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The romance oh my, it was so swoony!
If you're looking for a book about angels, romance and a fun time, the path keeper is for you! I remember meeting the author at an event, and she was so sweet! The writing is beautiful and I fell in love with the characters right from the start!
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Thank you, BHC Press, for providing me a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

1 star. 

  Although the storyline was somewhat promising, the story feels rushed and too juvenile. The characters aren't likable, friendships get lost in the plot as if they had little to no point and the story itself takes weird turns that feel too much and pointless in the end. 
  I had a hard time understanding how this book fits into the YA category, from the very beginning it reads more like New Adult fiction but even so it feels wrong to classify it as such given that it feels childish. The age bracket of the characters, the early college life setting, and the writing of the more romantic, intimate, and sexual scenes in the book make me think that it's better suited for a New Adult market. This being said, it's very hard to pinpoint what target audience the author had in mind when writing this book. 
   The religious themes and the sensitive topic of rape could have been much better portrayed.
    As for the romantic main characters, both are very unlikable, Zac comes across as a stalker and psychotic, and Ella as a hair head, childish, hysterical, and dumb protagonist. To complete the stereotypical fest we get insta-love, the author tried the soulmate, forbidden lovers throughout time storyline but it falls short. 
   In the end, I wouldn't recommend this book, it feels like crossover fanfiction from other popular YA books from past years, like Twilight, Fallen, and The Mortal Instruments...
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Thank you so much to the publishers and Netgalley for giving me access to this book. Unfortunately my tastes have changed and I am no longer interested in this book but once again thank you so much for the opportunity!
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I lo e the idea of fate and reincarnation and so when I picked this book up I was super excited to read it. Unfortunately it fell a little short. This book followed the two main characters Ella and Zac over there many lives and it just felt very choppy.  The book seemed more broken up and didn't flow very smoothly. Zac and Ella also seemed very flat to me. Zac seemed kind of meddlesome and controlling and Ella seemed whiny and annoying. That being said someone who enjoys fallen angels and like angsty young adult books that are quick reads (thinking of twilight here) would enjoy this series. It just wasn't for me.
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I went into this book totally blind and was pleasantly surprised. It might go slow in some sections but stick with it as it comes together. If you love fantasy with a touch of romance you’d enjoy. Well written, good flow and fun original plot.
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This appears to be a rather polarizing reading experience, which I can attest to. Simmonds prose didn't grab me the way I was hoping it would, and the execution of the premise left me wanting so much more than I got.
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This book held so much promise....
I'm not gonna lie, I DNFed this. It kind of felt like your typical bad fanfiction.. Or your typical bad YA romance.. Plain Jane girl, impossibly beautiful guy.. But oh no! they cannot possibly be together in this world! I know this sort of thing is what some people enjoy, it's just not for me. Ella came off as somewhat whiny and hysterical.. You know, typical YA girl from a contemporary book. Zac gave me bad vibes.. Like stalkery-Edward-Cullen vibes, except its supposed to be written to seem romantic. Personally, I can't get behind that. If Insta-love and impossibly pretty people is your thing, go for it! It just wasn't mine, so it didn't work out
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I saw the mixed reviews on this book, but those never sway me. Maybe this time I should have been swayed. :(

The Path Keeper follows Ella and Zac over many lives. I liked the idea of reincarnation and showing the past lives, but honestly I just got confused. I felt it was very clunky and didn't flow well into the story. Throughout the book I forgot who was who. 

Another issue I had was I did not like any of the characters. Ella was whiney and just hard to read. Zac was very flat to me. 

I loved the concept, but felt it wasn't executed in a good way. I unfortunately won't be continuing the series. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I immediately fell in love with Ella and Zac ! It's quite rare for me to enjoy MC like that but Ella was a really great one! I really laughed a lot when she was cursing in spanish Zac reflections about her mouth were really funny aswell, Ella is truly an angel with the mouth of a sailor! 
I really liked the plot, and the different romances connected to it, there's a multitude of flashbacks and these moments were my favorites. The ideas towards religious and angelic stuff were quite refreshing for this genre and I had a great surprise discovering them.
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unfortunately, this book didn't work out for me. im hoping to give it another chance but that's a plan for the future.
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Loved this book! It was interesting and I’ll be doing a full review on my blog in due course. The characters were well thought out and I’m glad trigger warnings were added
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I enjoyed The Path Keeper. For a young adult book, it was surprisingly well written, however the story line didn't quite peak my interest as much as I would have liked. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this author in the future. Simmonds' writing style excites me.
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-The book started off with quite a bit of mystery, and I definitely felt a "Fallen" (Lauren Kate) vibe throughout the whole thing. And a bit of Twilight, actually.
-I don't think the characters were as developed as they could've been, but I liked them all the same.
-Ella... Was annoying at first. Then I liked her a bit, then she was annoying again... That pattern continued. And her relationship with Zac. She was always either head-over-heels for him or super annoyed with him, and I never really felt a purpose behind either one of those. Actually, everytime Zac has an honest conversation with her about something deep, she gets annoyed with him (or I get annoyed with her), so honey, how are you even in love?
-The conversations between the characters didn't always feel natural.
-The closing scene, which was meant to be full of anticipation and suspense things *happening* was, much like probably every other scene of it's kind in other books and movies, dragged out by conversation, thereby diluting the edge-of-my-seat feeling.
-At about each quarter-way mark (25, 50, 75) there's an abrupt change-of-scene where the story takes a jump back in time to a completely different story. It happens when the main story has built up all this tension and anticipation, so I was quite frustrated at the change that made absolutely no sense, and by the time that chapter was done I had lost all momentum to return to the main story. Eventually all the loose ends tie-up, but think the route it took was annoying for me.
--T/W: this book contains scenes of sexual abuse
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I recieved this as a free arc from netgalley. 

I did read it quickly.

It was a good read.

Nice plot
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The Path Keeper was a magical and exciting love story that twists at the heartstrings. I couldn't get enough of the main pairing and found myself rereading chapters just so I could experience things all over again.
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This novel is a good one that I’ve read this year! The characters are so dynamic yet relatable. I loved the flow of the story. It held my attention the whole time.
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Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read and review this title. I will review this title at a different date.
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I remember the first time I read The Path Keeper, I knew a couple of pages in that it was going to be something special, and all those feelings came flooding back to me as I settled down to read it again. I was filled with anticipation at the thought of rediscovering the characters that I fell in love with, and I am pleased to say that my second read was every bit as captivating as the first. Even though I knew the story this time round, I was swept away by beautiful, mysterious Zac and feisty, foul-mouthed Ella.

Besides Zac and Ella’s story, I loved dipping in and out of the lives of different generations of women, and found that this time round I noticed more of the connections between these women. When I am enjoying a book, I sometimes have the tendency to race through it, and miss the little touches that give an added depth, and I delighted in spotting them this time round. I have a feeling that I could return to this book time after time and keep noticing things for the first time with every reading.

I read a lot of fantasy, and honestly, I have read many books that are similar to each other – you start to recognise the same character types and dilemmas occurring time and again. With The Path Keeper, there is none of that. It is one of the most original books I have read in a very long time.

When I first read The Path Keeper, it was marketed as a Young Adult read, I think purely based on the age of Ella. Since than it has been reclassified as purely Fantasy, and this makes me very happy. There are elements that are most definitely not YA, and sadly this has led to some negative reviews in the past that really came about as a result of this being read by the wrong audience. Please pay no attention to any of these are they are completely undeserved. Just rush out now to buy this book so you can read it and be ready for the release of Son of Secrets on 28th May – pop back in a few weeks to read my review of that one.
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This book was definitely strange and it managed to succeed in being unlike anything I’ve read before. The premise was sort of Twilight-esk, but with a different creature instead of Vampires. There was certainly a mirrored obsession surrounding the male characters though. As usual, we have a normal female lead who comes across a sexy male and can’t stop thinking about him. If you’d have told me the premise of this book in great detail before I read it, I may not have picked it up, but I did and I ended up enjoying certain aspects of it.

I really liked the mystery and intrigue behind this book, when I started it I had forgotten the blurb so I went in fairly blind. I was definitely taken away with the guessing game of the plot, I wanted to uncover the secrets of the story. I wanted to know who Zac (said sexy man) really was and why he was so into Ella.

I liked seeing this book from both perspectives, Zac and Ella as well as some dipping into the past. I can say for sure that this book wasn’t boring, there was always a new angle/direction that it was taking. I also found it hard to predict where it was going, so that was another good thing because usually with this genre you can tell from the off.

Character-wise I found myself annoyed with Ella as a lead, she seemed very dependent on Zac and that bugged me because she was clearly able to function on her own from when we first meet her. Her mother is a stunning woman, married to a rich guy who seems to provide anything the two desire. This book certainly had the glitz and glamour!

I’m left confused by who the audience for this book is, it seems to have the premise of a teenage book, but the themes of an adult one that shouldn’t be read by teens. I appreciated an older main character because that is rare in young adult books, but I think this could certainly be targeted to the older spectrum of young adult readers. There are certainly a lot of problem themes this book deals with and I think they could be upsetting to younger readers. I’m glad to see the addition of a trigger warning on the finished copy though.
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The Path Keeper is one of the books that I’m really nervous about because the reviews indicate that you’ll either love it or detest (and DNF) it, and oh boy were there a lot of DNFs on Goodreads. Since I started blogging here, I only have one book I DNFed. I’m going into this one sincerely hoping I will finish it, and if I’m lucky, enjoy it.

And good news! (as you may have figured from my rating). I’m officially invested enough in this series to click that “Request” button on Netgalley for Book #2 Son of Secrets. Really keen to see where N J Simmonds will take us.

First of all, I have to underline that this book utilises a couple of things that might offend some people. If you’re uncomfortable with religion being used in the plot, then steer clear away from this series. A subset of the community that might get offended is rape and sexual assault victims. It was used in the plot in a sick way. I honestly have no other way to put it without revealing spoilers. It had a point to make, to show how the world in this book works but still…

For the first half of the book, my engagement depended much too heavily on my mood, which is not a good thing. I found that I could only appreciate this book if I let myself feel like a teenager again when emotions used to run amok and respond to a situation more intensely than they do now. I say this because very early in the book, I noticed that the main characters feel too much, resulting in them being super broody or super-expressive/loud, or an odd combination of the two within one conversation. At times the characters’ dialogues were just plain weird; You know how sometimes people react in a way that you didn’t expect at all and you just stand there for a solid two seconds trying to figure out what just happened. That happens a lot for me in this book. Somehow this stopped being an issue in the final 30% of the book, probably because it’s where the plot really picks up the pace.

Other than a comment of appreciation on writing style, I rarely have much to say about the writing because obviously authors and their editors know more about that than me, hence I don’t feel I can contribute anything. Most of the time, I don’t have anything to complain about, anyway. However, for this one, I felt that in a lot of places there’s just not enough description given about the scene that I had trouble picturing it. A simple example (not from this book): “The sun was so bright she had to shield her eyes” vs “The sun was so bright she used her left hand as a visor”. This is just something minor and not really what I actively look for in a book. It’s just that I notice when the author goes out of his/her way to write that out for the readers and I notice it too when it’s missing.

Nevertheless, from the first page, I get the feeling that I’ll love the premise. In the first chapter, you can already figure out that Zac’s no human. From his narrative in that first chapter, you already know he’s in love with Ella and has been for some time. Then, my curiosity gets really going. He’s not supposed to interact with her, but he did and she thought she recognizes him but turned out to not know him at all. Just from that, we know Zac’s guarding a life-changing secret. This secret was revealed earlier than I expected but the great thing is my interest didn’t dwindle after finding out, I got hooked even more. For me, that decided it – The Path Keeper was a good read indeed.

Didn’t intend for this review to be quite so long-winded. I rarely write reviews with buzz-words but here it comes. The Path Keeper: An epic tear-jerker about true eternal love.

Content warnings: Sexual assault; emotional abuse to a child

Thanks to BHC Press for providing me with a copy. All opinions are my own and are based on the advanced digital review copy.
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