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I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review 

Very well crafted plot.  This book I find very well written, from the first page you can dive deep into the storyline. The writing style is very good and very pleasant and fluently to read. The book has been very clearly structured and the plot is traceable and very interesting. The characters  are very authentic. The author succeeds in writing very detailing about the scenery, characters, surroundings and emotions. This story is fascinating and consistent at the same time and keeps the tension until the end. I love it when I learn something new from my pleasure reading. Would love to see more from this author.
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Are you sick of all these formulaic thrillers that always seem to follow the same tropes? The drunken unpredictable housewife? The "thrillers" that never seem to have a point to them until 60% of the way through? Well, let me present to you "Lost You", the book that didn't feel like the author took the plot off a shelf, stuck it in a blender, and served it up as a new gourmet recipe.
Cheers to that. 🍻

As you may have gathered, i've been very disappointed with thriller/mysteries lately. So much so that I have basically anticipated never finding one I enjoyed again (dramatic I know!). However I'm glad I finally picked this one up! It doesn't go down the predictable path I assumed it would from the beginning, and doesn't follow the "poor drunken housewife" trope that is popular right now. I am pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable I found this to be. I basically didn't want to put it down once I started (which seems impossible right now with a small child and feeling like I'm half asleep at all times). I am really wondering why everyone has been sleeping on this book. It deserves more praise than the more popular thrillers that are talked about.

In case you didn't gather from the description, if thriller/mysteries involving children are a trigger for you, pass on this one. Otherwise please, everyone else pick this one up!
Like I mentioned, at first I assumed I knew exactly how this was going to end, and what the twist was.. but it doesn't take that standard route. This book has layers to peel back, and it really plays with what's right and wrong till the very end. You don't know much about the past of the characters you flip back and forth between, and I think it benefits the story. This caused me to further contemplate the whole situation and empathize with the characters more than if I had known their entire passed. This allowed me to insert myself into each woman's situation and really contemplate it all you know?

Overall, I'm pleased with this story and am glad I have picked it up. Now I shall go share it in FB groups in hopes other start picking it up.
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To be honest, when I started reading this, I didn’t really know where this story was going. The story opens up with Libby and her son Ethan taking a trip to a Florida resort. Circumstances spin out of control when Ethan enters an open elevator and disappears in the resort. Security footage reveals he was taken and the hunt is on to find Ethan and his abductor before it is too late. On face value that by itself could have been a really interesting story just on that alone. That is where the story takes a different turn, and we flash back in time to meet Anna. A young woman, recently unemployed, who with few job opportunities accepts an opportunity to earn 75,000 dollars. The catch...she has to become a surrogate... and give her baby away to the adoptive family when the pregnancy is over. Not having many choices, she jumps in. As her pregnancy progresses, she finds the idea of turning her baby over a lot harder to swallow. Her decision to keep her baby sets off a firestorm that ultimately causes Libby and Anna’s paths to cross with deadly consequences. This is a really engaging story, I zipped right through it. There is a consuming sadness to this story as most of the characters are very negatively impacted, with few winners. Review posted to Goodreads, Facebook, LibraryThing, and Amazon.
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Lost You by Haylen Beck is a story about a childless mother who is obsessed with having a child.  The woman decides to give money to a questionable fertility clinic in order to begin the process of finding a surrogate .  Libby, the desperate woman who longs to have a child, signs all the paperwork behind her husband’s back .  A woman desperate for money sees an ad in the newspaper and agrees to be a surrogate .   She is picked to be a surrogate by Libby and her husband .  The clinic has hired a forceful and imposing man to make sure that Anna, the surrogate, follows through with the surrogacy contract.  As the novel progresses there are many events that take place that make the entire contract seem as if it will not be honored.  Chaos erupts !   At this point I found some of the events that occurred to be highly improbable.  I agree that surrogacy is fraught with legal loopholes and this novel certainly explores this.  Overall, this was an easy and enjoyable read.  I was given this novel by Crown Publishing and netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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What. A. Ride.  I couldn't put this down for the life of me.  Once I got started there was no stopping.  Libby and her 3 year old Ethan are on a trip when he goes missing.   When he is found, the lady with him claims to be his mom.  The way this thriller unravels will leave you on the edge your seat.
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2 stars.

Yikes!   An intriguing start that turned into a dramatic train wreck.

I was looking through my NetGalley backlist and this beautiful cover caught my eye.  Turns out the cover is the only thing that I liked about this novel.  Unfortunately, this story felt extremely far fetched, over dramatized and ridiculous.  The characters didn’t feel real, nor did the situations they found themselves in.  I was definitely not the right reader for this book, but there are many better reviews out there that you can check out for a more positive opinion.

Thank you to NetGalley for my review copy!
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Good story. The story had a great twist about halfway through, but there were times before that were it didn't quite catch and I almost gave up on it. My main reasoning for it was the writing itself, which sometimes seemed old-fashioned with really bad metaphors randomly thrown in. The ending was good, but I found that there wasn't a single likable character in the entire book. which may be why I almost gave up on it.
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Lost You by Haylen Beck is a psychological thriller about a woman desperate to have a child but can't and a woman who is interested in being a surrogate...until she's not.

Being a mother myself, I could not put this book down until I finished it. Libby and Ethan are taking a vacation after Libby just sold her first novel. A single mother after she and her husband split, Libby is constantly on edge, looking over her shoulder, panicking 24/7 about Ethan and his whereabouts. 

There is a mystery about Ethan’s birth, and Libby has never revealed it to anyone.

The worst happens when Ethan wanders into an elevator before Libby can catch up with him. In heart-stopping panic after the doors open and Ethan is not there, Libby is frantic. Many grueling hours later, Ethan is seen with a woman who is confronted by police. Who is she? She says she is Ethan’s mother.

The suspense of this novel has made me a Haylen Beck fan, and I am in the process of reading everything he has written. Beck, the pseudonym for the Edgar Award-nominated author Stuart Neville, has written a psychological suspense that I could not put down. I have to plan to read his work in one setting.

My review will be posted on Goodreads starting April 10, 2020.

I highly recommend this book to those who like psychological thrillers that twist, turn, and shock so that you cannot put them down until you finish even if it is 3 o’clock in the morning and you have to get up at 6 a.m. to go to work.

I’d like to thank Crown Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in return for an objective review.
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Holy crap! That story so much happened! Really enjoyed it very much...

Libby had always wanted a child since of her health problem..she always loved him no matter what but Anna thought that was her son but he didn’t make it on time sad!

Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced copy..
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I absolutely loved this book!!!! I read way too late into the night with it!!! I thought I knew right away where it was going but it totally surprised me!!!! Highly recommended!!!
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I loved this. 

One of those tornado reads, where you finish the book, put down your kindle or hard copy and ask yourself...what in the heck did I just read?!?! 

Put the fear of god in me re: surrogacy but definitely a fun read if you like this sort of novel for sure! 

Would recommend!
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Lost You is every mother's nightmare. Haylen Beck has written an unputdownable psychological thriller!
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This is not your typical suspense thriller. In order to preserve the integrity of the plot, I will not give away any details as it’s best going in blind on this one. The first third of the book was absolutely riveting and tense. The second third was interesting as it delved into an ethical situation that I have yet to come across in a book. The last third was twisty but lacked the punch needed for a finale. It had a hard time keeping up with the first half of the story. 

Overall, this book was just okay for me. I didn’t like and couldn’t relate to any of the characters, which resulted in some detachment from the plot. I also thought parts of the story lacked credibility and found myself having to stretch my boundaries of believability to remain invested. With a little more consistency and emotional depth, this could have been a five star read for me.

I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I wanted to like this book more than I did. There were some clever twists and turns in the storyline but I was never all in with this one. Something was missing that prevented me from fully engrossing myself in the story.

Thanks to netgalley for providing a free copy for an honest review.
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First off I want to thank netgalley and the publisher for my advances copy in exchange for an honest review. 
I thought this book sounded very promising with the synopsis, unfortunately it fell completely flat for me and I was bored. I didn't like the whole plot of the book, didn't like any characters and I didn't feel any emotion. It had lots of promise but just wasn't the one for me. Couldn't relate to anything, I wanted something more for the story.
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More than anything, Libby wants to be a Mom.  When she is unable to get pregnant, she and her husband turn to surrogacy.  What could go wrong?

This is quite the page turner.  We get to see both sides of the surrogacy story - Libby's anxious anticipation of becoming a Mom and the surrogates' growing concerns over the decision she has made.  There is a dark side to the story that adds to the intensity of the situation.  From the beginning, all is not what it seems.  This all leads to an unexpected ending!

My thanks to Crown Publishing and Netgalley for this ARC.
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Imagine... your young child gets on an elevator the doors close and he is gone. This was a provocative thriller that took a look at how far a mother is willing to go for her child. Libby is on a much-needed vacation with her young son Ethan when he goes missing. When she sees video of the woman who took Ethan she realizes that her past has caught up with her. This is a dark story that focuses on motherhood, surrogacy, betrayal, and secrets. This was a story of two women struggling with two different demons. A story that will have you changing your opinion from page to page. Thought-provoking and twisted. Halen Beck really made me think with this one and I’m still not certain exactly what I think about the end?

*** Big thanks to Crown for my copy of this book ***
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WOW!!! This book blew me away! I have never read a book by Haylen Beck before, and I am a new fan after reading Lost You. This book was amazing and fast-paced, I did not see the twists coming. I read it ravenously in one day, and yelled “WHAT?!” a lot. Loved it!
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I enjoyed this book but guess I was wanting a little more from it.  It was twisty, which I love, but the twists weren't that surprising.
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Lost you is about women and surrogacy, It is about decisions that women can make and then regret making. Sometimes, the experience can change the perception. 

Quite an interesting plot and gripping turns and twists. However, I felt like women protagonists were flat. One was baby-crazy woman, who struggle with infertility for so long and now decides to have a baby via surrogacy. Another, in desperate need of money, and surrogacy seems quite easy but with a huge profit idea. Little both of them know, that no matter what they plan, 9 months is a long time and minds can be changed. 

Infertility and surrogacy are very delicate issues and I think they were handled ok, not great, but ok. The protagonist though were on two extreme  opposites (as I assume they should be) but it just didn't feel right. 

Thank you Negalley and Crown Publishing for Lost You by Haylen BeckARC in return of my honest review.
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