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The Wrythe and the Reckoning

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This was really interesting. I loved Lina as a narrative POV and her ideas and reasoning were unusual for the era. The plot and narrative are gripping and quickly draws you in. I would definitely read on.
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I'm genuinely upset the ending will not be available till April because I was hooked! Some parts at times were very repetitive due to Lina seeming to go through several similar situations. However, I thought her to be a fascinating narrative and loved her peculiar ideologies for that era. I do hope the ending will be available so I can indulge in it more.
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This book was... interesting. I was hooked from the start and urban fantasy doesn’t usually do that for me. But the ‘monster’ in here is so beyond that it became too much for me personally. I think young teens would really enjoy this and if you can find it, definitely pick it up and try it!
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