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Diary of a Drag Queen

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This is a total marmite that I think you will either love it or hate it.
Being brutal, it was way too graphic for my taste and I have discovered things I really didn't need to know.
However the concept behind it is great just be unshockable!
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What an honest open and intriguing insight into the life of the writer. It's very frank which I liked, there is no point in sugarcoating ( no pun intended) a book like this. Every page really was an adventure into the unknown for me and I loved it all
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Great fun to read! Not for the prudish. What I liked about this book was Crystal’s views on the LGBTQIA+ community and identity and gender politics. I also felt this was engaging throughout when I sometimes find these diary type books become a little tiresome sometimes.
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A great book- but it’s not for the faint hearted. If your easily offend or a little bit of a prude sense of humour then sadly this will not be for you. 
It leave very little to the imagination.
Funny, emotional
Fab book
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Truth, wrapped in humour, sprinkled with self doubt, mixed with self acceptance and the occasional fisting anecdote that is dusted with glitter and rhinestoned to the gods.
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Sassy, Sexy, intriguing, and endearing!! 
I loved reading this book, I laughed and cried along with the author of this diary. This book follows the life of a drag queen, via their diary entries. It addresses issues pertaining to  identity along with  the trials they face during a lifelong journey. 
I urge anyone to read this book, and thank crystal rasmussen for a beautiful insightful journey through a year of their life!
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Diary of a Drag Queen is excerpts from a British drag queens diary. It's not for the faint of heart as it features quite a lot of sex and spares no details! It chronicles Crystal's journey over a year and describes finding work as a drag queen and a lot of self acceptance. I don't think there's really anything else out there quite like this book and it is definitely a necessary read for those who are fans of drag or just have an interest in human stories.
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This was quite the read. Fair warning. If you're not into scatological humour, detailed explanations of the fetish and gay club scene and a lot of information about fisting, this book is going to be either hard going or an eye opener for you. I learned a lot! Not just about gay sex, mind you. Rasmussen is fascinating on the politics of queer culture, the sheer exhausting nature of having to fight to be seen, heard and included in a positive way and not have your head kicked in. They throw light on a world I knew almost nothing about. It appears that my obsession with RuPaul's Drag Race is a dead giveaway of my casual, tourist like approach to what is a full, complex and fascinating world. Eloquent, funny, exhausting and at times difficult, I found this absorbing.
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Thanks to Ebury Press and Netgalley for the Advance Review Copy.

The title is pretty self explanatory for this one. It's the diary of a drag queen, in this case the drag persona of journalist Tom Rasmussen.

This book is certainly not for anyone even a remotely bit prudish. If you have even one iota of prudery in you then back away slowly. It is unapologetically explicit in its accounts of sexual activity, sexual fantasies, drug taking,  jokes about get the picture. 

The author is clearly an accomplished writer, as evidenced also by his writing contributions outwith the scope of this book. The book has lots of hilarious anecdotes but also looks unflinchingly at issues relating to discrimination, homophobia and the reclamation of power within the LGBTQIA+ community. 

My main issue with the book was that after an entertaining start, it all got a bit samey. The author was also just a bit too caustic and mean-spirited for me to fully engage with his diary. The social justice commentary was a little heavy-handed and descended into Tumblrina territory at certain points.  Some of it also felt a bit r/thathappened e.g. getting a free flight from NYC to Iceland because the airline staff liked his perfume. Uh huh. There were just too many times I wasn't able to read it as a genuine diary so I wasn't able to enjoy it fully.

Overall, lots of people would love this one but it was just too full-on for me.
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I'll be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this book. It was funny and a great insight but bigot bored very quickly. I'm really sorry, but thanks for giving me the chance to read and review!
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If you are not a fan of sex and a bit of a prude then this is not the book for you. This is a rip roaring diary of a year in the life of a drag queen and gay man as he explores sex and finding a career with his ultimate true goal of finding love and acceptance. It’s rude and at times will make you laugh and cry but a great read.
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I adored this book so much! Crystal is a warm and exciting character to learn about and it gave me a chance to learn more about the history of Denim. The northerness she has definitely came through and it made me want to continue when i should have been sleeping. This book was funny and touching and it was a great book to end 2018 with. One particular section focused on the fast food/food options in Angel and it was so relatable i spent 5 minutes laughing at Crystal's views and opinion of the options. This is one you should pick up to feel all the emotions in one book!
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