a little out of reach, reminding her that she’s not the only one who’s trying to put aside a broken past.
As they begin falling for one another, brought together by the children in their lives, they start seeing family not just as something you’re given, but something you create. And that the heart, no matter how scarred, is always capable of a tender, new beginning. But are they both willing to take a leap of faith to get there?
This is Savannah Casteele and Judd Harlow's
Savannah Casteele stood outside the small hangar at Bozeman International Airport holding her four-year-old son’s sticky hand. The chilly late spring breeze kept blowing her hair across her face.
Shivering, more from nerves than anything else, she smiled down at Wyatt, who had a sucker bulging in one cheek.
He popped it out with a smack. “Are we gonna fly on a plane, Mama?”“Yes, baby. We are.” 
Judd Harlow looked down, and this time his lips tilted a little. “Hi, Wyatt.” “Hello.”
“Have you flown before?” he asked.
“Once when I was little. But not since then. And Wyatt never has.”
He glanced down at Wyatt who was still working on his sucker. “You’re not nervous, are you?”
"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book."
I highly recommend reading.
Judd’s Vow by Kaylie Newell is a wonderful well written 5 star book.
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Judd’s Vow by Kaylie Newell
Harlow Brothers #3

Savannah Casteele and her four year old son Wyatt first meet Judd Harlow as they prepare to board his plane. He is flying them to Chicago for a doctor’s appointment that will eventually see Wyatt’s cleft lip surgically repaired. Savannah is scared, Wyatt is bubbly and excited and Judd is rather quiet as his usual flying gigs with Southwest Airlines don’t have him interacting much with passengers. There is definitely attraction between Savannah and Judd but neither one sees a relationship in their life at this point in time. 

As the story progresses we hear about Judd’s brothers Luke and Tanner and spend some time with his twelve year old sister Maddie who is wise beyond her years, plays at matchmaking and is a wonderful babysitter. Judd and Savannah spend some time together, get to know one another better and eventually need to determine if there is a way forward for the two of them or not. Savannah’s dream has always been to be a “family” and though her first try with Steven, Wyatt’s father, didn’t work out she is hopeful that in the future...maybe that dream will come true. Judd...well...Judd had to grow up too quickly and his parents were not ideal parent figures so he is a bit leery and guarded and that also plays into whether or not the two will eventually get together. 

This is a heartwarming story with a HEA for the couple...once they both figure out what they want and are willing to reach out for one another for the long haul. I have a feeling that had I read the first two books in this series I would have the background information – or some of it – I wanted but did not get in this book though it is easily a standalone story. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Tule Publishing for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

3-4 Stars
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Judd’s Vow is the third book in The Harlow Brothers series and is set in and around the small town of Marietta. It reads really well as a stand-alone, but I loved the first two books and they do help with context so my recommendation would be to read them first.
Both single mum Savannah and Judd Harlow have trust issues. In both their cases their fathers walked out on their families early in their lives, and for Savannah the situation is worse because her husband abandoned her after the birth of their son Wyatt. Savannah is enormously protective of Wyatt and determined not to get involved with a man for fear he might leave and break Wyatt’s heart. Judd doesn’t see himself as an ever after kind of guy — he fears he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps and be unable to maintain a longstanding relationship — yet as the oldest child he took on the man of the house role while still a child himself.
I loved this story. How could I not be invested in Savannah’s happiness when she clearly gives her all to make life the best it can possibly be for her little boy? As for Judd, well it was clear from the first that this gorgeous, caring man needed someone to care for him. Together these two danced around their relationship for a while, each coming up with reasons they wouldn’t work yet when they finally dropped their barriers they created a truly heartwarming happy ever after.
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Heart warming romance between Judd and Savannah. Judd is a local pilot that has agreed to fly Savannah and her son, Wyatt to Chicago for surgery. Savannah is young single mom, who is very strong and will do anything for her son. Judd,has just moved to Marietta to help care for his young half sister, Maddie. Neither are looking for a relationship, until they are put together with two young children.

 Judd, is my everything. I have been waiting for this story since the last book and he did not disappoint me. He is so strong and family is everything to him. Loved his farm with animals. Such a big brother to Maddie. Savannah,is such a devoted mom to Wyatt and needed her HEA!!  

 All I can say is this is a must read, including the whole series. Love the Harlow brothers, their mom would have been proud of the men that they have become.
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This series is one of the good ones and this book with the kids, the farm, a new love slowly starting, gosh even the goats, gives you that feel good feeling.
     The author Kaylie Newell has became a favorite of mine with this series. This book can be read as a stand alone, but I truly recommend read them all, you won’t be sorry.
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This was a great heartwarming story that leaves you with a warm cozy feeling.  Judd is a great character and the kindness he shows to Savannah's young son just makes him perfect.  Savannah was such a devoted Mother.  So strong and caring.  Together they were a great couple.  Watching their walls come down and their hearts open was an emotional journey I'm so glad I went on.  I definitely recommend this book.
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Judd’s Vow by author Kayleen Newell held some heart gripping moments in a story that comprised some likeable characters.
Review copy received from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley
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