The Wrythe and the Reckoning

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Pub Date 25 Oct 2019 | Archive Date 27 Mar 2019
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—A nostalgic tale with the elements of classic literature.

The Wrythe and the Reckoning is an avant-garde nostalgic story that will have you not only falling in love with the characters, but you’ll also gain an understanding of their individual perspectives on life. This fantasy tale is sure to be enjoyed by readers of all ages, from teens to older adults.

In the mid-1800s, Lina and her family move from their small New Hampshire village to an industrial city in Massachusetts. During this time, it is said that a bizarre, malevolent human-like monster is lurking about in the forests of the New England territory. In addition, Lina is an independent thinker. She's determined to make something of herself and to live her life the way that she wants to. Lina must face and overcome the difficult challenges surrounding her society in order to live her ideal life, all while avoiding being murdered by the so-called human-monster. 'The Wrythe and the Reckoning’ is an epic urban fantasy tale of love, courage, bravery, freedom, and friendship.

If you're looking for a story that's simply about romance or a horrific event, this isn't the story for you. The Wrythe and the Reckoning is an intricately woven tale of a teenage girl's life experience as she grows into a woman and continuing afterwards. Not only is this story about her life, it's also about the lives of those close to her and the society in which she lives.

Intriguingly complex and yet relatable, The Wrythe and the Reckoning is a thought-provoking and intellectual story of fantasy, mystery, adventure, and romance.

**Book Release in April 2019 - On Amazon, IngramSpark, and in bookstores worldwide.**

—A nostalgic tale with the elements of classic literature.

The Wrythe and the Reckoning is an avant-garde nostalgic story that will have you not only falling in love with the characters, but you’ll...

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This is a great book. I strongly recommend it. I am excited to reread this book and am already recommending it.

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A book should be judged by the words and not the cover. I found the story very slow paced yet beautifully detailed, woven and explained. It gives you a real glimpse of the life of Lina & her family and the society at large. Lina is a beautifully created character who very innocently tells us so much about life, marriage, the position of women, the economic structure etc. in America at the time the story takes place. Though I loved the writing style & the detailing I was disappointed with the over all pace and development of the book. I wish there was more to the whole book than just the life of a family with all it's ups and downs.

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From the amount I was given, I'm definitely interested to see how everything ties together in the end. A historical fantasy with a female MC who is headstrong and wanting to be her own person in society. What more could I ask for? The writing wrung me in right away, leaving me glued to the pages. The monster is intriguing and keeps the mystery and plot moving. I thought it was very well made, and it's a shame it has fallen so far under the radar. Definitely a hidden gem that needs to be checked out.

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Honestly, this is a hidden gem! I can't believe that this one is not so much known! In the mid-1800s Lina and her family move to the city. Lina is a girl who tries to prove that her ideas are more forward, something 'unusual' for a woman of her time and also her POV was very well written. The mystery behind the murderer is very complex and I gripped from the beginning till the end! This book deserves more attention.

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This book has some of the most beautiful writing I’ve read in a while. I was sucked in from the start. Gosh, I definitely would recommend this book to ANYONE. It is so beautiful and enchanting!!!

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This was really interesting. I loved Lina as a narrative POV and her ideas and reasoning were unusual for the era. The plot and narrative are gripping and quickly draws you in. I would definitely read on.

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I'm genuinely upset the ending will not be available till April because I was hooked! Some parts at times were very repetitive due to Lina seeming to go through several similar situations. However, I thought her to be a fascinating narrative and loved her peculiar ideologies for that era. I do hope the ending will be available so I can indulge in it more.

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