Cover Image: Didi Dodo, Future Spy: Recipe for Disaster (Didi Dodo, Future Spy #1)

Didi Dodo, Future Spy: Recipe for Disaster (Didi Dodo, Future Spy #1)

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Angleberger certainly develops some unique characters. I can't say as a wannabe spy dodo would ever have occurred to me. As a mystery, the resolution is fairly obvious. But I like all of the elements that are included. First, we have a wild adventure with good food and crazy exploits. Second, we have this message about fair play and good competition.
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I had a lot of fun reading Didi Dodo: Future Spy ‘Recipe for Disaster’. A strange mystery had to be solved, and time was running out to find the thief. Didi was definitely not your average spy, and at times it seemed like she didn’t know what she was doing. As this tale progressed you learn she just has a different way of doing things. Kids will love reading this story and seeing the beautiful illustrations help bring this story to life.
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This is a fun and humorous chapter book that will appeal to everyone who likes cookies, a little mystery, ... and a little potty humor.  I am so glad to have read it because it will be a definite purchase for my school..
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I have a soft spot for children's titles that are cartoonishly illustrated.  Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid are both series that I have adored over the years, even as an adult.  Now, I have found a new series to enjoy with Didi Dodo, Future Spy.  This is such an adorable read that both children and adults are bound to love.  My only criticism is that some of the humor was a little one-note and repetitive, with funny phrases being repeated multiple times throughout the book, but this is probably more a reflection upon the fact that I am not the target audience of this read than a critique of the book as children will perceive it.  Overall, I am eagerly awaiting future books in this series!  

I received a copy of this title from NetGalley.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Fun simple early chapter book. Great for fans of the authors other series. Also a great book to hook reluctant readers. Loved the characters.
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I really enjoyed Didi Dodo and her quick thinking and daring plans.  From the beginning of the book, Didi literally crashes into the book offering her help! Koko Dodo is in a fix and needs to find who stole the secret sauce for his cookies.  
Didi and Koko set off, on roller skates, trying to solve the mystery and looking for the special secret ingredient for the sauce.  
Will they solve the mystery and make it to the cookie competition on time? 
It’s Didi to the rescue! 
Pick this book up for laughs, brilliant illustrations and a super crime solving duo! 
Loved it! 
Already looking forward to more from Didi.
Will be recommending this to children in my schools! They will truly embrace the humour!
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I typically really enjoy Tom and Cece's work, but this book was not my favorite. I didn't feel attached to the characters and found the plot somewhat disjointed. There were a few too many characters going in too many different directions and then ask end up in the same place. It was just to much for me. 
I think the book will have some weight because of the authors and illustrator and there will likely be kids who find it hilarious. It just want for me.
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