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My Sister Is Missing is a tense thriller that has many twists along the way.
Jess and Steph are sisters they have been brought up by their mother and have been treated very differently to each other and because of this we see how this has affected them in adult life.
Steph has just had a baby, Natalie, when we meet them and has disappeared. We follow Jess and Stephs husband as they try to piece together where she has gone. This book is told mainly from jess’s point of view and slowly reveals the extent of their childhood.
This book covered some sensitive issues but at times I felt like it was glossed over rather than going in a little deeper. I did however enjoy this thriller and liked the character Jess the most as I felt she came across well. I haven’t read anything by Julia Barrett before but will look out for her in the future. 
I would like to thank Netgalley and Red Door Publishing for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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3.5 stars - I loved the premise for this and it got off to a cracking start. I was immediately drawn in, intrigued by Steph's disappearance and Adam's secretive behaviour so kept turning the pages to find out what had really happened. The multiple viewpoints unfortunately took away the potential for surprise though, as we soon learned the truth about each character and their actions. I wouldn't describe it as a psychological thriller as there wasn't much threat or suspense going on but there were some interesting revelations as the backstory developed. The writing was very strong in places although there was quite a lot of repeated information, and the author did a good job at highlighting a particular type of mental health issue. Thanks to Netgalley and RedDoor for a copy of this book in return for an honest review
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Ok this book had me on the edge of my see the further I got into the story. Jess was an amazing character, sister, friend  and sleuth. I did not see the way this book was going to go at all. It had me guessing. The author did a fantastic job keeping the readers wondering from the first chapters. Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to write this after reading.
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From the very start, I had a hard time trying to like the characters in this book. Jess is called by her brother in  law who informs her that her sister Steph is missing along with their baby daughter, Natalie. Adam was just a shady character and it was clear he was hiding something. There was way too much going on in this book at once, from the changing POV’s to the diary entries written by Steph. It just lost its flow halfway.
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With thanks to Netgalley and RedDoor for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

 Jess wakes up hungover one morning and receives a phone call from her Brother In Law Adam.  Jess`s big Sister Steph had gone missing along with Natalie her 3 month old niece.

Jess and Steph`s mum died the year before.  Jess and her Mum had never gone on and Jess had always been her protector.

Jess quickly became suspicious of Adam when he spoke to someone on the phone and quickly left the house.  When Jess pressed redial she found he had rung the speaking clock to clear the last number called.

Back home Adam claimed to have been driving around  looking for Steph but Jess found a suspicious receipt in the floor.  Days later Jess followed Adam and found him visiting a stranger in hospital,   What was Adam hiding and how was it connected to the disappearance of Steph.

My Sister is Missing started well but went on a tangent in the middle, and went off course again at the end.  I know the Adam/Jason storyline demonstrated Steph`s psychosis but it was too much.   The ending was a bit of a let down because the sisters only achieved acceptance of their pasts.

The book was told from the POV of Jess and diary entries from Steph. I was glad The author wrote about the effects of postpartum depression.  The excerpts from Steph`s diary were well written and gave the reader a snapshot of her paranoia. 

This book was an OK read but I don't recommend it.
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I tried to love this book, but I just could not even get into it.  It was very confusing in my opinion and I had to give up on it.  I will  update in future if I get into it later. 
I will use in a challenge and tell Chapter Chatter Pub members when released!
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I really wanted to love this book as I liked the authors way with words but unfortunately it lost its way for me and I didn’t care enough about the characters. Not for me.
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I would not categorize this book as a psychological thriller but rather as simply the story of a missing person.  Jess is called by Adam, her sister Steph’s husband and informed that Steph did not come home the previous night and that she has baby Natalie with her.  This was a difficult book to read because it seems choppy and not well organized.  I wanted to find out what happened to Steph so I kept reading, but the book itself did not keep me entertained at all.  The characters were not well developed or particularly likeable.  It was obvious that Adam had a secret that could have led to Steph’s disappearance, but his secret was kind of ho-hum.  Although the author attempts to deal with issues like relationships and mental health, her writing style is too off-putting to convince the reader that these issues are serious ones for her characters.  The points of view are multiple:  Jess, Adam and diary entries from Steph.  The skipping around from one to the other was distracting and hard to follow.  Although there was a good start to the book, there was no real flow to a satisfying conclusion.  I lost interest in the book very early in my reading and made myself finish it so I could do the review.  I must say that it was difficult for me not to just skip to the conclusion and be done with it.
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There is so much going on in this book, which makes it both overwhelming and disappointing at the same time.
Though the book touches on a great subject- mental health, there is too much going on and too many twists and turns for it to be enjoyable,
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quite engaging plot with a few twists that i did not see coming to be honest!

dark in many parts, however i liked the way the characters were presented.

mental representation was very descent and i really liked the author's approach towards this matter!

Had some difficulties following the writing sometimes, however i enjoyed a lot this book.
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*I received an ARC copy via Netgalley in hopes for my honest opinion.*
A thrilling tale of a sister Jess in desperate search of his missing sister Steph and niece Natelie. At first the story took off with a bang. Relatively fast passes plot that have multiple POVs. The plot was fascinating and kept me wondering until the end it just dragged with useless filler information. 
My biggest issue with the story was the repetitiveness of the wording and how often the story repeated itself throughout each persons POV. It would be one thing if the story changes a little for each persons view of the situation but it wasn’t, it was nearly a copy and paste with no difference for each character, that lead to a disappointing ending. 
Hopefully with a final edit this can be rectified.
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There were many twists and turns throughout this book. Throughout the telling, the reader must decide if new mom Stephanie was  was feeling guilty from an extra-marital affair, or suffering from the very real (to her) demons of a post natal psychotic break.  Or was her husband Adam perhaps responsible for foul play, as her younger sister, Jess at times suspects.  Thankfully, Jess puts her investigative skills to use, refusing to believe that her sister would have run off with her newborn niece.  There is quite a bit of suspension of disbelief needed (her sister leaves with hardly any items, including her cell phone, the baby manages to be okay, despite it being a newborn dragged about in the middle of winter, Jess is allowed an extended leave of absence from her job). The character of Matt, Jess's absent boyfriend., isn't fully developed, and appears to be plot device to allow Jess to reveal her long held secrets; although there's one secret she won't even tell him.  All in all, the book was an enjoyable read, with an interesting story line.
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Thank you to netgalley, red door publishing and the author julia barrett for this Digital ARC in return for my unbiased review

Dark thriller, started off so well but lost its flow and i ended up skim reading to the end, hmmm disapoin3d as there was so much more this premise could have been
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It was ok.Started off well but went a bit downhill so skim read the end.Didnt understand the point in Jess's relationship with her boyfriend.Jess's sister is missing and she ended up engaging in a random conversation with him about decorating:

'OK,but I'd like to keep the lounge blue,I love the two contrasting tones.'

What!?Why would you be discussing this when you are meant to be looking for your sister!?Just irked me.
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A weak three stars. This was all over the place, there was so much going on. The writing didn’t flow for me. There were some twists and surprises. Some of them were quite sad. These sisters have some serious baggage. This book does delve into mental issues and it does handle those aspects rather deftly. Some good, some bad and overall a decent read. I would try more by this author. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and Harper Impulse and Killer Reads for a copy in exchange for a review.
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There seems to be an ongoing theme with a lot of books especially psychological thrillers and contemporary novels and women’s fiction  that involve around sisters. With that being said I went into reading this book sort of guarded because the best sister theme  is being wrote about so much.  However this  novel did not let me down.

 This novel had intrigue, well developed characters,  stellar writing and it discusses something that is not talked about often with mothers especially new mothers.

 The added mystery of is the husband hiding something although a common theme in books in this genre,  it never gets old and it was quite thrilling to read.

 I found this book to be a page turner and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.
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Hummm, was it Stephanie who jumped after watching CCTV. ???? Adam what exactly his he up too, he’s hidden something and Stephanie’s sister Jess want to find out if it was Stephanie or not. So she sets of trying to find the truth. However what coes to light, Jess is not only shocked and deep down thinks perhaps she should have not gone searching for the truth, now without giving anything away, I can say it’s a interesting book, one I doubt you could even to begin to suspect what’s going off and furthermore one small part of you wish Jess had not taken the journey to the truth. I at some points where really feeling the anxiety coming off Jess, it’s almost like you get so involved that parts of it are happening to you, I do really often please don’t go any further as my heartbeat intensifys. Definitely recommend you read this, not for the faint hearted 
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This is a dark psychological thriller. The story was intense and started off really well. Unfortunately I felt like it lost a bit of momentum as it went on. The premise was interesting but the story just petered out a bit in the middle.
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This is the debut novel by Julia Barrett and I’m looking forward to discovering more from this author…

Jess is the younger sister of new mum Stephanie who is married to Adam. Out of the blue, Adam calls Jess one morning to give her the distressing news - Steph has been missing all night and she has taken their new born baby girl. This is the start of an intriguing and compelling novel which begins as a missing persons story but evolves into a complex psychological suspense exploring issues of mental health and dysfunctional families and relationships. The changing viewpoints keep the reader gripped and wanting to turn the pages to get to the bottom of the dark family secrets at the heart of Steph’s disappearance.

This thought-provoking novel is full of unexpected psychological layers and twists and turns. It contains a number of powerful and disturbing scenes that stay with you long after you reach its ultimately heart-warming and hopeful end!

Thanks to NetGalley, RedDoor Publishing and Julia Barrett for my ARC in return for my honest review.
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I’d like to thank RedDoor Publishing and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘My Sister Is Missing’ by Julia Barrett in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Jess gets a phone call from her brother-in-law Adam to say that her sister Steph drove off taking their three-week-old baby Natalie with her and hasn’t returned.  Adam reports her disappearance to the police who track her car to the Meadowhall railway station in Sheffield, then a young woman is seen wearing identical clothing to Steph jumping in front of a high speed train with what looks like a baby in her arms.  Is it Steph?  And if it isn’t, where is she?  Jess drives from where they live in East London to the now empty family home in Sheffield hoping that Steph and Natalie may be there.  

‘My Sister Is Missing’ is a psychological thriller about mental illness, broken family relationships, and a mother’s love for one child over the other.  The story held my attention and although I thought some of the descriptions were a bit wordy, it was enjoyable with unexpected twists and turns and a surprising ending.  The italicised narrative written by Steph gave an insight into her thinking which helped me understand her mental health, and although the novel was not overly exciting I found it interesting.
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