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Classic to Contemporary String Quilts

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As a beginner quilter, I love seeing images of quilts that I can aspire to. This book took it one step farther by making these projects seem accessible and achievable! I loved that techniques were taught first, and that the projects that followed varied in their size and time commitment. My scrap basket doesn't stand a chance!
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I just recently became aware of this concept of string quilts.  As a life long lover of quilts, I only knew about pieced and appliqued quilting.  String quilting seems much more approachable to me.  I was very happy to receives a copy of this book.  

I liked the way this book was laid out.  The instructions are straight-forward and easy to follow.  There are some lovely project ideas.  I think string quilting is a good starting point for anyone like me who wants to get involved with this craft.  This book is a welcomed addition to my craft library.

My thanks to Fox Chapel Publishing, Landauer Publishing and Netgalley.
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I gave this book a  5 out of 5 star review.  It was an enjoyable and I would recommend. to others.   Generously provided to me through NetGalley
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Do you love quilting?  Do you enjoy challenges?  Using a combination of quilting techniques and ideas, the author takes quilting to a new level.  The colors and ideas are beautiful and engaging.  

I would not recommend this book to beginning/novice quilters as there are some intricate skills needed for some of the projects.  Also, there are not step-by-step photos, but rather photos of some of the steps; enough for a more experienced quilter to understand.  

There are some engaging projects and sure to keep all you quilters out there sewing for hours!
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Easy to follow instructions and with some quilting patterns, paired with experienced tricks and tips made this a helpful guide.
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A great book for both the beginner and the more advanced quilt maker. Everything is well explained with relevant photos for clarification. There is a good section on the preparation of the fabric and the tools needed. There are some beautiful examples of completes work too which encourages you to have a go. I didn't realise there were so many different ways to make a quilt! Thank you to Net Galley and Landauer Publishing for an ARC.
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Intermediate to advanced quilters will find this a great resource for pattern blocks and techniques. Photos of finished quilts in interesting natural settings give a nice, homey feel to the book (in a good way).
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The beautiful, colorful cover caught my eye, and the title hooked me into grabbing this one! I love to quilt and am hand-quilting two king-size quilts now. The idea of using every single scrap of fabric greatly appeals to me so I was very interested in learning more about the author's unique take on string quilting. As a child, I watched my grandmother make quilts out of necessity - to help keep us warm. I looked on as she cut pieces from old shirts and dresses as nothing was wasted and buying fabric for quilts was practically unheard of - after all, that's what scraps were for! 

Mary Hogan's Classic to Contemporary String Quilts is a goldmine of information. I loved that she took time in the beginning to walk readers through the instructions for taking "strings" of fabric and sewing them to paper and/or fabric foundations to create larger blocks of fabric for cutting into desired quilt shapes. Her directions are clear and concise with illustrations that I believe even a beginner quilter with basic sewing knowledge could follow. Then Hogan shows readers how to take their string fabric and turn it into beautiful quilts and projects complete with lovely, colorful pictures. Each quilt/project includes instructions with finished size, fabric requirements, and step-by-step directions for completing it. I am especially in love with Hogan's version of the Dresden plate as it's an old favorite of mine. I also enjoyed her illustrations of the four seasons of trees made from string fabric. I can see myself using those in a future quilt block for sure!

Classic to Contemporary String Quilts is a beautiful, informative Must Read for all quilters or want-to-be quilters. I highly recommend it and plan to look for more from this talented quilter and author.
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This beautiful book is 65 pages long and has 13 projects to do. Each quilt is beautifully designed with step by step instructions to complete such beautiful quilts. There are instructions in the front of the book teaching you different techniques like making your own Bias Tape, ways to measure your fabric, cutting, and choosing fabrics for your projects. I highly enjoyed this book and look forward to trying to make a quilt from this book.
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A great update to the earliest form of quilt piecing that I ever did.  Great explanations of the techniques and very interesting patterns.
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Traditional and classic quilts are made by combining shapes such as triangles, squares, hexagons, etc. to create a quilt block. The blocks are then combined to create a quilt. In the book, the author demonstrates how to use “strings,” or strips of fabric sewn together to make one larger piece of fabric from which to cut the shapes. The results are dynamic!  The book includes clear instructions and lots of pictures showing the blocks in progress, as well as finished quilts for inspiration.
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3.5 stars, rounded up to 4
Hogan's directions for making string (scrap) quilts are clear and easy to follow, starting with the basics of helpful tools. The photographs make it easy to follow along. The key is biting a basic concept off in little chunks. 

I prefer to see the projects at the beginning of directions, rather than the end of the book. These are not 'art quilts,' but use up your stash quilts. I wasn't inspired by her work, but I could follow along easily and gain new skills.
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This book takes a traditional blocks and reinterprets is with string. so what are stings. I asked myself the same question. Strings are varied width stings of fabric. There are not rules here and  stings can be wavy, straight , various widths, long or short or a combination of all the above. You can even used salvages to give more interest to your quilt. 

You take the strings and sew them to foundation paper ( later removed ) or fabric and later cut the whole block into the desired measurement. This is a great way to use scraps even small pieces. 

The book showcases quite a few traditional quilts using this technique to give it a different look, interest. Two of my favorites is Night Flight  and Circling Geese which reenvision flying geese quilt patterns

One thing I did not particular like about the book is that all the instructions are at the beginning of the book. Later in the book you get the picture of the quilt and the requirements. Until you master the technique you are going to be going back and forth

Still, the quilts are beautiful and patterns are great aid to get  you imagination going
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Classic to Contemporary String Quilts is a new tutorial guide for using even the tiniest scraps, sewn together ('strings') to make larger units for piecing.  The history of quilting contains a lot of frugality. It was relatively rare long ago for fabric to be purchased specifically for quilting or coverlet projects.  Scrap baskets contained leftover materials from clothing construction, household furnishings, worn out clothes, etc. These were recycled into quilts and even the smallest pieces were saved and used.

Author Mary M. Hogan is a quilt designer and teacher with several books to her credit. Due out 8th April 2019 on  Fox Chapel's Landauer imprint, it's 128 pages and will be available in paperback format.

This is an appealing book. It's full color and lavishly photographed and diagrammed throughout. There's a good introduction and tools and materials list included in the introductory chapter. Worth noting that there are no additional tools necessary for these techniques, other than the basic ones which are likely to already be in the quilter's sewing room.

The basic instructions are followed by more in-depth methods for using every type of scrap, even the tiniest ones.  The 13 project tutorials which come after are built on the introductory sections and many of them cleverly utilize the limits of having uneven bits of fabric which don't extend evenly ('disappearing stings') as a bonus, for example to represent bare branches in a still life tree quilt. (loved that one on page 37). There were several of the projects which called out to me.  I followed the instructions to piece some basic blocks, including a few churn dash blocks which will see use as a baby quilt for a colleague who's expecting.

There's just something so fundamentally satisfying to me about having and using my 'stash'. I learned to quilt from both of my grandmothers who grew up in the depression and never outgrew the frugality they learned as a necessity during their childhoods. This book speaks to that reluctance to throw any usable scrap away. I'm always on the lookout for clever and attractive ways to 'bust' my stash. This one definitely fits the bill.

This is a nice addition to the quilter's library and especially for those of us who have generous stash baskets, will provide a very satisfying way to use up some of those scraps.

Four stars.
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Very detailed instructions. Beautiful, assortment of quilts. Great ideas. Can't wait to try making them. Want a hard copy of the book.
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I am a quilter with lots of scraps but I have never made a string quilt. But after reading this book with its great pictures and directions I know what my next quilt will be, I have my heart set on the wall hanger for my living room and plan on using the pattern in the book. Read the book and be inspired to make something new out of pieces of materiel into a work of Art. Lisa
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Classic to Contemporary String Quilts by Mary M. Hogan offers 14 quilt projects perfect for scrap quilting, using pieces of all sizes. What quilter doesn't need patterns like these?

And it's amazingly simpler than I ever thought.

I have never really understood paper piecing. I even bought a book about how to paper piece but still felt confused. So when I saw Mary's pages on how to paper piece blocks for her book I was amazed--I understood the process! Each step is photographed, fronts and backs of the work in progress, with descriptions of what to do. 

Included are squares with center seams, half square triangles, and quarter square triangles, directional quarter square triangles. Blocks in which the background foundation fabric become part of the finished block include half square triangles, half covered background squares, star points, and one and four corner covered blocks. 

There's more--Crooked strings and disappearing strings and adding selvages to strings! Mary shows how to make tree panels for her branching tree blocks and Dresden plate sections. Various foundations are shown, including paper, fabric, and tulle.

Next comes the patterns for quilt projects. String pieced blocks in traditional patterns include flying geese, large block Carpenter Square, Church Dash, Shoo Fly, Card Trick, and Bow Tie.

Her star quilt pattern is original and modern in design. She offers a large Dresden Plate block pattern in a plethora of bright prints to create a floral-like block, and a Dresden Plate table runner.

String pieced sets are sliced thin to be scattered across a single background color for a simple, modern feel. A monotone palette for the strings also has a modern vibe set with white.

Her trees are very cool and make up to 16 1/2" x 18" size. She shows them as a set representing seasons but could also be set together into a bed sized quilt.

I received a free ebook from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.
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I Love this book and can’t wait to get started on some of these quilts.  String quilts are my favorite to make.  Thanks to Fox Chapel Publishing and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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As a beginning quilter, I thought this book might be too complicated for me, but I wanted to review it for fun. I was attracted by the idea of using smaller strips of cloth (i.e., good use for leftover fabric).   It does involve foundation techniques that I've not yet tried.  But, the instructions were so clear and well-illustrated that even I felt like I could make some of these projects.  Typically a quilt pattern book might have one or two quilt projects that interest me, but nearly every project in this book was one I'd love to try.  The quilts were made with beautiful fabrics that really caught the eye and gave me new ideas for combining other fabrics to make a similar effect.  The book was inspiring, beautifully illustrated, and the instructions were very easy to follow.  I'd highly recommend this book!
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It's unfortunate that Classic to Contemporary String Quilts by Mary M. Hogan won't be available until April because string quilts are very big right now in the quilt world! Ms. Hogan has taken string quilts to a new level in her book. Innovative and creative designs bring new life to the standard string pieced blocks and break the mold! I hope that those who have jumped on the 2019 string quilt bandwagon add this valuable resource to their shelf...They can't go wrong!
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