Brothers in Arms

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This book continues from the first book with the killings and with Indy deciding to fight for Cade and make him talk to her. For cade, he still thinks she is leaving that is until someone makes a mistake and takes her. Now Cade will do everything to bring her back and hopefully, the person will not be around when he finds her. This book reads a little quicker than the first one, and both Indy and Cade have begun to work out and through their problems. They are remembering what it was like when they were together all of those years ago. Still a good story to go with the first one.
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This is my first book by this author and I’m presently surprised of her impeccable writing style. The second book in the Mayhem MC series and continuation relationship between Indy and Gabe with disaster brewing on the horizon.

Cade is frustrated and overwhelmed with an enemy attacking the members of the club. The announcement of the lockdown for family members added distrust and confusion among the members. I felt Cade was becoming paranoid at one point due to one of the fallen member was his relative which distorted his thought process. 

This book was highly entertaining and kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The plot was well developed, with a gripping storyline. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series. 
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Review Copy via Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is the second book in the series and begins where the last book ended.  Cade and Indy are great characters and their story is fast-paced, intense with lots of drama and suspense.  Someone is after the MC and Cade is concerned for Indy.  Can he keep her safe?  I really liked this MC read, I was hooked from beginning to end.  A good read.
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WOW!!! Let’s just say this is one of the best biker series I have read. 

I don’t want to give to much away but bikers clubs are like family, they stick together and fight for one another.  When death after death happens in the club Cade is bond and determined to keep Indy safe.  Indy sees a big change in Cade and hopes he finds piece and gets back to himself after so many of his brother have died. 

This is a must read intense, heart breaking story that keeps you turning the page until the bad guy is reveled.
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When I had finished the first book I was sorta of shocked that it left me on a cliff. I knew this was a series, I just didn't realize that the first 2 books would be Cade and Indy's. Actually book 1 is their love story and this one , this is about revenge and the love shared between friends and family as well as Cade and Indy. 
I am truly enjoying this series! 
The past is not Cade's friend. First he has to face the past mistakes he made with Indy and now he is facing someone with a personal vendetta against his club. The drama is definitely a big draw for me to this series. You never quite know what is going to happen next. Cade, suffers a loss so profound that it almost causes him his beloved Indy. But Indy, she is not so quick to give up and will go to the ends of the earth for Cade. With the danger amping up Cade is beside himself with keeping Indy safe. He goes as far as crushing Indy again with his devastating act of betrayal. Only this time Indy knows he is trying to send her away and is not letting that happen. 
This story has betrayal, sexiness in spades and love. Not just the love of a man and woman, but the love shared between family and friends. It was really heartbreaking to read Cade's feelings with he loses Issac. When Indy is with Maribelle and tragedy strikes after the exciting new, man that was gripping!  
Wonderfully written, an easy ready and a really great series, that keeps me coming back for more.
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3.75 stars—BROTHERS IN ARMS is the second instalment in Penny Dee’s contemporary, adult KINGS OF MAYHEM MC erotic, romance series focusing on the men and women of the Kings of Mayhem MC. This is Cade Calley, and Dr. Indigo ‘Indy’ Parrish’s continuing story line.BROTHERS IN ARMSshould be not be read as a stand alone as it picks up immediately after the events of book one -Kings of Mayhem.

NOTE: BROTHERS IN ARMS contains scenes of graphic violence, death and sexual assault that may not be suitable for more sensitive readers.

If you have not read book one, there may be some spoilers in my review.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Cade and Indy) BROTHERS IN ARMS follows in the wake of the death of one of their own. The Kings of Mayhem MC are being targeted by an unknown enemy who is slowly destroying the club one member at a time. No one is safe; protection is futile as the members fail to protect the people they love. Hoping to shelter the woman he loves Cade battles between head and heart attempting to destroy Indy’s heart in the process. What ensues is the ongoing relationship between Indy and Cade, as the Kings of Mayhem MC continue to fight an unknown foe.

BROTHERS IN ARMS is a story of betrayal, revenge, murder and love. A quick read replete with drama, conflict, heart break and passion. The premise is brutal and raw; the romance is impassioned and intense; the characters are energetic, broken and real. BROTHERS IN ARMS  is a shocking and thrilling instalment in the Kings of Mayhem MC.

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Cade and Indy are back for more in Brothers In Arms, the second book of the Kings of Mayhem MC series. Penny Dee doesn't waist any time continuing on with the suspense and mystery, picking up exactly where the first book ended with the murder of Isaac Calley and the rest of the club struggling to understand why and who is behind the hit. Cade is personally taking the death of his cousin hard and purposely keeping away from Indy, despite just having gotten her back for good. But Indy becoming her strong MC princess self again realizes the self punishment Cade is enduring and does everything possible to pull him back from the darkness and never once fails to leave his side or lose faith in their love, the one thing keeping Cade even slightly sane these days.

The action and drama was nonstop with this book and I loved every second of reading it. Not long after Isaac's murder a few more club members end up dead, but whether by accident, self harm, or by someone else was up for debate. Only Cade didn't believe the coincidences and never stopped trying to solve the puzzle once and for all. All the while Indy is right there for help and support and I seriously love she never backed down from Cade and his demands, even during one scene that I honestly thought would be the one to finally do the job. Everything about Brothers In Arms was excellent and I couldn't get enough of these characters. Once again there is an ending that promises plenty more to come, which is perfect since I'm no where close to getting my fill of the Kings of Mayhem MC.
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This is book 2 in the Kings of Mayhem MC series and it features Cade and Indy. Rarely, if ever, has a book had me in tears from the first page and the hits just kept coming. Some events were harder than others but were all so tragic. The drama, suspense and all the raw emotions kept me on edge. When was the next tragedy going to hit? Cade’s mental state alone was tearing my heart up.  The scene with Cade and Sandy was brilliant but the scene after that with Indy was even more so.  Indy is such an amazing woman who was made to be an “old lady.”

I can’t tell you every piece of brilliant writing because then I’d have to tell you the whole story, from the first page to the last.  I highly recommend this book and series.  You won’t regret it!  With every book I read by this author, the writing gets more captivating. The mystery, the drama and suspense are completely ingenious!  I can’t wait to read more.
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Emotionally heartbreaking! We thought we had seen the inner sanctum of Cade in the first book, but the loss he's suffering now brings out a whole other side of him to delve into. He's ducking for cover, but Indy is determined to make him face it all with her by his side. When all is said and done, they're not sure who to trust anymore ... but they know they have each other by their sides. Really good follow up to the first book. Looking forward to more to come!

Cade Calley isn't sure which way is coming and going right now. He had just reunited with the love of his life when trouble came calling with no warning. They killed his best friend right in front of his eyes. He will stop at nothing to find whoever did this and seek revenge.

Indy is happy to be back in Cade's arms again, but this loss has changed him. He's pushing her away and putting up walls that she can't figure out how to tear down. Just when she thinks she might be getting through to him, someone else winds up dead. It's becoming obvious that someone is hunting the Kings. Only time will tell if they'll figure out who it is before the body count keeps adding up!
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Brothers In Arms pickup right where Kings of Mayhem left off. Someone is after the Kings of Mayhem and picking them off one by one. Now, they have Indy in their crosshairs. With Indy life on the line, along with his unborn child. Cade will do anything to stop the murder before he even gets close. Penny Dee has done it again. This book had intense and emotional moments. This series is a must read. I would recommend that you read Kings of Mayhem before you begin this book.
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***3.5 Stars***

I’m not all too sure how to go about this review since my mind is feeling kinda like the poor frog in Frogger, so I’m going to keep it pretty simple...I hope (toes crossed folks)

This is a continuation of Cade and Indy’s story and I have to say that I liked Indy a lot more in this one. She’s settled, determined and I loved seeing the woman she was always meant to be come out in this one. Then there is Cade. I hurt for him, I did, and I understood why he ended up in such a dark place because of what was going on with his family, but I couldn’t help but cringe at some of the things he did, or didn’t do because he was so deep into his own headtrip that it was kind of scary. 

As for Cade and Indy’s relationship. I liked how Indy fought for Cade and what they were attempting to build together, she showed how well she knew Cade and how much she loved him. But I will admit that I wished there had been more of them. The chaos that was going on around them took over and they took a backseat IMHO. I got why, I did, and I liked where they were at in the end, but I feel like they got lost in the shuffle.

Based on the way Kings of Mayhem ended and the description for this, I knew that things were going to be intense and crazy, and I’m all good with both, I am, but the thing about the crazy that happens here is that only one of the instances gave me an emotional gut punch, the others were sad and intense, but they did take me to that place and it’s because I wasn’t as invested in the characters involved. I didn’t feel like I knew them, so the connection wasn’t there and I was a little underwhelmed. And when everything was exposed...It made sense in a crazy, chaotic, psychopathic sort of way that has me thinking “Okay. The reasoning is still a little bit halfassbackwards to me, but I get it in that twisty mind sort of way.”

I was going to keep this one simple, but that didn’t happen, and I’ll be honest that I’ve waffled quite a bit over the rating, do I round up or down, I chose up because I did enjoy the book as a whole and want more from this world and these characters and in the end that is all that mattered. I loved spending more time with the Kings and getting to know some of them a little more and I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on Biker Baby when it comes out!

~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~
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I enjoyed this book. It is book two in this series and it continues the story from where it left off at the end of book one. Although this book is shorter than book one it's packed with intensity, danger, heat, drama, suspense and raw emotions. This very exciting read will keep you on edge and entertained. If I had one negative comment it would be that I honestly felt that Indy and Cade's romance took a backseat to everything else that was going on. That didn't make this a bad read, it just made it a bit disappointing for me personally. I really like Cade and Indy. They share a powerful attraction, a deep emotional bond, a shared history that makes their love all the more poignant and steamy chemistry. They do share some pretty scorching scenes but for me the book was just too heavily focused on the suspense and not the romance.
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Brothers in Arms is a wonderful continuation of the Kings of Mayhem series. This one is a direct sequel to Kings of Mayhem (cliffhanger warning!). This book really knows how to hit right in the feels! I don't want to give too many spoilers for the first book, but this book is wonderful. In this book Cade has to deal with his grief and his anger. Indy has to help Cade with pulling through the tough times. They both work to make sure that their relationship doesn't suffer even though they are worried about what is happening to their friends in the Kings of Mayhem MC. 

I really enjoyed this continuation of the story! We really get to see Cade and Indy grow both individually and together as a couple. I really felt for all of the characters through the grief they were feeling throughout this entire story. Penny Dee was able to bring me into the story and really make me feel with the characters. I felt like the story was a little slow in parts and that the action was grouped all at once towards the end of the book. I was also disappointed in some of the choices that Cade made when dealing with his grief and wanting to keep Indy safe. I felt like the two of them could have worked to talk a little more and not use physical affection to work through their issues. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this story and I definitely recommend this book! If you like MC romances with hunky, dreamy heroes, this one is definitely for you! I look forward to the next book in this series!
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A captivating, emotional suspenseful action-filled continuing MC storyline. Strong well described characters. A well-written book, that I enjoyed reading. It was a pleasure to review. I received a free copy of this book, am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Isaac died in Cade’s arms. His heart hardened and his anger was palpable. Isaac had not only been Cade’s cousin but best friend. Cade vowed revenge and was determined to find who had killed Isaac and make them pay. Cade pulled up when Buckman knocked on Cherry and isaac’s door to tell her isaac was dead. Cade wanted to be there for Cherry. Indy knew she had to go to Abby but she had to shower first as she had isaac’s blood on her. Isaac had been murdered and nobody knew why or by who. Insy had loved isaac her whole life and he had died in front of her. Her friend was now gone. Indy had to hold it together for Abby and cade as she knew how devastated they were. Abby and isaac had been coming back from the Kings Of Mayhem’s MC Headquarters. Someone had set it on fire and they had went to check it out, on the way back… It happened so fast. Abby was Isaac’s twin sister and they had talked every day and told each other everything. For thirty years Isaac had been Abby’s twin as well as best friend.  Cade took off after Isaac’s funeral but then came back to Indy. Cade went to the Knights  - a rival MC-  clubhouse to talk to Saber the president- as Isaac had told cade about some deal involving heroin which was the Knights money maker. It had been three weeks since cade had made love to Indy and she could feel the distance growing between them but she wanted to give Cade space after what happened to isaac. But enough was enough. Than while Indy was at work another King came in and was pronounced dead- Tex.  But with head trauma and carbon monoxide poisoning. That death was ruled as an accident by the police. But Cade didn’t believe that. Cade became the VP of the MC and the Kings celebrated as they desperately needed something good to celebrate. 
I loved this book. It was a great MC book. It had action. Murder, kidnapping, brotherhood, tears, heartbreak, death, suspense, mystery,  MCs, romance and so much more. I loved the pace and plot. I choked up bad at different times while reading this. I loved Cade and indy together and how they interacted. I didn’t like how cade her hurt Indy yet again with making her believe he had cheated on her again but I understood why he did it. I didn’t want to set this down. It was a quick, easy romantic yet at time horrendous read. I advise you to read the other books in this series for smoother more knowledgeable read. I loved the characters and the  twists and turns of this book and I highly recommend it.
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This is the second book in the Kings of Mayhem Series. The first book ended in a cliffhanger, so it’s best to read book one. Cade and Indy’s story picks up after book one with a lot of angst, mystery and violence brewing with the Mayhem MC.  Indy has her work cut out for her, not only does she have to keep Cade engaged in their relationship but she has to allow him to do what he thinks is best to not only protect her but also the MC. This book is a bit shorter than the previous but still packed with hit romance, angst and suspense. Looking forward to the next book in the series. 
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This second book in the Kings of Mayhem series picks up right where the first one left off.  I recommend you read these book in order to fully understand the story.  In this book Cade and Indy's story continues as their reunion is tested by what's happening within and to the MC.  There is a whole lot going on with a ton of action as things really heat up for the kings.  This is an excellent read and I'm interested in seeing what comes next.  I recommend this one.
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Brothers in Arms is the second book in the Kings Of Mayhem MC series. This book takes off right after the first book that did end with a cliffhanger and I have to say that this author really works emotions so well. I love how this was written and even though it was highly hard to read at times because of the intensity of the scenes and what develops in the plot I am so glad that I picked this book up. The story sets off with our hero and heroine: Cade and Indy who have recently come to terms with their past and wanting to start a future together and have a fresh start. Their path hasn't been easy but its about to get harder when the MC is being targeted by someone unknown and their members are being murdered with no clue as to who it is. Cade and Indy are going through hell during this scenario because they are losing their closest friends and their relationship is being torn to shreds at the same time. But these two learn the value of not letting grief and anger drive a wedge in their relationship. I found Brothers in Arms to be a heart breaking romance and man this book had me SOBBING all the way through. The emotion is well portrayed in this story and really reflects so well in the reader. If you love MC romance, then you definitely need to grab these books up....high level of emotion, intense intrigue, and a romance to fight for!!!
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Brothers in arms is the second in the series and Cades story. It hasn’t been easy but he has Indy and that’s what matters until death keeps striking. 

Indy is strong in her own but she loves her biker, except he’s pulling away and she needs to pull him back. Trouble is everywhere and getting rough these two will endure so much before they can have their happily ever after. It was a good book and really enjoyable.
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Brothers in Arms by Penny Dee is book Two in the Kings of Mayhem MC Series. This continues the story of Cade and Indy, so you should read the previous book 'Kings of Mayhem' first to fully enjoy their story. This book picks up where we left off in the first book. Cade is still out to protect Indy and any cost even from himself. Indy isn't letting Cade get away with his ideal of protection. Between their love story we have a action pack drama going on.
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