Hungry Soul

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Thank you Troubador Publishing for this ARC.

.i picked up this book to learn more about vegan related food and to find inspiration from new recipes.  I really enjoyed reading through this book and getting a better understanding of What vegans eat and how I can incorporate a more plant based approach to our diet.
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This vegan cookbook with charming illustrations is not just for vegans. The first thirty pages or so are dedicated to tools, general cooking terms, and ingredients--helpful for beginners. Veteran cooks in general and vegan cooks specifically--won't need this information and can skip ahead to the recipes. Recipes (divided into categories) are accompanied by very brief comments about their genesis or popularity. A folksy, personal cookbook, the comments add a quaint touch. Menu suggestions follow the recipes along with a review of cooking times for ingredients and a conversion chart for temperatures (Celsius to Fahrenheit).
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I really appreciated that this book had accessible prep methods for different kinds of foods and ingredients. The author seemed to have a strategic eye in picking out what ingredients would be healthy, financially accessible, and diverse. 

I also appreciated how a reader could read the book in two different orders/methods. The reader could choose to go into the prepping details of certain ingredients, or they could skip right to the recipes. Since I'm used to cookbooks and guides having pictures, I missed seeing them. However, I feel like pictures could take away from the goal of low stress cooking. The aesthetic wasn't incredibly appealing to me, but I thought this was a useful and not overwhelming book!
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I loved this book from the start! 
The 'Few Rules' section at the beginning had me laughing at myself - it gives seven simple rules to help you be successful in your kitchen and despite being quite an experienced home cook I still do not do number 7 - tidying as I cook is definitely not one of my strong points! 
This book begins with a few chapters offering different pieces of advice that are a perfect guide for those new to cooking and a very helpful reminder to those of us that have been cooking for years whether we are vegan or not.
I am not vegan but have very recently realised that I much prefer vegetarian and vegan meals so I was keen to have the opportunity to work my way through some new recipes.
I have tried a few of the dishes in this book so far and whilst I have actually enjoyed each one I have made, my standout favourites have to be 'Soupe Verte', 'Garlic & Parsley' Pasta and the 'Lemongrass & Chilli' Stir-fry as they are all quite simple but so full of flavour and very healthy too.
The other thing that stands out to me about this book is the use of illustrations rather than the usual photographs, it is a simple yet very effective idea and really makes the book stand out.
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I am a vegetarian and have been thinking about becoming vegan for a while, but it seemed difficult, especially with a family. This book definitely made it simpler; not only are there tasty receipes, but there are suggested menus and descriptions of foods; preparation and equipment. There are full meals along with quick bites, and the book is written throughout with amusing humour and fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  

From the publisher, as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it.

Hungry Soul, an essential new cookbook created with the youth in mind – college students, young adults leaving home, even teenagers. Instructions on all areas of cooking from boiling pasta to a four-course meal.

Along with recipes ranging from tomato bruschetta to red lentil dhal, and from preparing the perfect pizza to serving up a delicious dessert, Jacques shares straightforward meals that are guaranteed to impress diners. Hungry Soul also contains methods of cooking essential ingredients which, once mastered, will enable the reader to make an unlimited combination of dishes and meals.

Jacques seasons his book with a guide to useful utensils and culinary techniques, the perfect meal for every occasion and how to set the scene. This book of vegan delights will sate the appetite of readers who are keen to create simple, cheap and flavoursome food.

I really enjoyed this book. WHy? Well, first of all, they present teaching skills for the absolute basic book to acquire kitchen skills. The other reason? They did not shame me or talk down to me because I eat and wear animal products. I always say that I have yet to meet a vegan with a sense of humour or one that does not preach.

I loved the illustrations and the recipes look delicious (and I can probably add cheese to a lot of them to make them gooey: I love gooey!)  A solid effort worth 5 stars,  But, as always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis: let's give it 
🍏 🍅🥕 🥔🍑
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The recipes in this book are easy to follow along with. I've been trying to cut some meat out of my diet for numerous reasons and this book was the perfect avenue to help me in that mission!
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From the very start, helpful tips for the very basics of cooking and natural food choices were provided to kick things off. Sound advice was given for preparation of the raw ingredients prior to eating or cooking. All the necessary implements needed for cooking were well laid out before the reader. Suggestions for stocking the pantry with appropriate spices and herbs rounded things off.

From A to Z, down-to-earth innovative recipes were offered for the many mouth-watering dishes. The instructions were easy-to-follow even for the caveman of the kitchen. Not to be ignored, included were cute hand-drawn illustrations. The drawings conveyed genuine warmth more so than the customary pictures found with recipes. It was a nice touch.

With the task of keeping legitimate vegan principles in mind, this book had everything that a devout vegan could possibly ask for. Contrary to popular thought, vegan dishes do not have to look, smell or taste bland. In fact, once someone has given a whirl to some of these savory dishes, more than likely, there'd be no going back to the processed way of life. 

I extend my gratitude to NetGalley and Troubador Publishing Limited for this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.
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While I'm not vegan (or even 100% vegetarian these days) I am always on the look out for healthier ways of eating and good food and I do love a lot of vegan meals. This book satisfies all my needs in this regards. 

The instructions are simple enough for a complete beginner to cooking but there are plenty of recipes for all skills levels to enjoy. I loved the accompanying artwork. Drawings rather than photographs gave it a lovely unique feel. 

There are lots of mouth watering recipes here I can't wait to try out and proof that despite being vegan there are lots of options available to you and lovely meals to eat.
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