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This anthology of short stories is modeled on songs from the Go-Go’s. Each author made their stories go along with the song title.  This book had different authors telling stories. Some of them were good and some of them missed the mark. 

It took me awhile to get through this book. Overall it was a good read. A must read if you are a Go-Go’s fan!!
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Growing up in the 80's and being a fan of the Go's Go's this book sounded intriguing and fun.  The collection of stories based off the Go's Go's songs were entertaining, and how the mystery was weaved in was quite impressive.  Although not my usual type of read, I did enjoy it.
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I'm afraid I'm DNFing this one - it's an interesting concept and a great cause, but the stories just aren't working for me. The first was very good, the second was okay, but after that they've just left me cold.
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I enjoyed this book. It usually isn’t what I read but the title intrigued me and it didn’t disappoint at all. I would buy it for myself or others.
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If you grew up in the 80's, then each of the GoGos songs probably already has its own meaning for you- as it relates to a time or event that happened in your life. these authors each took a song and developed the back story, and a new life for each one. Some seem obvious, others do not. Overall there DID seem to be a bit of agenda in the stories, but that was to be expected due to the nature of where the proceeds go for the book (if that bothers you, but you want to try a copy, then check out a library edition), and some I could not finish. As with any anthology, there are some winners (Vacation) and quite a few that just felt off the mark for the songs but fitted into the agenda...sigh. Overall I'd give it a 2 out of 5 stars..
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Murder A Go-Goś
Edited by Holly West 
Down and Out Books
4.0 /5.0 

When I saw this ARC, I immediately requested it. ¨Crime fiction inspired by the music of the Go-Goś¨. I am so happy my wish was granted. This is an anthology of 25 stories by different known authors, with a foreword by Jane Weidlin.
This such a cool idea and fun book!

The colorful and enthusiastic influence of the Go-Goś songs, the diversity of characters and lifestyles in the stories help make this so enchanting and fun to read. Delving into the fantasies, peeking into the imaginations songs inspire.....what a cool way to share music.

What is also cool is each writer is passionate about the protection and affordable access to care for reproductive services and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood. This is esp. important now!!

All the stories were unique and had a twist, but my favorites were:
¨You Thought¨ by Susanna Calkins about a money pit of a house and the revenge on a dishonest realtor.

¨This Town¨ by Greg Herren which reminds us to behave while visiting New Orleans during could turn deadly

¨Mercenary¨ by Bryon Quertermous, about Teddy, a paranoid doomsday prepper.

¨Beatnik Beach¨ by Patricia Abbott, a Grandma shares her memories of being a beatnik....not a hippie....a beatnik

¨Johnny Are You Queer?¨ by Travis Richardson A gay man leaves a letter saying his partner is responsible. Find the killer inherit his million.

¨Girl of A 1000 Lists¨ by Stephen Buehler...a to-do list could be a murder planner.

Thanks so much, Down and Out books for sharing this ARC for review.
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3.5 star rating. 

It was the concept of this anthology that caught my attention: a collection of stories inspired by songs from the 80s pop-punk band The Go-Gos. How clever! I was impressed to see that the forward was written by bandmate Jane Wiedlin, herself. 

The short stories cover a vast range of settings, characters and plotlines. Many of which have a common theme of revenge. The song titles allowed for the individual authors to explore their creativity. Even Jane Wiedlin couldn’t predict what each story would be about.

Murder-a-Go-Gos was an enjoyable reading experience, that introduced me to new authors, as well as songs by the band that I hadn’t heard before. Unfortunately, like with any anthology, there were some stories that missed the mark for me. There were a few that I felt didn’t fit in with the mystery/suspense theme. And there was one story; a dystopian, that I didn’t finish.

My personal favourite stories included the following:
Vacation by SW Lauden
This Town by Greg Herren
We Don’t Get Along by Diane Vallere 

I would recommend Murder-a-go-gos to those who enjoy mystery anthologies and to fans of the band The Go-Gos.

I was sent a copy of Murder-a-Go-Go’s edited by Holly West, from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This anthology of short stories was modeled on songs from the Go-Go’s and I liked how the author made their tales fit the song. The visually descriptive narrative told all that was needed to encompass what was happening where nefarious deeds were deservingly warranted. Well written, concise and meticulous, the authors did a great job in telling a complete story in such a short space with the right amount of mischief and mayhem that kept me engaged and riveted to the drama being showcased. Overall, this is a good collection with different levels of intrigue to keep one in suspense.
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I received an advanced digital copy of this book from and the publisher.

Growing up, I loved the Go-Go's. They were my favorite band.
This collection of short stories based off of the bands best songs was almost enough to kill my love of the music. Also, I disagree with a multi-million dollar corporation getting a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book.

A ridiculous waste of time.

1 out of 5 stars. Do not recommend.
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“Murder-a-Go-Go” is a group of diverse, quick-to-read stories inspired by the music of the iconic eighties rock band “The Go Go’s.” Top mystery authors took inspiration from classic songs by the Go Go’s and wrote enthralling and shadowy stories with unusual twists. 
“Good for Gone” by Jen Conley starts with a wife standing over her husband with a gleaming butcher knife. Readers may never listen to “Vacation” in the same way again after S.W. Lauden opens with messy handwriting and a specialist. Diane Vallere wants to be sure that even though “We Don’t Get Along,” that it does not hurt; “You’re not hurt, right?” Lori Rader-Day in “Our Lips Are Sealed” reminds readers that teen girls at sleepover are not at all well behaved. Wendall Thomas might “Forget That Day” when “I went to grab my purse. There was a gun in it.”
This collection has a story for every reader and every music lover. An anthology allows a fan to read and finish a compelling story all in one sitting. The problem is that after reading “just one quick story,” it is tempting to just “read one more,” and soon the entire book is finished.
I received a review copy of “Murder-a-Go-Go,” and every story was interesting and unique. The collection is entertaining and gripping, and the combination of mystery and music is impeccable. Thank you Down and Out Books, authors, NetGalley, and Evie.
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Even if the level of the stories can be very different this was and enjoyable and entertaining read.
I appreciated the style of writing and I think the concept was great.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC
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Murder-a-Go-Go's edited by Holly West is a better at the idea than the execution in my humble opinion.  The idea of creating short story murder mysteries created via the title of a song by the legendary rock band "The Go-Go's" sounds like a no brainier, especially for a fan of the band, like me, who even met them all back stage circa 1983.

Alas I was not as impressed with the stories.  They were decent enough stories, and certainly creative, but beyond that it was a run of the mill collection that individually were not that interesting.  Of course, I am older (about the age of the band members) and perhaps these stories might appeal to others, but not to me.  

Fair warning for the reader, and though I did not have a problem with it, I have never read a book dedicated (in the editor's introduction) to an organization!   With that to, and proceeds going to Planned Parenthood, I'm cool but boy did that announcement come out of left field.   I see an editor as a guide that places choices before us, and not one sharing her or his own pet causes.  It is her right, and yet it took a little something out of the collection for me. I want my fiction to help me escape, the intro sort of inhibited that for me.   

Worth reading only to see how creatively writers deal with their song title.  Otherwise let this one "go go."
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