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OMG! I was so excited about Megan and Nash story and they didn’t disappoint!

We had a glimpse of their hot chemistry in the prior books and I was holding my breath for this moment!

A Romeo and Juliet-esque story where Megan can’t have feelings for Nash; he is everything she shouldn’t want and Nash hates this family with all his heart.

Her father hates him, they have been enemies since she can remember and the only thing Nash is better at other than fighting her father is hooking up with any available females around.

Unfortunately for her, Nash doesn’t take no for an answer. He has been patient till now, but once he gets a taste of her he is not backing down.

Obviously things get more complicated, and their only chance at surviving and finding happiness might be by trusting each other, even though on paper they might look like the worst idea ever.

I have to say Nash really surprised me, I thought that all of his demons would make it harder for him to show his true feelings, but when the moment came he showed up, and that’s what matters the most. He is not perfect but he would try to be his best for her.
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Unfotunatelly I cannot post a review for this title since when I tried downloading it the file wasn't working! I hope we can resolve this.
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I give this book 5 stars. The storyline between Nash and Megan was well written and a great must read book. I love this Author is books. I whole heartedly recommend this book. Nash and Megan's father are enemies, will they find peace? Megan and Nash get a surprise after an encounter. Can they finally be together? I voluntarily reviewed this Advanced Readers Copy of this book.
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Megan Harrison was attracted to one man and he would say anything to get a reaction from her. Their chemistry was explosive and neither could state their feelings that had laid dormant for far too long. After one night, their worls’s change and bring them closer together despite the long going feud between their families. Ready to make a step in the right direction Megan is ready to leave the past where it belongs while Nash finds the one who is threatening his families farm. Great ending to the series.
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the kinky spurs series comes to a close as the last blackshaw brother standing gets the happily ever after in hard-riding cowboy. nash blackshaw is starting over after a bad injury derailed his bull-riding career, everything in his life is different, except for his heated rivalry with megan harrison. they've been raised to hate one another, their fathers were fierce rivals.

bur there's a thin line between love and hate, and megan and nash cross it multiple times. their journey isn't a straightforward one, but that makes the end result all that much sweeter. they have to fight to find their happy, and it's totally worth it i think.

just another great addition to the series, and there are plenty of side characters to explore should the author choose to do so.

**hard-riding cowboy will publish on february 5, 2019. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/st. martin's press (swerve) in exchange for my honest review.
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Megan and Nash have been in lust with each other for YEARS, but neither can pass that line that will get the 2 feuding families together...or can they?  I don't know about any of you, but I want Nash for myself.  That was one hot cowboy and I know he knows how to ride!
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Final book for this series.  This was about Megan and Nash.  Nash pursued Megan relentlessly and Megan never gave him a chance until 
Blackshaw and Harrison had feud since their fathers time and both family never got along especially between Nash blackshaw and Clint Harrison.  They never quiet got along like his other brothers and he knew getting involved with Megan will involve Clint as well.  
Nash pursued Megan relentlessly (on all the books) and Megan never gave him a chance until at his brother's wedding, Megan finally gave into Nash and they spent glorious time with him.  Everything should have been going back to how it was use to be.  But that never came for Megan.  One time with Nash was never enough. Until she finds her surprise.   
Now Megan is torn between Nash and her father.  She doesn't want to start any relationship with so much hate between both.  She only wants love.   Yet, they won't get along, for sake of Megan they should get along but Nash won't trust Clint for his devious ways of doing things around his ranch and Clint won't see him as an mature adult.  
Slew of incidents in Blackshaw ranch creates more problems for Nash and he has his suspicion on Clint.  Megan doesn't want to get involved with business side since she has enough on her plate already.  
Now they have to get along or Megan won't see them both.  
What will they choose to do?

I did enjoy reading all the series. I liked Nash and Megan the best. They were really funny.  I loved their banters throughout the series.  It was different side of cowboys!!!
Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press Swerve for ARC in exchange for honest review.
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Megan has been in love with Nash most of her life and they might have gotten together sooner if there wasn’t a feud going on between her father and Nash’s father. Well Nash’s father passed away a few years ago and the feud continues as Nash has taken up in his dads place but Megan can wait no longer so she and Nash sneak off to fool around. When Megan realizes there is a reason she is so emotional so she tells Nash expecting the worst but Nash couldn’t be anymore excited the problem is what are they gonna do about the feud because Megan refuses to be around anyone fighting around her baby. This story was sweet and you really want the family to adopt you.
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We're on a cowboy binge! The previous two Blachshaws have been filled with heat and passion; and Nash is no different; with his desire to roping up Meghan every chance their alone and even making sure their alone to do it. But Kennedy throws in a twist with a surprise pregnancy between the ill-fated lovers. In a spin on the Romeo & Juliet familial feud, Nash and Meghan have danced around their attraction to one another their entire lives. While Meghan doesn't fully understand or support the feud, Nash struggles with it while working on the Blackshaw ranch. He has a deep hatred for Meghan's father and it could be something that comes between their HEA.

A lot of this book is spent back and forth between Meghan's ability to handle the two men her life hating one another and her need to be independent. Every time Nash seems to take one step forward, another accident or mishap at the ranch leads him to believe her father had a hand it and pushes them two steps back. The will-they, wont-they makes for entertainment while Nash deals with the mysterious setbacks at the ranch. I kept wondering if Megan's father truly had something to do with it all. And my heart broke for her thinking he could've been guilty.

I would call this a second chance romance only because Meghan and Nash seem to need multiple tries at trusting each other before realizing what it will take to truly be happy. All along their story theirs also a romance for Jenny Blackshaw (the boys' mother), a stray mama cat and her kittens (#smitten), and Nash's discovery of how his bull-riding accident truly affected him years ago. Absolutely a romance about overcoming all obstacles including accidents, family feuds, self-doubt, and pride. A wonderful, heartfelt (and sexy!) end to the Blackshaw series!
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Megan and Nash have known each other all their lives and though they are attracted to each other, Megan has managed to keep Nash at a distance, till the night of the best friends wedding to Nash’s brother. 
When their one night of passions brings them a surprise it adds a complication to an already complicated situation. When things start going wrong at Nash’s guest ranch, and the enemity between Nash and her father keeps increasing, which way will Megan go ? 
This book has everything that I enjoy reading. The push and pull between Nash and Megan, the passion and the love was amazing. I haven’t read the previous two books in the series but I loved this one. I loved the bond between the brother . It was an entertaining read and I look forward to reading more from the author.
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This is the third book in the kinky spurs series, and it's Nash and Megan book, Megan owns kinky spurs and Nash was a national bull rider but a nasty bull left him in rough shape! Although he's unable to compete anymore he is able to help out at his family ranch . Nash and Megan family is like the Hatfield and McCoy s they can't stand each other but growing up together these two always had some type of feelings for each other! They end up hooking up (and it's 🔥) Megan ends up pregnant!! Her father is gonna kill Nash lol this book was funny , lots of angst, drama, heartbreak and heartache! I definitely recommend reading this book and the series! I'm definitely getting a little burnt out in cowboy books lol but this was still good! Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for sharing this book with me!
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Nash and Megan's story is still as steamy as the previous books and I really did root for these two. I loved that Nash was so determined to win Megan over and convince her that their one night meant more to him than anything ever had before. I liked that Megan didn’t roll over and give in to him so easily. I loved that she didn’t let her body take over and that she stuck to her guns when it came to the compromises she was willing to make, especially since a lot was riding on her decisions. She called out both Nash and her father and the show of support she got from the side characters was also really sweet. 

After reading it from start to finish, I ended up really liking it. I liked the banter, I liked the sharp edged flirting and the red hot chemistry between the MCs. I really liked the sweet fluff too! These two had some really gooey sweet scenes between them. It was sexy but also so freaking cute at times. *sigh* I really liked Nash and Megan together. So I’m kind of sad I didn’t love it :(

I loved the first book and the series as a whole is really good. I can see myself re-reading them all.
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I enjoyed Nash and Megan’s story immensely. These two have been pushing and pulling each other for years. Their families are bitter enemies and they were told to stay away from each other. Nash left to persue a bull riding career and became a national champion. But then he had an accident that ended his career and forced him back home to the Blackshaw ranch. He lost his way and was just barley living. But then Megan and him enjoyed one sexy night together and that changed everything for them both. I loved watching Nash regain his passion for life. And I loved how strong Megan and her convictions were. And it was great having the rest of the gang throughout the story.
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I recently discovered this author and I was excited to try another one of her books. Although this was third in the Kinky Spurs series, and does have plenty of appearances from previous characters, I felt it can still be read as a standalone. I will definitely be going back to check out the first two books when I have a chance, though.

I am a sucker for enemies-to-lovers and while this kind of started out that way, I have to admit I wish there had been a little more of that before the dynamic changed. But that's more about what *I* like in a story and doesn't detract from this book in any way. It was just slightly different from what I expected from the blurb.

The feud between the Megan and Nash's families seemed kind of dramatized. Maybe there was more explained in the previous books, but I had to think to myself, "do people still act this way these days?" And Megan's relationship with her father was, well, interesting – albeit hard for me to relate to – as well. I don't know if I'd be able to separate "loving parent" from "cutthroat/somewhat-unethical businessman" like she was. I don't read a lot of mafia/MC romance but I am guessing that's something that must come up more in those tropes than the ones I usually read.

The story was sweet while the sexual chemistry between Megan and Nash was HOT. And I really liked how Nash was "all in" once the cards were on the table. And while Megan's biggest issue (well, second biggest, probably) was the volatile relationship between Nash and her father, Nash had some growing up to do as well and had to come to terms with the end of his PBR career and change in life goals. I like it when all the "problems" aren't all on one person in the relationship.

As soon as I have some cycles in my reading schedule, I plan on going back and checking out the first two books in this series and Kennedy is now on my "watch list" for go-to authors!

*eARC provided by the publisher and NetGalley. All opinions are my own.*
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A sweet but steamy romance!

All Nash ever wanted to do was be a bull rider ... and he did that until he got bucked off one to many times and had to retire. Now he was looking after the family's guest ranch, until he decided what he was gonna do with the rest of his life. Megan owns the Kinky Spurs Bar and did it all on her own, without the help of her rich father. Megan has always had a thing for Nash, but fought it because she knew Nash wasn't the marrying type. But when Nash came home to stay, he pursued Megan with everything he had. The only thing that was getting in their way was Megan's father. Nash and Megan's father were enemies and before Nash it was his father. Will Megan and Nash be able to make it through this family feud that has been going on their whole life?

I just loved Nash ... even though he was a hard-headed alpha, he had a soft side when it came to Megan. She was good for him ... she made him think of other people and not just himself. He would do anything for her. And Megan just wanted to live her life without anger and fighting. Most of the scenes with Nash's dog Gus were so funny ... the author really got the puppy experience down good. This book was a great addition to a great series ... so not only would I recommend this book, I recommend the whole series.

I received an early copy courtesy of St. Martin's Press through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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Oh how I love the Blackshaw brothers! This is the final book in the series - Nash's story - and what a story it is!

The chase, the catch, the passion, the end! Everything about Nash and Megan's journey pulls you deeper into their lives, their families, their future. I love this book! I will miss Shep, Chase and Nash and all those they love and care about.

Well done, Stacey, well done!!
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I requested and received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. I voluntarily read this book and my review contains my own thoughts and opinions. 

This book was a rather quick read. It kept my interest and made me want to keep on reading it. Megan and Nash find themselves giving into the attraction that they have for each other despite the history of family rivalry. Nash has to figure out how to put his hatred for Megan’s Dad aside if he wants to keep her happy. 

There’s lots of drama in this story that keeps the reader hooked!
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A good story. Megan and Nash belong together, that's for sure. The only thing I didn't like about it is that the people who deserved more severe consequences for their actions got off too easy. Maybe I'm just to unforgiving.
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Book 3 in the Kinky Spurs series, Hard-Riding Cowboy brings us Nash Blackshaw. He is Sexy as hell and as hard headed as a bull, but Megan is the woman who is just right for him. Problem is she is the daughter of the man his family has been taught to hate. This story was a little sweeter than the other but still held its sizzle. I enjoyed this book and recommend   look forward to reading more by this author
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This is a beautiful, intense love story from an author who delivers fun, flirty, emotional love stories with a touch of kink. Nash and Megan have a lot of chemistry but Megan is determined to resist and not be just another notch on Nash's bedpost. As it turns out Nature has a different outcome in  mind for them.....

Nash is so angry and full of angst as he tries hard to do his bit in keeping the family legacy afloat. Megan's father is one of his hottest trigger points. Imagine when he finds out that he's going to be a daddy and the one thing Megan needs from him is a cordial relationship with her family.  Watching Nash struggle with managing his hatred and yet try to tame his fiery nature for love of Megan is an inspiration.
Megan is the true heart of the story. Hardworking and determined she has made a success of her life. She has always loved Nash and yet never admitted to this love aloud. She absolutely wants to end the ugliness of the family feud between her family and Nash's family so much that she is willing to walk away from Nash and his love.
I love how the story unfolds. The emotional highs and lows, the sexy times and deep friendships bring an emotional intensity which makes this a beautiful love story sure to keep readers engaged and enthralled with the story. I've definitely got Ms. Kennedy on my Auto Buy list.
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