Wrath of Dragons

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This is a great fantasy story. A dragon-turned-human plot was quite risky for me, because the last time I read one I felt unsatisfied and it was not enjoyable. Not this one though! This is funny, well written and fast paced. It's easy to read, also for young adults but it's by no means childish. I'd recommend this to people just getting into the dragon and fantasy genres so get an enjoyable first experience with the genres. Definate win for me and I'll be sure to read the sequels as well!
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After reading a couple of powerhouses in Grim Solace and The Gutter Prayer, Scott King’s Wrath of Dragons was definitely a change of pace. While the previous two were dark and brooding (and funny), this epic fantasy is light and, well, funny. 
The story tells of a young magician, Carter, who decides to solve dragon attacks on his own, leaving his teacher and heading to take out the first dragon he can find. When he finds one, instead of disintegrating said beast, he shows his tenuous grasp of magic by turning the dragon, Doug (yes, Doug) into a human. Carter feels bad, and decides to go with Doug to find a way to turn him back to his original form. Of course, nothing is ever that simple in epic fantasy, and they end up trying to save the world. Along the way they meets a princess, Alex, and her ward, Gideon, who join them on their quest for reasons of their own. There’s also all manner of beasties and evil-doers who try to foil them along the way.
Sounds a bit of run-of-the-mill? Well it is, and yet again, it isn’t. They don’t really become hardened warriors on this journey, like so many journeys before this one, Instead, they’re somewhat hapless, with dumb luck often saving the day. Doug hates not being a dragon, and his constant ponderings on the failings of humanity are pretty funny, Alex is neither damsel-in-distress nor badass heroine, but she’s all the better for it, and her quick thinking and courage often saves the day. Carter, and only Carter, thinks he is a great wizard. He’s pretty creative, but he also has a tendency to exacerbate situations. Even the bad guys aren’t quite as bad as they initially seem, and we feel a little sympathy for at least some of them, Being part of a trilogy, (series?) there is more coming, and there was some stuff left on the table that makes me wonder what else is coming down the road.
So, it you like teen/YA epic fantasy with bickering buddies who save the day, but not how the script usually goes, you might want to check this one out.
Definitely deserves somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars.
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I was so excited to read this one! It starts out with a sprint- but sadly after a couple of chapters something happens with the pacing. I then lost interest really. Some of the world building was a little hard to get as well. I wish I would have liked this one more because... DRAGONS !!
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This book starts off at break-neck speed. The premise was interesting, the characters funny, and the world building was excellent.

Unfortunately, the pace slowed after the first few chapters. It was a bit tough to get through, and some of the world building went over my head because there was a distinct lack of important explanations.
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This book had great premises, but it was such a letdown.
It's BORING. I was BORED out of my mind while reading it. The story is not compelling and totally uninteresting, the characters  (while proposing the great idea of having a fat dragon and not rely on fat jokes to carry the dialogue) are not properly fleshed out, and the writing style is slobby and in dire need of a good polish.
I felt cheated of my time while reading it.
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Loved the book! Befriending a dragon-turned-human plot was exactly what I was looking to read for so long.
The book gives an adventure sense of LOTR mixed with some humor.

Also, the story would be amazing if adapted as an anime. That's how I imagined the story and it was SO good!
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Soooooooooo I read that in a day..

I have been anticipating this book ever since I first laid my eyes upon the gorgeous cover art. You see, I have this perception that any high fantasy book gracing this kind of cover will most likely reflect that beauty with amazing content inside. once again I was proven right. I can't imagine seeing a physical copy. My eyes will melt.

Unpredictable and incredibly well-told story aside, the characters were fascinatingly original. The main characters, Alex, Doug, and Carter have a dynamic and interesting friendship going on between them. 

As much as I loved the characters, IF I had to choose one favorite aspect from this book I would personally choose the world-building, which is something rare for me because I usually prioritize characterizations over everything else, but this novel is a special case. I loved how efficiently, intricately, and effectively the world-building was presented. However, it was the sheer originality regarding the creation of the world in this book that completely awed me. Plus, the rich history and lore of the kingdoms and war between them made the world feel fully realized and vividly constructed.

Also Dragons. LIKE WE HAVE DRAGONS IN THIS BOOK PEOPLE and oh man, is it a delight.
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This book had a good story line.  It was a unique spin on some of the other fantasy books that I have read.  I found some parts of the story to be humorous.  I liked the way the author used various types of magic to tell the story.  I think I would have liked the story more if the characters were more developed.  I felt as if I didn't get enough backstory with Connor and Owen, and found myself asking questions about their story, as I was reading it.  
I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review.
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