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After absolutely loving The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One, I needed to read this collection. I was so ready for more feminist and romantic poetry. Sadly, this collection was not as good.

I think, this time, the subject matter wasn’t expressed in a way that resonated with me. That, and I think maybe her poetry style just didn’t work this time. It felt almost…incomplete or lacking in this collection and that made it hard for me to connect to the poems. The poems I did enjoy were often about love or reading or hopeful.

There were, however, enough poems that I liked and that saved me from not enjoying the collection. I really liked a lot of her longer, paragraph poems not only because they had more content, but because they flowed so much better. I can also see the growth in imagery and description from Lovelace’s first collection to this one. A lot of the images and descriptions were stronger and flowed better than they did in her first book. I really appreciated that.

I also liked some of the poems in the final section of the book by Lovelace’s poet friends. Surprisingly, a good portion of these poems were long and had a more traditional rhyme scheme which packed a powerful punch.

I wish I had loved The Mermaid’s Voice Returns In This One, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I liked her previous book.
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Amanda Lovelace's third book in the Women Are Some Kind of Magic series is just beautiful. I loved The Princess Saves Herself in This One, and I have The Witch Doesn't Burn in This One (though I haven't read it yet - soon!), and I can't wait to read To Make Monsters Out of Girls. Amanda's poetry is gorgeous and heartwrenching - filled with both pain and hope, despair and love. I particularly liked that she had some guests write a few poems that she added into the collection, including poets such as Nikita Gill (who I also love). I definitely foresee myself reading this again in the future.
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Lovelace Is Helping to  Lead a Poetry Revolution
Friends- a revolution is happening in the poetry community and writers like Amanda Lovelace and Lang Leav (who writes the forward for this collection) are helping to lead the way. For years, poetry has been the dominated by white men (the Western cannon is decidedly and resoundingly male), but Amanda Lovelace is helping to break down those barriers. Her “women are some kind of magic,” series has helped to inspire an entirely new generation to read and write poetry. Any writer who inspires young people to read and write is a star in my book.

Lovelace continues to help to lead the poetry revolution with her final installment in the series,  “the mermaid’s voice returns in this one. This book is a heartbreaking and beautiful conclusion to groundbreaking series.


Amanda Lovelace Inspired Me to Write My Own Chapbook
I absolutely love Amanda Lovelace. I can honestly say that her first book, the princess saves herself in this one, had a significant impact on my own life and my own writing. Lovelace’s straightforward and direct style inspired me to pick up my pen once more and to allow myself to explore my love of poetry again.

As a young person in college, I had an encounter with ableism and racism that silenced my pen for years. I knew that I could never write like Shakespeare, Chaucer or Milton. “Why,” I thought to myself, “should I bother writing poetry if I can’t write good poetry? What point is there in writing at all if I can’t write like one of the greats?”

Then, I stumbled across Amanda Lovelace’s the princess saves herself in this one. In the poetry section at Barnes & Noble. I was amazed by Lovelace’s style and deeply moved by her words. In that book, and each book in this series, Lovelace writes in a way that is unabashedly and unashamedly herself. She takes the reader on a journey from brokenness to hope. Then, she invites her reader to pick up their own pen and start their own story. “This is the sign that you’re looking for,” writes Lovelace.

I”m so glad that I listened to her.


Lovelace Does Not Disappoint
I eagerly awaited the mermaid saves herself in this one the way some people wait for the next Star Wars movie. In fact, this little purple book is a big part of the reason I signed up for a Net Galley membership a few months ago. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book, and Net Galley offers readers the opportunity to preview advanced copies of books in exchange for an honest review.

I thought that I would breeze through this book in a day. I devoured both of the previous book in this series in one sitting. But in her final installment, Lovelace hits hard and she hits fast. She pulls no punches. Her writing left me in tears within only the first few minutes of reading this book.


A Chorus of New Voices
I was so moved by Lovelace’s story and her words that it took me four days to read this book. It’s not long- but it’s full of feeling. It was a stroke of brilliance for Lovelace to invite other poets to join with her in writing this closing book to her series.

Throughout the first two books, Lovelace encourages her readers to the hero of their own stories. Now, she shares the stage in this final act and invites a chorus of other sirens to sing with her. Their song will continue to haunt me.  I can’t wait to read more of their work.


I Would Eagerly Read Amanda Lovelace’s Grocery List
Thank you, Amanda Lovelace, for your beautiful poetry and for your writing. I don’t care that people call you a hack (a cruel accusation that she addresses in this book). I love you, and I would eagerly read even your grocery list.

If it wasn’t for Amanda Lovelace, I wouldn’t have had the courage to write my own chapbook. I’m so glad that I found the courage to share my own story and I hope that many others find the courage to reclaim their own narratives. May we all be warrior mermaid star queens together. 

I hope that Amanda Lovelace goes on to write many more books filled with many more references to Disney, Pixar, fairy-tales, Shakespeare, and mythology. I will happily read them all.

Don’t let the haters get you down, Amanda. You really are some kind of magic.

I strongly recommend this book to EVERYONE!


Note: I received a free digital copy of this book from Net GalleTy in exchange for an honest review.
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I've tried to like her writing, but I just can't, I don't consider any of her books poetry, they're just sentences that she divided pressing enter and just called them poetry. Also, her "poems" are always repetitive, to the point she uses so much of the same metaphors and themes that you get the feeling you've read the same "poem" 20 times already. I know some people like her, and I respect she uses this space to talk about her abuse, but I can't say I like her writing style or what she wants to present as "poetry".
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I was provided with this arc by netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This was my 1st experience reading Amanda's work and I really connected with her poems. Some of them felt like a real punch to the gut and often I had to take a moment to process what I had just read. It was raw and powerful and empowering. I will deffinatly be getting my hands on her other works.

"I am magic
all the days I am
a woman
& I am magic
all the days I am

Tw: abuse, sexual assault, selfharm.
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I love Amanda's poetry, it always touches my soul and makes me feel empowered. This book was no exception. There were poems that spoke volumes to me and which I will cherish. I loved there were also poems from other authors which I didn't know before and now can discover. 

But from all her three book in this series I read, I liked The Mermaid the least. I didn't connect with more than half of poems and was really confused from them. 

But it is poetry and everybody likes something different. It also depends a lot on life stage you are in right now, your experiences and struggles. I will definitely be coming back to this collection and reading it again, when some time will pass and I am sure I will understand and connect more.

As always, the book contained poems expressing love for books and love letters to all book loving people,  which I love the most 
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This was pretty similar to her other two previous books. I see this one hitting the bestsellers list like the two previous in the series.  While it may not be my cup of tea, I see many teenage girls and young women loving this. Especially those drawn towards the mermaid theme, however I do wish it had a tiny bit more mermaid theme included and not just Ariel. A few of the poems were a sentence long and very basic and I’m not sure why they were included into the book but despite that I overall enjoyed the poetry and some spoke to me personally. I will be recommending it to those looking for a title in this genre for sure.
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While books of poems are not usually my thing, the themes Lovelace uses speak to me. 
Not your traditional poem book. It certainly works for me.
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↠ Rating: 2 stars

"she didn't kiss frogs.
she kissed great white sharks."

There's nothing like the feeling of a poem that absolutely connects with you, is there? Maybe that's the reason why I keep giving this series shot after shot. I usually end up disappointed.
With this one, in the beginning I really thought this might be for me and I would really end up liking it, but after a few pages it turned out to be quite the opposite. I thought I might as well finish it now that I started, because I'm usually a pretty fast reader when it comes to poetry, but somehow this still felt too long.
Firstly, I thought this could have used a lot more water imagery. With "The Witch Doesn't Burn In This One" it was almost too much fire and matches and stuff for me, but in this one I thought most the poems barely related to the theme and I really would have wished they did.
Now my second critique is just a personal thought and I don't mean to offend anyone, but... I feel like this story was done being told way before this book was written. And I mean that in the most respectful way possible. I know nothing about Amanda Lovelace's life so this is just what I gathered from these poems, so if I'm wrong, I'm really sorry.
They just felt half-assed to me. Like there wasn't any personality in them. While some of the works in here, that may be happier than what we're used to from this series, felt a lot more real than the rest. I think that Lovelace needs to follow her heart a bit more and not write what she thinks people are expecting or waiting for, but go back to writing what she really has to say at that moment in her life. What added to that was the fact that she featured a large number of poems by other people in this collection. And while I liked that, because I actually enjoyed those more than her own, it felt a little like all she/the publisher wanted to do with that was fill another book and make this a trilogy.
I'm happy that this is the last book in the series, but look forward to read more works from Lovelace in the future.
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So,this is third book in Women Are Some Kind of Magic series,and it is still on powerful course.
This one is a little bit complicated cause the main theme is sexual assault. And if you ever experienced that this could be little pinch on the skin when you go into reading.
Verse is good,on point. It is simple but still says so much.
I personally didn't liked the homages to some classic works of prose and poetry. For me,it was cute but maybe it should have been saved for something else.
For some,thing poetry could be hard to swallow,because we all have different tastes. 
I enjoyed it cause it is real,it is about how you can survive so much,and continue with your life. It is about how that defines you and about it doesn't at the same time.
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I struggled a lot with this. I wanted to look at this collection objectively and in an isolated manner, however it is part of a series, so I do think it's fair to bring up the previous two titles.

We fought dragons with the princess in The Princess Saves Herlself in This One.
We used the fire designed to scorch us back against those who would watch us burn in The Witch Doesn't Burn in This One.
I wanted so much to take back the narrative in The Mermaid's Voice Returns in This One but I have to admit I was underwhelmed.

Poetry is something so personal, and though this book didn't ignite something inside me, like the two previous titles did, I know that doesn't discredit this book and the poems in it.
I still think amanda lovelace is a truly gifted writer, with a unique perpective because of what life has put her through.

Mermaid wasn't an instant favorite, but I am whiling to give it another shot later in the year.
I got a digital ARC from NetGalley but I am planning on keeping my pre-order for this book.
I still want Mermaid to join her sisters Princess and Witch on my shelves.

I felt there was a disconnect between the chapters in the book (the sky, the shipwreck, the song and the surviving) and the poems didn't really have that cohesive and organized feel I was used to from lovelace.

What shocked me was that the poem I enjoyed most in the book, and that I thought most related to the title and theme of the book wasn't written by lovelace but by a collaborator (Nikita Gill).
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Actual rating: 3.5

someone mistreats you again & you reply the
same way you always do ("oh, it's alright. i'm used
to it by now.") before looking down at your shoes.
it's there that i will write an invisible reminder to
you: don't ever take anyone's bullshit. if they treat
you as anything less than royalty, then show
them exactly what a mermaid-witch-queen like
yourself can accomplish.

- slay those dragons II 

My notes for this collection prove that a handful of Amanda's words struck home for me. In the world women are growing up in today there are words I see resonating with many and coming to terms with their own feminine strength. Beauty, growth, hurt, and freedom so many ideas flow through her poems. For the right reader this will be a beloved edition to your collection.

While I did enjoy much of what she has put her heart into here, I didn't find a lasting impression for myself. I give it such a high rating because of the poems I do love and because I believe this is a book others should try too. I especially appreciated she opened the book up to other poets towards the end. 

Her honesty and take on poetry are art and I am grateful for the chance to have read them for review. Thank you NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the opportunity.
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Amazing!  Amanda Lovelace does it again!  Heartbreaking, real life, so vulnerable, but yet so good.  As good/even better than her other two works.  Would definitely recommend.  A few triggers nodding to rape.
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I loved This! Amanda's poetry is so so powerful and amazing! This poetry collection is something I feel like everyone should read.
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I haven't read the other two books in this series, but I am going to check them out now. The poems in this collection felt very timely with the combination of the Me Too movement and all of the women's rights issues that we are having. For the most part they were poignant and well written. I'm willing to hazard a guess that the poetry in this is like the previous two so if you liked them you'll probably like this one.
My favorite from the collection was:

our villains
do not fret.
the story."

A big thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This compilation of poems by @ladybookmad is about women who have gone through abuse, women who are suffering heartbreak and women who are healing. It's what you'd call minimalistic poetry. It is the last in the series, and how I wish I could read the other two! 
I really enjoy this genre of poetry, while the debate of how poetic it is stays. It is wonderfully written and appeals to the sad, broken part of us that is tucked away somewhere. We often just push our broken pieces aside and instead of focusing on healing, we just go on with life assuming everything will be ok. Perhaps, it's books like this that remind us that we still are broken, parts of us remain unhealed. If you enjoy this genre of poetry, pick this one up! 
Overall, a book that I enjoyed reading and would recommend you pick it up too! I
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Getting to read this book early was really special for me. I don’t remember how exactly I stumble across “the princess saves herself in this one” but I was hooked from the very first line of the dedication. Amanda’s writing had a great impact on the writer I am today. It opened a door for me into a world of poetry I didn't know I belong to. I’m honored for the opportunity to watch this little princess fights dragons and grows up into a series of empowering books. This isn't a book that shies away from hard topics. Taking courage from the #metoo movement, The mermaid’s voice returns in this one is a story about finding the strength to tell your story. In her own, unique, fairytale-like style,  Amanda is not only talking back her own voice she also encourages her readers to do the same.  This book is for every (not so little) girl who still dreams of the day she would claim back her kingdom. It’s for everyone who struggles to find their voice. To tell their truth. To write their story. Whatever it is. The book also includes many poems from other contributors that make it even more special and deserve their own shout-out.
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This was a difficult one to get through because of my own personal experiences but that doesn't mean it isn't a fantastic collection of poetry. Amanda's way with words has certainly grown since her first book and I couldn't be prouder, even as a fan.
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“she didn’t kiss frogs
she kissed great white sharks.” - Amanda Lovelace

This was my first Amanda Lovelace poetry collection and definitely not my last! the mermaid’s voice returns in this one is the third book in the Women Are Some Kind of Magic trilogy. I will be picking up the first two collections after reading this one. 

Amanda Lovelace has a gift and I am so immensely grateful that she is sharing it with the world. Each poem feels like it’s written for the reader. There is something magical about connecting with poems. This kind of poetry is what keeps the genre alive and breathing. the mermaid’s voice returns in this one centers around finding one’s voice. The title referencing to the Little Mermaid made me smile. It was like having my younger self gift me with a new voice. Reminding me how much my voice matters. The emotion I felt while reading the collection stayed long after. My favorite piece in the collection made me SO nostalgic.

“when i tell you i’m still waiting for my hogwarts letter, what i mean to say is i never meant to be here for so long.” - forever wandering lost & wandless. 

My eyes watered after this piece. I grew up with Harry Potter and all its magical goodness. It made me sad, yet also carried so many possibilities. Growing up in a small town, not leaving has always been one of my biggest fears. Reading this, I knew I was not alone. It’s such a grateful and satisfying feeling.

I 100% recommend this poetry collection if you like modern poetry or liked previous collections by Amanda Lovelace. It’s going to take you on a journey of self-acceptance and finding your voice.

* Thank you NetGalley for providing me with this arc in exchange for an honest review.
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I really respect what Lovelace has tackled - creating poetry that speaks out on so many relevant issues.   I'm still more of a fan of The Witch Doesn't Burn in This One because I felt a deeper, more personal connection to the poems.  Even so, I know a physical copy of this one will make it's way to my shelf for moments when I need a "women are some kind of magic" moment in my life.
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