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I loved the premise of bad people getting their comeuppance and the moral questions that that raised with the main protagonist!  a very good thriller!
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Three dead women were beaten and a killer on the loose. 

Dead Inside is a great mystery that is engrossing and captivating. A great read.
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I think that the students in our school library need to hear lots of diverse voices and read stories and lives of many different kinds of people and experiences. When I inherited the library it was an incredibly sanitised space with only 'school readers' and project books on 'the railways' etc. Buying in books that will appeal to the whole range of our readers with diverse voices, eclectic and fascinating subject matter, and topics that will intrigue and fascinate them was incredibly important to me.
This is a book that I think our senior readers will enjoy very much indeed - not just because it's well written with an arresting voice that will really keep them reading and about a fascinating topic - but it's also a book that doesn't feel worthy or improving, it doesn't scream 'school library and treats them like young reading adults who have the right to explore a range of modern diverse reads that will grip and intrigue them and ensure that reading isn't something that they are just forced to do for their English project - this was a solid ten out of ten for me and I'm hoping that our students are as gripped and caught up in it as I was. It was one that I stayed up far too late reading and one that I'll be recommending to the staff as well as our senior students - thank you so much for the chance to read and review; I really loved it and can't wait to discuss it with some of our seniors once they've read it too!
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Dead Inside is one of those novels that kind of creeps over you, making the hairs on the back of your neck bristle. Lucy Sherwood is a probation officer dealing with some of the nastiest members of society -  domestic abusers. Men who have no respect for women at all. Men who need total control. Men like Patrick. Lucy is good at her job, standing tough and taking no nonsense from them. However, her home life is very different and Lucy has more insight than most about domestic violence. She's constantly living her life on the edge, walking on egg shells to protect those she loves from her husband Patrick.

When abusers start being murdered, DC Maggie Jamieson is on the case trying to figure out where Lucy Sherwood fits into her list of suspects. Lucy is connected to each of the victims. Maggie really isn't sure of her place on the newly formed domestic violence unit and this, her first case is more difficult than she could ever have imagined.

Well my goodness me! Noelle Holten can write! This was a gripping story and Noelle has brought such a wealth of knowledge into the sensitive subject of domestic abuse. Having worked directly with victims of domestic abuse myself I know the horrors that they face and the type of men abusers are. Noelle has handled the subject sensitively, yet has managed to create characters that are worthy of our attention and our fascination. 

Dead Inside is a real page turner. Highly entertaining to the point that I couldn't put it down. This was another one of those books that drew me in so much that I ended up buying the audio version too (which I highly recommend too) so that I could listen while doing the housework or out in the car. I just needed to know what was happening. The characters are credible, yet not always likeable. At times I found Lucy frustrating but I think that was the point. She was a woman in an impossible situation, dictated by fear and by the fact that its difficult to just fall out of love with someone, despite their despicable behaviour. I really loved Maggie Jamieson and I think this is going to be a series that I'm going to be hooked on. A highly recommended read from me!
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I am not leaving a review due to the fact that this book did not interest me enough to finish the story.
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Meet DC Maggie Jamieson with Major and Organized Crime Department. Her good friend Dr. Kate Mulroney matches the description of a body that was found. Her friend Kate had recently reported that she was being stalked who was leaving her strange gifts. As it turns out, the victim wasn't Kate and yet Kate was kidnapped. 

I enjoyed the many different characters that we are introduced to in this novel. It is fast paced, and written in such a way to hook you in and have you flipping the pages until you get to the very end. There is so much going on to keep you interested, and I really enjoyed how the novel was told in alternating POV's. Parts were told from "his" perspective - the kidnapper. Parts told from DC Maggie's perspective.

An interesting novel that you will find yourself immersed in until you come to the end.
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This book covers a very sensitive subject and I think the author did this in a very good way. The characters are sadly all too believable and I think this is an excellent debut and a great opener to a series.
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I was super excited to see that this author was writing a new series. 

Although there’s quite a few characters in this story I didn’t find myself confused. 

Lucy is a probation officer. She sees a lot of nastiness in the world through her job and unfortunately it isn’t much better at home with her abusive husband.

DC Maggie Jamieson is on the hunt when three men are murdered. She needs to find out what’s happening before anyone else gets killed.. but can she?

This is a well written debut novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. When I wasn’t reading this I was thinking about it. Dead Inside was that good. So looking forward to reading more from this author.
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A fantastic read, full of tension and twists. It deals with difficult issues of domestic abuse but in a way that is gripping. The fairly short chapters kept me reading and ,make the plot move along at a good pace. Looking forward to more from the author soon!
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This blurb really caught my interest and its written in such a way that it gives you a real insight into the thinking of both the abuser and the victim. For me it really opened my eyes to a lot of unanswered questions that someone who would have no experience of this type of situation but can only try to understand might have. I would have liked a bit more going on throughout the book to grip me but once you get to the last 1/4 of the book it started to take off and really grabbed my interest. Really liked Lucy as a character and the differences in her as a person within her work life and personal life. Considering it’s a book series based on DC Maggie Jameson I would have thought she’d figure a lot more then she did. A real plus for me was not having the killer pegged so it added an element of surprise. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Impulse & Killer Reads for the opportunity to read this ARC and review that was published on the 31st of May.
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This is an epic read. Read in one sitting, I started this at lunchtime and finished it that night
Although it’s the first in a new Maggie Jamieson  police series the main character Lucy grabs your attention and keeps you hooked until the very end. A brilliantly written book that deals with the very difficult subject of domestic violence. Brilliant ending and believable interesting characters that are sure to keep this series a must read
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I am going to try my best to keep this review to the point because this entire read is an experience you don’t want to miss!

Maggie Jamieson is an investigator, and her next case involves three domestic abuse offenders found beaten to death. 

The main suspect? Lucy Sherwood, a probation officer tied to all three victims. Well, the spotlight really shines on her after her husband is found murdered, and he’s a known abuser as well. 

Is Lucy guilty? Will Maggie be able to protect the next victim by finding the murderer?

Dead Inside is tightly written and tautly paced! The suspense starts from the very first page and never lets go. Stemming from the author’s experience and inside knowledge as a probation officer, Lucy’s perspective felt so real completely authentic. 

Overall, Dead Inside is a dark police thriller that leaves you feeling unsettled, draws on all your emotions, and completely enthralls you from beginning to end. I read this book in one sitting because I could not put it down until I found out if Lucy was guilty or not. Well-done, Noelle! I’m ready for number two now! 

I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.
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Absolutely enjoyed from start to finish, u didn't want the book to end. Highly recommended, if you like books that keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.
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Wow! This is an unbelievable debut novel.Right from the start it grabbed my attention and didn’t let go until the end.

It’s got a very arresting opening, and from then on, it’s an absolute page-turner.

Lucy is a complex character, she’s intelligent and strong, not the sort of person you’d expect to end up trapped in a relationship with a man like Patrick. But of course, these things are complicated and we begin to understand her more as the book progresses.

I liked Maggie, though we don’t get to know her very well just yet.

I was intrigued by the whole criminal justice process, and the probation service, and it’s clear to see the author’s great knowledge in this area.

The pace of the novel is perfect, with a build up of tension the whole way.

This book is gritty and chilling. An absolute must-read for anyone who likes a good psychological thriller.
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This is a crime procedural/thriller with domestic abuse at the center and  the characters are either abusers, victims or police so I found the first half of it rather dry with so much detail and  with so many characters being introduced but the pace soon picked up and I finished the second half quickly.  While I figured out the killer  I really appreciated the police process and  it was fascinating to see how the investigation actually happens.
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This is a thought-provoking and suspenseful novel that addresses the theme of abuse. The protagonists of the story are women who, despite being strong and determined, have fallen victims of abuse from their partners. I liked that the author narrates the story from the points of view of the victims, of their abusers, and the police that often finds itself unable to stop the abuse. The characters feel authentic and the story is heart-breaking with some of the details hard to read. Well-written and well-researched, this is a brilliant debut from an author to watch out for.
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Dead inside by Noelle Holten. 
Wow wow. A fantastic read with some great characters.  Love how shell Baker and Sarah Hardy were in the book. 
I didn't like Patrick or Robert at all.
I was surprised who the killer was. 
This is a great debut from Noelle Holten.  I hope she writes more fabulous books. 5*.
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Dead Inside is the debut novel from Noelle Holton, and it’s a real cracker of a book. As soon as I started reading it, I was immediately drawn into the story and found that I just couldn’t put it down racing through it in a day. Drawing on her knowledge of the probation system, Noelle made the main character seem real and it also meant that she didn’t shy away from anything. This is not your typical police procedural book as although the police are there, the focus really is on Lucy who works for the probation service. Usually the probation officer is a bit player in most books of this type, so it was a refreshing change to see the profession take centre stage and for the police to be the supporting cast. You have to feel for her as despite dealing with abuse victims and their abusers on a daily basis she is unable to extricate herself from her own domestic issues. As it starts to affect both her personal and professional life you do have to wonder where it will all end. Her husband was totally unlikeable, but he is the master manipulator. To the outside world he is a really nice person yet behind closed doors only Lucy sees the reality but has become an expert at hiding it, to do anything else would make her feel weak. His only redeeming quality (such as it is) is his love for his children, but then again that could change as they got older. 
As the book progresses and the links between some murders and Lucy herself become more apparent you do wonder if maybe she is taking her revenge on some of her nastier clients or if it really is just one really bad coincidence.  With an intriguing plot and complex and believable characters I look forward to what comes next from this exiting author.
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Lucy is a probation officer who works with domestic abuse perpetrators. What her colleagues don't realise, is that she is also a DA victim. She hides it well. The trouble comes when her clients begin dying. She is the natural person for the police to suspect. The book is the first in a series featuring the character of Maggie, I'm looking forward to the next.
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This book was so well written! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and sometimes quite literally. The characters and storyline were believable, real, and raw. I can't wait to read more from Noelle Holten!
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