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You've Got This, Mama, Too

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I have put off writing this review for awhile. I read this book a couple months back and it was really inspiring and heart warming, but also heart wrenching reading about mommas who have gone through such difficult things. While I was reading this, I went in for my first ultrasound while pregnant with my fourth baby to find that I had experienced a blighted ovum miscarriage. We were devastated and I was far enough along to need a d&c because my body was not figuring things out. In all honestly, I felt like something was wrong and especially while I was reading this book. It were almost as if I was meant to read the book before I endured what I did. I can't say that it made it any easier, because if you have gone through something like that, just reading about others difficulties beforehand does not make it easier necessarily.  However, it did help to know that I wasn't the only one going through such trials. I felt so alone when we received the news and hearing about the constant stream of new pregnancy announcements reminded me of our lost and simply crushed me. But there are other mommas going through similar hardships and seeing how they have overcome those difficulties in their lives can be directly applied to your own. So if you are thinking about getting this book, do it. You never know what experiences await you in your own life and how much a book can help give you proper coping skills and a true feeling of warmth and understanding with women you have never met. This book is well written, well organized and well suited to any momma- whether they have children here, in heaven, or are still anxiously waiting for them.
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So relatable! I really enjoyed the stories and nuggets of wisdom throughout the book. Love to pick this up when I need a boost of confidence of an in need of cheering up. Recommend to all moms out there!
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I enjoyed the majority of this book. It has stories of many mothers and their adventures into motherhood and the issues, complications and joyous occasions they experienced. I am in my 3rd trimester and thought it would be neat to read. There were some stories (about children that had issues at birth, etc) that probably weren't what I should be reading while pregnant,  but all the same, very real and I felt for these mothers. This book offers the idea that many mothers are just sort of winging it and to take things as they come, rely on and appreciate those who want to help and do the best you can.
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