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The Gemini Experiment

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Pretty good. It is fast paced, I'll give it that. This book would translate well over to a television series. Interesting but nothing breath-taking or shocking.
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This reminded me of two Black Mirror episodes - Be Right Back (with the synthetic recreation of a human being) and Black Museum (with the transfer of the human mind into an inanimate object). 

Summary - Tom Nolan is dying. Luckily for him though, there is a top-secret experimental technology that he can try where scientists will scan and download his brain into a perfect Tom Nolan robotic replica. But things don't really go according to plan when they test the technology out on an "expendable" convict (I mean, what could possibly go wrong?)

Review - I think this book could turn into a great sci-fi action movie. It could also be a decent Black Mirror movie if the characters had a bit more depth and emotion and if the book tackled more philosophical and moral questions (view spoiler)

I thought the ending was a bit far-fetched but it also kind of made sense I guess...
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When terminally ill Tom Nolan is offered a second chance, and so much more, when he is approached by a privately funded company to become the first human to have his mind downloaded into a perfect android replica. 
Sworn to secrecy, unable to even tell his family, he agrees.
But when the first test subject, a convicted felon suffering from cancer and with nothing left to lose goes rogue in Tom's replica, escaping to take his place.....and killing anyone who stands in his way.
Now a fugitive, Tom learns that there are others hunting his replica, as Russian agents race to obtain the rogue for their own purposes.......and behind it all, an even darker agenda lurks.

A breakneck science fiction thriller that hits all the marks you'd expect from across the genre, and nails every one.
Pinkerton delivers in spades, with taut writing, a compassionate protagonist, a fiendishly twisting plot, and enough dirty dealing for several novels.

Highly recommended.
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This is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller that has the potential to be great. The starting premise reminded me of one of my favourite shows Timeless, but although this isn't about time-travel, I still really liked it. The plot twists and characters were thrilling, but nothing that stuck out to me as being WOW.  Overall, I recommend this to anyone looking for a good sci-fi read!
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A new perspective on AI and humans, the further. Some twists but nothing shocking. Overall an enjoyable book.
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Tom Nolan stared into his own eyes. The did not blink.”

Tom had been recently diagnosed with Lowry’s disease, a motor neurone disease and he is aware of the effects this will have on his body….

He is then offered a chance… transfer his consciousness into a synthetic clone, which if successful would make him immortal…..given the alternative, he agrees and his body is mapped, the next stage will be brain mapping.

But first the tech needs to be tested, so they offer the same chance to Louis, a lifer in prison with terminal stomach cancer……he jumps at the chance.

The tech works, but it’s not all plain sailing and the replica escapes, violent and unpredictable, and so it’s a race against time to recover it……before the Russians do. Who will be the winner… there even a good or evil here?

This feels like a ‘we can do it, but should we do it’ scenario…..yes we’d all like to be free of disease or disability but at what cost to humanity itself….very thought provoking…..

Some great characters and while it’s clearly science fiction it really had an air of possibility about it…scary (reminded me a little of Neill Blomkamp’s movie Chappie) Nicely paced with the action building to a clever end…a credit to Brian Pinkerton excellent, creative writing….loved it…

Thank you to The Author, the publishers and NetGalley  for the opportunity to A free copy of the book  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.
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What drew me in to this near-futuristic thriller was the sci fi and the science: the possibility of creating a replica body--a machine, a robot--and digitizing human consciousness to download into the replica. What a boon for those in ill health, with progressively deteriorating conditions or terminal diseases. And of course, immortality.

What kept me reading falls under the umbrella of the thriller genre: political, espionage, military; and the excellent characterizations. It was easy to identify with these realistic characters and their essential humanity, even the criminals, the spies, the assassins, the military.
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Wow, where to start with The Gemini Experiment. I just couldn’t predict what would happen next while I was reading it!

Tom Nolan is your average guy with a good heart and happy family life, until he’s struck down with Lowrey’s disease which is a bit like motor neurons disease. He looking at a death sentence until his old friend offers him a chance at eternal life in the form of secret project funded by a mysterious billionaire.

He has his reservations but agrees, his likeness is used to create a prototype. Before they can put him into his new body they test it out with another person, a convicted felon who is  dying of cancer.

The felon escapes inside the robot and commits crimes which are pinned on Tom. His hopes of being cured go down the drain but more sinister things are in play which could change the fate of humanity.

I started reading it, I thought to myself this would make such a good movie! There’s so much action, plenty of twists and good dollop of life or death situations. It’s not overly technical, so if like me you like sci-fi but don’t have the greatest knowledge of anything scientific I would definitely recommend it.

With regards to the robots, I also felt everything was explained well and I didn’t have any real questions.

I know this is science fiction but there were times where I thought to myself this actually might happen in the future! As the book went along though, I did think it got a little more out there and unrealistic but of course that’s just my opinion.

The Gemini Experiment is pure action packed sci-fi entertainment from beginning to end.
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I enjoyed this fast paced scifi thriller.  The book flowed easily and the characters were all interesting and believable.  The book presents an interesting view of future technology.
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The near-future thriller takes you on a twisting, turning ride the way only Brian Pinkerton can. Non-stop suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat and you really feel for the main character. In a few years, all the science fiction elements in this story may likely become science facts. You’ll love this page-turning adventure.
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There certainly wasn't a lot of down-time in this book. The book starts right in the middle of the experiment, so you catch up on backstory as the  main plot is revealed, and it's done really well.  I don't feel like I'm actively reading backstory, but that the details put out there fit naturally into the flow of the book. The characters were eventually well flushed out, although that "eventually" allows for a little sleight of hand that feeds into the first major plot twist.  I'm not mad at that, though. There had to be SOME way to engineer that, 

You'll note that I said FIRST plot twist.  There are several. I feel like the first one was unnecessary--from the theft of Louis in FL and up until Louis is finally gone was pretty unnecessary, and almost like something out of a different book.  Like, the 11-foot tall thing?  Come on.  That's a joke, right? An 11-foot tall robot, marching through Moscow? The whole Russia scenario seemed really more like cartoons than a part of this book.

The Alex-wearing-Tom twist, though, was great.  And the plot that extends from that making it back to the US was a GREAT plot twist.  And the end was awesome and led me to consider points I hadn't thought of in the reading of the rest of the book--like the split of Tom's consciousness into two people--that was cool!

All in all, this was a fast, engaging read, and I'm eager to read more from this author.  Definitely pick this one up!
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Tom is terminally ill with not long to live. Luckily he has a friend with a strange offer which could, if successful, prolong his life by transferring his mind into a synthetic body. Sworn to secrecy even from those he loves, Tom readily takes up the offer. But, as with all new technology, there has to be tests and so first, another man's brain needs to be transferred; someone expendable. Like a prisoner. And yes, you can see what's coming next - and it's no spoiler as it's in the blurb. Add Russian spies into the mix of a prisoner in another man's "body" and what follows is a high octane, action packed chase which even includes the President of the US into the mix. Will good triumph over evil and, if so, what will happen to the new technology?
I'm still relatively new to the science fiction genre but this book hit the ground running for me and I was in its thrall all the way through, powerless to put it down until the very last page. It delivered twist after twist as it raced to the end. Yes, I did see a couple of things coming - I read to many thrillers to be truly shocked these days - but these were all delivered punch after punch in rapid bursts that I hardly got chance to breath let along sit back and try and second guess too much along the way.
Characterisation was excellent. No mean feat considering what happens in the book. I did think a couple of times that certain characters were a little off but then... well... you'll see! It helped that I took to Tom from the off, always good when you are really behind a MC in an action packed book.
Pacing was perfect and, unlike some books I have read recently, the writing felt fluid throughout and didn't feel rushed when the pace picked up. 
The science was on the whole believable and, for me anyway, easy to get to grips with. Being still a newbie to the genre I do need something a little less mind blowing but not too simple or far-fetching. Here the author managed to get the balance perfectly.
I loved that the ending completed the book perfectly but still left the door open for picking up at least a couple of things in future books. Not cliffhangers I hasten to add, just things that could possibly be taken further should the author choose. I'd definitely be up for that!
This is another new author to me and another one I now have firmly on my watch list. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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I am so glad this book was recommended to me by a book buddy,thank you,I really enjoyed it,.I thought it was highly original, and a rip roaring adventure.I like quirky writers who think outside the box and have original ideas, and this author fitted into that category,big time.No spoilers but this book kept me page turning, or should I say tapping my kindle and I couldn't read it fast enough,I thought it was great .Thanks to the publishers and netgalley for an ARC.
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The Gemini Experiment 
by Brian Pinkerton (Goodreads Author)  
M 50x66
Lou Jacobs's review Mar 01, 2019  ·  edit
it was amazing

Immortality or a Cure for a terminal illness ... who wouldn't jump at a chance for the "brass ring"
Enter Tom Nolan who finds his body failing him... muscle cramps, stiffness, and now incoordination even while attempting simple tasks. ... like holding a fork or spoon. He's been recently diagnosed with a progressive neurodegenerative disorder known as Lowrey's disease, similar to ALS. Tom and his wife Emily have researched the disease and are left with a feeling of terror and hopelessness.
A long time friend from high school, Steve Morris contacts Tom to discuss a proposition? As a scientist, Steve has been working on a highly classified and secret project ... the Gemini Experiment.
Pinkerton then catapults the reader into an amazing, whirlwind adventure of nonstop action, intrigue with a dollop of espionage involving the those nasty Russians ... who else would want to steal our advanced technology!
Our scientists have easily been able to replicate the human body ... but now it is time to test their ability to successfully digitize the human brain and transfer it to the replicant ( read "robot"). Thus creating a full integration of human thought and mechanical movement. Tom will be the next experiment ... after all, what does he have to loose. Other pressing needs exist ... Gus Hartel, the President of the US, is slowly dying from advanced leukemia ... the project has intentions of digitizing his brain into a replicant indistinguishable from his previous physical form. The possibilities and ethical dilemmas are boundless.
Thanks to NetGalley and Flame Tree Press for providing an electronic ARC of this page-turner in exchange for an honest review.
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This is like reading a James Bond novel with slight undertones of Terminator and the international excitement you'll find in a David Baldacci novel, Laced with intrigue and action, The Gemini Experiment has loads of page-turning action and mysteries that'll keep you guessing, and that's only part of the story.
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Mind blowing, exciting, page turning, madness!!
I couldn’t put this down. The basic premise is that the Gemini project is top secret code name for developing replications of peoples bodies, primarily those who have a terminal illness. Not only can they replicate the body, they also plan to transfer the brain. There is much more to this book though, and I found myself saying what the heck?! Out loud. 
This book is a bit out there, has many twists and turns, extremely fast paced...... and in my opinion a great read!
Thank you to Netgalley, Flame Tree Press, and Brian Pinkerton for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed Rough Cut so I was very happy to get an ARC for this book from NetGalley to read more of Pinkertons work.

Based on the synopsis I was expecting a straightforward scifi novel that explored cloning human consciousness, but being true to his style the book takes unexpected turns and blossoms into much more than that.

The plot is very fast paced and I really liked the development of the main characters.   Lots of twists and turns with a satisfying ending that resolves things....but still leaves lots of open doors for what might happen next.

If this is what I can expect from a Pinkerton book I am definitely moving all his other works up on my TBR list.   Great entertaining and thoughtful reads!
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