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This book was not for me. I did not particularly like it and ended up DNFing it thus won't be able to provide a detailed review.
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Unfortunately this book didn't work out for me. It was a little bit boring to me and I wasn't interested in what was happening. 

A big let down.
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*i received a copy of this for review from Netgalley* 

3 stars. Super easy read, in fact it read closer to middle grade for me than epic fantasy. Fantasy can be humorous without reading young and taking you out of the story or feeling like there isn’t actually any danger. While the story was fun and I did enjoy the premise I just wasn’t as taken with it as I assumed I’d be when reading the summary. If you want a quick, funny read about a dragon turned fat human and a band of misfits thrown together.. this is for you.
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This was my first book by this author, It was pretty enjoyable. I would give this book a 3.5 star rating! It was a pretty Quick and easy read!
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Going into this novel, it seemed like something I would genuinely enjoy as it was said to contain a lot of factors that I typically enjoy in books. However, this novel really just missed the mark with me. I thought the writing style was good but other than that I thought the book fell flat in regards to characters and plot. I will say though, that I might still reach for other works that this author puts out, as I found his writing to be compelling and gripping, and it was the only reason I stuck this novel through to the end.
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I really hate when I can't give something 4 or 5 stars. I hate when I don't enjoy a book or relate to the characters. Overall, this book just left me really disappointed. It seemed like it is targeted towards an adult audience. I am an adult with a good sense of humor. The jokes in this book just fell flat. And I do mean, flat. I didn't appreciate the random fat jokes and Carter just became unbearably annoying. It seemed like a lot of whining or just juvenile commentary that left me wanting in terms of character development. 

Overall what I will say is the character development was basically nonexistant with the action sequencing moving at incredible speed. Action sequences with very little plot between.
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I received this book as an arc on netgalley. This is a well written book and has a lot of action in it. The characters are different and mesh well together for a group of misfits. 
     A long time has passed since the lost races disappeared. Now the dragons have returned to set the world on fire.
Villages burn while cities fall and war rages.

     A magician’s ward sees his chance to be a hero. A runaway princess seeks a way to save her people.  A rogue dragon wants to be left alone.

     They are misfits bound together by fate’s cruel touch and pursued by a shape-shifting assassin who wants to tear them apart.

     WRATH OF DRAGONS is the first book in an action packed fantasy series with unforgettable characters, creatures, and fast-paced action.
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I was initially quite excited to read Wrath of Dragons by Scott King. I'm a big lover of fantasy and the idea behind the novel was exciting enough for me to want to pick it up and I was especially drawn in by the rogue dragon. The story begins with a magician, a young boy still learning to control his magic who chases down a dragon after the village near his home is attacked. Though the dragon he finds is not the one who attacked the village, young Carter still accidentally turns the creature he finds in the cave into a human. To right his mistake, he is suddenly thrown into an adventure as they both quest to return the dragon to his actual form. Along the way, they come across a princess, Alex, who has run from her kingdom in order to find a way to save her people from the war rising on the horizon. With each on their own quests, banding together in order to achieve them, all their plans are suddenly at risk as a shapeshifter chases them down repeatedly, intent on killing them all.

Unfortunately, though this story is described as an epic fantasy, it is anything but epic. Very little time is spent on character development, but rather we are introduced to incredibly one-dimensional characters who are generally stuck in their ways, thrown together to follow a pre-determined plotline with very little to actually bring you to care about anyone there or anything going on. Where the idea may have succeeded, the writing fails it. Carter is an exceptionally annoying character, making it incredibly difficult to enjoy the story whenever he is around to speak. While the other characters do not quite reach his level of annoyance, they all lack maturity in glaring ways that make it difficult to take any of them seriously. Even the villain was rather pathetic.

The pacing of the story was incredibly off, leaving no room to really develop the characters past initial personality quirks. You don't get the sense, with perhaps the exception of Doug who had a few moments later on in the book, that the characters ever change through the novel. Readers are typically brought from one action sequence through to the next with very little downtime to catch their breath or even really get to know the characters a little bit better. Overall, the writing in general felt rather juvenile. This was unfortunate as, when the story is featuring adult characters and geared toward an adult audience, it resulted in making it increasingly more difficult to take anything that happened seriously. Much of the book felt contrived and dull, which made it difficult to get through in its entirety. I had an incredibly hard time moving through the novel as a result of how incredibly bored I felt the entire time I was reading.

While I was really excited about the premise and would have loved to read a great epic tale about a fat dragon, Wrath of Dragons was poorly executed and could use a lot of editing.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book wasn't for me. The pacing was slow , the characterisation wasnt comfortable or relatable.


Thw writing style was okay but the book is in serious need of editing . There can be some mysteries.. but wrath of dragons didn't make us explore and made us cringe.
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1..5 stars- will not post publically

I really looked forward to Wrath of Dragons as it seemed to be a fantasy that also had humor and wit about it.

It starts off living up to that promise! However as the book goes on it really takes a nose dive for a few reasons.

The wit/humor I was looking for is very juvenile. By juvenile I mean 10 year old boy juvenile. This includes making fun of the dragons for being fat- repeately. It got to the point that I really started to dislike the characters and wanted the dragons to take them out.

Secondly, the characters backstory and personalities are never fully developed or explored. This makes it's very hard to connect to them (especially on top of the above).

Lastly,, the pacing slows down to a crawl and makes it almost ubarable to read (although I did finish it without DNFing it).

The other thing that bothered me is the structure and how the story unfolds. It makes understanding the story very confusing. There are times a name or thing is mentioned but there is no clarification given as to what or who that thing/person is. This wouldn't be a problem if you could tell given the context. However, there are multiple times that when given the context you would obviously assume one thing just to find out chapters later (when finally given clarification) that it is something/someone completely different. This is extremely frustrating and made me feel like what I had just read was a complete waste of time.
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I'm sorry, I really couldn't get into this book and I doesn't seem fair to review something I haven't completed. 

Though, of course, if requested I will still do so.
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A great mix of characters. We have three main heroes here, all of whom are interesting and fleshed out. They're not like the usual hero cliches. The side characters and villains also got some time in the limelight, and have their own backstories.

The grim parts in the book were nicely balanced with humorous banter. It made things easier to read through.

I felt some parts dragged on too much and could use some cutting. I skimmed though a lot of the fighting and boring bits. I find it a drag to read through every sword thrust.

Overall, I liked the characters and humor. There were also lots of unique creatures that added a lot of flavor. It was a good book, but dragged on too much at times. I don't think I'll be reading the next book, but if you enjoy the hero fantasy genre this should be up your sleeve.

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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[Arc provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.]
Rating: 3,5 stars.

'Dough caught the club with his right hand. It snapped in two. ... "It's a vegetarian thing."'

This book was very interesting and original! One of the main characters is a fat dragon turned human, which really spiced up the story for me. Another of the main characters is a great magician (according to himself), and he almost knows what he's doing from time to time. In the afterwords, the author explains how he wants there to be a contrast between light and dark in his works, and that there should be sprinkles of humor and laughter throughout, and I think he succeeded in this. There are a lot of funny moments in this book, just as there are serious and dark moments. I really liked this about the book!

I really enjoyed the dialogue and the cast of characters. We follow a princess, a magician, a fat dragon (/human) and a shapeshifter. I found it interesting how even though they tried to get away from each other, they always bound up back together. Funny way of showing how the threads of fate could work. I loved reading about the shapeshifter, and trying to unravel her complex character. Some of the stuff that happened to her was downright hilarious (and kind of sad at the same time). Definitely intrigued to see what part she plays in the sequel!

What drags the rating down for me, is that I never really got invested in the general plot of the book. There was not enough mystery and intrigue for me. The "villains" fell a little flat for me. I appreciate the fact that you can not at a quick glance decide which side is good and which is bad, but at the same time I feel like this was handled in a way that made the story a bit boring, as I found myself rooting for neither of the sides. Generally, I think this book had nice, interesting characters, but way too little plot. The twist at the end was also quite underwhelming.

After finishing this book, I do want to read the next one when it comes out. Although the plot didn't catch my eye, the characters did. I really want to know what happens next for our cast of characters. I'm especially interested in the shapeshifter and the magician!
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DNF at 25%
This book was perhaps intended for a younger audience. The pacing was too fast, with things happening one after another in an endless action sequence. The conversations were extremely pointed, just as many words as were needed to pull the plot along. It was like being dragged through the story while tripping and stumbling. It felt very juvenile, lacking in sufficient explanations for events and completely devoid of character development. I also saw multiple errors in word usage and spelling.
I did like the idea of the story and how it subverts traditional fairy tales. I wish it were better executed.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was pretty amusing, although not the greatest book I've ever read (it wasn't awful!! But the humor was the best part in my opinion, better even than the plot). It's a decent fantasy read, and I'd suggest it to someone who wanted a fairly mid range fantasy book.
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I received this arc in exchange for an honest review

I’m rating it 1.75/5 based on what I read 

I honestly tried several times to get into this story before finally deciding that I just couldn’t do it anymore. 

I found the writing a little strange. Sometimes it felt juvenile, almost middle grade like (and I love middle grade but this isn’t it), while the world building was incredibly info dumpy and more akin to adult. I couldn’t get into the world at all, which is strange, because I love dragons. I also found that the author would mention things to do with the world several times before finally telling us what that thing was. For example, he mentioned Hal frequently in the first chapter. Keeping the dragon away from Hal, protecting Hal... since Hal is a person name I assumed it was a person and was really confused. Turns out Hal is the name of the city, but we didn’t get told that until it had already been mentioned at least five times with no context at all. 

The characters. I tried, but I could not care about any of these characters at all. Especially the main character who I really disliked. 

Ultimately; since it was a review copy I tried to power through it, but I just couldn’t do it.
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A really interesting and humorous take on a typical fantasy setting! I'm recommending my friends this one once it releases. Each one of the characters felt real in this world, and the dragon-turned-human plot has never been so well written. The pacing of the story was also very well done, never lingering past it's due nor allowing happenings to sit idle. I hadn't expected a humorous romp that almost left me feeling like this would make a great take on the road trip movie should it ever get picked up for a movie or series.
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This wasn't a bad book, but the main characters were not particularly likable. For me, that was enough to make the book less enjoyable than it should have been. The plot was basic, and even though I felt like it wasn't that original, I didn't have any reason to complain. The lack of connection with the characters left me with a lack of connection with the story. 

One glaring problem, for me, was the use of the word parse as a unit of distance. I never did figure out how much distance it was, and that seemed to change in different parts of the story. 

Overall, I felt that the story itself wasn't bad, but it needed some tweaking in the characters and it could have used a stronger editor.
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This is a great fantasy story. A dragon-turned-human plot was quite risky for me, because the last time I read one I felt unsatisfied and it was not enjoyable. Not this one though! This is funny, well written and fast paced. It's easy to read, also for young adults but it's by no means childish. I'd recommend this to people just getting into the dragon and fantasy genres so get an enjoyable first experience with the genres. Definate win for me and I'll be sure to read the sequels as well!
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After reading a couple of powerhouses in Grim Solace and The Gutter Prayer, Scott King’s Wrath of Dragons was definitely a change of pace. While the previous two were dark and brooding (and funny), this epic fantasy is light and, well, funny. 
The story tells of a young magician, Carter, who decides to solve dragon attacks on his own, leaving his teacher and heading to take out the first dragon he can find. When he finds one, instead of disintegrating said beast, he shows his tenuous grasp of magic by turning the dragon, Doug (yes, Doug) into a human. Carter feels bad, and decides to go with Doug to find a way to turn him back to his original form. Of course, nothing is ever that simple in epic fantasy, and they end up trying to save the world. Along the way they meets a princess, Alex, and her ward, Gideon, who join them on their quest for reasons of their own. There’s also all manner of beasties and evil-doers who try to foil them along the way.
Sounds a bit of run-of-the-mill? Well it is, and yet again, it isn’t. They don’t really become hardened warriors on this journey, like so many journeys before this one, Instead, they’re somewhat hapless, with dumb luck often saving the day. Doug hates not being a dragon, and his constant ponderings on the failings of humanity are pretty funny, Alex is neither damsel-in-distress nor badass heroine, but she’s all the better for it, and her quick thinking and courage often saves the day. Carter, and only Carter, thinks he is a great wizard. He’s pretty creative, but he also has a tendency to exacerbate situations. Even the bad guys aren’t quite as bad as they initially seem, and we feel a little sympathy for at least some of them, Being part of a trilogy, (series?) there is more coming, and there was some stuff left on the table that makes me wonder what else is coming down the road.
So, it you like teen/YA epic fantasy with bickering buddies who save the day, but not how the script usually goes, you might want to check this one out.
Definitely deserves somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars.
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