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This. book. was. crazy! It tells the story of Blake- a shady guy who hides bodies for criminals. The way he hides them? HE EATS THEM. He also works as a civilian adviser for the FBI. I could not put this book down, it is a true testament to the author that he created a character who is a CANNIBAL and still manages to make him likable! Excellent story, I sincerely hope there are more stories with Blake, a series perhaps?
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This is an example of trying too hard to be unique. If the blurb had revealed that the protagonist is a cannibal I never would have started this book. I don’t see the humor or charm in this premise. Abandoned. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.
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Wow! What an introduction to Jack Heath's writing! I love, love, love flawed characters and Mr. Heath certainly provided that with protagonist Timothy Blake. There are some seriously disturbing themes running through Just One Bite, but it's wonderfully paced, filled with little mysteries, plenty of action, and enough dry, dark humor to make even the "icky" parts surprisingly bearable. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Hanover Square Press for the opportunity to read and review Just One Bite!
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4.5 stars - This is the second book in the Timothy Blake series. I haven’t read The Hangman yet, but this book definitely made me want to go back and read Book 1 in this series! I must admit I was skeptical at first since this story revolves around a cannibal. However, I was truly surprised, in a good way! The story was very intriguing and fast-paced, and for the skeptical like me, I can say there wasn’t that much talk about cannibalism. Since Timothy Blake is a consultant for the FBI, the book revolves around him and Thistle investigating a disappearance.

I actually ended up really loving Timothy Blake’s character and the dynamic between him and the FBI agent, Thistle. I also really enjoyed that there were multiple stories all mixed together, it really made me want to keep reading, there was never a dull moment! I must admit though, this book is not for the faint of hearts, there is some very very disturbing imagery, but very creative and twisted nonetheless!

To top it all off, the ending was crazy! I will be counting down the days until the next book! Highly recommend!
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Everyone's favorite "Hangman" is back. Ok, so may this is not true for new readers but I know I was excited to see Timothy back in action. As I stated with the first book that Timothy is the new "Dexter". Ahh, so this got your attention. 

This time Timothy is working for the bad guys or I mean bad lady. He is the "cleaner". He disposes of the bodies. This is perfect for Timothy as the bodies help to satisfy his hunger for meat. If he can just keep his nose clean he will be golden. That is until Agent Thistle calls on him to help her again with a case. He is not very well liked with the FBI but Timothy has a good sense for solving cases. 

Agent Thistle and Timothy still have their banter but this time it is more admiration for one another. Plus, it was nice to get to know more about Timothy and Thistle and what their childhoods were like. They both were orphans. 

Another great read by author, Jack Heath. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. I took "Just One Bite" of this book and I was happily satisfied.
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“Timothy Blake is everything an FBI consultant should be: brilliant, skilled, and principled. He’ll take his pound of flesh from any criminal who slips through the cracks of the justice system... literally.”
When I received the invite to read this book, these 2 sentences were enough to pique my interest to read more. 
Going in, I had never read any of this author’s work and actually didn’t realize until I finished it that this was the second book. If I had paid more attention to the description and information in the email I would have known. 
This was a slow burner type of book but the buildup was just right. It wasn’t long and drawn out. It gave just enough for you to want to know more and keep reading. 
I didn’t find this book too gory or ‘disturbing’. It does have an out of the usual main character, a cannibal. But he is a like able guy who just has a very out of the ordinary flaw. In my opinion, this book seemed like a ‘lighthearted’ take on what could have otherwise been a very dark, very disturbing, gory, horrifying book. I have definitely read darker books. 
Honestly, when I finished the book, I was a little taken aback. It seemed to end abruptly. But after finding out this is part of a series, it makes sense. It was the perfect cliffhanger to allow for a wide range of what the next book could be. And I am definitely ready to read the next book! I need to know what happens next. I have so many questions. I will be reading Hangman while I’m anxiously waiting for the next book.
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My Highly Caffeinated Thought: A compelling thriller that is uniquely disturbing and darkly playful with the balance of right versus wrong.

I never thought I would be routing for a cannibal in a book, but then I read Heath’s Timothy Blake series. JUST ONE BITE is the next installment of our unlikely hero’s story, and I am there for it. This book is fast-paced, filled with gallows humor, and has enough twists to keep you guessing.

What I like about the author’s portrayal of Timothy’s character as well as the others we meet throughout the tale is that they are all flawed, but all acutely knowledgeable of this fact. The villains know where they stand. Those searching for justice are aware of what their goals are. There is an honesty in the development of who they are and whom they can become…even our cannibal. Then there is the fact that the author plays with the concept of what is good and evil. Heath consistently pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in certain situations — never knowing what a character or situation will bring ups the suspense and make the story that much more intriguing.

For those who liked the first book, you will no doubt love this one. Heath came to play with this story and in my humble opinion, created a novel much better than the first. I have to say that I am looking forward to where the story goes, especially after that ending.
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I need to state up front this book will not be to everyone’s taste. In fact It might even take a pretty strong stomach to make it through the book. But reading a Timothy Blake book is a bit like watching an accident, once you start you cannot stop. Even though you see what is going to happen, you can’t tear your eyes away. Over the years I have encountered many Australian authors who became instant favorites. I stated in my review of book 1: “My first expectations were exceeded, and I tracked down all they had available in North America to read. Authors such as Sally Murphy, Scot Gardner, Marianne de Pierres, to name nut a few. But that was not the case this time. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe the hype and waiting for the book to be available in North America inflated what I was expecting. As a huge fan of both the TV series Dexter, and the I Hunt Killers books by Barry Lyga, I was expecting something exceptional from this book. What it feels like is some Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Clancy, and Irvine Welsh tossed in a blended and slopped together.” But you cannot take your eyes away. And you return for the second helping. 

The premise of the first story is that the FBI have an ace up their sleeve. Consultant Timothy Blake, codename Hangman. Blake is a genius, with perfect memory and recall. He solves impossible cases. But he is also a sociopath and a cannibal. His payment for every life he saves he gets to take one. In this second installment he has fallen out of favour with the FBI, and due to his appetites, he has entered the employ of Charlie Warner, one of the nastiest crime bosses in Houston, maybe even all of Texas. When she has some one she wants offed it happens, and the bodies are delivered to Timothy Blake for disposal. When this story begins, Blake is waiting for a delivery when he hears something in the woods, while investigating he ends up stumbling over another corpse. And he cannot help himself he just takes a little bite. Immediately he realizes he needs take the body and dispose of it. Things get more complicated when he gets pulled back into the FBI to help with an investigation. This time his handler, FBI agent Reese Thistle, is the only person he has ever really loved. And as they work together their relationship grows. Can Timothy thread the needle between Charlie and Reese. Can he figure out who the serial killer is. Can he keep it all together? Or will His secret be exposed and instead of being the hunter will he become the hunted?

To find out you will need to read the story. To be honest, this story creeped me out, and on more than one occasion. But I also could not put it down. And the way the story ends, you cannot but hope there will be a book three. Even if I will be nervous about where the tale can go next!
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Timothy Blake is waiting on the side of the road for someone to drop of a package to him. While he is waiting he decides to take a short walk through the woods and he stumbles upon a body. Being the man that he is, he takes the body and goes home since the person never arrives. He puts the body in his freezer for another time. Then he gets a call from his friend Thistle who is also an FBI agent. She needs his helps to solve the case of a missing person. Blake knows where the missing person is, but if he tells her this, he will be charged for the murder, which he didn't do. So he helps the FBI for just as much reason to keep himself clean as to find out what happened to this guy. Will they find the real killer before the body is found in his freezer?

Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin for the opportunity to read and review this book. 

This is the first book I've read by Jack Heath. I'm very interested to find out what happened to Blake in the first book. I don't know if there will be more books in this series, but the way this one ended, there could be. I now have to go back and read book 1 which is called Hangman.

Just so you're not surprised if you decide to read this book, Timothy Blake is a cannibal. I didn't see that coming and I think I said out loud, "What the hell!" while I was reading and my family looked at me strange. So that is why he kept the body in the freezer, to have for dinner or a snack later. 

One very interesting thing about this book is that there is a riddle at the beginning of each chapter. Some I was able to figure out, others not so much.
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I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I really like the Timothy Blake character. He’s been written perfectly. He’s flawed, he considers himself to be a bad max, but you can’t help but like him. 

It all starts with one bite, and then it’s just downhill from there. He’s working for a mob boss in the body disposal business, and then gets called in as an FBI consultant. And of course, everything goes wrong. 

I love that each chapter starts with a puzzle. It’s fitting since Timothy likes solving puzzles and gets paid to do it. 

My biggest question now is how long do I have to wait for the next book? 

Do yourself a favour and read this series. It’s gory, but funny. If you have a weak stomach though, don’t read while you’re eating!
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I received an email advertising this book. After a quick glance at the synopsis I accepted the ARC. Fast forwards a few weeks, I start to read this book.  I had no idea that it was a sequel or that the main character is a cannibal. Yeah, a cannibal. They left that out of the synopsis. The good news is, neither the fact that it was a sequel or about a cannibal took away from the story.  

It was an interesting take to follow the "bad guy" that is also the "good guy".Unfortunately I would not a fan of the book as a whole. The kidnapping, sexual abuse, torture, and other horrible things were just too much for me. I found myself tuning out for the last half of the book and just wanted it to be over with. 

After looking at other reviews on Goodreads, I am clearly in the minority with my rating. While it was an intriguing synopsis and even with the twist on the main character, I wish I would have passed on this book and would not recommend it to others. I do give it 2 stars (instead of 1) for its originality and writing style.
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My favorite cannibal returns to the page in this second installment of the Timothy Blake series!

Timothy Blake is brilliant. He's also as morally grey as you can get. Working as a civilian consultant for the FBI, Blake contributes a lot to the investigations he works, as it is easy for him to get into the mind of a killer.

In this second book, Blake is also working as a 'body disposal expert' for a local crime lord and during the course of that work stumbles across a naked corpse in the woods, which he promptly brings home. As you do.

Unfortunately, the next case that he gets called in on to help the FBI with is to look for that missing man. The man now currently residing in his freezer. How is Blake going to solve the crime and get away with hiding the body?

Guys, I am so into Jack Heath's writing. It is so good. It draws you in. It is easy to read, never overwrought. It is dark, grisly, disturbing -- not for the faint of heart -- morbidly humorous...all the things and more!!!

If you are sleeping on this series and you like dark, original stories, you need to make time for this. Hangman, the first book in the series, was one of my favorite police procedural thrillers of 2018. It really stuck with me. I was so psyched to be getting a second book with Timothy Blake. Now, where this one leaves off, there DEFINITELY needs to be a third book!!!

Thank you so much to the publisher, Hanover Square Press, for providing me with a copy of this to read and review. I am so in love with this series and I will never stop recommending it to readers who enjoy darker content. I am highly anticipating the next book!
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This is a 4.75 so I rounded to 5. I think the loss of partial point is due to the fact that I went in knowing our Mr. Blake's vice so the shock was dulled. It is so fun rooting for the theoretical bad guy and Mr. Heath makes it especially enjoyable! This go around Mr. Blake is stuck between his own heart and eating the hearts of his victims. But really, they aren't his victims and that makes the whole situation that much more delectable! I am addicted to Mr. Blake's antics and will follow his story anywhere, except maybe to somewhere dark and lonely.
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One of my new favorite books! This author has such a way with words the pages flew by in no time! I can’t wait to see the next work by this author! This was such a joy to read!
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Timothy Blake is helping out wanted criminal Charlie Warner. She’s a badass blonde that doesn’t take crap from anyone. Charlie is giving Timothy a great deal. He helps dispose the bodies she’s had killed. The only challenge is Timothy has been asked to help out the FBI on a case. Agent Reese is back in his life and the chemistry flairs up again. Can he handle the attraction he has for her? Will Reese figure out Timothy’s secret? Will Charlie find out who he’s helping out on the side? Can Scary Timmy curb his craving?

I received my complimentary digital copy of Just One Bite by Jack Heath from Harlequin Trade Publishing, care of NetGalley. The views expressed are my own and of my own will. It’s rare to get a sequel where you don’t necessarily have to read the first book. This is one is just that kind. This novel is fast paced, funny, gruesome and thought provoking. If you are a fan of Dexter you’ll want to keep up with what happens to Timothy Blake. If you want to read the first book look for a copy of Hangman.
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Timothy Blake tells himself it is Just One Bite and rips a chunk out of the relatively recent murder victim he found in the woods. Timothy is there to pick up a crime boss’ latest victim. But how can he fit two large bodies in his ancient Corolla’s trunk. The problems that cannibals have in modern society...

He makes it home and throws the body in his chest freezer before his boss’ hengemen come to get him. Timothy manages to explain his reason for leaving before picking up the body. A hengeman drives him home where he has to shove another body in his freezer. He barely finishes before his former co-worker, FBI agent Reese Thistle, insists he help her with a missing person case. After seeing the victim’s photo, he knows where he is—in his freezer with a large bite mark on his arm.

If Hannibal Lector and Dexter spawned an offspring, it would be Timothy Blake. He’s a cannibal with a conscious. He tries to only eat the guilty. Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for the reader), he gets into absurd hilarious Serge Storm-level situations while doing it.

Despite the crazy premise, Just One Bite has believable characters that you want to succeed. This is the second in the series but can be read as a standalone. It does have many triggers like, uh, cannibalism, violence, and illusions to sexual assault. However, if you’re okay with that, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a sense of humor and likes thrillers. 5 stars!

Thanks to Hanover Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Favorite Quotes:

The rent is surprisingly high for such a crummy place. Ideally I’d split it with someone, but I ate my last roommate. It’s safest for everyone if I live alone.

I’m too exhausted even to dream. A small mercy— my subconscious would have made Freud vomit.

The government was paying her to feed and clothe us, and she was making quite a lot of money, because she never bought any food or clothing.

Most people know that pigs feel stress and that cows grieve when their calves are taken away. They might feel guilty, but they still eat bacon and drink milk. So what use is the guilt?

It’s a dangerous meal, since I still don’t know how he died… Eating people is dangerous, anyway, because of bloodborne viruses. Doesn’t mean I can make myself stop. Don’t judge me. Heart disease is the number-one killer in the USA, but you still eat donuts. Your diet is killing you, too.

I drive just above the speed limit. Anything less is considered suspicious in Texas.

The field office director comes on the radio. “We’re pursuing several leads,” she says. “We urge anyone with information to come forward.” That’s code for: We’re shitting ourselves. The news anchor is back. “The victims’ names have yet to be released,” she says, barely managing to keep the glee from her voice, “but the details of the case have been described as ‘disturbing.’”

My Review:

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I delved into this stunningly crafted page-turner.  Despite the disturbing issues, I was enthralled, mesmerized, and riveted to my kindle.  I was on edge and biting my cuticles and more than a bit distressed about being so deeply invested in such a gruesome tale – what was wrong with me?  But much similar to how the character in the book described his compulsion/hunger, I just couldn’t help myself.  The writing was simply stellar while brilliantly paced, intriguing and unpredictable, action-packed, and unexpectedly laced with wry levity.  It was also diabolically addictive; I couldn’t have stopped reading unless my kindle had been forcibly removed from my possession.  Jack Heath is most certainly an evil genius; I would advise his family to keep him happy as well as to either sleep in shifts or with one eye open.
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Just One Bite is the sequel to Hangman.  Our favorite cannibal that we hate to love its back for a new adventure.  The book picks up pretty much right after the events of the first book.  This time around, Tim is working for a local crime lord in body disposal.  While he is waiting for his latest body, he find another one.  Turns out that person mifht have been murdered by a serial killer.  One that the FBI calls Timothy back in to find.

I really liked  this installment.  The mystery was good and kept  me guessing with some nice twists.  I was on the edge of my seat most of the book, especially at the end.  I loved the riddles that were included at the beginning of each of the chapters.  What I loved the most about the book was Timothy. Yes, he eats people, but he is just so likable.  He's incredibly smart and has a sense of humor.  He also just wants to find love and acceptance.  I hope that this is going to be a continuing series.  I would love to read more about him in the future.
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Timothy Blake is back and if you've read Hangman, you know his tastes run toward the macabre. In fact, this follow up is even more grisly than its predecessor. This one has quite the case for Blake to solve, and things seem to get dangerously close to convoluted for a while. In addition to that, Blake's quick wit and sharp intellect aren't on par with what I found in the first book, which was sorely missed this time around. That said, Heath does bring things together for a crazy, can't catch your breath conclusion that has me hoping Just One Bite is more than a sequel. That aside, we get more of Blake on a personal level as things heat up with Thistle and for me, that's where some of the real fun began. It's not easy to humanize a monster, particularly one like Timothy Blake, but Jack Heath not only managed it, he did it so well that I even found myself feeling sorry for Timothy. Not enough to ever want to be in his vicinity, but sorry for him nonetheless. Having read both Timothy Blake books, I would say that Just One Bite can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend reading Hangman first to get the full picture of this wonderfully twisted character.
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I actually enjoyed this second mystery featuring the cannibal, Timothy Blake, more than book one, Hangman. Reading them back to back, perhaps I got used to the concept of our hero of sorts being a cannibal!

'Some would say a cannibal working for the FBI is far-fetched,' thinks Timothy. Yes, indeed! But once you put these concerns aside, it's a pretty entertaining read. 

Blake nows works for the crime lord, Charlie Warner, doing body disposal. (Don't ask.) But he is called back to the Houston office of the FBI to help with the case of a missing professor...whose body he just happens to have in his freezer. Oh boy! Can he work for them while trying to misdirect their investigation? And if Charlie finds out he's working for the FBI again, he's a dead man. 

But uppermost on his mind is the problem of trying to mend fences with Agent Reese Thistle, his love interest. Can he ever have a normal sexual relationship with her without wanting to take a bite, just one bite? 

This story has an intriguing plot, action, humor, and romance. Who could ask for more? 

I received an arc of this new thriller from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review. many thanks for the opportunity.
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