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I love the glamour of old time Hollywood, and this book was wonderfully read. The characters were great and the story was well done.
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Stars in His Eyes by Marti Gironell is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late July.

Ceferino (aka Justo) is emigrating to New York from Spain in the late 1940s. He lives with his uncle in the Bronx, then alone near his sister in LA. The book cobbles together moments and relationships where time passes by in a blink and you don't really get to bond with the characters at all (especially when he starts palling around with movie stars).
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Gironell's novel definitely struggles under the weight of its subject and the time span it attempts to cover; it not only jumps sometimes years in a span of a paragraph but also the details it goes into are only aesthetic, they don't scratch at any deeper meanings, it's all flash and no substance. 
If you expect an immigrant story and not a view of Hollywood from a European perspective, if you expect the life experiences of a late '40s refugee from Spain and not the view of '50s U.S. culture, then this book isn't for you.
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