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The illustrations immediately caught my eye. They are simple, yet show a range of actions and emotions. We all know someone like Duck. Like with Dot, it’s easy to let their actions fester in annoyance. We all make mistakes or let our emotions get the best of us. However, the book shows that what you do next is the part that matters. There is always time to do the right thing.
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Duck is transforming a tea party in a messy meeting because Duck is....rude. The illustrations are really cute, I liked the idea of look around us and care about others, even though the story is a bit too much in my opinion.
Thank you Netgalley for this book.
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This book is a cute little story about
Manners with lovely illustrations that kids will love. A small child and a duck what’s not too like.
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Little girl invites her duck friend over for a tea party. Things do not go as planned. . .
This duck is a jerk. To be fair, there have been other jerk ducks, especially in old cartoons, but this one takes it to a new level. I’m surprised the little girl held out that long. At least she didn’t reach for a shotgun.
Considering all the trouble Duck caused, he sure turned on a dime, and she forgave him way too quickly. I would have preferred less mayhem and more thought from both of them, if there was a limited amount of pages available.
Wait, was that rude of me to point it out?
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Cute illustrations and does have a good message (teaching kids to use manners) but I don't know that it would be a book a child would want to read or have read to them over and over. to Quarto Publishing Group - words & pictures and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I have found the little book 'How Rude!' as a good tool to teach the little ones how important is to know how to behave around our friends. It's definitely a good first book for the children who are just learning how to read or even the ones who don't know yet but have someone in their lives to read it for them.
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Zum Inhalt
Just try not to laugh with every page turn of this book as Duck gets ruder and ruder and Dot's tea party gets more and more chaotic... When Duck shows up at Dot's tea party, Dot has no idea what is about to happen or just how rude a guest Duck will prove to be. From licking sandwich fillings and throwing away the bread to spitting tea everywhere, Duck just gets ruder and ruder! Just how will Dot react to such rude behaviour? A simple yet hilarious story with an important message and touching ending.  

.. nice illustrations and cute story, easy understandable - but that´s it: nothing more and nothing less. Story of rudeness is quite boring for adults, but funny for children and maybe more understandable.

Note 3 or B-
Thanks to Netgalley and the Author for letting me review this book!
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Papero ha  ricevuto un invito: prendere il tè a casa di Dot, che bellezza?

Ma resisterà la loro amicizia alla lunga serie di sgarberie di Papero?

Solo un po' di pazienza (e la capacità di riconoscere di essersi comportati male, e di chiedere scusa) ce lo diranno.

Disegni allegri e una storia semplice, per imparare che le buone maniere sono importanti, ma non quanto riconoscere i propri errori.

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This book for young children, illustrated simply, but colorfully and effectively by Tallec, describes a tea party organized by Dot. She invites Duck, who has no social graces whatsoever. Why? I'm, going to duck that question....

He (or perhaps she!) knocks things over, tosses clothes on the floor, takes things without asking, drinks from the vase of flowers, and on an on, until suddenly, in a magical moment, duck gets it and realizes that misbehavior has been perpetrated! I see this book as a great opportunity to talk with young children about what went wrong on each page, and how it could have been avoided, or fixed if it couldn't have been prevented. I consider it a worthy and educational read for young children.
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Great little book! Perfect for our grandkids - they'll laugh while they learn good manners.

The illustrations are amusing and attractive. The words are easy to read, so it is good for early readers as well as in the classroom. Recommended.
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I liked the story but I found it to be a bit basic, it teaches younger children about why they shouldn't be rude and how it can make others feel. The story was easy to follow but it could have done with a bit more text for me as sadly this is one I could only see being read maybe once or twice. Nice images though - 3.5 stars!
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Funny book! I think littles may enjoy this story while learning manners. Duck is invited to a tea party and behaves very, very badly. Then he gets a taste of his own medicine and all ends well- with good manners! I loved the illustrations and am sure littles will enjoy the terrible antics in the story!
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This really is a one note story, silly, but not hilarious. 

And, I suppose, sometimes short and sweet is how you need to get your point across for the very young, which is what this looks as though it is intended for.

And because manners is not innate, and have to be taught, what better way to teach it, I suppose, than to go over the top.

Of course, the all time best books of this genre are What do you say dear and Goops and How to Be Them

But, this one, gets its point across in a humours way, so kids will probably laugh at it, and get the point too.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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How Rude by Clare Hellen Welsh and Olivier Tallec is utterly adorable and a rather fun commentary on not thinking of those around you. Introducing Duck as he arrives at Dot's tea party, How Rude follows the pair as inconsiderate Duck proceeds to do just about everything to ruin the party without even trying. Though Dot does her best not to get mad, with each and every rude act from Duck she grows more and more frustrated and less and less able to keep her cool.

I deeply enjoyed reading this cute little book and could definitely see myself buying a copy for the young children I know. It's never too early to learn how to have good manners and by showing all the frustrating and mean things Duck does without even realizing it, the book introduces the idea that one can not realize they're causing problems until another person gets mad at them. And it's a good way to prompt young children to take some time to think about their actions and make efforts to be more considerate.

The illustrations are fun and adorable, brightly colored and tell the story well. I loved how Dot's face grew redder and redder as she got angry at poor oblivious Duck as he overstepped his bounds. The message of the book is an exceptional one and I look forward to kids learning it.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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How Rude! is a bit of a silly little book that would be ideal for helping to remind little ones about appropriate behaviour and manners. We follow Dot as she becomes frustrated when Duck, a guest at her tea party, shows increasingly rude behaviour.

I'd hoped there might be a bit more sharp wit at play here, but instead it's just fun and silly. I'd imagine quite a few little ones will find several of the pages very amusing, and the manners message here is strong. Much more readable than the Do-Bee book I had as a kid ;)  3.5 stars rounded up to 4.

Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group - words & pictures for providing me with a DRC of this book.
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Welsh's story of a tea party with two friends is a cute tale of what happens when friends (or guests) are rude and disrespectful to others and their property. Tallec's illustrations were cute and suit the story. I particularly enjoyed the duck. Reminds me of old comic strips. Overall, it was cute, but not a book that I would reread.
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How Rude . . . by Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by Olivier Tallec is a cheery, upbeat fable without the heavy morals.  Dot has a friend, Duck over for a tea party.  Duck is not polite, everything from throwing the door open into Dot’s face to eating all the food even after proclaiming it “ew”.  After attempting to be on one’s best behavior Dot finally bests Duck at the rudeness game.  They both realize they have hurt each other’s feelings and apologize.  The illustrations are fun, colorful, and do a wonderful job conveying the story, whether its displaying Duck’s poor manors or the look of surprise on Dot’s face with each horrendous action.  The story is simple and direct, easy enough for even the youngest among us to understand and at the same time light-hearted and funny.
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I love this duck! How Rude offers a wonderful lesson on manners. When the duck arrives for a tea party he hasn’t the first clue as to how to behave! He barges right in, dropping his stuff at the door, and starts barking demands for food. His friend is completely dumbfounded! Will their friendship survive this tea party?! 
Always fun to share these lovely lessons on manners with my preschoolers! I will be sharing this book tomorrow with my class, should make for a great discussion.
Thank you to Quattro Publishing Group and NetGalley for this fun e-book! My opinions are my own.
This will be featured on my blog Friday December 21, 2018.
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