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I want to thank Netgalley for allowing me to read this eArc, all my opinions and reviews belong to me and are no way influenced by anyone. 

Another modern retelling; this one is obviously Beauty and The Beast inspired. I think the author did a good when it came to writing this. I was pleasantly surprised that the roles were reversed and that the main protagonist was male. While the “beast” was a girl. So going into this book I was already really impressed. I don’t know why I have a thing for books that do that but here we are. 

Now let’s talk about Beau who’s our male character. 
I think that my favorite thing out of this whole book was beau and his amazing family. I feel like I’ve never read about such a great family before. They were so funny and delightful I actually found myself looking forward to the parts were his family was around. Because they seriously had me laughing. Beau was kind and so likeable that I couldn’t believe it. 

Enters Bett who is our “beast” and let me tell you. I know she was supposed to be our female character. I disliked her so much. I’ve never been a sucker for females who get off on being spoiled and nasty to others just because they come from a well off family. We are all humans and we should treat each other with kindness. Her family was definitely as annoying as her and that was the worst. 

I often found myself wondering why these two were ever paired up, I liked the other girl beau was interested in more than the mail character. And I honestly found myself rooting for the other girl so that should tell you a lot. 
I don’t think beau and bett had any chemistry and I felt most of it was forced. 

While the plot had me; the story was definitely not it for me.
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This was such a cute retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story.  I loved the character's development in this book and how the story played out.  This was fantastic and I loved it!
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I enjoyed this book a fair amount. I liked the straightforward writing style, and I enjoyed Beau as a narrator. I also enjoyed Bettina as a character, and appreciated how she didn't end up as just another manic pixie dream girl. I thought the plot was sweet, and I enjoyed the side characters. However, I didn't see the connection to Beauty and the Beast, really, and I also felt uncomfortable with the constant references to "spirit animals" from a non-Native American narrator. Overall though I liked the book.
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This left me underwhelmed.

There was some dialogue that left me bored, they spent a whole page talking about mundane stuff that doesn't really drive the plot forward. The plot seemed to speed ahead while dragging along simultaneously.

I liked that this was a modern retelling that didn't rely on the use of magical realism. Not that I don't like magical realism but that seems to be the only way to make a modern beauty and the beast retelling work.
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Beau and Bett was a modern retelling of the Beauty and the Beast. Or at least, it is marketed as such. Personally, I found the links between the the book and the fairytale quite a reach, which is sad because the gender swap - Beau being the Beauty and Bett being the Beast - was appealing. It wasn’t very clear why Bett was considered a beast, appart from the fact that she wasn’t very nice. 

Unfortunately, for me, this book did not deliver.

On the plus side, this book is a quick read. It’s not very long and you go through it rather fast. That being said, while it’s a quick read, I found that the story it self dragged itself along. The main characters, Beau and Bett are so boring. Though, Bett was a bit more of an interesting character, I found them both lacklustre and not developed enough. They were both quite superficial. Beau, for me, was so bland, idiotic and boring, that I found myself skipping through the pages. While it’s an easy read, the story was so slow at times. The dialogue between the characters was pointless and did not add anything to the plot. Talking about the plot, the problem of this books seems to be that it has no plot. 

The love story between Beau and Bett wasn’t very believable, many because for about half of the story, Beau is in love with another girl. It seem, at times, that the author didn’t know either where she was going with their story.
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I was approved for this book but unfortunately, it got archived from the site before I could read it! I would've loved to have read this book! I hope to read more from this author and publisher in the future...
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Thank you so much to Amberjack Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book for my review. 

I’m all for fairytale retellings especially Beauty and the Beast ones as that’s my favorite Disney movie of all time. This was not my favorite retelling I’ve read but it was still pretty dang good. 

Set in modern-day America, Beau meets the very spoiled Bett while working on her father’s ranch after his mom wrecks Bett’s super expensive SUV. Beau starts paying off his mom’s debt working weekends at the farm and also starts to learn more about why Bett is the way she is and why she’s called the “beast”. 

First off I love that the roles in this story were reversed and the beast was a female character. This was the first retelling I’ve read that had the gender roles reversed and it was so different but in a great way. Another great thing about this contemporary was that the first person male protagonist, I don’t read many books told almost entirely from a male character and I really enjoyed it. 

I really enjoyed the slow romance in this book too. It wasn’t the over the top cheesy crud that honestly I slog through, Beau actually found a friend in Bett and starts to look forward to seeing her every weekend and talking to her. 

This was a pretty quick fun read and I’m adding it to one of the better retellings of Beauty and the Beast that I’ve read.
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I adored the title and the fact that it was a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast  (with gender reversal) 
However, the story itself fell flat. I didn't feel any emotions from Bettina or Beau.  I wasn't invested in the story and at some points, I was a little bored with the story. 

The characters didn't jump out at me.  Bett and Beau didn't mess for me.  :(
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This was a really quick read for me. The book moved in a very fast pace. I have to say that I like the characters and their back story.  I wouldn't say that any of them is perfect, but I like it that way. It's a bit all over the place here and there but overall, it was an enjoyable experience.
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I was looking forward to this read as I love retellings of classic fairytales/books.

Sadly the reversed role of Beau and Bett didn’t really bring out the Beast or the Beauty in this book.
Beau seems to be smitten but hesitant and Bett “The Beast” is kind of spoiled and doesn’t understand social cues very well.
It took me a while to get into this book and I did finish it, but I was putting the book down a lot for a later read and wasn’t really enjoying it.

I received this ebook copy from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.
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Beau’s family isn’t exactly rich. His mom works as a maid and his dad is laid up on the couch after falling off a ladder and breaking several of his bones, leaving Beau to take up a lot of responsibility. After an incident between Beau’s mom and the Diaz’s daughter Bett, The Beast, Beau is left to pay the debt by working on the Diaz’s Ranch for a few weekends. Even after being warned about The Beast, Beau still gives her a chance and after a couple of weekends, Beau decides that she’s not that bad.
As far as Beauty and the Beast retellings go, this one wasn’t bad. I liked how instead of being told from the main female’s POV it was told from the main male’s POV. I really enjoyed reading about Beau’s family and how much they support each other. 
Beau’s character is very mature and responsible while also still being a teenager (if that makes sense). When he heard about what happened between his mom and Bett he immediately started trying to figure out how to fix things. He also decided not to think the worst of Bett when everyone else was saying how bad she was.
Bett, The Beast, lives with her dad and her grandmother on the Diaz’s Ranch and goes to a fancy private school. She’s kind of awkward and speaks without a filter. She’s not exactly ‘beastly’ despite what everyone from her school thinks. 
Bett’s family, in my opinion, was actually quite awful. At first, Mr. Diaz was just going to let Beau off the hook since the Diaz family has plenty of money and the accident wasn’t that big of a deal but then he decided Beau needed to gain some character although Beau was already a pretty great guy. Bett’s grandmother was just mean. She never gave Bett the benefit of the doubt about anything, which probably contributed to the way Bett is the way she is. 
All in all, this was a cute retelling and I enjoyed reading it very much. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a wonderful retelling of the classic, Beauty and the Beast. Thank you NetGalley and Amberjack Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book in return for an honest review.

Thank you NetGalley and Amberjack Publishing for an ARC in return for an honest review.
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Beau and Bett is a fresh take on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, especially with the role reversals. I loved the family element of the story as well, as the dialogue adds to the charm of the novel. 

However, the plot can be a bit simplistic at times, so while I would recommend this to YA fans, I personally found it to be a one-off read.
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2.5 stars - I might not have finished this if it wasn't a galley and I wanted to give an honest review. The writing was pretty stilted, and I didn't care for the characters until almost halfway through. I stuck with it and enjoyed the second half of the book, but I feel like the Beauty & the Beast retelling was too forced in the beginning, like it was being shoved into a box to fit.
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I loved the idea of beauty and beast but reverse.
Surely it’s a one time read. 
I enjoyed it.

Note: I received a free e-copy of the book via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. Special thanks to the author and publisher for giving me a chance to read it.
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This book is a modern day Beauty and the Beast retelling and the relationship is adorable. The prose took a little time to get used to, but once I did, it really suited Beau and his relationships with others. I really thought it was interesting the backgrounds of Beau and Bett, and the references to the original story tale. Beau is the second child of blue collar workers while Bett lives in a mansion. The set up for their interactions has so many references to the original fairy tale, only with an avocado instead of a rose. It's really cute how everything connects and is able to interact in this new setting. I really haven't seen a setting like this before, but it was really well described.

The characters are hilarious, and have so many great interactions and conversations. Not only the main characters, but a lot of the side characters also have really interesting backgrounds that cause really interesting relationships with each other, which was probably my favorite part of this book. The dialogue is really good, and interacts well with the unique voice on the prose.

My number one problem with this book is how Bett gets the nickname "Beast" and how that entire plotline plays out. It was obvious that it was going to come down to misunderstandings, but the explanation felt oversimplified, especially since of course after all of the rest of the events is when things get resolved. Based on what they were saying, it just doesn't all add up. After all of this anticipation and build up to the end, it's a let down discovery that should not be used for shock value. The ending is just rough and I had wished for so much to pull the rest of the book up for me, and it just didn't happen.

I did like this book. I thought it was funny, and overall a light and breezy read. The characters and interactions were awesome and it is definitely a great retelling. I just wish the ending had been so much better.
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Pretty cute! I read a little too expectantly waiting for a particular Belle or Beast trait to come out in Beau or Bettina, so when overall the retelling wasn’t quite as overt as I’d expected, I was a little disappointed. BUT the gender reversal of the main characters and the modern day placement, focused on teenagers no less, circling around and falling for each other in the California sunshine, were cool and welcome. Beau’s narration was a little weak and overwrought (too “tell-y”) and it became more so as the book went on, but the pro of that was halfway through I HAD to keep reading to see how their romance progressed or not.
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Fun, easy, light-hearted read.  I enjoyed the take on having the girl be the beast and the boy being the beau.  I had a really hard time with the writing style, I'm not a fan of reading accents and it really took me out of the book when people used the Creole accent.  However, Beau was a really relatable kid and I rooted for him the entire way,
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I love fairy tale re-tellings, and Beauty and the Beast is one of my faves to read so I was really excited to see this available to get my enemies-to-lovers fix.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a Beauty and the Beast re-telling. Other than the given name of one character (Beau) and the nickname of the other (The Beast), there’s very little that relates to the classic.

The character development was very poor. When I think of someone with the nickname The Beast, I expect someone who flys off the handle at the slightest thing, who is demanding and generally not a nice person, who then softens as the story moves forward and completely transforms at the end. This doesn’t happen. Bettina is portrayed as a misunderstood person but that’s about it. There’s a sort of defining event, but there’s no trigger for why The Beast became a nickname. The team not winning because their main player isn’t present is not a good enough cause.

On that note, the inclusion of the #MeToo line is sloppily introduced and adds nothing to the storyline other than topical relevance.

A disappointing read.
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Not my favorite of the beauty and the beast retellings, though it did have some points I liked. It has a good message about why people act the way they do, and I enjoyed the gender swap. Beau as beauty and Bett as the beast was an appreciated twist on an old classic.
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Billed as a modern day gender swapped retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Beau and Bett by Kathryn Berla is a short but surprisingly sweet and touching read. Beau agrees to work off the debt caused by his mother hitting spoiled rich kid Bett Diaz's  car just one week after she cancelled her insurance policy due to lack of money. Beau and the rest of the LeFrancois family are struggling since their father had an accident at work, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time with his sister's wedding coming up. In an effort to ease the financial pressure Beau agrees to work on the Diaz family ranch at weekends until the debt is paid. While he is more than willing to work, he is less enthused by having to put up with the spoiled and capricious Bett, and he soon thinks he has figured out why she gained the nickname Beast at her school, but as he spends more time with her he grows to understand her and even finds himself falling for her, until the moment when she is caught out in a lie that threatens to destroy their budding relationship. 
While I liked both Beau and Bett as characters, I really did not think that the author did enough to have Bett live up to the "Beast" , it really seemed that her grandmother was a far nastier character. I did like how the author divulged more of Bett's story and allowed the character to develop over the course of the book, and her actions definitely added to the humor of the book as a whole. The book is told from Beau's point of view, and I really  enjoyed his voice. I also loved the family dynamics in his home, the banter between siblings felt very authentic. What felt much less authentic was the romance between Beau and Bett, it just never felt quite real which is a shame as that is kind of the heart of a retelling like this. The gender swap did work well, so kudos to the author for that. 
I read and reviewed a copy provided by NetGalley and the publisher, all opinions are my own.
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