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The Power of Positive Words

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This book was a quick and interesting read, but I felt that the examples given were one-sided and not necessarily people with the views of our world today. I have a hard time relating and reading between the lines, so if there were some newer examples or some more liberal views as well then I could have enjoyed this more.
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The Power of Positive Words What You Say Makes a Difference 

by Stan Toler, published these days by Harvest House Publishers, considering our times, it's immensely beauty and important. 
Words create bridges, unity, harmony, love friendship; when not used well they become like stones thrown in the direction of people or situations, changing the course of history of a lot of human beings.
The book is divided in three parts, The Truth about Words; Strategic Word Use, and Attitude Before Words.
The author analyzes the power of words seen biblically,  with the wise words of estimated authors and wise men of all the times. Words are used for the best; for creating as it happened to a dream at Paul McCartney and his... Let is Be. After all what are words if not ideas put in motions into the world?
And what it is true is also that our positive or negative thinking and so words will create our external world. We are surrounded by positive or negative experiences but also influenced, heavily, by the TV we watch, what we read, people with which we interact with.  It is absolutely true that good words will  be in grade to change the mind of a person, bettering her situation. So, words are important because are a balm for the soul of another afflicted soul.
It would be great to say all the time the right word at the right time. For a co-worker, a friend,  a relative or children. In this case adds the author it would be absolutely indispensible. Most ex-children, so grown-ups people, lived in environments of psychological uncertainty, where they haven't been too much supported by their parents. Differently, in supportive families, children grow up with more serenity having experienced the beauty of words of their parents; good words don't say that parents musn't be severe with children, but being "psychological-wordly-supportive" help a lot.
With words it's also possible to express humility, saying thanks. We can apologize. Words are powerful. They should be used with frugality, but at the same time we should listen to others and their words, while, often we would want to speak and tell what it is happening in our life and so on.
What it will be important to do is to try to be positive, in every situation.

Once when some students understood how much Kipling was paid per word, they sent him  a certain amount of money asking of writing them down one of the words he loved the most: Kypling answered back humoristically with a powerful word: THANKS.
Our world is also populated by social medias, and it is no negative when these accounts are used peacefully and for spreading love and friendship. If too addicted you will find some modalities for not staying all the time connected.
Talkers. Larry King tells that to him they look at  things from a new angle; they they are enthusiatic; they don't talk about themselves all the time, they are curious; they have sense of humor; they have their own style of talking and much more.
The main message of this self-help book is to be kind people, in grade to be compassionate, helpful, good, decent human beings also thanks to the words we use in our daily life, because changing our world is possible, starting from words and a different vision of life.
Highly recommended.
I thank NetGalley and Harvest Publishing for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori
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I found this book thought-provoking and inspirational. I have always been a lover of words and this book is full of anecdotes and positivity in our carefully choosing our words before we speak to others, and for us to consider the impact our words may have. An inspiration book and a reminder into humanity. Recommended.
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I like the meaning of this book. Although words need to be backed up by actions. Also when talking to someone tone of the voice matters a lot. I like the idea behind it although
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Very intriguing book. The power of positive words has so many meanings for yourself and others. If we think negatively or speak negatively then negative things happen. The opposite is true about positive words and thoughts. Learning to rethink is a plus for health, relationships and our appearances..
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Our words are more than just what we speak. Rather, our words play a significant role in our outcomes toward success or failure.

Mr. Toler has written a fascinating book about the importance of words and how they have shaped our past and can affect our lives in both positive and negative ways.

The author tells about many famous speakers who have used positive words to communicate with people and make a difference in the world. He also explains the importance of silence and listening. Even though this is a book about positive words, Mr. Toler warns readers about the destructiveness of negative words.

This is not a strongly Christian book, but the author uses the final pages of the book to teach the reader how to have a conversation with Jesus Christ, our heavenly Father.

I found this book inspiring and informative. Mr. Toler is an excellent and experienced writer and expresses his thoughts in an organized and insightful manner.

I really enjoyed reading one story after another about how the power of words can change situations in a positive or a negative way. I also found the chapter about the importance of silence and listening very interesting. 

We can all benefit from thinking about the words we use. Knowledge and words are powerful. This book will give you a practical background and guide for the use of positive words and how they make a difference.

I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.
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Honest and in-depth advice for reaching your full potential.  This advice is presented in easy to follow language that can be broken up and applied in pieces at a time.
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This is great book about the power of positive words ... the energy of these words can change your daily life and turn your conversations into a magical power ... I have read this book in a day and since that time I´m very aware what I´m saying and which words I will use in conversation with some people ... it´s very helpful, a very delight reading experience and I´m very thankful to be allowed reading this magical book of words ;-). Thank you so much ... I hope that this book will also be published in Germany as soon as possible ;-) ...
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I don’t know about you, but I need more positive words in my life.  There are too many times when negativity wants to creep in and whisper lies. 
Often it is easy to forget the power words have in our lives. 
Stan Toler explores the power of words and how to use words in a positive manner and to create tools, make a difference and do good through our words. He teaches the reader how to respect their words and give insight into how the influence others long after they are spoken. 
He will leave you with thinking about your words before and as you speak them, by using real-life examples as well as Biblical principles and teachings. 
Even if you are primarily a positive person, we can all put more emphasis on using positive words in our lives.  I recommend this book, we all need more positivity in our lives and in our words. 

**I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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A book filled with obvious truths, and many anecdotes, that reads like a refresher course for kindness to oneself and others. 

While I was not as impressed as I hoped to be, The Power of Positive Words is filled with positive stories and practical implications around spoken and written words. It serves as a reminder to oneself, of our sometimes careless use of words, and how we should also take more care to listen to the words spoken around us. 

If you are in need of a shot of positivity, this book will provide that, and may give you the reminder you need to move toward a more positive, and aware way to communicate with others.
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I am not a Blogger but an average reader, I love to read good material. When I saw the title of your book along with the design I knew I had to inquired and I was not disappointed. The layout was dynamic and I cannot wait until it is published. If you are giving out free copies i would love to have one.
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I am giving this book an average grade -- the truth is it was a protected PDF and I couldn't open it with my Kindle. Please, in future, make files available as .mobi files as my Kindle can't do anything with PDFs -- it's an older Kindle.
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