Where Angels Fear (Detectives Kane and Alton Book 5)

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We're back in Black Rock Falls where Sherriff Jenna Alton is feeling under the weather and Dave Kane is still recuperating from the last case which left him in a bad way both physically and mentally, however, no rest for the wicked as driving along the highway, friends Ella and Sky stop for a broken down truck in the midst of a snow blizzard, Sky is attacked by the man and Ella escapes but just barely. What happened to Sky and is Ella a suspect?

When another two people go missing, literally vanishing into thin air, Jenna knows in her gut they have yet another serial killer in Black Rock Falls, although no bodies have been discovered, something is awry as she searches the national databases and finds out more people have vanished without trace. What is it about Black Rock Falls, seems to be a hunting ground for serial killers!!!

Jenna has a lot to cope with at the moment as she is also in fear that her past is catching up with her, being in the witness protection programme, she thinks they have found her via Dr. Weaver!!!

Really enjoyed this book, it gave more back story on both Jenna and Kane, the dynamic between them is great, they would literally risk life and limb to get to the truth and apprehend the suspect, as is the norm with this series, you are sent off on wild goose chases thinking yes I know who did it, eh no... although we have POA from the killer himself, it still gives no clues as to who he is!

If you love a good serial killer mystery detective series, you should give this one a try, I am never disappointed. Each book is better than the last, if that's possible!!!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I haven’t read the others in this series, so no backstory history. But really enjoyed the mystery. Easy quick read. 

Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.
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"The idea of traveling into the middle of nowhere in the pitch black with not even a sliver of a moon scared the crap out of Ella, let alone stopping for a strange man on the side of a deserted highway. "We haven't passed a car for at least an hour. He could be a serial killer just waiting for us to drop by."

The book starts out with Ella Tate and her friend Sky stopping to help a stranger on the side of the road. Things quickly go wrong and Ella ends up running for her life. After barely escaping she survives and recounts her tale to Detective Alton and Detective Kane. After a bit of research, it comes to light that many people have gone missing on the same stretch of road that Ella and Sky were attacked. With there being no cell reception on that stretch the road it's the perfect spot for a psycho to wait for their next victim. 

As the investigation progresses it starts to unravel that they could possibly be dealing with more than one killer. Where are these missing people? What is being done to them? Where is the evidence? So many things to uncover and time is quickly running out for two of the latest victims. 
First thing I would like to mention is that I have not read any of the previous novels in this series. There were some chats about past events that I'm sure were in the earlier stories, but I was able to read the book just fine without having to feel like I had to learn any of the previous novels to understand this one. I'm thankful for that as I see a lot of series where I'll read the plot of a book and discover it is book three and people say I need to read the previous novels to understand the current one. 

I'm a very plot driven reader. I don't like too much lingering or description. Often time books like that lose my interest. This book starts just the way I love for books to start it only took a few paragraphs before we were into the nitty-gritty. 

One of my usual pet peeves is multiple character perspectives. I hate that this is trending and so many people are using this writing style. Often it is too confusing, and I end up losing interest in the book. This book had that, but it was perfect and engaging. I enjoyed that this novel provided perspective from detectives, victims, and the killer. I have never run into a book that has done that before. It was enthralling.

The setting of this book was great though there was not much setting description which leaves a lot to the imagination. For me that is perfect, but I do know that some people have to have very descriptive writing in their stories. I don't want to give too many elements of the story away, but for simple descriptions like "blizzard" and "road closures" is enough to satisfy me. I can build a scene from there. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when an author allows me to go wild with my imagination when it comes to settings and surroundings. 

The one real complaint I have is the ending. Something like this would be national news which means Jenna would have to give a press conference which would show her face and possibly alert the people that are the reason for her being in witness protection. Maybe a chapter ending with the people that are looking for her to see the news where reporters are trying to ask her a question about the case. Some grunt makes a call to his boss saying "Turn on the news-we found her" I don't know my mind just wandered with so many possible endings that would have left a reader wanting more. That is not to say that the ending was bad. I just really enjoyed this novel and the characters and would have loved to see an ending that would have left me feeling like "oh my gosh **** is about to get real I
need the next book NOW." 

Sometimes the writing was choppy but it wasn't really anything that bothered me or caused me to lose focus on the story. 

I could see this story being the plot line of a tv show or movie. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a good crime thriller. Expected publication is February 2019, and I highly recommend you add this to your ever-growing TBR pile!
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A very enjoyable read! I was very interested in getting my hands on this one after I read the blurb and I am pleased to say that I was not let down.

The story is written very well and the characters are interesting and jump off the page. I would recommend this read!
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Thanks Netgalley, Bookouture,  and author D.K. Hood for an ARC of this amazing novel.

This is the 5th book in the series, and having devoured the previous titles I couldn't wait to start reading this one.  

Wow gripping suspenseful crime thriller with lots of surprises, twists and turns.  The pace is perfect, the characters are real and engaging, and the build up for the end is exciting and unpredictable.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series to all fans of high quality crime thrillers.
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This is the 5th Kane and Alton book and I still love the series as well as looking forward to a 6th installment.  I read this in two sittings, and it would have been one had I not started it later on in the first day. The plot was one that I found interesting and the writing kept me engaged. There were a few small instances where I felt that things were a little clumsy or rushed, for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I'm still invested in the character development and look forward to learning more about the where the characters are headed and what's in store for them. Though I will say, Black Rock Falls sure is a magnet for the scum of the earth. I wonder who will lose it next...

** Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for an advance copy of Where Angels Fear in exchange for my honest review **
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Thank you Netgalley for the advanced copy of this. 

When two young girls pull over to help a man who has broken down in the snow they are attacked. One of them gets away! She manages to get help, and we follow Sheriff Alton and her team as they try to figure out who’s behind this..... and the other disappearances! 

This book is brilliant! I’m so glad I picked it as I hadn’t tried this author before. Very well written with great characters. Couldn’t put it down until I’d finished.
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This is book #5 in the Kane and Alton series.  Whilst it can be read as a standalone, it does refer to previous books, so it would be advisable to read them in order.

Sheriff Jenna Alton and her Deputy Dave Kane are on the case of a teenage girl who was attacked on a snowy highway whilst helping a stranded motorist.  She has now disappeared and when more teenagers disappear, it becomes apparent that the cases are all linked and that another serial killer may be on loose.  Not only does the Sheriff not have any leads on the missing persons, she also finds her protected identity may be at risk when someone seems very keen to find out who she really is.

I have loved this series from the very first book, so I went against the order of my ‘To Be Read’ list and moved it right to the top!  Jenna Alton and Dave Kane are the equivalent of Mulder and Scully, a fantastic crime fighting duo!  Based in Black Rock Falls, a remote town in Montana, you would imagine they have a very quiet role there, but over the course of 5 books, they’ve encountered more serial killers than you can shake a stick at!

The location in this book sounds bleaker than it has throughout all the other books, being in the middle of winter and with LOTS of snow!  We don’t tend to get snow like that here in the UK, so it was an eye opener to read how bad it gets and how much of a hindrance it is when you are looking for a killer!  

Following on from the previous book’s storyline, Deputy Dave is still recovering from what happened and is still suffering the after effects, both physically and mentally.  I was pleased to see though that he was still on the ball with his super sharp skills and protective streak where Sheriff Alton was concerned!  Deputy Wolfe was also back in this book, but I am slightly disappointed that his character seems to have been pushed to the back slightly as I do like his character and it seems like he has so much more to give.

The story itself was fast paced and addictive!  It was, in parts, a little bit gruesome, so be warned if the sight of blood makes you squeamish!!  The possibility of Jenna’s identity being blow was great and I was really excited at this part of the story as we were given a few more snippets as to why Jenna was under the Witness Protection Scheme and what she had done in her past!  We was also, thanks to Dave’s injuries in the previous book, given an insight into Dave’s life before Black Rock Falls.

The storyline twisted and turned, throwing red herrings out at every opportunity.  There weren’t too many characters, so it was obvious to assume that it had to be one of them as the killer, but I couldn’t work out which one until the Sheriffs did!!  This was a fantastic crime story with a great collection of characters who all add their own little ‘thing’ to the storyline!!  I read this book so fast I’m sure there was smoke coming from the pages!  It had me completely hooked and I just couldn’t put it down.  I can’t wait to see what happens in book number 6!!
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This is Book 5. Love this series! The characters and story suck you in at the beginning and don't let go. Black Rock Falls is a dangerous place. People disappear. Sheriff Alton and her deputies track down the bad guys. I hope Book 6 follows very soon. Thanks to NetGalley, Bookoutre and the Author for allowing me to read and review this fabulous book.
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Where Angels Fear is the fifth installment of the Kane and Alton series of suspense thrillers by author D.K. Hood. Although the plot is one that moves quickly and held my interest, the writing is at times clunky, sentence constructions are often awkward and much of the dialogue is unrealistic and cliche.  These shortcomings distracted me from the reading and removed me from the story far too often to overlook.

Sheriff Jenna Alton and Deputy David Kane, both living under assumed identities provided them by the government, work to discover the truth behind several missing teenagers.  The cases share similarities that are disturbing, and all signs point to a serial killer on the loose in Black Rock Falls, Montana.  The investigation unfolds as clues lead Alton and Kane to derelict locations in pursuit of unsavory characters who fall under suspicion.  As the tension mounts, the pair close in and the truth of what’s happening in Black Rock Falls is finally revealed.

As mentioned, the story does move quickly from scene to scene, though tossing red herrings like scattered bird shot.  Alton develops theory after theory, and shares them with the authority of someone who is convinced she is right. She just wasn’t a very likable character, and in fact some of her dialogue is flat out cringe-worthy.  When carrying out interrogations she jumps to conclusions and behaves in a way that calls to mind the cliched cartoon detective—the one who points a finger and yells “AHA!” when he is convinced he has outwitted a suspect.  It’s like a demented game of Clue in which someone occasionally ventures an overly enthusiastic guess—“Colonel Mustard in the library with a wrench!”  

There were other areas of weakness here as well.  Although set in the US state of Montana, Where Angels Fear has a distinctly British under current that is disconcerting.  Characters go “to hospital”, a firing is called being “struck off” and a furnace becomes a “boiler”.  Other word choices are, while not particularly British, equally as confusing.  Pickup trucks are referred to as “rigs”, a grassy road is called a “two track” and the words “gape” and “maw” are put to use more than one time too many.  Finally, problematic sentence constructions made the writing feel unpolished and clumsy (“The warm air from the heater permeated through her clothes, she was so sleepy”).

In the end, great story that, due to a number of issues, was simply not my cuppa tea.  

Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This series just keeps getting better. Kane and Alton have a seriously crazy case to solve this go around. This mystery is full of twists and surprises. Each reveal is more shocking than the last. My only complaint is that one plot point involving Kane is wrapped up in the epilogue and felt a bit too rushed. However, I think things are about to get even more interesting. I can't wait to see what comes next.
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4 and 1 / 2 stars

Ella Tate manages to escape a murderer, but her friend Sky was captured. Is she alive? Her car and belongings have disappeared. The responding police cannot find any evidence of the abduction in the snowstorm that has blanked the small Montana town. 

Sheriff Jenna Alton and her partner Deputy David Kane have a new mystery on their hands. Jenna’s past comes back with a vengeance and Kane is still recovering from the gunshot wound to his leg. 

The team which consists of several loyal deputies and support staff begin to investigate the case. Ella recalls a little more about the abductor. Jenna has a shocking realization that several persons have gone missing in the area. They all disappeared in the same place, or nearly so, that Ella’s friend went missing. How did no one ever notice? Through a patient and exhaustive investigation, Jenna, Kane and the team track the killer to an old abandoned building. 

This is a fast moving thrill ride of a book. This book is extremely well written and plotted, as are all of Ms. Hood’s novels. I really like Jenna and Kane, and the rest of the team as well. They are smart, savvy and dedicated detectives. They make a great team and get along very well. Their personalities complement one another well. I enjoy Ms. Hood’s novels and look very much forward to reading the next in this series. 

I want to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for forwarding to me a copy of this absolutely great book for me to read, enjoy and review.
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I have read all the books in this series and they just keep getting better. The characters are well rounded and the story keeps you guessing til the end. Highly recommended this author.
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Absolutely beyond brilliant!!! This is the fifth book in the series. Being back in Black Falls territory was like visiting a very familiar place. I read this in a day. Pretty gruesome in places but that made it all the more special. A lot of outside characters but they needed to be there. The relationship between Kane and Alton was fantastic. A definite must read.
Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for allowing me to read this arc.
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Number 5 in the series and with each addition it gets better and better. I read this in one day and broke my own rule of leaving the book I was reading to start this as soon as I got it, Harrowing opening that grips you from the first line. Brilliant plot that’s keeps you guessing and fantastic development of the characters and plots in the sub plot. The main plot is gruesome and unusual. The reasons for why the characters in the sub plots are where they are is very interesting and as we learn  more gets even more interesting. I love the setting too and with each book feel like I’m revisiting a familiar place though Black Rock Falls has to be THE most dangerous town in the US.
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Detective Jenna Alton fears she may have an ax wielding lunatic on the loose. Elsa Tate is covered in blood when she runs into Black Rock Falls and she tells a terrifying tale. She and her friend had stopped to help a man who appeared to be in distress only to be attacked with an ax. Only Elsa managed to escape. As Jenna investigates, she discovers a number of people have disappeared on the same stretch of road. Her investigation leads her to a ramshackle building in the middle of nowhere. Is she about to confront the ultimate evil?
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It is no surprise at just how good this novel really is.  I am a huge fan of this series and in this book you see a new Kane and a new Alton.  

It is definitely a very big check in the win column.  It showcases the great teamwork from alton and kane as well as Wolfe.   

The pace seemed very fast but all the boxes were çhecked.  It had action and a mystery to solve.  Missing persons and one of the most gruesome storylines imaginable.  

What a wonderful book which just keeps adding to the depth of the series.
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