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Ben Courson is a very well read author and quotes many in his book. He emphasizes forgiveness, hope and moving forward.  Love this quote in Optimisfits. “People are not your dictionary. They do not define you.”  We are reminded Life is short.  Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.
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I knew that I wasn't the target demographic for this book. Even still I did glean some great takeaways for myself.  I've been looking for some books on hope specifically as well as not being afraid to be who you were made to be to pass along to the millennials in my life. This book makes the cut. 

I especially like Ben's writing style, it's almost like you're there having a conversation with him. I think this book will hold the attention and interest of younger readers long enough for them to get hooked on the message. It's a great jumping off point for the message of hope.
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In an age where hope and discussion about the future seem in short supply, Ben Courson has written a book celebrating exactly that. Recommended reading for those wanting to generate optimism for themselves and their communities.
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"Optimisfits: Igniting A Fierce Rebellion Against Hopelessness" is a call to reach towards something that seems to be in short supply: hope! Author Ben Courson explains what an "optimisfit" is in this funny, honest read. He shares stories of his Squad of very different friends and how they continue to enjoy this life to the fullest. Ben also provides anecdotes from people in history that he feels embodies the spirit of an optimisfit. The question then remains: are you willing to become a "hope dealer"?

This book's message is something that will reach across generations. With record numbers of suicide, depression and anxiety that plague our world today, "Optimisfits" offers a better way to face struggles: honesty and vulnerability within safe circles. There are also encouragements throughout the book to remain different, to stand in our own uniqueness amidst assimilation, and to seek God's will for our lives, even when they do not look like the lives we envisioned. 

I have not read any of Ben's work before, but the idea that we can be open about where our battles lie, admit we don't have it all together and still be effective in God's community are important messages. We don't have to be perfect to make a difference or to offer hope. Often we think we are the only ones struggling and turn to isolation. This book will encourage the reader to seek friends who can support you through tough times, as well as happy times. There is also encouragement to seek, savor and enjoy the wonder that surrounds us in the world. 

Ben writes in a very down to earth way with a maturity beyond his years. He is connected to a generation that thinks outside the box, does not want to conform to the societal norms, and wants to make a true difference as a result of doing things differently. I noticed throughout the book that some see optimism as an idea that isn't based on the real world, you CAN be optimistic, while at the same time, admitting life isn't always perfect. It means latching onto the hope we have in Christ and pushing that hope outward, changing the culture in the process. 

I was excited to read an early review PDF thanks to Harvest House and #NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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Optimisfits exudes such joy it's almost as if the pages glow with enthusiasm for life. It often circles back to the joy of Jesus (something many people would not think about) but is not really an overtly Christian book. It's about outrageously enjoying the one life you have. I have often felt I don't fit but now I want to be an optimisfit.
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