Murder in an Irish Pub

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Title:  Murder in an Irish Pub 

Author: Carlene O’ Connor 

Series: Irish Village Mystery 4 

Chapters: 33
Pages: 304

Genre: Cozy Mystery 

Rating: 4 stars 

As A garda (Irish cop) now Siobhan can now legally stick her nose in to murder scenes. However, it doesn’t mean that she out of danger now.  If anything it seems like trouble finds her easier now.  With this being the fourth book in the series it was nice to see how much most of the characters had grown and changed.  It’s always nice to read a cozy mystery set in another country.

This one is great for fans of amateur detective turned police. 
I also suggest reading the books in series order.  

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
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Great cozy mystery!  Set in a small village in Ireland, Siobhan and Macdara have to solve a murder when a poker player is found dead in the pub.  There are many suspects and they methodically and comically go through the possibilities of who killed the victim.  This is a book in a series, but the story is strong enough to hold its own without feeling like you are missing information.  I thought it was a good, fun read with charming characters.  I will definitely read this series.  
Thank you to NetGalley, Kensington Books and Carlene O’Connor for giving me the free ARC mystery.
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Murder at an Pub is the third in the Irish Village Mystery series by Carlene O’Connor, and brings back Siobhán O’Sullivan and her five siblings in the small town of County Cork, Ireland. They own a successful restaurant, Naomi’s Bistro, and there is a poker tournament in a pub nearby. When the star poker player is found murdered, Siobhán, whose boyfriend just happens to be with the local garda (police force), sticks her nose into the investigation. Siobhán's romance is heating up, and her younger brothers may be connected to the murder.

This series is fun, and really brings out the atmosphere if Ireland. Readers will surely want to visit Naomi’s Bistro, and will want Siobhán as a close friend. The O’Sullivan family is typical with down-to-earth and believable challenges, and readers will definitely relate. Regrettably, this series doesn’t include recipes, and since Siobhán is famous for her Irish Brown Bread, readers will find themselves searching for a good recipe for it. The books in this series are fast reads and suitable for all ages.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying review copies of this novel.
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This is the 4th book in the Irish Village Mystery series. I started with the first one really due to the fact that it was set in Ireland and have since read every one as soon as it comes out due to the good writing and fun characters in a stress free charming read. Yes they are mysteries but the fun is seeing how the characters work together to solve the mystery. I don't really care who did it. I am just along for the ride enjoying the characters I have grown to care about and hope for the best for them. That is really the draw for me when I am looking for a stress free read. It has to be engaging, have likable characters, a good setting and good writing. This series fills all the criteria. Start at the first one and enjoy!
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An excellent read for a St. Paddy's day afternoon! This story paired nicely with my corned beef, cabbage, and dark chocolate stout cupcakes. Siobhán  (who's name I am probably slaughtering in my mind when I read) is a great character to follow. Fiercely protective of her brood of siblings, as well as her hush-hush relationship with DI Flannery. The storyline and "scenery" left both old world and new to me and left me trying to figure out just how the "Octopus" was murdered because if it's a cozy there's a murder. Great cast of characters and nope I did not figure this out right away, lots of clues to be sifted through so take your time and enjoy a pint while you read.
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This is the first mystery novel by this author that I have read and I found it to be an enjoyable read! I thought that the eldest O'Sullivan daughter, Siobhan, did a fine job looking after her younger siblings and by serving as a local guarda, looked after the village. Kilbane is the site of opening rounds of the International Poker tournament and also the site of a murder behind closed doors. Will Siobhan and Macdara Flannery, her detective sergeant and lover, be able to solve the case filled with much treachery and lies and continue the tournament?

Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for an ARC; all opinions are my own.
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This was my first visit to Kilbane in the County Cork, and I really enjoyed it. The warm and friendly village and beautiful countryside were easy to envision.Siobhan is a smart, strong, loving, caring woman. I also, enjoy the development of the other characters especially Guarda Flannery and the O`Sullivan Six!. The mysteries are well developed and hold your interest. This is typical for a cozy, and I was able to determine the who done it. This is a well written, all around enjoyable series, I am looking forward to reading more of these in the future.
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This cozy mystery kept me guessing, and I just loved the setting - so evocative and different than my usual US-based cozies.  I will definitely be reading more in this series.
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I enjoy this series about Siobhan's family and her life in the small Irish village of Kilbane.  Happy with her job in the Garda she attends a local poker tournament off duty.  After a big fight and hits of cheating and bullying, Siobhan finds the "winner" hanging the next morning in a locked room.  Not happy with the suicide verdict she investigates and soon the village is split on the verdict.  A pregnant widow, an unhappy horse owner and undercover agents make for a convoluted investigation.  I enjoy this series, this is book 4 in the Irish Village and you learn a good bit about Irish culture and history.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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New author and series to me and I enjoy the story and mystery, it kept me guessing all the way.

I also, enjoyed how clean this book was of cussing and I how the author used terms real Ireland people would use today it made me feel as if I was right there.

What I would have loved to read more of is setting descriptions and a bit of background of the characters even though it can become respective to the people who have read the series but to those of us who just randomly pick a book up, it helps to keep a bit on track of who is who and what they are doing even though it is respective to some. So, if you haven’t picked up this series I would suggest starting with book one to make sure you don’t get lost like I did a few times.

Now, I need to go pick up book one so I can get all the happens, of who is who from the beginning.
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This seems to be multi-book series set in the quaint town in Ireland. I enjoyed the main mystery aspect of the murder as opposed to your traditional who-done-it. Honestly, this one was a bit hard for me to get through. I didn't connect with any of the characters and the story was not riveting enough for me to continue the turning the pages. I do think the book picked up in the back half however for me it doesn't do enough to compensate for the slow first half.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Siobhan O’Sullivan is a relatively new garda, a police officer on the force in her small village of Kilbane in County Cork, Ireland. She is excited to work the upcoming festival and the major poker tournament that has brought so many tourists and guests to the village. But it’s not long before one of the poker stars find themselves holding a hand that included the 8 of clubs, 8 of spades, ace of clubs, and ace of spades, also known as the Dead Man’s Hand. 

When Siobhan finds that same poker star hanging in a store room in a local pub the next morning, she has to struggle to get past the locked door to get to him. Clearly, he was alone, as there is no way to leave the room and lock the deadbolt. But every instinct that Siobhan has points to murder. Will she be able to find the killer in time to save the festival, or will the death be ruled a suicide, allowing the killer to get away? 

Murder in an Irish Pub is the fourth in this series by Carlene O’Connor about Siobhan, all her brothers and sisters, and her instincts for truth and justice. I enjoy reading cozies, but to me the best cozies are the ones about strong women who I’d love to sit down with and share a cup of tea or a beer with. And Siobhan is definitely a woman I’d like to call a friend. Murder in an Irish Pub was the first book in this series that I’ve read, but it certainly won’t be the last. This is definitely a character I want to spend some time with. 

Murder in an Irish Pub is a cozy that has it all: a likable main character, a compelling crime, lots of interesting family and friends, really good writing, maybe a little romance, and a strong ending. Plus, it’s set in Ireland. What could be better? 

Galleys for Murder in an Irish Pub were provided by Kensington through NetGalley, with many thanks.
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I have enjoyed this is a series since the first book, although I missed the third one somehow, and I am enjoying the development and evolution of the characters and the village. This story is a bit of a locked room mystery, as the victim was found hanging in a cooler that was locked from the inside. Most agree that it is a suicide, but Siobhan knows something is not right and is sure it is a murder. As she investigates, she finds clues to implicate more and more suspects. Is it the pregnant wife? The disgruntled poker players? A jewel thief? Someone that the wife is having an affair with? Or maybe it was suicide? Read along as Siobhan puts the clues together to solve the mystery.

Siobhan is the main character and she is a sympathetic, likable character that has continued to grow and come into her own. I love visiting with her family although in this book it was a secondary role. She is the oldest and has been responsible for her siblings since her parents were killed. It is an important role in her life and it makes her even more likeable. She is now a member of the garda, so is technically not an amateur sleuth any longer. She is very thoughtful, meticulous and is able to untangle clues and put them together when it comes to solving a crime. The relationship between her and Macdara has continued to evolve as well, and it played a rather surprising and humorous role in this story. He is very respectful of her skills as a garda and even before. He listens to her as she solves the puzzles and between the two of them, they are able to untangle any mystery so far. The mystery was well done and woven throughout the story. It was a locked room type mystery with plenty of clues, twist, turns and red herrings thrown in. While the reveal was not a total surprise (I had some things figured out), some explanations were, and I always like a story when I don't know all the answers until they are revealed. A well written and enjoyable mystery that I recommend to anyone who enjoys a good, clean, mystery.
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I received this book via Netgalley and the publisher, in return for an honest review.  A return to a wonderful little Irish village in County Cork is in store when you dive into this mystery.  The O’Sullivan siblings run Naomi’s Bistro with Siobhan as the sibling in charge, when she’s not on duty as the junior Garda in town.   A national poker tournament comes to town with interesting players and lots of intrigue.  When a player is found dead by hanging, in Rory Mack’s pub’s storage room with a locked door, it appears to be a straight suicide.  Siobhan isn’t so sure.  Macdara Flannery, her boss and romantic partner, is hard to convince but he supports her in determining if it was murder.  This is a really well-written story.  Add in the romance, which is well-done and part of the storyline, and it’s worth your time.
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Carlene O'Connor's Murder in an Irish Pub is the 4th installment of the Irish Village Mystery series. 

To be completely fair, this is the first book in the series that I have read. Normally I do not jump into a series so late because I find the characters already very developed and a lot of their quirks do not necessarily always make sense to a new reader. I found these characters very well developed and did not have an issue following the storyline as a stand alone book. 

Thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book.
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Protagonist Siobhán O'Sullivan is a rookie garda, member of the Irish police force, along with her favorite fella Macdara (Dara) Flannery. The merchants have set up craft tents for the annual Arts and Music Festival and there is a celebratory air with a great deal of excitement over the world-class poker players expected to compete right in their little village. 

Unfortunately, the poker venue is moved to a late night, more raucous site, and the booze and competition gets a tad out of hand. The number one player is found hung in a locked storage closet the following morning with what appears as an air-tight argument for suicide--door bolted from the inside. 

Siobhán and Dara don't particularly rush into investigative details. There are a large number of characters to clear, red herrings, and twists, and somewhere in all that becomes apparent who the antagonist would prove to be. In the meantime, the reader enjoys a tourist's eye view of the countryside and the Irish people. 

Siobhán may have been well developed in the previous three of the series, so is not totally fleshed in this novel other than the snarky dialogue she exchanges with herself. It might be of benefit to begin with the first in the series, although I read easily as a standalone. My first entry to the series and the author and I did enjoy the author's writing style. The villagers and Siobhán's own family are brought into the well-plotted narrative often and creates a pleasing atmosphere of people you'd like to meet. The dialogue runs very natural, easy candid conversation.

The suicide versus murder business kept an even pace and provided enough suspense to propel the reader through to conclusion. It's a light and fast read with a unique plot device (poker tournament) and a location-driven empathetic protagonist. I was given the ebook download by the publisher and NetGalley and appreciate the opportunity to read and review. Recommended for any who enjoy a clean cozy read.
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Well written murder mystery.  I enjoyed the plot setting and the author’s writing.  My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my digital arc.  This is my unbiased review.
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Murder In A Irish Pub is the 4th book in the "Irish Village Mystery Series.  I have read the entire series and highly recommend each book in the series. I do recommend reading the series from the beginning in order to understand all the varied charcters and setting of this wonderful series. 
My receipt of a ARC does not influence my opinion.  Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity to review. 
This series has become a fast favorite of mine. I love the wonderful Irish O'Sullivan family and supporting charcters.  The family is close and each member is interesting and adds to each book. As a reader I find myself liking them as I would such a nice family in real life.  The supporting characters are richly drawn upon to add to the series. This is a well crafted series of excellent  witty repartee, superb writing and a great sleuth.  The plot was so excellent I was unable to part with it until the last page was done.  This has such a authentic feel to it throughout with the richly described village and pub.  
Our protagonist  Siobhán O’Sullivan has quite a sleuth to solve revolving around a poker tournament. The tournament brings out the worse in some and involves some shady charcters. It was a fun sleuth that kept me guessing and fit perfectly into the feel of the location and charcters. All in all this is a fabulous cozy read and I highly recommend this cozy mystery series.
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Thank you Netgalley, publisher, and author for an e-galley of this book. 

My first cozy mystery is officially in the books! That being said, I’m not sure how much weight my opinion can hold, but I’ll do my best. 

The only real negative I can give, which is totally a personal opinion, is that it was too “clean” for my personal preference. Which I think is a theme in this genre, and it didn’t necessarily take away from the story, I just tend to find no swearing or sex unrealistic in life. 
I really enjoyed Siobhan’s character. I actually enjoyed all the characters. Carlene O’Connor did a great job of maintaining plenty of characters without it being overwhelming, and also while forming some sort of bond with each character. Often you don’t get to know a lot of the supporting characters, but I feel like I could easily describe any in this book. 
3.5 stars from me!
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What a pleasure to read another book in the Irish Village mystery series. It can be read as a stand alone but it's even better when read in order. Siobhan O'Sullivan comes from a large, close knit family and her life now is divided between the pub and her new position as Garda. She is a natural investigator, knowing what questions to ask that others never thought to ask. At the same time she is a young woman in love, a forbidden one because her lover is also her superior officer, Macdara Flannery.
The village of Kilbane is the site of opening rounds of the International Poker Tournament. There is a happy festival atmosphere in the air because, along with the Poker Tournament, the medieval village is also full of arts, crafts and music. The place to be, for many, is watching the poker games - a very big deal with a winning purse of a million euros. That equals $1,133,529 US dollars. The stakes are high and things take a dangerous turn when a player is accused of cheating. Known by his nickname The Octopus, his reputation is not just as a poker player. His hands handle more than playing cards. When he is found strung from the rafters of another local pub, in a locked room, the conclusion is suicide despite his reputation. The Garda are ready to close the case but Siobhan has questions leading her to call it murder. If she investigates she may just put her life on the line or at least put her (only three month old) job on the line.
I would so like to quote whole lines from this mystery, to read those parts aloud to others but I will refrain because I don't want to spoil anything for the other readers. This series is part cozy, part police procedural and full of humor, family, puzzles, red herrings - it has everything I love in a mystery. It's like visiting friends, a literary vacation I don't want to end. I'm looking forward to book #5.
My thanks to the publisher, Kensington and to NetGalley, for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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