The Bastard

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"Well that was a doozy!" - Me after falling off the cliff this book ended on

As the title suggests, this book centers around a man who was raised by a single mother who reveals on her death bed that his father (a wealthy and powerful man) never knew of his existence. Her dying wish is that he meets his father and has a new family. The best laid plans...? Of course his father wants nothing to do with him unless it serves his purposes, so he basically uses him and discards him. But at one of the events Eric attends, he encounters his step-sister Harper (and by encounter, let's go with full contact) --- the sparks are all over the place between these two! But Eric has to walk away because he doesn't want to be a tool for his family's use when they need him and nothing else. Years later, Harper needs Eric's help to save the family's business --- will he allow himself to be used again? Can he and Harper take their passion and make it into something beautiful in this twisted family mess?
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I have never read Lisa Renee Jones before. I own some of her books and I have had her on my tbr list for a while, but this is my first real taste of her writing. It took me a while to get use to her writing. At times, especially in the beginning, it felt choppy, or rushed. Then at time it felt really flowery. At the start of the book the author really wanted to drive home the fact that Eric was the Bastard. It was commented on so much that it was like getting beat over the head with it. Around the 30% mark I really started to get into the book. But the first 30% I had a hard time staying with it. I almost DNFed the book. I am really glad I didn't though. I liked both Eric and Harper and for the most part I liked them together. However I felt there was way too much mistrust coming from Eric and at the end the way he did what he did....What a big bastard. The book ends in a cliffhanger and I plan on reading the next one because I have to see what happens next.
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I'm sorry to say I won't be reviewing this. It has been years since I've read Ms. Jones and I forgot that he books consist of Instalove; which is very rarely my cup of tea,  Having just finished His Demand I realized that Ms. Jones and I just don't mesh very well together. I had to give that book a low rating and I would hate to have to give this book and another I requested the same rating, due to my not liking the trope. It wouldn't be very fair to the author. 

Thank you for the opportunity, though. I won't be requesting Ms. Jone's books in the future.
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Lisa Renee Jones' The Bastard is the first in a new series. It was so engrossing that I had a hard time putting it down!
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Lisa Renee Jones truly has become one of my top "one Click" authors.  Her books are just the right amount of hot and sexy alpha males that are too yummy not to love with the perfect amount of suspense and hot steamy sex.  

Eric and Harper's story grabbed me right from the start and it did not let go until the end when once again this author has left me hanging wanting and needing so much more.

Eric is just oh so perfect, he's flawed and your typical Alpha male but what I love about him he's the perfect mix of alpha and tenderness all wrapped into one.  

Harper is a bit of the damsel in distress but I love that she is also so very strong at the same time.  These two come together perfectly but not to sweet that it's sickly.  The dynamic the author has built between these two works so well and it's hard not to fall in love with these two.

Can't wait to see where the author takes this series by the time it's over
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I did not finish this one.. I didn’t like where the story was going.. I’m sure others will love it just not my cup of tea.
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THE BASTARD is book 1 in the Filthy Trilogy but also book 6 in the Dirty Rich series. If you haven't started the Dirty Rich series, no worries, you can jump in with this book!

Eric has always been the Bastard of the affluent Kingston family. He's the result of his father's infidelity but that hasn't stopped him from becoming a successful business owner. Eric meets his step sister, Harper, for the first time at a Kingston party. They're not children, they know they shouldn't be attracted to each other so they each make a decision to walk away. Six years later, Harper is in Eric's office, looking for his help. Can they put aside their attraction long enough to unravel a sinister mystery?

Here's a few things you should know:

1. This is a CLIFFHANGER!
2. Ms. Jones created a fabulous puzzle, a real mystery with twists and turns that had me quaking with anxiety.
3. Eric and Harper together? W.O.W. Their chemistry is steamy, sexy, regardless of their family connection.
4. I enjoyed this cast, even the "bad guys" and I can not WAIT to continue this journey with this group of intriguing characters.
5. Eric was so freaking smart! Ms. Jones always writes super intelligent characters but Eric had something special. I loved how DIFFERENT he was.
6. Harper, I seemed to like a bit less. Not sure why but I found myself struggling with her character. Maybe she could have been stronger?

After all is said and done, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and am looking forward to the next book in the series. Told from dual POVs with a nail biting ending. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.
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I really love this one! A lot of heat and the way Lisa weaves intricate storylines is amazing.  It ends on a cliffy, but I'm already diving into the next one.
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I loved this book! I ended up devouring the second book and am about to start the third! A winner! These characters have stolen my heart and I can't wait to start the third book so I can fall even more in love with them!
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I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I honestly wanted to like The Bastard more than I did. However, it was just meh to me. In it, you will meet Eric and Harper. Now I'm still not quite sure what their family connection is (and I finished this book a couple of days ago). He's the bastard.. has a half brother.. and she's the step sister? So are they even really related? No idea, don't ask me - the whole family is one giant clusterfuck math equation for me and my brain just doesn't care right now.

Now the smut was good.. but the whole sibling thing (which again, I have no idea if they are or aren't) just kind of made me cringe. It's like GoT all over again. Besides the creepy romance, the drama was just so weird. It was kind of all over the place.. that I might even ask Dora the Explorer's help on finding where this is all going to end. 

The characters were just okay in this book. Nothing really stuck out to me. I mean, I liked them.. but they weren't spectacular in my eyes. They mostly just annoyed me or made me cringe a lot.

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed the the synopsis and the cover of this book betrayed me. I wanted to like this a whole lot more than I did. Even the ending wasn't a good enough cliffhanger for my eyes. I might dive into it if I get it or it's free on KU.. but I honestly have no desire at this point.

Maybe it will change if the cover and synopsis are amazing. No promises though.
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This book will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the other ball to drop.  It dangles until you your are frustrated with the wait. Eric and Harper will consume your time the minute you meet them.  When they first meet, the time is not right. Harper's mother has just married Eric's estranged father.  She is now part of what he wanted but couldn't have. His blood family is toxic and treated him and his mother like trash.  Still Eric being young wanted a family. It eventually realizes that they are not what he needs. He leaves after a passionate encounter and they are separated for 6 years. Now there is trouble and Harper needs Eric.   There is a lot of mystery and suspense throughout this book.  Can they trust each other? The story does end of a cliff hanger. And what a ending it is.  I am looking forward to reading the next book
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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. I'm not sure how to feel. I bet if this book came out around the craze of the erotica explosion I would have loved it but instead I felt agitated and bored. I felt like the story is dragging and yes I will continue with the series because I want to find out what the hell is going on oh and yes, that cliffy sucked.
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II have been a fan of Lisa Renee Jones for quite a while, I loved her Inside Out series. She managed, mystery, romance, and drama so well.

This is story about "The Bastard" Eric Mitchell a self made billionaire who has a very complicated relationship with his father and his family, and complicated doesn't cover it is very twisted, dark and complex relationship but then he meets The Princess, Harper who happens to be his step sister and well everything changes for him.

When I started reading this book I knew that there was going to be insta love and insta lust  and it doesnt bother me AT ALL as long is written in tastefull way I really really don't mind it but I think my problem with the book is the constant push and pull between both main characters. 

There's a time jump after the introduction and both character are reunited and I can understand the reluctance in Eric because his family past and the fact that she comes from this family but it gets tiresome and there no growth in their relationship which frustates me SO MUCH. 

Aside from that I like everything about the book, the mistery, there's a bigger treat and someone who is pulling the strings from behind and everyone is a suspect. 

The secondary character are despicable and I guess she really makes you hate them to the core which is good because there is no time for sympathy for the evil ones, his father, brother and the grandmother? Truly Aholes and i like that.

The A-team from Eric side are ok I guess, since I haven't read the other books I still don't make the connections but that's ok I will eventually read them since well I'm intrigue.

Like I said this book has it all to grab you in my only issue with it is the constant issue trust between both characters and the lack of development in their relationship but aside from that is a fun read and if you are Mrs. Jones fan I believe you won't be dissapointed.

I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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*this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*
3.5 stars...
I’m a huge fan of Lisa Renee Jones, and was so excited for this book! It meets her typical writing style, but I did find it dragging in parts. 
Eric is the bastard son of a multimillionaire. His mother was the mistress, and before her death, she was adamant that Daddy claim his son as an heir. That dint sit well with many members of the family, especially Eric’s new brother, AND Dad. Eric is brilliant, has more money than God, and can quite frankly, wash this family out. He enters back into their lives, when his ‘stepsister’ comes knocking on his door. She shares her fears of what’s happening with the family business, and how that could affect them all.
Harper’s mother married the kingpin of Kingston Motors. In marrying into the family, she now has two adopted brothers: Eric and Isaac (who literally hate each other). When Harper’s father assed away, his company business went over to Kingston Motors. She’s aware that something is wrong within the company, she’s clearly taken advantage of, but she tried
S desperately to keep her father’s legacy alive. After their ‘encounter’ six years ago, she reaches back out to Eric knowing that he’s her only hope.
Harper is the Princess, and Eric is the Bastard. The is in constant rewind for 3/4 of the book-this is what I meant about dragging in parts. They go back and forth with these nicknames, and how each of them doesn’t trust the other. It was a good storyline, but get over the name-calling already.
CLIFFHANGER!!!! ARGH!!! The last few chapters really get you going with finally getting to the root of the problem, then you’re left hanging!
Good read, just need to power through the first portion.
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The Bastard is going to take you on a wild ride filled with want, lies, secrets and sizzle. 
Eric is the bastard child of his father and the mistress . He is sent away to school but takes hold of his future and enters the miltary . He is now back but not for his father . Harper has always held his attention but is out of reach. She has now requested him to return for his father . He will come bake but this time it is for her! Be warned it is a cliff hanger and you will be left wanting more !! Get ready for the Princess !!!!!
~~Michele McMullen ~~
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This story could have been so entertaining with a better execution. The main issues that stopped me from feeling completely immersed in this book were the pacing and repetitiveness. The attraction and physical relationship between Eric and Harper happened at breakneck speed, so much so that I didn't get a chance to care about them individually or as a couple. Then six years go by and it just doesn't feel believable that this unexplained scorching attraction hasn't waned one bit. Then, there's the repetitiveness of the story and even similar sentence wording; it was distracting and it took away from advancing the general story line. That said, there's enough mystery and intrigue to keep my interest even if it's not a book that I will devour or consider memorable.I

Thank you to NetGalley for.providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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"Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review."
Loved this book very much.  It had just enough sweet, sexy romance and the storyline was great! I highly recommend!
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Eric is the bastard child.  He walked away from the family business, and the family who didn't welcome him, determined to make it on his on.  Yet, six years later he's getting sucked back in by the one woman he could never forget.  She needs a hero.  Eric needs to solve the puzzle of what is happening at Kingston Motors and possibly put his past in the past for good.  They're going to have to deal with the secrets and lies between them before they can find the answer and peace they are looking for in each other.

I'm a huge fan of Ms Jones, but I will be the first to admit this one is a slow starter.  It's worth sticking around...  I promise.

I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This book just wasn't for me. I started and stopped reading several times before I finally dug into the story but I never really connected to it. The taboo wasn't all that taboo but the harping on it grew old...quick.
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This was a pass for me, and I'm normally quite the fan of Lisa Renee Jones' work. I couldn't get into the story and had a hard time connecting with the characters. Maybe it was the taboo relationship, but all the suspense and sexual tension couldn't get me into it. That said, this wont' keep me from trying another one of Jones' books in the future.
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