Brothers in Arms

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I got an ARC on this from NetGalley and let me say this book DID NOT DISAPPOINT! It was as good as the first book if not better! Here we have the same love story as book one combined with action and good ol' fashion revenge! I am anxiously biting my fingernails waiting for book 3.
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4 Stars
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Brothers in Arms by Penny Dee is a great sequel to Kings of Mahem.  Brothers in Arms picks up right where the last book leaves off with Cade and Indy's story. Book one having set up the MC setting and the introduction to the members along with their relationship.  

This installment is based at the club more than anywhere else. Penny does a great job at portraying each of the members and the feelings that one has when someone you love is taken too soon. The anger and the dread were so real that it had me grabbing tissues on a few occasions. You feel like you are there with them, feeling what they are feeling. The drama and suspense kept me on the edge of my seat.

Cade and Indy are just starting to build their life together when all hell breaks loose in the club. There is an assassin after the members of the club but they can't figure out who it is. Members keep getting murdered and they are no closer to finding the killer. Poor Cade is going out of his mind trying to love and protect Indy but being there for the MC is taking its toll. Indy is trying to keep Cade from losing his head while also trying to be there for the MC as well. 

I grew very attached to Cade and Indy. Indy is a woman that every woman wants to be.  She has an amazing job and a loyal and loving man to go home to. Cade is an alpha male that all women want to be with, yet he only has eyes for his queen, Indy.  

I loved the books and I can't wait to see what crazy up and downs happen in the next one! 

** ARC provided for an honest review **
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The second in the Kings of Mayhem MC series  - and continuation of the first book, is the rest of Cade and Indy’s story. Together again, Cade and Indy are fighting to keep their relationship and club together. Someone has it out for the club and the killings continue. With everyone on lockdown, the danger is mounting and threatens not only relationship with each other, but survival. 
An excellent conclusion of their story.
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Picking up right where we left off in Kings of Mayhem, we finally get a bit of a respite from Indy and her running. She's set up shop, so to speak, back in her hometown and she and Cade are presumably on their way to a hard-fought HEA. However, someone is out to get the Kings of Mayhem and one by one, members and their loved ones are targeted. And this is where the Author lost me.

It became too brutal, too quickly. The amount of carnage left behind by some random shooter felt overdone to me. Sure, it made sense an MC would be in someone's crosshairs, but to bring down that many members was over the top unnecessary. It was funeral upon funeral and Cade drifting away from Indy after they struggled so hard to make things work again. There was simply too much dark and not nearly enough light in this book.

I liked Indy a bit better since she morphed back into the biker chick she was groomed to be and her ease at staying by Cade's side was great to see. But their love story got a bit muddied as they try and figure out who is after the Club. Too much focus on Club business and not enough on their love.

I am happy to report that things do improve between them and the mystery when solved threw both the Club and myself for a loop. An interesting turn of events made sense but only in a convoluted kind of way. I'm not sure I'm still buying the reasons for all the mayhem.

I skimmed a bit with this one, like the book before it and wished this could have remained one longer book instead of two. I might be interested in more from this series but only time will tell if that occurs.

3 stars.
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BROTHERS IN ARMS by Penny Dee is the second book in the Kings of Mayhem MC series.  This book is heart stopping full of mystery and suspense.  It also continues the love story of Cade and Indy.  There's lots of tears in this book as the Kings are targeted and many are killed.  The race is on to find a killer before he strikes again.
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I received an ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

The second in the series and I am SO grateful to have gotten the opportunity to read and review this book. After reading the first in the series, I was nearly ready to beg to read the second and now the wait for the next one......

I loved the first book, which was also my first by this author, so I requested the second book and loved it as well. For starters, I will say that the two books ar completely different, which is okay. The writing style is still great, story line still equally as good, just very different from the first. 

This book is still a pretty soft core biker club book, but a little more of an insight into the culture. In addition to that there is much more of a mystery/suspense vibe to this book that goes with the romance, as opposed to more of a second chance romance story of the first one. The main characters are the same, however, the two books could also easily be read as stand alone stories, not having to be read in order. 

In reading the teaser chapter of the third book, I can already see that it will also be great writing that makes you want to finish in one sitting, while still being a storyline different from the first two. I’m so excited to have found this author and this series, just hate waiting. :)

Definitely worth your time and money to read!
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WOW! This story was emotionally gut wrenching! From page one, I was so hooked into this book I became emotionally wrecked right along with the characters!
The story begins right where book one left off. Cade’s cousin had been murdered right in front of them and now Cade has to give his cousin’s wife the horrid news. EEK! What a grueling start! 
Death takes its toll, changing the people around it. 
“Cade had changed. He’d turned cold with hate. Despondent with grief. Quietly simmering with rage.”
“And somewhere in that church, during the service for my slayed cousin, my grief turned into a seething and unrelenting obsession for vengeance.”
Indy and Cade have just started over, a second chance at something beautiful. But is their relationship strong enough to handle what’s about to come? Especially with Cade’s new focus? With his brothers at his back he’s going to find out who the killer is and take them down.
But, the murder wasn’t an isolated event. Slowly others are being taken out. Some blatantly executed, others made to look like suicide, and one club member goes missing.  The devastation of all of the deaths was beyond horrific. Trying desperately to figure out who is behind these events and why, is taking its toll on the club. Especially the relationship between Cade and Indy.
 “But a black cloud had descended onto my soul and I found it harder and harder to block out the anger and grief to give her all of me.”
“The distance between us was widening and I was beginning to wonder if we would ever find our way back to each other.”
So overcome with grief and vengeance Cade realizes he can’t give Indy what she needs right now. 
“She was the most important thing in the world to me and I was torturing her every time I walked away from her. With every missed kiss. With every missed night in our bed.”
Feeling that the only way to keep Indy safe is to send her away. His love for her is so great he would rather have her alive and out of his life than risk her life to have her in his bed. Unfortunately, she won’t leave. Cade does the only thing he knows is a surefire way to get her to leave. 
Make history repeat itself.
Will strength and love carry them through? Another thoroughly enthralling story by Penny Dee. So incredibly suspenseful I had to read it straight through!
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This follows on from the previous book Kings of Mayhem. It’s a lot shorter and therefore makes for a quick read.

This continues on with Cade and Indy’s story. And there’s never a dull moment.  From start to finish it’s a fast paced exciting read.

There’s so much going on that Cade and Indy often seem to take a back seat to the killings. Personally for me if I’m being picky it was a little too much. Especially considering the number of pages. I would have been happy with a couple less murders and more time spent on the characters themselves.

This book includes the first chapter of the next book Biker Baby. It features a different couple and i must admit after reading the chapter I’m looking forward to it.

I voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by NetGalley.
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Someone is killing Kings of Mayhem MC members and Cade is determined to find out who is and make them pay. All he can think about is retribution and revenge even putting his relationship with his love, Indy, on hold. Indy has given up a lot to get back with her childhood love, Cade, and doesn't want to lose him to violence. As a doctor she sees what happens on the streets everyday. Who's out to get the Kings and how can they be stopped. Good MC romance.
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Well, nothing like starting a book out and already in tears!!!  

This book was similar to GOT.  No character is safe!!  

Let’s talk about Isaac...  yes, we know what happens in book one but come on!!! Poor little Brax! 

And the hits keep coming.   

Similar to book one, once you start reading you just can’t stop.  Every page turn you can’t help wonder, what next?!?!? 

I wish we got to know more about Bull.  He seems like an older hottie and can’t help but want to know more.
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ARC received for review

This book picks up right where book one leaves off. Indy doesn't let Cade run away from her and hide in his pain. Drama and hot sex for them. They finally catch the bad guy, but not before a whole bunch more people die....and I do mean a whole bunch. Ms. Dee must not want to write very many books in this series.
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4.5 Stars

This is the second book of the series and picks up right after the first book ends.  We continue with Cade and Indy as the main characters but many of the secondary characters also get flushed out.  This book has a lot of focus on the MC and the actions around the club are affecting Cade and Indy's relationship. 

This book has action, suspense, heartache and true love.  I am really enjoying this author's writing and can't wait to read more about this club.  This story line seems to have wrapped up so I am looking forward to the next adventure with this club.
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**I received a copy of Brothers in Arms from Xpresso Book Tours and Net Galley in exchange for a voluntary and honest review. The opinions expressed below are mine alone and voluntary**

Brothers in Arms by Penny Dee is the second book of her Kings of Mayhem MC series. This book begins right directly after Kings of Mayhem ended. But this time it's more somber as the members of the MC are suddenly dropping like flies. Of course there's a reason that's revealed at the end plus a snippet of the third book which will be Honey Scott and Caleb Calley's story.

Indy feels like she's loosing Cade who is blaming himself for Issac's death and she doesn't know how to fix the darkness that is consuming him. But when one becomes several suspicious deaths strike the MC little does she know that the killer could come after her. Can Cade rescue her in time? Will a possible betrayal tear the Kings of Mayhem MC apart?

Cade Calley feels the darkness consuming him and blames himself for Issac's death. But when their are several deaths of members he knows that Indy could be in the cross hairs of the killer and he'll do anything to keep her safe. When Bull and the club vote him in as VP they sudden realize that the killer might be closer to the MC than once thought.
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Brothers in Arms is the second book in the series and a continuation of Cade and Indy's story. I'm feeling pretty mixed on this story. It was a shorter, fast paced read with lots of action and drama and horrific events. Maybe just too much bad stuff and not enough other things? It was interesting and engaging but literally went from one bad event to the next, and while the main story was about Indy and Cade, I don't feel like there was enough of a connection with the other club members so it left a feeling of disconnect for me.
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A great second installment of this series and I can't wait until the next one.

A book that runs the gamut of emotions and leaves you wanting more! 

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Okay didnt think it could get better than the first one (King’s Of Mayhem) but that was freaking awesome!!!! I devoured it in one day, I couldnt put it down.

Edge of your seat action packed adventure with some awesome Characters and plot twists thrown in for kicks and giggles!!

I absolutely loved it I don’t know how I will survive waiting for the next one which there was a little sneaky taste in the end of this book and WOOOO BOY is it great!!!.

I loved the continuation of Cade and Indy’s story they are such beautifully written characters and work at their relationship with fondness and grit.

This had some super plot twists that will make you want to throw the book a few times but in a great way!!!

All up INCREDIBLE!! I loved everything!! I cannot wait to continue on with the series in the future and get to know more of these fantastic characters and the world of the Kings!!
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Penny Dee can certainly write a super entertaining and fast paced read.  I tore through this book in one sitting and was never bored. 

 She was brave enough to go somewhere in the second book of her series that most people would wait to do.  She raises the stakes and gets the adrenaline pumping but I was not as emotionally invested as I would have been had we spent more time with the other members of the MC.  In fact I still really couldn't tell them apart at this point.  This did not really take away from Indy and Cade's story and the emotional impact that events had on them but I found it an interesting choice.  

My main issue with this book is that Dee always things to take things a step too far.  MC romances are over the top to begin with so it can be a difficult balance. However too much is just too much.  She goes too far with her attempts to make Cade a hero.  There is scene that is really only there to make him look good and it was more silly than effective.  There is too much to the villain's story.  It is working but then it keeps going and suddenly becomes less successful.

Will I read book three?  At this point I am not sure.  If it focuses on different characters I will be intrigued,  I don't think Cade and Indy are interesting enough to carry another book. I am a completionist at heart and there is enough in these stories that I like.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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this really fell flat for me. no where near as good as the first one and i kept wanting it to slow down a bit. so much was happening that it didnt give time for the story to really come together. not sure if i will pick up the next book or not.
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This is the second book in this series. This is a continuation of Cade and Indy’s Story. It wasn’t as good as the first book in my opinion. It was far less MC romance and more of a MC murder mystery with a bit of romance thrown in there. I much prefer romance to the murder, but it made an interesting read. 
I definitely will be looking out for more books from this author. 
I received an ARC from Netgalley for my honost review of this book. Thanks Netgalley!
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I received an ARC from Netgalley and this is my honest opinion. Wow..... I could not put this book down. Sometimes reading an MC book can be unrealistic at times and I have to say this one grabs you right from the beginning.

Cade and Indy already have an established relationship in this book and trouble in the motorcycle club forces Cade to do the unthinkable and hurt Indy in order to protect her. 

The story really pulls at the heart strings and I could not put it down.
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