Colorways: Watercolor Flowers

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A very informative book with beautiful illustrations! As a beginner, I enjoyed learning about watercolor, because the steps were easy to follow.
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I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination but I have a love of art and I'd love to be able to create some of my own. My medium of choice is watercolour as I find it more forgiving and suited to my complete trainee status.

This book is a godsend, full of unintimidating basic skills to get a beginner started and creating lovely watercolour flowers. Helping you through informative steps to get creating.

I highly recommend this if you like clear concise easy to follow instructions and advice, helping you garner great results.
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Colouring with watercolours are my childhood favourite hobby..... This  book has made me remember those fond memories .....Thank you for this wonderful book.......
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Definitely a book that is friendly for beginners, specially for those who can't wait to dive into projects and create finished pieces with just the right amount of theory. I love that the cover is actually a clear example of what kind of flowers you are going to be painting with this book.

If you want to try those modern loose watercolor florals that are so trendy right now, this is a good start. It doesn't go too deep into theory but still very informative for beginners and a pleasure to look at. Like most art books from Quarto Publishing, the design is gorgeous. White background with pastel watercolor elements decorate each page and seriously, it gets you inspired even before you arrive to the project section.

A good match for budding artists who also love crafting. Some of the projects include: creating bouquets, pattern designs, monograms, collage and even a floral picture frame.
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Thank you Quatro Publishing and Netgalley for an ARC in return for my review.

This was a lovely book, with gorgeous colour layout showing how to easily start painting in watercolour.

The easy step by step instructions and bright colours made this book a winner for me.  Perfect for anyone wishing to start painting but not knowing how to.
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Book  on water coloruring flowers for beginners. It shows some techniques and has step by step instructions for some drawings. The illustrations are vibrant and colourful.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the eARC
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This is the first art book that I read since I started to get interested in watercolors and art in general. As a kid, I thought I was really bad at drawing and painting(I didn't think it, i was bad), so I lost interest, but then I grew up and found digital art and decided to study publicity and do graphic design as a hobby. So, although it sounds weird, digital art made me reconnect with traditional art. Last year, apart from subscribing to art channels and following artists on social media, I decided that I wanted to read some books to start practicing.

As a graphic designer hobbyist I always preferred digital art rather than traditional so I didn't know anything, ANYTHING, about watercolors. This was my first time painting with watercolors since I was a kid. Although the book introduced me to the world of watercolor painting in general, I can not say that I learnt how to watercolor flowers. The book has good tips to start with watercolor painting as it has information about color theory, tools and materials; but I felt that the instructions to watercolor flowers were not clear and the level was intermediate. Maybe I suck at watercolor, maybe it's me, maybe I need more practice but I really wanted to do at least one project and couldn't. It was frustrating(and sad). I felt like step 1 was painting a circle and step 2 finish the painting.

Overall, would I recommend this book? YES, to the ones that already know about watercolor. Would I buy this book? YES, in the future, when I am no longer a beginner.
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Colorways: Watercolor Flowers is a tutorial and inspiration guide to floral watercolor composition and technique by Bley Hack. Released 18th Dec 2018 by Quarto on their Walter Foster imprint, it's 128 pages and available in ebook and paperback formats.

I've long been an advocate of the 'whatever works' school of instruction (for pretty much -any- skill). If you find a book/teacher/method/source of inspiration which actually gets you off your behind and DOING whatever skill you're after, then that's what works for you. This book is packed full of very short beginner exercises which the author uses as a basis for tutorial projects such as frame mats, stationery, gift wrap, etc. This is not a guide to watercolor botanical illustration. It is a a supportive and accessible guide for stylized floral watercolor on paper. They're very appealing and very accessible. Scattered throughout are short and digestible infonuggets (my word) about composition, color theory, finishing, artistic expression and finding your own process.

One of my personal takeaways was a really nice project on collage. I had never thought of doing that, and it had my fingers itching to start. I have a zillion small studies taking up space in drawers and my shelves which will find new purpose with this technique.

This maybe was the right book at the right time for me personally, but I think anyone who is intimidated by watercolor would do well to take a look at this book and jump in and just do it.

Five stars. Really liked this one.
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This book teaches how to paint colorful watercolor flowers in a sort off impressionist way. Some flowers look quite realistic, but the majority of them are rather simplistic and with minimal detail. But don’t let this statement discourage you, as the results are stunning and beautiful.

The style focuses on the idea and whimsical beauty of flowers, rather than a realistic botanical look. Which besides being easier to learn is non-threating to the new artist, and easier to feel at ease when experimenting with the projects included in the book.

Just as the many art and painting books in the market, this book also includes an introduction into techniques, materials, and the very popular topic about color theory (including the famous color wheel).

The content of Colorways: Watercolor Flowers is presented as follows:
Tools and materials
Watercolor techniques
Color theory basics
Finding inspiration
Step by step projects
A library of flowers
Pretty Patterns
Floral frames
Adding letters to florals
Mark-making bouquets
Floral letters and monograms
Adding fauna to your flora(ls)
Monochromatic painting
Neutrals with pops of color
Paint, cut, and paste floral collage
About the artist

The projects not only include art in a sheet of paper but goes beyond and summons your inner DIYer and explores a collection of very interesting projects, like hand-painted greeting cards, photo frames, cut-out watercolors, and even embellished hand lettering.

The Layout of Colorways: Watercolor Flowers
The layout is exquisite! A true eye candy, so beautiful and well thought.

Extremely colorful, with beautiful borders adorning many of the pages and framing important information, while also displaying the beautiful whimsical style of art by the author.

This book combines all elements in a way that makes the pages themselves a work of art.
With instructions surrounded by photos and watercolor paintings, not only showing the skills of the author but also showing what you will be able to accomplish with practice and by following the teachings of this book.

Every single page features some kind of watercolor element. Some pages are entirely watercolor paintings.

My final thoughts about Colorways: Watercolor Flowers
If you like the flowers featured in the cover of “Colorways: Watercolor Flowers”, you will adore what is inside!

The instructions are very easy to follow, and with the photos and illustrations that accompany them, you will have all the information needed to attempt them in your own studio. The basic techniques included is a great aid for beginner artist and the rest of the book is not only inspirational but also a nice resource for projects, ideas, and basic theory.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to get started in watercolor painting, or that has already started but would like some guidelines for painting flowers specifically.
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I loved this book.  It was full of inspiring examples. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to paint flowers.
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This is a gorgeous watercolor book! It has nice tutorials on how to paint many kinds of florals, I especially love the section on painting floral patterns. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and easy to follow. Each section of the book contains a project that is really nice, my favorite is the place cards. I would love to throw a party and make these one day! It is also an inspiring book, makes you want to paint the projects as soon as you see them. Definitely sparks creativity in the reader for sure. This is another title I wish I had when I started with watercolor. Everything about it is wonderful! Great for all levels, but especially great for the beginner.
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I love to use watercolors for most of my hobbies.  I especially love watercolor in my Bible Journaling process because it doesn't bleed through the pages and it is translucent and you can see the writing through the paint.   This book is a fantastic book to help any artists.   The artwork that is provided and taught throughout this book is so whimsical with multiple options.   The book begins with the tools and materials that are needed for watercolor and how to use them.  There are so many options at the art store for watercolor so this helps explain exactly what you need to get started.   I love the section in this book on the color theory basics and also love learning more about coloring and mixing colors that are vibrant and pleasing to the eye.   

The step-by-step projects are so easy.   It helps you work on flowers, vases, designs, frames, lettering and monograms.   It also shows you have to use different techniques or than paintbrushes to create your art.   The artwork throughout this book is beautiful!   I like that there are challenges provided to maybe get yourself out of a rut or explore new things.  I enjoyed the process of finding inspiration and learning more about the visual process and how to discuss inspiration.  I love the ideas for creating your box of flower designs to use for inspiration.   I have started my box of blooms, leaves and buds and use it for inspiration frequently.   I use floral frames all the time for Bible Journaling and loved the ideas by Bley Hack on creating floral frames.

Needless to say, I highly enjoyed this watercolor book and can't wait to continue the process of painting more flowers to add to my creation.  Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to review this wonderful art book.
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A lovely guide to creating watercolor flowers and wildlife. I was charmed by the page supplies and equipment illustrated with watercolor drawings instead of photographs. Plenty of step-by-step instructions and tips for a variety of types of flowers.
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Pros: This book is colorful and delightful to look at. Great book for beginners to learn about different techniques and color matching. I love how she introduces all the different techniques; it shows exactly a beginner how to achieve watercolor with a clear instruction and images. 

Cons: It would be difficult for a beginner to learn and replicate the images shown towards the end. If you are not an artist or have no clue what you are doing this might be hard for you. Example: Using a large round brush on its side, stamp petals around the focal flowers… Add leaves to stems (It fells like I was listening to a YouTube DIY without the video). 

Overall I believe there should have been more information on how to create her flowers… But the first part of the book was amazing especially if you are a beginner wanted to learn exactly the basic of it all.
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Beautiful illustrations and super easy to follow. Would have loved more examples of step by step flowers/greens to draw out but otherwise, it was an easy read and would purchase for a watercolor enthusiast.
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I would like to thank Quarto Publishing Group – Walter Foster for providing me with a free – temporary - electronic ARC of this book, via Netgalley. As I am auto-approved with this publisher, it is my choice and any reviews given are obligation free.

‘Colorways: Watercolor Flowers’ is an interesting “how to” book. I will say now that I didn’t have the time or equipment to try any of the exercises – so please no criticisms about “how can you review something you didn’t try”… I read a lot of murder mysteries, I don’t try any of those either!

Despite my brain seeking the Australian spelling of colour, I actually liked this book. The wording is friendly, making the ideas and exercises seem doable. The last thing you want in a “how to” book is the narration tone being stilted, strict and unfriendly. Yes, there have been books I’ve seen like that, but don’t review them as they fit into my DNF (Did Not Finish) category.

But ‘Colorways: Watercolor Flowers’ felt approachable, meaning it felt like an instruction book I could and would enjoy following… if I had the time. Actually, I feel it would be a great companion book to a tween or teen learning to use watercolours as their medium. Something they could read and try in practice, while also getting hands on help from an art teacher. As an adult, I feel I could tinker with it, knowing my end results would vary from how the professional in the book does it, but I know they always make it look easier than I may find it as they have had a lot more practice at the activity than I have. Still, I feel it is a good “how to” for people new to watercolour painting to give a go. That is why I say it is approachable – it demonstrates the exercises in a way that encourages the reader to give it a go, no judgement! :-)

The layout and formatting of this book is also good – despite my aversion to how colour is spelt ;-) – and I feel this adds to the welcome, “come and try” feel it gives off. 

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would. As said, it would be a great companion book to a tween or teen learning watercolour. Or even an adult learning watercolour too. ‘Colorways: Watercolor Flowers’ contains some very pretty; seemingly easy exercises that I feel would help anyone new to watercolour want to have a go.

Would I buy this book for myself?

Yes I would, but as a paperback version, rather than an electronic one. With instruction books I much rather the paper format and, I feel, when water is involved, a paper version of a “how to” book a much safer option than an electronic version. ;-) But yes, I do want to explore watercolour painting at some point and can see myself seeking this book to give it a go. Mostly because I am into folk art and flowers, so ‘Colorway: Watercolor Flowers’ fits into my styles of art to do at home.

Another reason to buy as a paperback is, on Amazon at least, it costs you more to buy as a Kindle than in paper format. Budget savvy me wants a cheaper deal any day. ;-)

In summary: A good little “how to” book to help you learn some watercolour flower basics.
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Colorways: Watercolor Flowers: Tips, techniques, and step-by-step lessons for learning to paint whimsical artwork in vibrant watercolor by Bley Hack is a book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary.
This is a very instructive and delightful book about watercolor painting, mostly flowers in a nice loose form. There are many step by step instructions with lots of pictures throughout this book. The book shows different flowers but also a bird and bugs. How to not only use the colorful palette but use of one color to make a painting properly. I love the loose style! There is also suggestions on how to use the art for cards, picture frames, and more! Lovely book!
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This is a very sweet book. It would make an excellent present for someone just getting into watercolor. There are many interesting tips --- I particularly liked the use of "drab colors." I have never seen this concept described like this, but it's a good one. The "drab colors" really do make the bright ones pop. I also like the idea of creating your own flower or pattern library and keeping them in a special box for inspiration. Lots of great ideas in this one.
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This was a book I was really excited to read, but I ultimately felt pretty ho-hum about it. I love watercolor painting and I love flowers, so I was looking forward to getting some great tutorials on doing watercolor flowers on my own. That said, I think I'll end up looking elsewhere for most of my inspiration.

Pros: This book is colorful with lots of illustrations. It goes into basics like color theory if you're not familiar with ideas like complementary colors (though really, who isn't?). There are some projects provided and some creative approaches like making watercolor seed packet paintings and using only one color.

Cons: Parts of this book remind me of the technical cooking challenges in "The Great British Bake Off." The contestants get instructions for some antiquated recipe that they've never heard of and the steps are along the lines of: "Step one: make a Victorian Flingopompous. Step two: Bake." She tells you things like "step one: paint a bird" and "step one: paint a flower." As someone with the artistic talents of your average one-armed tree frog, I need a little more than that. She occasionally does this, like she points out that you can press on the side of a large soft paintbrush to make leaf shapes, but other times she doesn't even tell you what kind of paintbrush to use and I get the feeling one type would be infinitely easier to use for whatever flower it is than another.

Also, I really don't like her colors. I know it's about learning to paint flowers and I can use my own colors, but I was just turned off by the looks of a lot of it. She points out the importance of using "ugly colors" for some of the details in order to make your art work best, but I just don't like ugly colors. I don't care if it's artistically improper, I want all pretty colors. :) And a lot of her combinations are just sad to me. I really love vibrant jewel tones and pastels, and it makes me happy just reading some watercolor books because of the colors used. These ones just weren't my taste, so I didn't really want to linger on the tutorials.

Lastly, I really was looking for step by step tutorials teaching me how to paint different flowers. From the title, it sounds like you'll get that. You really don't. There are step-by-step tutorials but they're for projects and some flowers are covered but not all and certainly not like a list. She doesn't even teach you how to make a rose -- not a rosebud, not an open rose, nothing like a rose that I noticed.

This will be a great book for some readers. I'm apparently not a good fit for it, but I'm sure many amateur artists will find lots of great inspiration. You may want to check it out from the library or click on "look inside" online to see if it looks like what you're looking for.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for the purpose of review.
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Fun, quirky book of watercolor florals. This book contains beautiful, inspiring illustrations along with project ideas to try on your own. I love the floral monogram and the monochromatic pairing and I feel like the majority of the projects can be attempted by beginners and more experienced watercolorists.
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