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Val lives and owns a new pie shop in San Nicholas. When Val’s pi-crust expert Charlene sets her up to be on “Pie Hard”, a reality TV show that fixes failing bakeries, she’s not impressed. The Pie Hard crew is known for being tough. But, when the members of the TV crew start showing up dead, could she be a suspect? And, is their new producer who he says that he is? With Val in the cross-hairs she decides that she must try to solve this quickly.  But, will she have time while still being under the scrutiny of the TV crew? This is a great read for those who like fires, bombs, burglaries, and murders with their pie recipes.  The characters and plot contribute to a fun cozy mystery series that can be read in any order. A must buy for libraries with Stephanie Plum fans.
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I mostly enjoyed this book, especially the parts about the goddesses circle. I thought they seemed cool. I felt the bits about Val's father seems to dragged a bit. I get that he abandoned her but to go over and over it just felt like a time waster. #PieHard #NetGalley
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An entertaining cozy mystery filled with good friends and great pies.  Val Harris, the proud owner of Pie Town, gets two major shocks in one day.  First, her friend and crust maker Charlene has contacted the reality tv show Pie Hard and they have descended upon her bakery to give it a makeover.  Then her long estranged father shows up, eager to make amends and get to know her.  After a day of filming, the show's executive producer is killed and, if that wasn't enough, her father takes over the job.  Then Val is locked in the filming room and the room is set on fire, only to be rescued by her father.  After all of that the Baker Street Bakers are back on the job -and manage to set the record straight.  This story grabbed me from the first page and kept me interested all the way through.  And I especially can't wait to try the pie recipes!
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