I Know You

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An interesting thriller which revolves around social media. I found the book hard to put down as there was plenty of twists and turns and it did make me realise that I have done the right thing by not using social media. 

The characters are really interesting and I really felt as though I knew the main characters. 

The one major disappointment was the ending, which I found really predictable. All in all it was a worthwhile read
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I really enjoyed this psychological thriller, although a little bit far fetched but it is fiction, isn't it?

It kept me entertained from start to finish with plenty of surprises and enjoyable characters.
It's a fun pacey read that I would recommend.

Thanks Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for an ARC, I voluntarily reviewed this book.
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What a fanatically creepy read! This book is so relevant in terms of our social culture and it definitely made me think. I thought the story was very unique. I don’t know if it will stand the test of time due to the subject, but I really enjoyed it!
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This book grabbed me from the first page and I couldn’t put it down.  Taylor, who is from California, recently moved to England with her English husband, and she is very pregnant.  The story starts with Taylor looking to make friends in her new hometown.  She joins a walking group and a book club, where she begins to make friends.  The story’s atmosphere is ominous as we meet the new people in her life and follow their stories. This book is very timely about the way we post our lives on social media. This book was well-written and I could very well see it as a tv-type movie.  It is the first book I’ve read by this author, and it definitely won’t be my last. Recommended!
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Nothing is quite as it seems.
Who knew book clubs could be so unsuspecting and dare I say 'dangerous'. 
All she wanted was to feel accepted after all she's pregnant and lonely with a husband away on business.
Could the unthinkable truly happen right in front of her own eyes? Could these new friendships be developing into a plot to destroy her and her relationship with Simon?
Never post your private info on social media unless you want some stalkers, bots, and trolls....
Welcome to the New World....
Thank you to Annabel, the publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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Oh social media. You get us every time...

When Taylor Watson moves to London, she's in for a rude awakening. It's not the life she always pictured and now she's pregnant without her husband around. Once she finds a group of friends and things start to fall into place, strange things start happening on social media. 

Do you really know your closest friends? This book will have you second guessing that...
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This was my first read from Netgalley! This has some “Girl on a Train” vibes, partially I think because it takes place in England I think, but there are also these unexplained surprise connections between characters that seem familiar. I think this is better than “Girl on a Train” though.

This book alternates narrators. Some chapters are narrated by the main character Taylor and others are narrated by a stalker. The stalker chapters threw me off. At the beginning of the book, I swore I knew who the stalker was and who they were stalking, I was like “hmm, this isn’t a mystery…”. BUT THEN! I was wrong, on both accounts actually, and I’m so glad for that. I appreciate a thriller that isn’t as predictable as it seems. I have not been super impressed by these domestic thriller types (think also “The Couple Next Door” and “Behind Closed Doors”) because they feel unexciting and predictable, and while this is only a 3 star book for me, it was certainly better than those.

I didn’t particularly like any of the characters. I get that the author is British, but Taylor is supposed to be American and she doesn’t seem like it. She talks like she’s British and narrates like she’s British and that was a little frustrating. Her husband sucks, her new “friends” are catty and I’m not sure why she continues hanging out with them, and the one that isn’t catty is a male who’s in love with her. I like plot driven stories, and this was definitely character driven, but they characters weren’t very good, so it’s just not a great combination.

I also felt like the plot was way too slow. I know I just said it isn’t plot driven but I HATE when the plot only speeds up in the last 50 pages. This is more about the relationships between the characters than anything else.

I gave this story stars because it was an unpredictable thriller to me. It was a pretty easy read and the dual narrator gave it depth. I took stars away because the plot was slow and the characters aren’t interesting. I would recommend this book if you liked “Girl on a Train”, “The Woman in Cabin 10”, “The Couple Next Door”, and books of that genre.
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2 stars may seem a bit harsh for this book, it's more 2.5 really, very middling, not quite 3. 

This is an easy read and it moves along nicely, but there just seemed to be something missing for me. There wasn't really enough tension throughout and the baddie was rather laughable, more of a caricature. The main protagonist was forgettable if I'm honest, and secondary characters were written rather flat and cliche. I found it pretty obvious what was going on and the ending seemed rushed. 

This would be a good holiday read, a nice bit of escapism, but for me it didn't really work.
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That picture you posted?
I’ve seen it.
That location you tagged?
I’ve been there.
I know everything about your life . . .
And I’m going to destroy it.

If that doesn't pull you in, I don't know what will! I know you is a fantastic, page turner of a book that will leave you guessing until the very end.

The twists and turns take the reader on a ride they never want to get off until its shocking end.

Highly recommend this book !
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I loved this book, I was absolutely hooked and just had to keep reading. The story and the characters really intrigued me and it was very well written. I liked this story as it made me think about the characters and who was behind everything, I kept going backwards and forwards trying to work it out. There were some nice twists along the way. The only negative is how quickly things were tied up in the end which was slightly disappointing. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book!  Good character development.  Was not sure where this was all leading, but the "reveal" took me by surprise.  Highly recommended!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book, was one that I spent hours reading and didn’t want to put down. The way the book is written with the very different character personalities, really puts you inside the story.
I like the current and modern touch to this book, mainly regarding the use of social media and the consequences of over sharing!
The book focussed on lonely, pregnant and friendless Taylor who has moved with her husband (who works away a lot) from Cali to Croydon! She joins a walking group and book club to make friends and this how the story begins with Taylor making new ‘friends’ and one best friend called Anna, who she is desperate to be friends with!

I won’t give too much away beyond this,  for fear of spoiling this but I highly rate this book. It’s gripping and will keep you guessing right until the very end!
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This is one of those books that can have a pro and con list as a review. Such as; Pro: the extra star is because I was able to get caught up in the story and it's mystery. Con: Every few chapters we're reminded that the main character, Taylor, is from "the States" but there are so many things that left me thinking that not only do Americans not do or say that but I couldn't help but wonder if some would even understand what she was talking about. A big part of me is thankful the author didn't try to make her a stereotype, but the disconnect was a bit jarring. Speaking of Taylor, I just did not get her and really all the other characters as well. They're all crazy. And through most of it I began to think they were plotting together.
Taylor stalks someone she came across and uses loneliness as an excuse, she even throws in a "everyone does it" and "if you've never known loneliness you wouldn't understand." I know loneliness, yet I've never cared enough to track every detail (including their house) about a person I don't know. She also does a few creepy things that no one should think is a flattering idea. But then on the flip side she made her self so vulnerable that it's almost stupid.
The people she befriends are either vipers or so clingy that I can't even imagine sticking around at my most loneliest. As I said, they're all crazy and there is no "oh well that explains everything" type of wrap up, they're all still crazy and weird at the end.

Let's just say I did not stick around for the characters. It was a good story that might have been better if the characters had a bit more depth but I found it intriguing,
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I wasn’t sure what to think of this book in the beginning, but would not put it down. I’m glad I didn’t!  I will not give too much away but I couldn’t wait to see how this was going to play out. It kept my interest and kept me guessing. I do definitely recommended this book!
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Taylor meets Anna and Simon at a weekly walking tour near London. Anna is from Texas and Taylor from California. So, they have a lot in common having just arrived in the UK a month or two, ago. Simon, a bit older, is a member of the walking club, too, and seems a bit odd.

Sarah, who lives close to both Anna and Taylor, invites them to join a book club. Here, they meet Caroline (Caro) who eventually tells the "club" that she lost a 1 year old due to a chocking accident. Both being pregnant, Anna and Taylor feel sorry for the brash and brassy Caroline now.

Sarah seems to have her sights set on Jake (Taylor's husband) while Anna's husband is working in Qatar. Rarely does he come home. Even Jake travels days/weeks at a time for his work.

Anna helps Taylor deliver Joseph as (of course) Jake is out of town.

A trip to The States is in order to see Taylor's parents - and their chance to meet Joe.

But just wait - you won't see what's coming next!!!!!

A super read!!!

Many thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for a rock and roll read!
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Firstly, huge thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased opinion.

Taylor is a pregnant woman with a husband who frequently travels, newly moved to the UK from America. Taylor is desperately searching for friends, which she finds during her walking group and book club. Life is going well for Taylor as she awaits the arrival of her baby. The story is fast paced, and told in the first person by Taylor's voice, and another voice whom we do not yet know, a person who is stalking someone in the group. 
I felt the book was quite predictable. I did not like any of the characters at all. I found Taylor to be weak and desperate.  The story was unrealistic, and I felt the ending was quite rushed. We get a lot of buildup over the course of several hours, for the ending to be maybe a ten minute read. Good story, but it's been done before.
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Taylor is 7 months pregnant and recently moved with her husband, Jake, to the UK. Jake works and spends a lot of time away from home, leaving Taylor to her own. With Taylor being new to the area she spends a lot of time online on Instagram and Twitter. Taylor posts her life for the world to see on the internet. Eventually Taylor decides to join a walking group where she meets Simon and Anna. Taylor feels an instant pull to Anna who is also pregnant. Taylor also meets a neighbor, Sarah, who invites her to a book club, where she then meets Caroline. 

As time progresses, Anna feels she is being watched. Strange events happen and stranger feelings occur. Who is watching Anna? Are they also watching Taylor? 

The book has alternates between a stalker and Taylor. 

I felt all the characters had a mysterious feel to them, that all of them had possible secrets and could not be trusted. I liked the edge feeling of wondering who was the stalker. 5/5 

Thank you to Netgalley, Crooked Lane Books and Annabel Kantaria for a copy of 'I Know You' in exchange for an honest review.
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Taylor and Jake are starting all over again in London.  Taylor is getting ready for the arrival of  their first child and trying to learn to trust Jake again after she discovered that he was having an affair.  They have moved from their home in California to Jake's old neighborhood in London in an effort to save their marriage.  With Jake gone all the time for work, Taylor is trying hard to make new friends.  She decides to join a local walking group.  During her first outing, she meets Simon - a nerdy computer programmer who lives with him homebound father.  As they arrive back, she also meets latecomer, Anna - also new to London, pregnant and looking for a friend.  Taylor immediately tries to latch on to Anna has her new best friend.  Within a few days, Taylor receives an invitation from Sharon, a neighbor,  to join a brand new book club that she is forming with her friend, Caroline.  All of a sudden Taylor has 3 new friends, but all is not perfect in Taylor's world.

In addition to Taylor's story, we given hints that one of Anna's new friends is not who he/she appears and has malicious intentions towards Taylor.  Someone is watching her, spying on her through her many social media posts, knows about her and Jake's marital problems, along with other things about Jake's past that even Taylor is unaware of.   Could it be Anna - who thinks that someone is watching her and who seems to have a warm/cold relationship with Taylor?  Could it be Caroline - the snooty friend of Sharon's who knew Jake in school?  Could it be Sharon - who Taylor is convinced is after Jake?  Or could it be Simon - who seems to be interested in Taylor as more than just a friend?

Annabelle Kantaria brings a psychological thriller in I Know You that will make you rethink the information that you put out on social media and who has access to you and your secrets.

I did like this book.  It did keep me guessing as I continued to question myself each time I thought that I knew had it solved.  I did, however, feel that the story came to a sudden and abrupt ending.
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I am thankful for the opportunity to read an ARC of I Know You.  Thanks to Netgalley, Annabel Kantaria and HQ.
What a completely enthralling thriller.  I couldn't read it fast enough.  I was constantly thinking I had it all figured out and then was thrown off.  I thoroughly enjoyed each of the characters and the way each was introduced.  
Will look out for more by Kantaria in the future.
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“You trust me. You shouldn’t.”

And with that quote - let the madness and mayhem ensue! 

I Know You, is a dark, leathery, vexing tale that checks all of my “must have” boxes when it comes to being a good thriller. It was a read that drew me in like a stranger offering candy- I was enticed by it’s sweetness and held captive until the last page. What can I say, other than, I’m a sucker for a tale that limelight’s a psychotic villain hell bent on getting revenge! So, with that said, I give I Know You, 5 bright shining stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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