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Great story of the 1987nattack and how to deny destruction.  A great true story that even though more than 30 years past gives great insight into than and NOW!  Fantastic writing job.  Enjoy
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In 1987 the Israeli Air Force (AIF) had attacked a nuclear reactor that Sadaam Hussein was building in Iraq. This was the only Iraqi try at building an A-Bomb. Though there was consternation against Israel at the UN, everyone agreed (but didn't publicize) that this was a good idea, because of Hussein's instability.

In 2007, the Israeli's presented pictures of a construction of a building on the upper Euphrates in North East Syria. Syria under Baath Party had fought three wars with Israel, having lost the Golan Heights in 1967. No one thought that the armed forces under Hafez al-Asad (Bashir's father) thought they could defeat the Israeli's on their own. The Israeli's suspected that they were being helped by North Korea to built an atomic bomb.

After having shown to the George W Bush Administration, pictures of the building site, where there were North Korean workers, they told the US they would have to destroy the facility. The only question was how they were going to destroy it. That's what this book is about. The planning of the destruction of the building while being able to deny having been involved is what is explained in this book. It's a great story.
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This is a well written, thoroughly researched book which tells an amazing and important story.  As a Jewish American it made me proud of Israel and all that it has accomplished.  I highly recommend it.
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