Kings of Mayhem

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There were parts of this book that I enjoyed. I liked that the entire book wasn't focused on the MC lifestyle. That the story was more about them than it was about the MC. Too often authors focus the other way around.

That said, there was a great deal that I didn't like. 

The characters are incredibly immature, especially Indy. We're lead to believe she's a trauma surgeon which means she's probably at least what mid to late 20's? She acts like she's still in high school! The constant crying, acting like a b*tch and lying is not handling things like an adult. Also, I found it unrealistic that she can extend her time off from the hospital without a second thought. Obviously they would have granted her time off for the funeral but initially she has no plans to stay for the wedding and then suddenly she's at the wedding.

Cade...yeah he was just an ass for most of the book and when he wasn't, he was a love sick puppy. I get that he was head over heels in love with her and made a mistake. BUT why not use the mistake to change who he is? I felt for him especially after learning the hand his father had in the whole thing. BUT I think he made it worse by basically sleeping with anything that moved. I don't see how that was his way of still being in love with Indy. 

The book ends on a cliffhanger though our couple does get a happily ever after for now. I was hoping the next book would be about a different couple but it's still about the same couple so I'm not sure I'm going to continue the series. 

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Spoiler free review.
Reunited after over a decade apart, Indy left after her heart was destroyed, leaving behind her world and friends to repair her life until she was called back.  This is a full story of tragic love, making up, fighting for, action, sex and justice to make everything at least better in ways...
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Awsome book! Very well written and amazing plot to keep the readers hooked in its thraws. I'm really looking forward to more of this author's works!!
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King of Mayhem is the first book of the Kings of Mayhem series. I saw this book on Netgalley and I was really intrigued by the synopsis and lately I have been in the mood for MC romances (not sure why) but I really was also in the mood to try out a new author, I don’t do it too often and Penny Dee is definitely a new to me author. I would like to point out that this book contains a cliffhanger and even though I HATE cliffhangers, I will mention that the cliffhanger in this story is not around the relationship, that has a more HFN feeling, but there are other events that leaves you hanging and I am curious on how the next book will develop.

Cade and Indy have been in love since they were children. They were next door neighbors, grew up together, protected each other and were each other’s firsts. They also both were raised in the Kings of Mayhem MC. They had every hope for the future, but right when they were ready to go to college, Cade and Indy were broken apart and Indy left home and the man she loved and became a highly respected ER Doctor. But when her father dies, she comes home for his funeral and is thrown back in the world she had tried to forget and also and has to face up to Cade once more, the man she never stopped loving.

I was really on board with these two, although I did find that Indy was way judgmental and I didn’t care for her character too much to be honest at least until the end there. I found the story to be a quick  and easy read, and I did like Cade quite a bit. He never gives up on fighting for Indy and what they have always had together. I really adored his determination but there is quite a bit of lessons that Indy has to learn and to overcome her own mistakes and judgments. But I am curious to see what will happen in book two. *crossing my fingers* I will enjoy seeing these two again and may it not have another cliffhanger and will be a winning conclusion
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This one was a bit hard to rate, so am giving it 3.5 stars. I will admit that I like the story but when it kept going back into the past of our main characters I got a bit frustrated. Some of what they went through as children was insightful but not all of it. It also seen like our female lead character could not seem to make up her mind. All in all it was a good read and it did keep my interest in it.
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Extremely entertaining, captivating, and interesting read. I could not put it down. Wonderfully written with strong and intriguing characters. I want to read more from this author. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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I am a huger sucker for any books that the story about motorcycle clubs, and even more so when its a new author to me (I am always looking for new authors to read). KINGS OF MAYHEM by Penny Dee was just that, a new book series about a motorcycle club and a new author to me.

Cade and Indy story, where to begin, I don't know if I can form the right words to do this book justice. The story line was just great, Indy left town to escape the motorcycle world, she saw what it did to her mother and she wanted no part of that after walking in on the love her life, Cade, in bed with another women, but when her dad dies she knows the right thing to do is go home to say goodbye. But as the old saying goes "who says you cant go home", Indy does and she's intent on just going for the funeral, but things never work out the how they should, especially once she meets up Cade again and sparks fly all over the place.

This book has it all, the club life, and second chance romance with all the feels, I cannot wait to dive into the second book of the series (which is patiently waiting on my kindle). I would give KINGS OF MAYHEM 4/5 stars.
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This is one of those books that you completely get into from page 1.  Cade Calley, son of the President of the Kings of Mayhem MC was in love with Indy Parrish, they were going to College together and were planning their lives.  Cade might have grown up in the MC world, but that wasn't where he saw his future.

Indy was going to be a doctor when she finished College and her future with Cade was all mapped out but the Club had other ideas and the night before they were to leave, Indy stumbled on a scene that would haunt her forever and the future took a very different turn, one that would haunt her for the next twelve years until tragedy brings her back to Destiny and the one person she had hoped to have been a part of her past.

An excellent book and one I would highly recommend.  Looking forward to Brothers In Arms.

Thanks to NetGalley and Penny Dee for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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Indy and Cade are an awesome read. I went through every emotion imaginable reading their story. I cant express how much i loved them and cant wait for the next installment.
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This was a solid start to a new MC series. I’d call it MC light because they are trying to stay as clean as possible. I love second chance romance stories and this was a good one. I loved the story and the characters. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!
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Cade and Indigo grew up together in the MC and as they grew up, fell for each other.  Then Cade broke her heart and Indy left, now it is 12 years later and she is back to bury her father.  Will Indy give Cade the second chance he wants or keep him in the past.  Great read with lots of drama and emotion.  The story has great characters and steamy chemistry.  I loved it!
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This is almost a copycat story line of Jax and Tara from the Son's of Anarchy, in my opinion. Told from differing perspectives and  in two time period, then and now. The story revolves around Cade and Indy. They grew up together, they fell in love until Cade did something that Indy couldn't forgive. She leaves for college and medical school and hasn't looked back for  12 years. The unexpected death of her father brings her back to town and all the feeling about Cade come rushing back. Can she live that life again? and Can she risk her heart, because the last time nearly killed her? 

I loved  the story line, and can't wait for the sequel to come up in Feb.
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I was so not prepared for the feels in this book- thought it was just gonna be a draught up biker " romance" just lots of hot sex and a bunch of listen to me woman, it has the hot sex alright but it has so much more.
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What a ride this book was!!! My first book to read by this author and WOW! 

Falling in love is so easy when you are young and innocent. You make plans with each other and dream of the day that the plans come true. Although for Indy and Cade, their plans were crushed that one day at the clubhouse. 

Managing to survive in life after that dreadful day, 12 years have gone by and Indy finds herself returning home for the first time since the day she left. Although its sad why she is returning, she is coming home. 

Cade has had it bad trying to move on these past 12 years. Although now older and wiser??? Will that open the door to a smooth reunion with the gal he has loved since they were young kids growing up next door to each other. 

It’s a rough story to read as there are aspects that are hard to deal with even in a fictional book. This book was more of a second chance, friends to lovers set in a Motorcycle Club environment. Although with the ending to this one, book 2 should be more of a MC type book…fingers crossed. 

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I loved this novel.  This novel had me from the very first page to the very last.  I loved the chemistry between Cade and Indigo.  I loved that these two were childhood sweethearts and grew up together.  I loved the humor and the banter.  I loved Indigo.  I love when a novel can make you laugh, cry and leaves you with a smile on your face and just happy, this novel did that for me.  I loved it!
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This is the first book from Penny that I have read it wont be the last, Cade and Indy were teenage sweethearts on till Cade broke Indy's heart, Plenty of drama and action that had me griped, I  would definitely recommend this one. I just reviewed Kings of Mayhem by Penny Dee. #KingsOfMayhem #NetGalley
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Promising start to the Kings of Mayhem MC series this book is my first read by this author. Full of chaos, mayhem and drama and not for the feint at heart as these boys don’t play by the rules. I liked this story and the characters and look forward to seeing what comes next
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This was an amazing story from the first page to the last I could not put it down.  I know I say that a lot, but I do mean it every single time. 5 out of 5!
Cade Calley and Indy Parrish’s seem to have aligned before they were even born.  Cade’s grandfather, Hutch Calley, was an original member who started the Kings of Mayhem when he came back from the Vietnam war.  Hutch and Hank Parrish (not sure if he is related to Indy’s family or not, but it’s big coincidence), flew together and their crews call sign was Mayhem, so the Kings of Mayhem was born.
Cade and Indy met when they were 5 years old, when Jackie and Lady Parrish moved to Destiny Mississippi.  Best friends from kindergarten through high school, when they became more than friends, they had fallen in love with each other.  
Then heartbreak, Cade’s left in Mississippi while Indy goes to Seattle to go to college then medical school. 
Twelve years later, Indigo’s Dad passed away so it’s time for her to come back home, if for nothing more than to bury her father and be there for her Mom.  
With several twists and turns while in Mississippi and a few more after Indy's back to Seattle, Do we get our HEA with Indy and Cade, grab the book to find out!
Now the ending was rough on me and I'm waiting for Brother's in Arms: The King’s of Mayhem Book #2 comes out in February 26th to continue.
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I loved this book, don’t read MC books that much but this was great loved both Indy and Cade, brilliant relatable characters, real emotions, no quick I forgive you instalove type thing ! Great plot and pace, keeps you reading and wanting to know what happens next. Can’t wait for book 2, a great read.

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest review
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Kings of Mayhem, a powerful first novel in the Kings Of Mayhem MC series by Penny Dee. The plot focuses on Cade and Indy, two people who at an early age became best friends and as they grew so did their relationship. Until one day, a betrayal tore them apart. After twelve years Indy has returned, under sad conditions. There is no possible way for her to avoid the issues of the past; especially when the man that she loved so long ago belonged to the same MC that her father was the VP.

Kings of Mayhem was written in a dual POV, giving us readers, a perception of what the protagonists, were thinking and feeling through flashbacks. Normally, when this is done, I would just skip over these parts. However, this was done so cleverly that I couldn’t wait for these scenes to occur. The story had a nice blend of drama and romance, I stayed up ‘til dusk, at no time I had the feeling of putting down the book, until the very last page.

Kings of Mayhem, a gripping, story that you don’t want to miss.
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