Pride and Prejudice and Passports: A Modern Retelling

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I have always loved adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, but I've also always had issues with parts of the story.

This retelling was simply wonderful. 

Giving us insight into Darcy? Check. More Gigi? Check. Endearing and inherently likeable characters? Check. Darcy playing Pokemon Go? Check.

I didn't take many notes while reading because I loved it so much. I liked that it really delved into the politics of modern issues - especially immigration - in a sensitive and realistic way. 

In the original, I'd always dismissed Mrs Bennet as a marriage-minded mama, obsessed with finding rich husbands for her children to boost her social standing. But through Mrs Benitez's matchmaking, I realised that all both characters wanted was for their children to be safe and secure in society.

I always liked Darcy as a character but never really felt any strong connection with him and never really understood his thoughts. This book made him a lot less obnoxious and a lot more likeable - he has his issues, but he's self-reflective! ("He realized with humiliation that his shock only confirmed her claim that he was arrogant and out of touch.”) I also admit as a political science nerd, I totally got it when Elisa said, "He had a kind of Captain America civic leadership vibe right now, that… was kind of attractive."

I also found Elisa a lot more likeable and less prejudiced than Elizabeth. Maybe it's because I share a lot of her prejudice? Her reasoning and her actions seemed understandable, even when they weren't likeable.

The romance(s) were slowly-developed, enjoyable and all based on a similarity of character. 

I just simply loved it. Not only am I going to go out and read everything else by this author, I'm going to tell everyone I know to do the same.
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If you know anything about pride and prejudice you already got the gist of the story but now we have another modern retellings and if your anything like me your not going to want to miss it!

This time it includes the Benitez family with a mixture of undocumented immigrant family members that let their visa expire and living in the US illegally. This book takes place during the Hilary/Trump elections for presidency so you get the idea. Clearly this got the Elisa Benitez concerned for her older sister and parents, meanwhile Darcy is on the opposing side being that he's a state representative. Yeesh.

Anyways, when I found out that there was another P&P retelling you know I was gonna be all over that. Because I've read so many retelling I've come across plenty of hit and misses and this book but I adored. You can't understand how happy I was so come across a Latino version being Puerto Rican myself. The characters where Mexican but I still am happy about coming across a Latino characters in a retelling of my favorite book. I loved how unique and quirky the characters were and how they compared to the original book with a modern twist that the author really did an amazing job. If you loved Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or Pride by Ibi Zoboi (Another great modern and diverse twist) then you'll love this book. Just well done!
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This variation of pride and prejudice was different from what I have read so far I like that they changed it so that when your reading this you can actually feel how scared illegal immigrants feel when they can’t just call the police for fear of deportation, I love the banter between Darcy and Elisa
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The story is a modernPride  & Prejudice story, set primarily in California before the recent US Presidential (Trump vs Hillary) election. Though it was different, you can tell there were scenes and statements from the original story. I thought they were cleverly blended into this contemporary version. The book tackled slightly  about the US immigration issues as well as the views of different indviduals about the main political parties. So if you have strong opinions about certain issue/point of views,  please keep in mind this is fiction and I don't think the author means to indoctrinate anyone to a different political view (though I would keep an open mind and hear some of the points presented :).

There were very few grammatical errors that are hardly noticeable. The characters are up to par with their original counterparts (though names had changed like Jane is Noa, Leticia was lydia  and Carla is Charlotte). Wickham is still despicable and I hoped there was a sad ending for him. No Mary or Kitty. ( One question came to mind -I am just curious how they could own properties if they were illegal immigrants??? wouldn't that put them on radar?)

On a last note, the author had a message that was imparted and I loved this part. (I am just changing one word - " "there is no longer Jew  or Gentile , slave or free, male or female...WE are all one in Christ Jesus"  

A great book to read.

I also want to disclose that I was fortunate to be given the chance to have an ARC to review this book.
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i absolutely love Jane Austen retellings and this was no exception, was a really cute tale with subtle hints to the original. Really enjoyable quick read
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Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite romance novels so I never pass on any retell available. Corrie does a great job giving this classic a modern twist. It addresses the current issues of immigration without boring and annoying the reader. The story is well balanced and the characters truthful and likable. One of the best retellings I've read so far.
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I thought that this adaption's premise was really strong with the issue of immigration in the center. I wish it'd been a little more generic because I would have liked it more without the specific Trump references. (Only because I want a bit more of a break from that insanity.) Overall it was a very successful adaptation of P & P, one which I will recommend to readers who are looking for another Pride and Prejudice story.
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an review. Honestly, I loved this book. This was truly a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice centered around the 2016 election. Elisa, of Mexican heritage, meets Darcy, who runs a Republican PAC. Unlike some other Pride and Prejudice retellings where you have the same exact plot, this story mixed it up a bit with current events, which made it refreshing.
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I haven't read Pride and Prejudice so I can't say what elements of this story are close to the original, but I still ended up really enjoying it! It was a really good mix of romance and discussion of serious topics.

That being said, I can't say I was that invested in the relationship. In all honesty, I don't believe people with such different viewpoints in life can just get along their whole lives, and not even that, but get married as soon as they did. I know Darcy changed in some aspects, but how much can someone actually alter their views?
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I love a good Pride and Prejudice retelling and this novel hit the spot. Garrett's weaving of modern day issues through the beloved classic tale worked perfectly. The slight variation on the classic tale kept me in anticipation of what twists the author might make. All in all, a very well done retelling.
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Thanks to Corrie Garrett for the ARC! 

I had a great time reading this book. I didn't know the author before, but now I can say I'm a fan. It's a beautiful story, that I would totally recommend to all my friends.
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This is a light, super sweet read. I think if you’re a pride and prejudice fan, you’ll enjoy this story. The plot is familiar and nostalgic, there’s the ever present banter and miscommunication. 

While the story’s plot feels familiar, the introduction of modern pop culture made it feel relevant and fresh (Pokémon go!). There was some much needed weight to the story’s plot with the addition of immigration and DACA. 

I recommend for Austen fans who can’t gwt enough of the original.
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Thank you first to Corrie Garrett and Netgalley for the pre-pub access.

I am a huge Pride & Prejudice retelling/alternate universe/continuation fan, so I had to read this book. In this variation, the Bennet family is the Benitez family, a mixed immigrant/DACA family living in California, and Darcy is a political powerhouse Republican.

It was fun and educational. Definitely will check out more from Corrie Garrett.
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This is a smart adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel (and one of my very favorites). The plot was obviously built upon the framework of Pride and Prejudice, but the author adapted it in a way that makes sense for her story, making this book feel new and familiar at the same time. My only complaint is that it seems weird that Giana Darcy calls her brother, William Darcy, by their last name.
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4 stars — Confession: I have never read Pride & Prejudice.  *sigh*  I know, throw stones, whatever…  I don’t even have the desire to!  *gasp* right?  I have, however, watched and loved both the BBC 6-part mini series, and the more recent Keira Knightly edition.  So I have a feel for the story and its characters.

I thought the author did a really interesting job of incorporating so many of the characters into this modern story!  It really impressed me how they all made sense in this modern version, and what kinds of relationships they would have with Elisa and Darcy in a 2016 USA.  I also really appreciated all the little nods to “world events” happening in 2016 that Ms. Garrett incorporated into the story (even the introduction of Pokemon Go!).  Basically, while I am by no means a P&P expert, from my perspective she did a great job with this retelling.

The thing about retelling a story is that you want to remain faithful, but you also want to have a purpose for the retelling…something that makes it unique and necessary.  And this story tackled so many interesting issues, most particularly the immigration/illegals/DACA situation in the US.  Now, saying all that, I’m Canadian.  I really don’t have a grasp of this issue other than what I see on the news, or from watching Colbert.  So again, from my perspective I thought the way it was handled in the story, and the things I learned, and the very real fears that Elisa’s family felt were thoughtfully portrayed.

And while that was most certainly the biggest issue tackled, the author also touched on the harsh trials of celebrity, human trafficking, elitism (obviously), and how far apart we’ve become from those who have different beliefs from us, among others.

Now, obviously going in I knew this was going to be a slow-burner…and also, likely not a steamy read, given what it was retelling.  And while I loved the general plot and character development, and general storytelling, the romance was a bit lacking.  I did feel some butterflies over the DC “date”, but I guess I had hoped for a good kissing scene.  I don’t mind reading clean reads, but I still want some swoony kissing you know?  The kisses were essentially described as “they kissed”.  So if you’re hoping for a bit more in that area, tamp those hopes down.

As an aside, is it weird that the author’s note at the end, with it’s strong Christian bent, made me uncomfortable?  I know lots of authors who are Christians, and they thank God, and that makes sense.  This felt more preachy somehow, like life is only good if you walk with God.  Sucks for those of us that don’t.  But I’m sensitive like that.

So yeah.  Faithful retelling that was thought provoking and relevant, just slightly short of swooniness.  Initially I felt like the ending was rather abrupt, but after some thought it felt right.
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I always enjoy retellings of the classic Pride and Prejudice. This is a charming modern version. There are elements of the original as well as new ideas to keep the story fresh. The characters are likeable and engaging. It's well written and fun to read. I recommend for anyone who enjoys different spins of the timeless classic. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
I'm a huge fan of pride and prejudice and so this novel seemed interesting and it was but I just didn't connect to the characters a lot.
Still it was written good
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Pride and Prejudice and Passports was a really fun read that brought back all the same thrills of the original. From the character names to how Darcy's first proposal plays out to Gigi's history with Wick, everything neatly hints at Austen's original while working with modern issues.
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It is absolutely refreshing to read a modern retelling of such a beloved novel; Garrett definitely does "Pride and Prejudice" justice, offering a poignant twist and weaving modern day politics in the brand new albeit well-known love story.
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