Kings of Mayhem

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4.5 Stars

Well alright! This is my first read of this author. What a way to kick off a fantastic MC series.  Cade and Indy's story is a second chance romance set on first love and broken hearts.  

The life of the MC is not the place for everyone.  After Indy's heart was broken, she left and didn't return for 12 years.  But hearts know their match and as much as she tries to fight it, her heart belongs to Cade.  I did love that she made him work for it! Lots of time to make up for but they fell back into each other like no time had passed at all. 

The MC is caught up in some nasty business but it keeps them afloat.  This book ends on a bit of a cliffy but it appears Cade and Indy have resolved their issues for now.  

Loved meeting the whole club, loved the world building, loved the heat between Indy and Cade.  Great read!!
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This book has a few things that some people, can have a hard time reading. But if you don’t have a problem with hard topics then this book can be for you. I really like this book, it’s abot second chances and a love that hold strong. Even if they meet hard times, there love is strong. I can’t wait to read the next book. This book ends with a cliff hanger.

I was given this book to give an honest review.
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5 Stars
Review by: Alysia
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Man oh man. Kings of Mayhem by Penny Dee was such a great read. It had all the emotions and I laughed out loud multiple times!!! It was an outstanding book. I can’t wait for the second one to be released!! 

The book starts with Indigo Blue aka Indy and Cade; they are neighbors and their parents are in the same MC. They met when they were five and they loved each other from that day forward. When they are eighteen and ready for college, their life is turned upside down due to some manipulation by Cade's father. Indy will leave without Cade and will stay away for twelve years until her father passes and she must come home for the funeral. Cade and Indy still have love for each other but there is a lot of pain and anger as well. 

I loved how Penny Dee showed a little backstory with the flashback chapters. It shows even more of the characters personalities and the challenges they faced. Penny Dee does an amazing job of making you fall in love with the characters and also making it feel like your there in the book with them. 

I don’t have any negative comments for this book. I think she rocked the whole thing. 

**ARC provided for an honest review**
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There's a lot in this book that might put some readers off. In fact, I'd go further and say that there's a lot in it that would usually put me off. But, I really enjoyed it. The book opens with the hero with another woman. He's in a motorcycle gang and while they avoid drugs and guns, their business interests certainly lie on the more unsavoury side of life (brothels, strip clubs and pornographic films). Then there's the reason that this couple split up in the first place, 12 years ago...
For some reason though, despite all of the things that would normally put me off a little bit, I really enjoyed this book. The descriptions of both the club in the modern day and the scenes from Cade and Indy's childhood were great and really added to the story. 
I loved both Cade and Indy and the way that the interacted as they rediscovered their feelings for one another. As a rule, I struggle a bit with second chance romances, which is what this is in effect, but somehow it really worked. I did want Indy to drop her defences a little quicker with Cade, but in some ways, the fact that she didn't added to the overall feel of the book and worked well.
Although I have some reservations about the setting, I did like that neither Cade nor Indy felt that had to change who they were or what they did.
There was one thing I wasn't so keen about this story though, the fact that it was left on a bit of a cliffhanger. Now I HAVE to read the next one.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Raw sex, hot bikers and love gone awry make this a real page turner. You can't change your roots no matter how much you try so you need to accept them and make them work for your future as Indy finds out.
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Great book ,great characters , interesting story . I love Cade and I can not wait other books in this series . Thank you Net Galley and publisher for this opportunity .
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I received and ARC of this book through #Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Again one of the things that I love about Netgalley is the opportunity to try authors that are new to me. This book and author didn’t disappoint!  An amazing start to what I am thinking will be an addictive series. Main characters are strong and lovable. Realistic hardships in life, turmoils in a long strained relationship and plenty of HOT sex!!  I love the author’s style in telling the story both in the present and flashing back to their earlier years, both catching you up on their history, but not drawing it out to make you want to skim the contents.  So many things that I loved about this book, I looked for the second in the series and started my review immediately after finishing it.  

What you should know going in....  Mostly not things I dislike because I enjoy a broad array of story and writing styles, but since many have a particular type that they like or dislike, I will list a couple of things to give some insight, while not spoiling anything. 
*Pretty soft core as far as biker books go. Definitely the culture surrounding the club, but not the amount of violence, illegal activity or profanity as you may see in harder core “club” stories
*Sex, lots of it. If you prefer more of a love story without the heat factor, this book may not be for you. The love story is there, but so is the sex and it’s hot, well written and varied
*Cliffhanger alert!!!!  Normally this turns me off of a series, truly, but this ended in a way that kept you grabbing for the next one, while still somewhat completing the story that was started in this book. The cliffhanger scene leads into a different story line with the same background characters, instead of just dropping you off the cliff in the middle of the main story. A little more tolerable to me, but I still prefer a series that has standalone books. 

The cliffhanger ending always feels to me as if the author is setting the reader up to “need” to buy the next book. I’d rather go there out of want of another great book, than because I needed to finish a story. For this reason, I didn’t rate it higher, but it is a good read. The book flows nicely and you won’t want to put it down!  Would have liked to give it 3.5 stars. Definitely a 4 star book for me if not for the cliffhanger.
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This was my first read from this author, and I was pleasantly surprised. The story was engaging, with a fair amount of drama. Cade and Indy were in love as teenagers before going their separate ways following poor choices on Cade's part, and now they have found themselves forced to spend time together following her father's death. This story is a second chance story in an MC setting. The writing flowed well and overall this was an engaging book. I am interested to see what happens in the next book of the series.
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Loved this story and everything about it except the writing. The writing felt juvenile and could have been better. I was seriously sad about how the story was written. I kept shaking my head in annoyance at the writing.
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Kings of Mayhem is my first read by Penny Dee, and while I don’t mind the MC genre, it’s definitely not for the sensitive at heart as cheating and all that goes with living life by no ones rules, is certainly a motto embraced by most MC clubs.

Cade and Indy have childhood history, but life in the club can ultimately take its toll and moving forward isn’t always as simple as it seems. I liked both characters, and while the cheating is unsavoury, it plays its part I the overall plot. 

A great cover, a decent storyline, good world building, and unfortunately a cliffhanger ending, ensure that readers will be eagerly awaiting the next instalment of this gripping new series.
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A fantastic start to a great new MC series, couldn’t put it down. Really enjoyed all of the characters and Can’t wait for the next book!
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It’s been a while since I’ve read an MC book, so when I was given the opportunity to read Kings of Mayhem I jumped at the chance.  I’m so glad I did.  Penny Dee is a new author to me, and one that I will definitely be reading more of.  The story follows Cade Calley and Indigo Parrish, both MC kids, it follows their story from when they met, aged 5 to present day, 25 years later.  Previously I’ve struggled with books going backwards and forwards with the timeline between chapters, but Penny Dee nailed it for me.  I loved reading their past as much as their present.  Told in dual POV we get to see both sides of their story, a story about second chances, family and true love.  A wonderful story, with some emotional scenes and some interesting characters, all with their own story to tell. I can’t wait to read more Kings of Mayhem.  I do hope though that future books include Cade and Indy, I need updates, I’m not quite ready to let them go yet.  I was addicted from the very first page.  Five ‘Cade Calley is Hot as Hell’ Stars from me.  I received an advanced copy of this book from the  publisher via NetGalley.  This is my honest review.
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i felt like it was rushed and just wanted a little more development in the characters. i just needed a little more from it. either way i still enjoyed it.
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Exciting kickoff to a few series! 

The blurb is great synopsis of this story, basically Cade and Indy fell in love and were meant to be until her broke her and essentially them. Indy fled home to pursue her dreams which no longer included Cade but now she must return home to bury her father. And dig up her old feelings for Cade. But are they really old if they never left, are they just stale. Lol.

I loved these two characters and the supporting cast are just as fascinating and promise a great series to come!

Great writing with the right amount of drama and suspense, love and romance, and intrigue leaving you wanting more of the Kings of Mayhem.
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Great start to a series!  

A love you experience once in your life doesn't come around often and when it does it surely is accompanied by some pain and hurt.  Read Indy and Cade's story here and see just how it all begins.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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3/5 Stars

Mainly because I am not a fan of the woman who moves away and betters her life (even if it is done because of pain) but then comes back to her past with little hesitation and picks up where she left of. 
I also don't think men having sex with a bunch of women or being playboys is a sexy trait. I don't know why this is so common in books?

I really did enjoy the writing though and I did like the story and the characters but I felt like certain aspects needed to be expanded upon. Without giving spoilers there was just a lot that could have been explored. Conversations and reasons etc. 
The reason why they originally broke up 12 years ago felt like it needed to be explored and the reasoning behind it. 

Overall I liked this but it didn't stand out to me. The main thing I liked was the writing. I'll still be continuing this series though.
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I love a good MC read and this is one of them. I loved reading about how Indy and Cade first met and how they grew up together. I hated the reason they broke up, but it was written well. Looking forward to reading more!
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I’m kind of stingy with my 5-star ratings, reserving them for books that I can’t put down, love the characters, writing style and will most likely read again when I’m in a reading slump.  It’s especially rare for me to give 5 stars to a new author but this book deserves 5 stars or more.  Cade and Indy have been together since they were five years old and were raised in the MC environment, and may I say this author can write the most heart warming and funny scenes about children who form a close bond at such an early age.  The story does flip from present to past and normally I don’t care for that too much, but this author did it and did it well.  There’re so many secondary characters in the story that I want to see more of.  
Cade and Indy have a special, deep kind of love.  There’s a 12-year separation, yes because of cheating.  However, you must read the story to decide if it was a forgivable offense and the reasons behind it.  They were both 18 at the time.  They each spend those years of separation in misery, especially Cade, because they are truly soul mates and their love was meant to be.   At times Indy did get tiresome with her running and avoidance but Cade never gives up.  Yes, he grovels.  
I can’t say enough good things about this story.  I was totally wrapped up in it and was so dreading thinking I wouldn’t get a happy ending.  I am definitely going to read the next book in this series.  I liked the way the author set up the next book in the last chapter of this book.  Some might say it’s a cliffhanger (I hate them) but it’s really not.  Cade and Indy’s story has been resolved but you’re left with an eager desire to read the next book.  I highly recommend this book for all of my biker/MC friends as well as regular contemporary romance reasons.

The publisher and NetGalley provided an advanced copy for an honest review.
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Unfortunately I was unable to finish this book.  I couldn’t connect with the characters and the storyline was one that had been done many times before.  I’m also not a big fan of books jumping back and forth between past and present and found I couldn’t focus on any of the past portions.
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I love an MC series and I loved this.

This is the first book in the series and introduces us to the Kings of Mayhem, specifically Cade and Indy. This book drew me in from the first page and I couldn't put it down. I am thankful for the NetGalley gods for approving this one and the second book as I read them back to back.

This book introduces all the characters of the club and you get to see the dynamics between them all. The central plot is the second chance romance between Indy and Cade. As a reader you are routing for them and understand why Indy stayed away for so long. They were destined so she could try to deny it but in the end they had to be together.

The book ends with a death where you know the lives of the Kings of Mayhem will be forever altered - so straight on to book 2 I go!!
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