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Sitting Still Like a Frog Activity Book

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If you are looking for a resource to help with mindfulness activities for kids ages 5-12 this is what you are looking for. This book could be used at home or in the classroom. It is simple, the language used in the activities is ideal and it will meet your needs.

The publisher made this book available on netgalley. The thoughts and opinions shared her are my honest review.
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Get this as a physical book. I got it as an ebook ARC from NetGalley and loading the pages was So Slow. It took up to 5 minutes to load a page and it crashed by reading app several times. 
Other than that, this was an okay book. The stories were fairly preachy. It reminded me more of an 1800s primer more than anything else.

Three stars
This book came out April 9
ARC kindly provided by publisher and NetGalley
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This book was filled with great activity ideas for children. Many of them would be easy to use in a classroom to incorporate into the daily routine. The illustrations for the yoga movements help to understand exactly what each movement looks like and I think would help a lot of parents and children in using the correct positioning. Many of the stories and response activities are probably better for older children, but could easily be adapted for younger children as well. I can see this being used as part of a mindfulness curriculum, but also as part of a everyday classroom/behavior management. Parents can use a lot of the activities as part of a bedtime routine to help their child relax before bedtime and fall asleep faster.
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This book did not work well with my ipad.  I was not able to access all of the pages.  It looks like a great book and I know several parents and teachers that would benefit from it. My star rating is only based on the fact that I couldn’t access everything.
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I didn't care for the stories in the book but I thought the activities were fun and something I could adapt with my students. Nothing particularly amazing or revolutionary but a nice book.
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Excellent activity book for kids and for parents.  There are lots to do in this book including coloring pages, recipes, and stickers. I definitely want to buy a copy for our patrons.
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Super awesome companion to Sitting Still Like A Frog. Our library has held events for mindfulness with our children patrons using the first edition, we cannot wait to try some of the activities listed in this book. This is sure to be a hit.
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