Waiting for You

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Ok here goes .....I absolutely adored discovering you but this next instalment didn’t give me the same feels as that one it was a little slow...but nevertheless onto the next I love Lucy and Justin as characters so I’m delving in to it right now x
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A great follow up to the first book. It leads us deeper into their connection and story. I wanted to know more. Guess that’s why there a third book!

Read this trilogy. It’s a little unusual. 

Thanks to the author and publisher and Netgalley for the ARC for a honest review.
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Brilliant! Here we find out more about the enigmatic cross, and work through Lucy and Justin's nightmares and connection.
We see the most changes in Lycy and that is fun to read.
This edition to the series is filled with action, romance and suspense.
Brilliant continuation, not to be missed!
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** spoiler alert ** 

I honestly wished these books were about Stefano And Francesca. Because I love their story!! And the age difference alone had me going!
But... once I got to chapter 1. I was back to all the drama that was unfolding at the end of Discovering You. Ughhh

Matt coming into the picture again was a big why. He brought nothing to this story.
Rachel again is a big problem. I was tired of her drama in the last book and I’m tired of her drama in this book. 
Edward... The whole thing that went down. Had me shaking my head. Lucy should’ve handled that better. I mean... ughhh
Open your mouth and say something!

Lucy... she’s so clueless about everything. I mean... how hard is it to remove yourself from a situation. Edward’s room is adjoining to yours. Well... go back down and get another room. Or... move to another hotel! It’s not like you don’t have your own money. 

This book was soooo aggravating.
But, Justin and Lucy FINALLY start really talking about the flashes of images and feelings they get sometimes. But, it was way late in the book. 

Once again I’m left feeling empty while reading this book. Where’s the story. Where’s the romance between Justin and Lucy. I'm crossing my fingers for book 3.
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I wanted to enjoy this. Especially after the potential of the first book. But it fell flatter than flat for me and I really struggled with a lot of the things that happened in this book.
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Alright, this book was just as perfect as the first one. Sure, I got mad at the characters, but that’s not a bad thing! It was so deep and thoughtful, five stars for me. Kate McBrien has done it again!!! Wonderful!!!
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Beyond amazing I enjoyed this book so very much. The characters and storyline were fantastic. The ending I did not see coming  Could not put down nor did I want to.
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2 stars
This was a book that just wasn't for me. From page one I struggled reading it. Not my thing. This was more historical romance for me.
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I received a copy of Waiting for You (Indigo, #2)  by Kate McBrien in exchange for an honest review. You can get your copy here:

This book picks up shortly after the previous one ends with Lucy missing Justin Lucy is still so angry and humiliated after watching the infamous video. With all of the paparazzi drama, her parent's security team had whisked her away and now she is back to her childhood bedroom. Colleen, Lucy's best friend confesses that Max, Justin's manager emailed her shortly after Justin left. Life takes quite the turn when Lucy runs into Edward, her boss and he tells her that they are forced to sell the Varangian Cross and it needs to be personally delivered to its new owner in London. Lucy was told by her parents to  be agreeable towards Edward despite his previous behaviors, as it will be useful to the family. We are taken on a journey that involves a psychic, telepath and lots of drama. I was on the edge of my seat during this second book and I cannot wait to get my paws into the next book.
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Book two in this series carries on from the cliffhanger at the end of Book 1 and the mystery heats up. Julian and Lucy have been torn apart by circumstances beyond their control.  While apart they both meet psychics who tell them that they have been together in the past and will be in the future though it seems impossible in the present.  

Julian is playing concerts with his band in London and Lucy gets a suprising assignment from the museum to deliver a historical artifact to a buyer in London.  As fate would have it,  they meet again and go to Santorini to escape the outside influences that keep hurting their relationship.

Kate provides us with a well written love story that is so beautiful and passionate, but there is so much more. As more layers to the story are revealed it became almost creepy and as I reader I wondered how the people who are hurting them in the present might have been involved in hurting them in the past, and what the final story of their story was going to be.  This is a really superb piece of writing and so enjoyable because it is so different from the usual themes in romance books. Looking forward to reading the final book in the series.
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Waiting For You is the second book in the Indigo Trilogy and continues Lucy and Justin’s story.

Just like the first book, Waiting for You begins with a prologue from centuries ago about a woman and a man who are in love with each other. It’s like a ‘next chapter’ for the prologue from the first book. I really liked that Kate McBrien did this because the prologue was really intriguing and I wanted to know more.

Something I also really liked about Waiting for You, is that there were some more paranormal aspects such as more dreams, certain feelings, psychics, … I really missed that in the first book because we only had the prologue, a few dreams and the mention of the cross. It felt like the author put a bit more effort in connecting the prologue with the story of Lucy and Justin.

When I compare Lucy and Justin to the first book, I really think that there was some character development. Lucy is a bit more confident and brave and Justin has changed as well. I think that this is a good thing because a story can be great, but the book in general can suck when there’s no character development.

I liked the story is general, but just like the first book, the writing bothered me a bit. I think that it often felt rushed or like the book wasn’t properly edited. I think I would’ve enjoyed this book more if it were written differently. However, I still look forward to the third book, Always With You.

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Waiting for You, Indigo: Book 2, Kate McBrien

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre: romance

Well, at the end of book one Justin and Lucy were apart, the fame/media aspect scaring  Lucy. Its one of those things that's so hard, if she wants to be with Justin she has to accept that the fame and publicity are part of the package. Even if he gave up his music, he'd still be hounded by media for a significant time – and anyway, its part of him, part of the man she loves. 
He understands her fears, blames himself for the awful events that separated him even though they aren't really his fault and were done without his permission or knowledge. He's left it up to Lucy to contact him, says he'll be waiting. 

Her parents though, they really don't like him, and are determined to push Edward in her way. He's got himself highly placed at her work too, so she's really no way of escaping him. He is such a horrible sleaze and in this book we see more of that. I loved it, someone appearing so genuine, caring, respected outwardly, and yet behind the scenes, in the pursuit of what he wants he's a horrible, manipulative bar- stard. That's reality – we often see friends and family of people who've committed some awful crime saying it can't be true, the person simply wouldn't do that. But they can and do, manipulators are expert at presenting one face to the world while doing the opposite. 
He arranges for Lucy to travel to London, with him of course, to deliver the Cross to its new buyer. As usual he's moving events to suit his purpose but Justin is in London too, and Lucy is thinking its a chance, fate maybe, to reconnect. Once more though Justin's fame comes between them with yet more horrific allegations against him. Its a time that's testing Lucy to the fullest, and she needs to decide, trust her heart, her instincts or believe the media and of course the person behind things. I really wanted to shake her a couple of times, shout at her “c'mon Lucy, give the guy a break, he loves you, you love him” but she was so cautious. 

I've seen criticism about the attack, that it wasn't reported. In reality something like over 80% of attacks go unreported and given that only a small percent of those that are reported lead to conviction, its almost understandable why some women choose not to put themselves through the trauma of reporting and all it brings. I don't agree with it, that's what lets predators continue, but it's reality and I can see why it went unreported. 
In the same way the false allegations against Justin, that happens too, folk wanting revenge, wanting to cause harm, just making allegations for malicious purposes or attention. Sadly, things like that lead to the non reporting data, because people are afraid they won't be believed.  

The connection to the past, the supernatural element is very muted, only appears on a peripheral basis, it's clear how events are linked re Justin and Lucy, but I'm not entirely sure if Edward is who I think he was, or if there's some kind of turnabout coming....

Its another great installment, though I did get a bit cross at Lucy's dithering. I adore Justin and none of what happened was his fault, sure he has a past, but he can't change that, only change how he is in the future and Lucy needs to accept who is was, and who he is now. I did find it not quite as gripping to read as the first book, a bit slower paced, didn't quite have me lost in the story the same way but its still a cracking read, especially from a new author.  
Luckily I've book three on my kindle as an arc, but its out very soon, later this month, and the whole trilogy has been released within six months. I love that, hate waiting a year, eighteen months or more between episodes, its why when I'm buying I wait til story is complete before buying, so I can read all in one go, I find I enjoy the story best that way. 

Stars: Four and a half, not quite as good as book one, the story lagged a little at times, but I really did like the reality of the attacks and how they were dealt with. 

Arc via author and Netgally
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This second book in the trilogy was devoured the night after I finished the first book.  I was desperate to know about the past, present and future for Lucy and Justin.

I really liked the writing style and every story thread has been well thought out, I was able to follow all of them and care about them all. Sometimes I find in other stories different threads become annoying/distracting after a while.

Just hoping that that Lucy and Justin get a satisfactory ending for them!

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a honest review.
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The second book in the Indigo Trilogy, Waiting For You, continues Justin and Lucy’s relationship. This story picks up from the end of Discovering you and should not be read as a standalone. I liked this story, we got a closer insight into the characters, their passion and I look forward to the conclusion in Always With You.
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This really dragged to me and then it tuned to lots of sex.  The evildoers of the book seem to have the upper hand conspiring to keep Lucy and Justin apart.  The subplot seems to be more in the fore front.  

There were many aspects that I just could not tolerate!  

1.  A woman who is attacked and then not speaking out is not right.  In our world today and the uplifting of woman’s rights this is totally wrong.

2.  A woman lies about being assaulted by a man for revenge. This just highlights all what invalidates the woman’s movement and makes people look at other women and say they are lying when they are not 

3. To also have the mother not support her daughter and believe the attacker!  Can it get worse...I hope not

Why doesn’t the author just take a bus and run over all women.  It almost makes me not want to read the next.  This installment really was not great.

Received an ARC from the publisher from NetGalley.
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I absolutely loved this book as much as the first book. I can't wait to read the last book in this trilogy. Kate McBrien's writing style will make you feel as if you are in the story. I highly recommend.
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The second instalment of this trilogy is just as captivating as the first. I love Justin and Lucy’s chemistry and the Cross which brings them together is a great focal point. Now on to book 3
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