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Baby Daddy Mystery: Shady Hoosier Detective Agency (Book 2)

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Baby Daddy Mystery by Daisy Pettles

The ladies find themselves at again when the owner of the local bank hires them to look into her husbands death.  Ruby and Veenie takes us on a hilarious roller coaster ride of murder, blackmail, and a whole lot more.  It seems the men in Knobby Waters can't keep their peters in their pants and the ladies find themselves real busy trying to solve not one mystery but three mysteries. 

My favorite things about this series is the laughter and humor sprinkled into the story that makes the story entertaining.  I love the two ladies who take on any case no matter what the case involves.  I think Daisy Pettles spins a great story about these two older women and the way they solve crimes.  It can be tiring for them at those times they find food to eat to sooth their aching bodies from their crime fighting times.  So much happens in Knobby Waters and of course everyone knows each other but that does not stop the antics from happening.

The description of the foods the ladies eat is just top notch like mystery meat sandwich which no one seems to even know what the meat is but supposedly it taste real good.  Or the pie shack where you can drive up any time day or night and get yourself a pie.  I want to live in a town like that who doesn't love pie.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good cozy mystery with some real good humor if this is you then you need to pick up this series it is a good way to break up your reading to get in some good ole laughter between your more serious reads.

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Brilliantly written, Baby Daddy Mystery: Shady Hoosier Detective Agency is a winner.

The overall storyline is fascinating and keeps you interested until the very end. I quite enjoyed the characters, very believable.

A must read!!
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This was a fun read--two elderly women in a small town (in my home state of Indiana ), who know most everyone and are determined to learn everything about their fellow citizens. They enjoy life and manage to solve a mystery on their journey.
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Ruby Jane and Vennie are juggling multiple cases at once. They are chasing down a blackmailer, a baby daddy, and finally a murder. This is a hysterical cozy mystery and second in the series. Ruby Jane and Vennie are unique and quirky senior amateur sleuths. They have been best friends since their childhoods and their chemistry shows this. There are several laugh out loud moments. The mystery is full of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. I look forward to the next in the series. 

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Well, this book is an absolute hoot. It's brilliant, packed full of wit, comedy and delightfully eccentric characters.
Ruby Jane and Veenie are private investigators working for Harry Shades, whose inability to resist women means he's temporarily had to leave town. The two mature ladies therefore take on a case concerning the Apple family - or rather, cases. They throw themselves into their duties with energy and determination, and whilst their means might be a little unconventional they're certainly effective. 

The plot is clever, with just the right amount of craziness, and as I've mentioned the people we meet in the pages of this novel are wonderful, whether it's wonderfully awful or wonderfully genuine. The humour dances off the pages and it's impossible not to chuckle as you absorb this madcap, exciting and entertaining story.
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If you're looking for a humorous mystery then look no further! This 2nd book in the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency series was just as fun as the first! The author holds nothing back, delivering lots of laugh out loud moments, while creating so many twists and turns that I was kept guessing until the very end!! The main characters are older ladies which gives a unique voice to the story. 
I can't wait to read the next book in this series!!
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This book was such a fun read! I love funny mysteries and this book did not disappoint. I love the title and the main characters. They are all well developed, funny and loaded with different things going on. Pick this book for your next read. You will not be disappointed! Highly recommend this book for the laughs and entertainment. 
Thank you Netgalley and Hot Pants Press, LLC for my advanced digital copy. The opinion on this review is my own.
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I requested this based on the title. It was a good book. I would recommend it to others. I enjoyed it.
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I stumbled on this book totally by accident and I’m so glad that I did!!!

This is the 2nd book in the series, however I had no problems getting into this hoot of a story!  This book could very well be a stand-a-lone book if I ever saw one!

I can’t say enough about this book!  I truly LOVED this fun and quirky book!  The author, Daisy Pettles writing style is just amazing.  I had to reread several areas just because I was giggling and had tears in my eyes.  Her word choice was spot on, not to mention her descriptions of situations made you feel as though you were actually there!  

This is for sure a crazy cozy mystery with down home humor straight from Pawpaw County, Indiana courtesy of Veenie and Ruby Jane.  If they aren’t at the Curl Up & Dye getting their hair done, they are probably getting ready to take on their next case.  If you need laugh out loud fun, this is a read for you!  

I’m for sure grabbing book 1 Now and book 3 just as soon as it is available!!
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Oh my word, I haven't laughed this much over a book in forever.  The characters are a hoot and the mystery is satisfyingly well done.  This is the second book in the series.  I cant wait to read the next one.  If you havent read the previous  installment, treat yourself now.
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This is a funny story about two old ladies that, among other things, likes to solve a good mystery. 
Thank you Netgalley for this funny book.
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This is the second book in the ‘Shady Hoosier Detective Agency’ series. The first book is the ‘Ghost Busting Mysteries’, although I haven’t yet read it. This second book, named “Baby Daddy Mystery: Shady Hoosier Detective Agency” was such a quirky, mad and crazy read and I did not feel disadvantaged in any way not having read book one first. 

There was so much fun and hilarity packed into this cozy mystery that I was never bored and I wanted to continue reading. The characters’ antics were highly amusing, especially those of Veenie. Apart from the mystery, the book had underlying themes of companionship and love that greatly complemented the story for me.

Although the conclusion of the story was no great surprise, it was still a very fulfilling ending to a wonderful book that regularly had me laughing-out-loud.  

If you like cozy mysteries with a large helping of craziness and humour then you can’t go wrong with “Baby Daddy Mystery: Shady Hoosier Detective Agency”. The third book is due to be released shortly so I will be looking out for that one. 

Thanks to NetGalley, Hot Pants Press, LLC and the author, Daisy Pettles, for my free ARC of Baby Daddy Mystery: Shady Hoosier Detective Agency (book 2) in exchange for an honest review.

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A dead body on the porch,  some clucking hens and a handsome rooster, old women trying to impress an equally old and handsome man, a scam, Ma and Peepaw Horton's pies, extramarital affairs ... phew! So many things going on at once and these ladies are stronger than you think! They can run, jump and even 'manhandle' a criminal so don't underestimate them.

Harry, the 'founder' of Shady Hoosier Detective agency is on a run. No, he's not a criminal but he's well known for sleeping with ladies - the married ones. Oops!. Shap is angry and threatens to kill Harry for sleeping with his wife. But Mrs Shap can't seem to keep her hands and eyes off Harry. As they make the detective agency office their love nest, RJ and Veenie spend most of the time outdoors, sleuthing.

Baby Daddy Mystery is the second book in the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency series. The first book was super crazy and funny - ghosts with green lights on their bums!! The second book is even crazier, quirkier and wild! 

There isn't a single instance in the book where I felt lost or bored! Daisy Pettles makes sure that each and every paragraph has something hilarious or dirty. Veenie was wilder than I remember her from the previous book. RJ's relation with her kids was a nice inclusion to the story. But being Veenie's friend and all, RJ is weird too. Sassy and Veenie, though single, are always ready to mingle. Senior citizens or not,  love and companionship is a must, isn't it?

As the story ends, be it fraud, murder or cheating spouse, the ladies solve it all! See, I told you, there are very good at what they do! One arrow, three birds! Or, Four, or five! I loved the ending. Although the reader is given a clear picture as to the identity of the perp, I liked the ending. It was something different from the same old, usual stuff. I thought the ladies would do some Jack Reacher like action in the end but as they say, expect the unexpected, they handled it coolly.

So go ahead and read Baby Daddy Mystery and if you haven't read the first book in the series - Ghost Busting Mysteries, then read that too. The third book is being released this month so I am looking forward to reading it.
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This book was such fun to read.  I was laughing out loud because besides being funny, it it also entertaining and very good.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the author for the opportunity to read this book. 

I have read the first one before and this one is as good as the first, still hilariously funny and the characters are great!

Keep them coming!
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In the first book in the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency series, Ghost Busting Mystery, author Daisy Pettles introduced cozy mystery fans to a couple of senior sleuths from small-town Indiana. And in the follow-up, Baby Daddy Mystery, they’re back on the case, tracking down cheating spouses and maybe even a murderer. 

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I read BOOK 1 in this new series and fell in love with this quirky little Indiana town -- Knobby Waters -- and the characters who live there. Two old ladies take jobs to supplement their social security -- they need''twinkie money," and get into all sorts of messes. The language is so fresh and colorful and the characters so vivid they pop off the pages. If you love porch stories and rural life as it's lived with wit and humor you'll enjoy rattling around in the 60's Chevy the old gals drive hunting for cheatin' husbands and wayward boyfriends, Absolutely hilarious and fresh new series loaded with laughs and very unusual "get it done' old ladies. This is ought to be a TV series. VERY ORIGINAL.
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Baby Daddy Mystery by Daisy Pettles is the second book in Shady Hoosier Detective Agency but can be read as a standalone. 
I haven't read the first book and still could manage to follow the story and references to the previous book. 

I really liked that the main sleuths are elderly ladies but very young at heart. Their way of live, humor and zeal for live suggests someone much younger. 
I also enjoyed the setting and I absolutely loved good old southern quirkiness and specific kind of humor.

Mysteries are plentiful as ladies managed to juggle even four cases at once but it all comes together at the end.
Well written and presented mystery that reads easily. It is very absorbing and compelling.
Characters are well developed and realistic.

I am looking forward to read next book.
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Daisy Pettles's "Baby Daddy Mystery" was very amusing.  The characters were full or quirks and sass.  I had a couple of laugh out loud moments.  The "detectives" were a couple of elderly ladies that were quite determined to find out the reasons and person or persons behind the crimes that happen while also getting all of the gossip they can.  They manage to go from one crisis to the next in a way that kept me entertained and guessing who was responsible for what.  If you are interested in some light reading with some interesting down home characters this is the book for you.
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Veenie and Ruby Jane are a riot, they are hilarious, fun and efficient in their somewhat chaotic investigating style. These two elderlies take their job seriously, but I tell you the older folks in this town are a horny lot, they are more active than the young ones. This has been an amusing and intriguing cozy with the girls' wacky ways of doing things.
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