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Nash and Megan’s book!!! What a great, sexy and flirty read. Chemistry is scorching! Their banter grabs and hooks you. This one is definitely my favorite read out of the series. I highly recommend this book.
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Unfortunately, I did not get very far into this novel before I had to put it down. I did not understand why the main characters were attracted to each other, as their connection felt tenuous and rang false. The writing was also a little hard to get into, as we were told everything that was happening rather than being a nuanced looks at it. The setting and atmosphere were quite good, and I think that if the author had built her characters up a bit more, I would have been more interested. But it also could just be a matter of my personal taste.
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Stacey Kennedy saved the best for last and pulled out all the stops with Nash and Megan! I was bowled over by this book. Totally. The writing was absolutely stellar. 
Nash, youngest of the Blackshaw brothers has always had a thing for Megan Harrison owner of the Kinky Spurs bar. Their fathers were sworn enemies. Nash is working hard trying to help his brothers with the ranch and it's survival, staying in one place spending his early year on the rodeo circuit until an injury forced him home. Megan steers clear of Nash, there's always a push and pull there, they both are attracted to each other but neither acts on it. Until that one night. The one night that changes the course of both their lives. Megan knows she needs to tell Nash and his response just about knocked my socks off. He totally supported Megan and would do whatever she wanted and wanted to be a hands on Dad. They kept this off everyone's radar for a while knowing news travels fast in their small town and waiting for a time to tell their parents. Nash and her father have a particularly ugly relationship. Her father is a nasty bugger and the only thing that keeps the old boy in line is her mother. She starts spending more time with Nash at the ranch, meanwhile the ranch is having some problems with sabotage and of course Nash blames her Dad. Megan is afraid that Nash will get bored staying on the ranch and find a reason to leave, so she's just a tad reluctant to go all in with Nash. So many great twists and turns and hot as Hades, this book is all consuming. I loved Nash and Megan. This book could not have been better! It's an absolute must read. Deserving of more than 5 stars.
I'm going to briefly whine about this being the end of this amazing series, so Stacey seriously throw us a bone and give us one more book because there are so many things I just want to know!

arc from NetGalley and Publisher for an honest review.
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I am a fan of this author, although not necessarily of this book. I thought it had an over simplified and predictable plot with very little suspense and then a quick ending.  Overall, this one is not a favorite.
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A sweet romance between two people who are part of a family feud that has gone on for years.  Nash has always hated Megan’s father, who he thinks is a money and power hungry SOB.  He and Megan have grown up together and he’s always pursued her.  They’ve played a cat and mouse game until the fateful night that changes their whole world.  Nash has never gotten over the accident that took his bull riding career away and is searching for some purpose in life that will give him the satisfaction and challenge he had in his PBA days.  Megan is a strong, independent woman.  She’s tired of the stupid feuding and doesn’t want to raise her child in such an environment. Nash loves Megan deeply and is willing to make changes, if necessary, to keep Megan and his child at his side.  There’s a little mystery going on and some really spicy scenes.  I enjoyed watching both Nash and Megan grow and become a solid couple while overcoming the generations of hate and mistrust.
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Hard-Riding Cowboy was a terrific read. That had feuding families, a sexy cowboy who rescues kittens and a sassy heroine who doesn't take any crap. And it kept me entertained and engaged throughout. Not to mention it had the perfect blend of sweet and sexy. And it was a great story to end the what has been a brilliant series and one I'll definitely be rereading in the future. Would happily recommend.
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I have enjoyed this whole series from Stacey Kennedy. The Blackshaw brothers are all so different, as are their women they fall for, yet they share some common values and of course the ranch. I have been waiting for Nash's story since he is such a wild card and this did not disappoint. He and Megan have been dancing around each other since the first book and it has been fun to read. This book kicks their relationship into high gear with some unexpected news. The tension between the Blackshaws and the Harrisons adds a Romeo and Juliet type twist too. And Gus!!! He is just so funny - what a great "character"! I loved the epilogue as well, giving us a look at all three couples a little in the future.
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I really enjoyed this book! I've been waiting for Nash & Megan to finally get together! I'm glad all the brothers are settled and happy now!
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Another amazing brother, Nash, gets his HEA with Megan plus a cat and some kittens. Loved it all plus seeing all the brothers and their ladies.

Now, can there either be more books or a spin-off with the Carter sisters and their beer brewing.
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Hard Riding Cowboy is a delightful conclusion to the Kinky Spurs trilogy!  Megan and Nash will make you swoon with their story.  Stacey Kennedy wrote a great story full of sexiness, humor, and suspense.  Chase, Shep, and the rest of the family are charming and give Nash adequate grief.  You don’t want to miss this book.  I can’t wait fir the beer-making sisters!
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4 stars. 
Stacey Kennedy has rapidly become one of my favorite authors, especially when I am in the mood for something "smokin" hot and sexy to read. She always delivers and never disappoints. 
In fact this "Kinky Spurs" series have been some of my absolute favorite reads by this author.
I am officially smitten with these three Blackshaw brothers and was delighted to finally get to read Nash's story early (I received an ARC of this from Netgalley). 

Nash and Megan have been eyeing each other and flirting for way to long but the bitter feud between their families has held them back from acting out on it . So when Megan and Nash finally give in to their shared chemistry at his brother's wedding with a passionate fling- it is simply never going to be just a one time thing between these two (no matter what they might tell themselves) .

This third and final story was really sweet with plenty of action and also a bombshell admission from Megan that leads to a deeply tender and satisfying romance. It also made for a perfect ending to a fabulous series. LOVED it.
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Nash really appreciates his woman's attributes, “not talking to me?” he called out. She turned, giving him a great view of her magnificent *** in her tight jean shorts that seemed even tighter lately. He liked those shorts" Leave it to Nash's siblings to keep it straight with him, “yeah, you look good. Well, if you could erase the scowl, that might help.” Nash strained to smile. Shep snorted a laugh. “You look like you’re giving birth to a porcupine.” I liked this book, I loved Nash.
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Hard-Riding Cowboy is the final book in the Kinky Spurs series (unless we get lucky and Stacey decides to write more!) and I was excited about this one, especially after reading Sweet-Loving Cowboy. Nash had me super intrigued. 

Parts of this book I did enjoy- but I think this particular story kind of fell flat for me. Plus I felt like some of the conflict went completely unanswered at the end of the book. 

I will keep reading Stacey's books, because I do love her writing and loved this series. I just didn't love this book.
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Megan and Nash have been dancing around each other for years.  They have finally decided to take a walk on the wild side at his brother's wedding.  Nash realizes that he finally has his in with Megan, he just doesn't realize how life-changing it is.  Fast forward to a positive pregnancy test and Nash knows he needs to get Megan to give him a real chance.  Megan has lived her whole life with her father doing everything in his power to continue his feud with Nash and his family.  Megan is sick of feeling like she has to choose.  Her father has always treated her like a princess and she knows that Nash and she could really have something.  
When a series of incidents take place at the guest ranch, Nash is convinced that her father is behind it.  Megan doesn't want to hear about it and even goes so far as to buy a house of her own to raise the baby.  I really wanted to understand her, but at times she just seemed to be as selfish as she claimed Nash and her father were.  She never even considered asking Nash about her living choice, just went ahead with it as if she was a single mother with no prospect of the father being involved.  
I did enjoy the way that Nash tried to put Megan and his baby first, even when he knew it would cause him stress.  I felt that the book was well told and did do a great job of showing growth with both main characters.  I liked how it all came together in the end.  
I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.
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What a great ending to an amazing series!

In this book we finally get the youngest brother settled down.  It took a lot of work....he is the wildcard in the family.   All Nash needed was a good woman who could give it just as good as him.

Nash is a man who is lost.  He is injured and since than he hasn't really known what to do with his life.  The only thing he does know, is that he is interested in Megan.  She is the type of woman that Nash likes, one who can keep him on his toes.  The chemistry between these two is out of this world.

Megan decided to give in one night to Nash, just to get him out of her system.  Well she should have known that a man like that, once wouldn't be enough.  Especially when weeks later she finds out she has a little parting gift from that encounter.  This revelation changes everything for Megan.  

I really enjoyed this book.  The only part I felt slowed it down was the feud between Nash and Megan's father.  It definitely added a lot of suspense and fireworks but I guess I couldn't get into the family feud all that much.  As Megan states, its all about pride and nothing more.
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Stacey Kennedy is one of my automatic buys and she never disappoints. 

I have been waiting for Nash since Stacey begin the Kinky Spurs series and just let me tell you that he didn't let me down. Nash and Megan have been circling around each other for as long as they can remember and all because of a family feud. What happens when they finally give in to their feelings and will the family feud stop them from being together. 

This will definitely be one that I will re-read and I love all three of the books in this series.
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**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher**

Hard-Riding Cowboy is the third book in Stacey Kennedy's Kinky Spurs series and it was a great addition to the first two books.

Megan Harrison and Nash Blackshaw have known one another for years, as their families, and more specifically their fathers, have been feuding for years over various issues surrounding their two ranches. Megan is the owner of Kinky Spurs, the bar in town, and Nash finds himself back in River Rock getting the family's guest ranch off the ground after being injured on the professional bull riding tour. 

Nash and Megan have been attracted to one another for years, but they've never allowed anything to develop. They always treated it more like a big game. When they finally reach the point where the passion and sparks cannot be contained any longer, they give in and it is everything they had always hoped and wanted it to be. But Megan continues to wonder if Nash really wants to be with her for "her" or if he wanted to "win" to get under her father's skin?

I really enjoyed the chemistry and relationship between Nash and Megan. She seemed to calm him in a way that no one else could and he seemed to make her feel safe and complete. I will say that Megan's attitude did bother me at times, but I understand her position and why she was that way. I like the closeness of the families and how Nash's brothers and their significant others were always there to help and to lend a hand when needed.

A great addition to this series and I'm looking forward to what Stacey Kennedy pens for us next!
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Hard-Riding Cowboy is the third book in Stacey Kennedy's Kinky Spurs series. 

After reading Sweet-Loving Cowboy, I was really looking forward to Nash and Megan's story. Unfortunately, it fell flat for me. The snark and banter between Nash and Megan was still there, but it wasn't as prominent as I expected. 

Then there was the drama between Nash and Megan's dad, Clint. It seemed never-ending, and I felt like it overshadowed Nash and Megan's budding relationship. Furthermore, I wasn't too impressed how the situation was handled by any of the characters.

I did enjoy Gus and his new buddies.

***I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley.***
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Hard Riding Cowboy is book three in the Kinky Spurs series by Stacey Kennedy.  I loved the first two books in this series but I don’t know what it was about this one.  I think it was my favorite, that Nash is my favorite brother.  This book is sweeter than the other two somehow.  Megan and Nash were perfect for each other.  It just took them awhile to figure that out.

Nash Blackshaw is the youngest of the three Blackshaw brothers.  He was a successful rodeo bull rider until a severe spinal injury ended his professional career.  Now he’s home and helping his family get their new guest ranch off the ground.  Nash is used to a very different kind of life.  He’s trying to adjust to this new pace.  But he doesn’t know where he wants his life to go once things are squared away on his family’s ranch.  What does he want to do with his life?  He doesn’t like to look back at the career that was cut short.  He hasn’t fully accepted what happened to him.

Megan Harrison is the owner of Kinky Spurs, the western themed bar in River Rock, Colorado where both she and Nash live.  Nash’s father passed away about a year ago but when he was alive, he and Megan’s father were business rivals, or more like enemies.  Both Megan and Nash and his brothers were raised to hate the other family.  Even now with Nash’s father gone, the hatred festers.  Despite this, Megan and Nash have been doing a push and pull thing for years now, flirting, but never giving in.  The animosity between their families is part of what kept them apart.  Nash has been enjoying the game, the pursuit.  Megan believes that it is all it is to Nash, a game.  That if he were ever to actually win her, then it would all be over.  

“He took nothing seriously.  All of this was a game to him.  She was a game.  Megan needed, no, deserved to be more.”

When Nash and Megan finally give in to their chemistry, it was everything they ever dreamed of, and more.  But, once will never be enough.  Nash wants Megan more than anything he’s ever wanted, or needed.  She makes him feel at peace somehow.  There are things going wrong on the ranch, though.  Things that set Nash’s family back significantly in trying to get their new guest ranch going.  Nash is convinced that Megan’s father is behind it.  That he wants Blackshaw land and will go to any extreme to get it.  Can he keep his feelings for Megan separate from his hatred for her father?

“She needed, no wanted, to be more important than this bitterness he had toward her father.  She wanted to matter.  Especially to him.”

Megan cares deeply for Nash.  But does he just want to win her?  Is she just another way for Nash to win out over her father?  Can she love Nash but keep her life with him separate from her family because they can never be in the same room together without trying to kill each other.

I just loved these two.  I do admit Megan frustrated me a bit but I did understand her decisions.  She was acting out of emotions and I can’t blame her for that.  She just wanted the two men in her life that she loved to care enough about her that they were willing to stop the feud.  I also loved the closeness between Nash and his brothers, well, his whole family.  I loved that Nash had no hesitation to talk to his brothers when he needed advice.  

This has been such a fantastic series.  I know that Stacey is working on another addition, Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, which will be Darryl, the town cop’s story.  I can’t wait.

“He once thought fate screwed up.  Turned out fate got things right.”
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Nash is the hard-riding cowboy, and Megan is the woman who he has been chasing for a decade. Megan tried to resist Nash for years, partly because of a family feud and partly because he had never been in a serious relationship. She finally gives in to what she says will be one night only, but he still won’t give up on her. Megan finally agrees to consider a relationship after she discovers she is pregnant. They battle through many obstacles, but both grow up during the process. This is the third and final book in the series and the epilogue wound up all three stories nicely!
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