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4-5 stars for this intense and thrilling read.  It’s written very well, but has some very intense parts, which are absolutely chilling.  I thought that it got a bit confusing, sometimes, because there were so many different characters to read, but the author did a great job of making sure it held your interest and you didn’t get lost.  Tense, taunt, intriguing, and thrilling!  I recommend to my fellow thriller lovers!  
Will let Chapter Chatter Pub know they should grab a copy too!
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This thriller has an outstanding plot, a great story and excellent characters. There's a lot of names and characters to follow, but not too bad. You'll find a great dog as well, even if this isn't exactly a cozy.
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I recommend it for  those who like  thrillers.  The book  had a   interesting twist  that will  leave  you  stunned.. I would like thank  netgalley for letting me review this book.
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Chilling premise and well-told story.  A particularly diabolical murderer whose intent appears to be to strike at young couples in the happiest times of their lives, and in a gruesome manner, leaving police with few leads.  The pace was relentless, and the story contains enough surprises to keep even the most jaded reader transfixed.  Highly recommended.

** I thank the publisher and/or author for allowing me to read this novel as an ARC, without recompense, in exchange for my honest review. **
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Suspenseful and not for the light of heart! Duncan Moss is in Los Angeles searching for young, beautiful, couples in love. At his hand, he terrorizes the women to death and forces their significant others watch the gruesome, painstakingly slow process. Why? We do not know his motive - yet he seems to choose couples in which the woman is petite and beautiful, as well. Duncan crashes into engagement parties, hides between newspapers and stalks couples to learn more about them in order to perform his disgusting deeds... Yet he lives in a boarding house and also grabs cash whenever/however he can get his hands on it.

Det. Morris Brick, a former LAPD cop, owns a private investigation agency. This agency is quite powerful and respected. The mayor has, at times, enlisted the PI company and even deputized the various agents. Now, the FBI joins with the police and Brick's PI's to hunt down a massive serial killer. The only problem is - is there only one? Patterns strongly suggest two different scenarios in which the heinous crimes appear to differ.

Even a famous Hollywood actor, Stonehedge, is enlisted to assist his friend Detective Brick. 

Leads turn into nothing - soon the number of murders rises. Most of the men who are victims survive but in the aftermath they are never the same...

A suspenseful thriller that will keep you turning pages into the wee hours. A MUST read!

Many Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for such an in-depth read that will keep you dazzled until the final page!
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