Never Tell

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This has the perfect balance of outrageous yet believable, in a twisted tale of family secrets and deception. No one is who they seem to be, as DD is tasked with solving the murder of a young husband whose wife is found standing over him with a smoking gun.

I really loved this. Fast paced with plenty of character development, it's a real page turner.

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This was one heck of a twisty thriller! Told from multiple perspectives, it made for confusing reading to begin with. I'd say it also made me struggle to get into the story for the first hundred pages or so. I was very interested in the plot, but it was exasperating trying to work my way through early chapters that didn't seem linked to it, at first.

This book is anything but predictable. I thought I'd got it all worked out, but it was more complex than my mind could have ever guessed. If you enjoy twisty thrillers, this one is for you.
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This is only my second Lisa Gardner book! Lisa is one if those authors who’s books you pick up and question how you’ve only just discovered this author?!

This book is another reason why I’ll be reading all of her older work!

Lisa writes a fast paced novel that keeps you turning the (digital) pages and second guessing all the thoughts you had about her characters! 

Great for those who love Karin Slaughter, Gillian flynn & James Patterson
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This was a very well drawn out book. There were no unexpected twists or psychological surprises that seem to abound in today's fiction. It's hard to imagine how the opening of this story leads us through to the end, but it sure does in an excellent, very well thought out way. You can't rush through this book, every page is crucial so if you feel yourself becoming a tiny bit tired part way though please keep going, it is well worth it. Particularly wonderful is the character, although deceased throughout the whole book,  of Conrad, Evie's husband. As you work your way through the chapters, several sad events that shaped Conrad's past are revealed to us bit by bit. Similarly, Flora is also a brilliantly portrayed character with a past that soon becomes part of this complex investigation. The ending was beautiful, just what this book deserved. If there was one wish to be granted when all is finally revealed, I would love Conrad to have survived to experience the joys of fatherhood.
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One wonders if Evie is for real. When she finds her husband dead she doesn't panic or become hysterical she shoots the laptop twelve times. Now, why would she do that?  When the police arrive she's calm and has the gun in her hand in an almost threatening gesture.  It's not the first time she's been involved in a killing. Can she wriggle out of this one? D. D. Warren is determined to revisit the old case for clues.  It's a fast-paced book, vividly graphical and I enjoyed it. I thought the characters were all a bit odd. Thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK
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Rating: 4 stars 

Evie Carter is caught with gun in her hand standing over her dead husband. Flora Dane recognises Evie's dead husband from when she was kidnapped. D.D. Warren has the job of deciphering all the clues to figure out what exactly happened. 

This was an exhilarating read that I couldn't put down until I finished. Although I haven't read the other books in the series, I was able to keep up with all that was going on. 

The characters were all very interesting, all having their own secrets and it was interesting to see how everything played out in the end. 
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A fast-paced complicated plot. Packed full of secrets and suspense. As always Lisa Gardiner's books will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Recommended.
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I really enjoyed this book. Great charaecters. A highly enjoyable read.. would highly recommend. I didnt want this book to end.
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This is the tenth outing of detective D D Warren, however it was my first and Never Tell works completely as a stand alone novel. The story is told in three voices; Boston detective D.D., Evie the widow of the recently murdered Conrad and a police confidential informant, Flora. 

D.D. is convinced Evie is guilty of murder, she was found beside the body, grasping the murder weapon and considering she’s already admitted to one accidental murder, this is most definitely an open and shut case. However, Flora, recognises the murder victim as someone her perverted abductor had introduced her to, in fact was possibly going to sell her to. Suddenly D.D’s quick fix case isn’t so simple, who was the murder victim and why did his wife shoot almost an entire magazine of bullets into his computer.? 

This was a fast paced, engaging thriller that kept me hooked from start to finish. Lisa Gardner writes so well, that at no point did I feel that this was not a stand alone novel. I would highly recommend this book as I couldn’t put it down. In fact I’m so excited to go back and read more from this series.
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Why have I not discovered the DD Warren series before?

I had read two books by Lisa Gardner before and had her name down on my list of authors that I need to read more of. However, this is the first in the DD Warren series that I have read and am amazed that it is the 10th in this series. Despite this, I read this book as a stand-alone story, and it made no difference to my enjoyment of the plot which was quite brilliant, full of twists and turns and made a 10-hour flight to Miami go by in no time!

It begins with the killing of Evie Carter’s husband Earl, in his study. Evie is found with the gun in her hand but is adamant that she was shooting her husband’s computer to erase some disturbing content. We then discover that 16 years before, Evie’s father, a famous professor has been killed in a shotgun accident. Evie confessed to this murder but now is saying she only wanted to preserve her father’s reputation as in reality he committed suicide. So is Evie a double murderer, a single murderer or not a murderer at all? 

This is the scenario that confronts Detective DD Warren, and the plot only thickens when Earl Hopkins, on the surface, a window salesman is discovered to have hidden cash as well as various fake driving licences.

Flora Dane is a confidential informant of DD Warren, she is still recovering from a time when she was kidnapped and held by a long distance lorry driver, Jacob Ness, for 472 days using her for sex and treating her terribly. She helps to overcome the horror of her past by assisting DD with her cases when it involves other people who have had traumatic experiences. However, the case becomes more personal when Flora realises that she had met Earl before when she was in a sleazy bar with her kidnapper. She thinks that he was trying to help her but is not sure why he would have known Jacob. Was Earl a good or bad person?

FBI agent, Kimberley Quincy, who was responsible for rescuing Flora from Jacob also becomes involved in the case as there is a possibility that Jacob had abducted and killed other women. 

The author weaves all the various strands together and tells the story from multiple characters points of view to the very satisfying conclusion. I now have to find the time to try and read some of the previous books in this series!   


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Lightning never strikes twice, does it? So what is the odds that one woman can be involved in two different shooting incidents, claim to be innocent in both, and be freed both times.... This is the conundrum that DD and her team has to deal with in this thrilling read.  I love Lisa's books, and just love the no-nonsense-attitude that DD has in live!!
Highly recommended!
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Evie Carter was shocked to her core at what she encountered on her arrival home from work. But it was what she did immediately afterwards that had the police arresting her and putting her in jail. Even her pregnancy wasn’t enough to keep Evie out of a cell.

Detective D.D. Warren arrived at the scene, recognized Evie and knew this one would be a puzzle. She decided, as well as her murder squad, she needed the help of her CI – Flora Dane. Flora was still recovering from her own traumatic past, but she was a great CI. It was when she realized she knew the victim that DD was investigating, that her past came rushing back. Was there a connection to the past of six years ago – plus another past of sixteen years ago – to the current investigation? It seemed too bizarre for the murder team to contemplate. But DD loved crazy – this was right down her alley!

With a tech civilian, an FBI agent (nice to see you again Kimberly) a CI, and her team, DD knew she’d never had a squad quite so different. But would it work?

Never Tell by Lisa Gardner is another brilliant episode in the Detective DD Warren series (#10) and I loved it. Lisa Gardner knows how to tie the reader in knots; keep the heart pumping and the trickle of hints flowing nicely. It was great to have Flora front and centre again and catch up with SSA Kimberly Quincy. DD and Kimberly work together well. I’m really looking forward to the next installment in this series. Highly recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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Lisa Gardner’s novel Never Tell seems to develop along the lines of  Marmion by Walter Scott:

Oh, what a tangled web we weave 
When first we practise to deceive!

It’s a fast paced thriller where we see consequences played out from early falsehoods. Some interesting characters too. 

Shooting out a laptop in a small home office is definitely not recommended unless you want to be acquainted with Ric O’Chet.. Why do people presume Morse code can be ‘tapped’ out by simple percussion? Morse has defined intervals for both ‘dits’ and ‘dahs’ and the spaces in between. A ‘tap’ cannot be lengthened.

So, other than a few niggles, a great page turner and I enjoyed it.
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This book started slowly but as it was so well written you soon wanted to know more about the characters. Evie is haunted by her past, DD is the canby detective, Flora, a survivor of great horrors. The story centres around Evie,s life and that of her parents. Having believed she had killed her father since she was 16 years old get life had always been somewhat understated. Events reveal the truth and she learns to enjoy her life.
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Never Tell is the  10th book in the Sergeant D.D. Warren series by Lisa Gardner .Told from three different perspectives it is an excellent psychological thriller with lots of secrets and twists and turns  that kept me up all night trying to finish it. An engrossing entertaining read which I would highly recommend to all psychological thriller lovers
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WOW WOW AND EVEN MORE WOW. I have always enjoyed Lisa Gardner’s books so was eagerly looking forward to reading this one and boy it didn’t disappoint. 

Great plot, great characterisation, tightly written with a tension that is exquisite.  

A brilliant five star read. Can’t wait for the next one.
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I was sent a copy of Never Tell by Lisa Gardner to read and review by NetGalley.
Wow! What a page turner this novel turned out to be!  It’s fast paced with lots of twists and turns and full of drama.  Plenty of well drawn characters populate the pages with some chapters written in first person some in third person.  Set primarily in Boston the story weaves together several different cases, old and new, that are being investigated.  The author cleverly ties together the different elements creating a totally unputdownable thriller.  This is my first experience of Lisa Gardner’s writing and I can’t wait to search out more!
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Another brilliant book by Lisa gardner really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from this author
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I couldn’t get enough of this book. First time I have read a book by this author but I enjoyed the pace and the characters, albeit a little unrealistic but nothing too out there.
A story with so many angles it could at times be a book to really concentrate on. I was really pleased as well to find all the main characters were female, but also had depth, it was a nice change for crime, mystery genre.
I will certainly be checking out more of this author would recommend this book, particularly if you’re a fan of Karen Rose, James Patterson etc
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Terrific and action packed book full of twists and turns on every page! The characters were alive and I couldn’t determine who was innocent and who guilty. Did Evie shoot her father and then repeat the same crime years later? If yes can she get away with it twice? Brilliantly written and highly recommended!
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